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A comet debris shower called the 5 October Camelopardalids appears to be associated with incoming comet/meteor #5 of the B Swarm's Cluster 1 as predicted by crop circle T367. Assuming the date T367 implies is correct, there is only a ~2.4o heliocentric longitