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Evaluation of multi-source warnings of a major meteorite striking the Earth within the 2006 - 2140 time frame are investigated and material covering 2010 - 2015 focused on. The initial information is drawn from data found in Crop Circle T367 (formed on 26 June 1995) and the Avebury Manor, crop circle (formed on 15 July 2008) appear consistent even though there appears to be an attempt at disinformation involved. These crop circle warnings have been found to correlate with substantial meteorite/fireball activity collected during the four predicted threat periods.

Broad threat periods have been projected from Greenland ice core data and they lead to five multi-decade impact threat periods with in the next 150 years, one of which we are currently in and it will expire ~2015. These threat periods are thought to actually occur during a few specific years within the multi-decade periods once a bias is removed. They loosely correlate with similar Bible Code warnings. While a threat window seems to be well defined, the specific year and locations remains elusive except via the Bible Code predictions.

2010 AND 2011, , 2012 THREAT LEVEL



Crop Circle T367, formed in England in 1995, offered a warning of an impending disastrous meteorite or comet impact during the last half of 2007. See Figure 1. This warning was in nominal time coincidence with a similar warning found in some related Bible Codes. That warning was of an Atlantic Ocean or Indian Ocean impact (or both). The veracity of the Bible Code has been substantiated by a number of investigations. While most crop circles are considered (government generated?) frauds, T367 has been substantiated as alien made. Its accuracy is revealed by the shape of the orbits of the planets depicted, by the offset of the Sun in the opposite direction of the hypothetical planet Vulcan, and now by meteor/meteorite/fireball activity observed over the time periods derived from this image of the inner solar system. Meteor activity was derived from the open press and internet articles as well as from reports from such organizations as the American Meteor Society (AMS) and other related organizations.

Figure 1. Crop Circle T367.

Prior analysis of Crop Circle T367 indicated that debris from major bodies in a long period (~3313 years) comet like orbit would intersect Earth during one general and four time periods. These periods were derived from the T367 displayed meteor fragments and were first thought to only apply to 2007. Now they are believed to be applicable to years from 2007 AD to 2020 AD and denoted as Event 1. The threats indicated are from four independent comet fragments or debris streams that cross Earth orbit around the dates specified.

The 12 August event was considered to be the most serious because a double meteor was depicted in T367, and that apparent fragmentation was anticipated to produce many smaller meteors.

There may have been an update to this warning. See Figure 2.:
Chinese Crop Circle Album (Reproduced)
Note: Avebury Manor crop circle.

Figure 2. 21 December 2012 - Avebury Manor, near Avebury UK Formed 15/07/08

Figure 2 is similar to other pictures of this crop circle found in Pictures Of Crop Circles In 2008 and this one was formed in England, Avebury Manor, near Avebury, Wiltshire and reported 15th July

The Avebury Manor crop circle that is claimed to be related to a Dec 21-23 2012 event. Moreover, there is an unknown object located between Uranus and Neptune depicted on the layout of the planets depicted. Specifically between Uranus and Neptune:
Planetary Heliocentric Longitudes 2012

The unknown object appears to located about 38.4% of the way from Neptune going towards Uranus. This location is about:
333o + ~13.4o = 346.4o
This is thought to represent the descending node date for the threatening comet debris. Subtracting 180o gives 166.4o This correlates with Earth threatening object #4 listed above (except that the threat date is near 9 Sept.). The question is how to interpret this crop circle. It is thought that this means that the main threat to Earth during this period (1991 AD +/- 24 one sigma years) will be departing the solar system as of December 2012 because the object is far away (in the outer solar system) and on its opposite side of those depicted in T367. The exact distance of the depicted object is not as important as its angular position just as the exact distance (~12.75 AU) was not important in the meteors/comets depicted in crop circle T367. If this Avebury crop circle is truly alien generated, it suggests that THEY THINK the main threat is during the September 9 +/- 6 days time period in the 2010, 2011, or 2012 time frame. The unknown object is thought to be a comet swarm and if it passes Earth orbit on 9 September (previously 4 September) 2010, our models suggest that it would be about 12.5 AU from the Sun on 21 December 2012. Figure 2 shows it beyond Saturn's orbit. The numerical value of the range may not be of consequence because these crop circles are cartoons passing information, not 'photographs of how things actually are. These are two dimensional representations of a three dimensional situation.

Alternately, the Avebury Manor crop formation can be interpreted to mean that the 9 September comet swarm will pass (circa 2008) with no threat to Earth because (unlike T367) Earth is still present in its orbit. The warning was given about two months before the threat date. Perhaps a similar warning will be given for another threat date about the same amount of time before the threat passes.

It is interesting that there has apparently been disinformation applied to this crop circle. See Figure 3
"Avebury Manor (2), Nr Avebury, Wiltshire." which was reported 22nd July.
December 21 2012 AD

Figure 3. 22 July Additions to 2012 Crop Circle - Avebury Manor, near Avebury UK Formed 22/07/08
Disinformation appearing a week later?

Note: Military hush-up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified - 10 June 2009
A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.
The upshot: Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified.
"It's baffling to us why this would suddenly change," said one scientist familiar with the work. "It's unfortunate because there was this great synergy...a very good cooperative arrangement. Systems were put into dual-use mode where a lot of science was getting done that couldn't be done any other way. It's a regrettable change in policy."
Scientists say not only will research into the threat from space be hampered, but public understanding of sometimes dramatic sky explosions will be diminished, perhaps leading to hype and fear of the unknown.



  1. 5 July +/- 6 days
  2. 12 August +/- 6 days
  3. 9 September +/- 6 days
  4. 7 October +/- 6 days
  5. Note: Comet fragments that may have missed Earth during the 9 +/- 6 days Sept. 2010 event appear to have returned about two months later on 11 (+/- 4 days) Nov. 2010 and those that missed this time may return again in another two months later around 12 (+/- 5 days) Jan. 2011.


Earth threatening comet debris is believed to be formed by a brown dwarf companion to our Sun. See Figure 5. This web site calls it 'Vulcan'. Vulcan is estimated to orbit the Sun with a period of 4969 +/- 5.75 years. Vulcan draws comets from the Kupier belt and they occasionally pass through the Earth's orbit with disastrous consequences (e.g. causing Noah's flood) in a 3:2 resonate orbit. A dark body (that could be Vulcan) has been detected by the IRAS satellite. Vulcan slightly modifies the period of these threatening comets between orbit resonances that occur every two Vulcan revolutions or three comet revolutions ?or every 9938 +/- 11.5 years.

Figure 5. How our Brown Dwarf Star Relates To The Formation Of Earth Threatening Comets.

The real question is when should we anticipate the next major comet swarm to pass by and threaten Earth? Figure 6 taken from Tollmann's work, shows what it was like about ten thousand years ago. The B-swarm strike caused a world wide catastrophe at that time. Seven Cometary Impacts hit Earth around 7545 BC. The lack of "chains of craters" seems to eliminate the fragmentation of a single comet nucleus. This occurred while Vulcan was near aphelion as it is now. The Sun (and inner planets) are at a maximum distance from the barycenter of the Sun/Vulcan system at this time.

Figure 6. Tollmann's Depiction Of Seven Earth Impacts About Ten Thousand Years Ago. This was previously thought to be related to the 7640 BC, 7710 BC, 7810 BC & 7910 BC (all +/- 170 years) weather change.

Simply by extrapolating the 3313 year comet swarm period, the B-swarm would be expected to pass about 2154 AD. However, the issue is not that simple because Vulcan modifies the orbits of the comet swarms when they are 200 AU or more away from the Sun. Thus, the 3313 year period is the triple average obtained over three comet swarm periods, or about ten thousand years.

The Current Impact Threat occurs over the next 160 years or so and is associated with first comet cluster from the B Comet Swarm. The climatic change data provided by the Center for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen offers precise data. This data suggests that there were at least five major weather changes about ten thousand years ago. While some of these events may be purely volcanic, this period seems to be generally related to the B Swarm Cluster 1 passage. B Swarm Cluster 2 passage seems to occur about 321 to 374 years later and seems spread out over about 50 years. The ten thousand year ago period seems to be generally related to the B Swarm Cluster 1 passage (although some dates may be due to purely volcanic activity). These B Swarm Cluster 1 past events are all thought to be related to the four separate comet debris streams and these caused weather changing impacts that occurred at:
List 1

One of these events may be depicted here but it is not known which one.

Figure 7. The Ardmarnoch Rock Carving Showing The Comet Cluster (From R. W.B. Morris, 1977, "The Pleistocene rock Art of Argyll"). Four Large Comets, (Reminiscent Of The Biblical Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse) Appear.

The separation of these events is good to one or two years. Since the 3:2 orbit resonance with the comet swarms must be precise at each two Vulcan orbital periods, and since we know the its precise period to be 4969.0 +/- 5.75 years (one sigma) the passage of these B swarm clusters can be computed as the simple addition of 9938 years to the value about ten thousand years ago with an rss error of +/- 11.5 years and the one sigma listed above. It is not known if any of the above values relate to measurements of purely volcanic events where the addition of 9938 years would not apply. See List 2:
List 2

It is worth noting that the 9938 year value has been found to be accurate to within a year for two A Swarm Cluster 1 events spaced exactly 9939 +/- 20 years apart. However, notice that the second event was a minor one. A similar value of 9919 +/- 32 years is found for the B:Cl-2 cluster that initiated the the Younger Dryas cold period

The 8 October 2009 Indonesian atmospheric blast could be the first major strikes from the returning B:Cl-1 cluster. Since there have been no major impacts since 1967 other than this one, the error bias is at least +18 years and this value can be added to the List 2 values. See List 3 (the relative uncertainty is about +/-2 years).
List 3

However, this Indonesian event may only a minor one and more significant ones remain to threaten mankind during this next decade assuming these comet clusters remain potent weather changers. Not factors in these values are the drift of the threatening comet sub/clusters over the ten thousand year period. Assuming that this drift is insignificant, the odds are about two out of three that an impact induced substantial weather change will occur in the next six years, or before the close of 2015.


The mismatch between Tollmann's seven events and the ice core's indications of five major weather changes is suggestive that multiple impact events are associated with the ice core indicated weather changes. The Bible Code predicts impact related events in three of these general time periods. The mathematical projections from the ice core data and these Bible Code predictions are in loose agreement. See Table 1 (note, the Bible Code mixes asteroid and comet Events - Asteroids may be non out gassing comets):
Table 1:
Key Words Quake# Tsunami Volcano Pole Shift Note
Event 1 - Comet 1, Vulcan 2006 T367 (02/25/07)
India Crater
- 2006s
S. India
- - T367 Earth Annihilated
Event 1 - Ast. 1, Vulcan 2011 Russia?*** Q2 2012 2011 - - -
Event 1 - Blunderbuss, Vulcan 2012s Astronomy
Q2 2012 2012s - - Sun Crumbles
it 4 #3
Event 1 - Ast. 3 2013 USA 2013** Iran** - - 2014 -
Event 1 - Ast. 4, Vulcan 2015/16* Grazes Earth 2013-15**
S. Calif.**
- Nostradamus
list 4 #4 & #11a
Event 1 - Ast. 5, Vulcan 2020 Morocco - 2020-21 - - 2021 landslip?
Event X - Ast. 6 2030/30* Axis Tilt, Pole Shift 2031** - - 2030 3 X Stony
Event 2 - Ast. 7, Vulcan 2044/44* Wormwood Whole
Earth, Hanoi, Japan,
Burma, Chili,
- - - Metal
Event 2 - Comet 2, Axis Tilt 2045 Astronomy, Atomic War, Ohio, Canada Q2 2045 - 2045
- Rome, Israel
Event 3 - Ast. 8 2071-71* Astronomy
Daniel (3:34)
Q2 Q3 2071-71** - - - Vietnam, N. Africa**
Event 3 - Ast. 9 2075 Astronomy
USA, Miami
Q2 2075, 2076 - - - -
Event 3 - Ast. 10 2091 - - - - - Air/Sea Impact
Event 4 - Ast. 11, Vulcan 2130 2120-30* Astronomy
- - - - Impact*

#The shock from impact takes about a year to re-converge at about the same place.
*Remote Viewing Near Earth Asteroid Pass, Impact 2120 ?2130; **"Remote Viewing" Earthquake; ***Joseph Noah

Event 5 predictions are not included because the Bible Code searches were run only up through 2050. Generally, the Bible Code predictions lag the projected time periods derived from the ice core data. Event X is thought to be related to related to Apophis and its 2029, 2036 and 2068 threat. Specific Bible Code predictions which seem to relate to the next three years (Event 1) include:

  1. 2011
  2. 2012

"A 3 mile Long Period Comet has an impact energy approximately 10,000,000 megatons of TNT equivalent. The initial blast pulse will be 3 psi at around 1000 miles, and 1 psi at around 2000 miles. Very high mortality rate within 1000 miles of point-of-impact. Outside 2000 miles of point-of-impact, high initial survival rate. Outside 2000 miles, most deaths will be in the long term due to starvation and plagues. The impact would definitely damage the U.S. ability to produce/process/distribute food and since the a major producer, it will create massive starvation worldwide. Most of the deaths will be Northern Hemisphere, which is also the most populated. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the worlds population will perish if no warning. A lot depends upon where in Canada, the point-of-impact will occur. If it is near the Canadian border with Alaska, much of the Midwest breadbasket will remain intact. James A. Marusek - 1 Jun 2003

It may also be worth noting that various MEDIUMS have predicted a Vulcan like brown dwarf as well as induced comet impacts. Notable among these have been the Cassiopaea web site. Specifically

The most relevant predictions in this case are the Cometary Showers, Etc.
  1. CS - early/94: On one occasion, 14 comets struck earth and comet caused the death of the dinosaurs. The largest was 18 miles in diameter.
  2. CS - 07/03/99: The periodicity of this comet shower business is roughly 3600 years.
  3. CS - early/94: The comet's orbit may or may not be perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic.
  4. CS - early/94: The comet cluster is not the remains of a planet.
  5. CS - early/94: The comet cluster appears to be a single body.
  6. CS - early/94: Nibiru is the Sumerians name for a planet that is really a comet cluster.
  7. CS - early/94: This comet cluster passed through the solar system 3582 years ago.
  8. CS - early/94: The comet cluster is again expected to hit the ecliptic plane in 12 to 18 years (from 1994).
  9. CS - early/94: This comet cluster has been part of our solar system for 890 million years.
  10. CS - early/94: Your government already knows that the comet-cluster is coming close again.
  11. CS - early/94: The big-wig guys in the government are aware of this, but they are in denial.
  12. CS - early/94: The biggest comet is 900 miles in diameter.


Considering all the data, it is reasonably possible that a comet cluster may pass through the inner solar system before the close of 2016. However, the WISE Infrared Space Telescope "was really good at finding the darkest asteroids and comets" like "dark asteroids that may be former comets that have long since had all the ice vaporized from their exteriors, leaving them with inactive surfaces that no longer shed dust to produce tails." A mixture of both visible and dark objects may be present in the threatening comet swarm.

Putting all of the above information together, the order of importance must be first considered. The data contained in Crop Circle T367 has been astronomically validated to some degree by the comet debris shower 5 October Camelopardalids and fireball and by Fireballs And By Impact Events occurring between 2007 and 2010. However, significant fireball activity has not been recently observed on the 5 July and 12 August periods. Moreover, 2008 and 2010 both have showed significant fireball activity for the 9 September period. Furthermore, a very significant event occurred over Indonesia within the 7 October 2009 period.

It is worth noting that WISE Infra-red comet and asteroid detector has been launched in December 2009 and remained active through until late October 2010, when the mission is slated to end. It was during this period, especially the latter part between July 2010 through the October 2010 (just the interval warned of by crop circle T367) that the WISE dark comet detecting satellite mission covered. Someone may have been anticipating celestial trouble during that time, and it appealed to have occurred.

2010 may have been the year when Earth was hit with enough comet fragments to generate a Little Ice Age. The pass by #3 T367 debris may have been partially caught in near earth orbit and some impacted Earth around 7 to 15 Nov. 2010 (on a second pass). Moreover, opportunities for more Earth impacts still remain in 2011. This #3 T367 debris may again return in two months (plis a few days) around 01/12/2011 (third pass) and possibly even once again in 03/17/2011 (fourth pass) and 05/22/2011 (for even a fifth pass). The following is our best guess for 2011, and that is about all it is, an educated guess:

It is interesting to notice that the Web Bot project reveals Six Great Quakes To Come
". . . the diaspora/people moving about due to changing circumstances really is 220-million . . . there are at least six great quakes due during calendar 2010 and possibly many more. After six, we stopped looking - not a pretty sight. . . . From the period (approximately) July 7th onward, the data features six clusters of data that will be larger than the global horror that followed the 2004 tsunami. And - sad to report - the data suggests that 220- million will be moving around just on the [american continent] . . .What is clear is that our 'context shift' is 'terra entity', we can't offer any further insight except to say that the data also suggests that by the end of this year, we may see more than a billion people involved in diaspora . . . "
Giant comet/meteorite impacts cause earthquakes and weather changes that could well force a diaspora. The full results of the 2010 Comet Fragment Explosions have yet to be accessed.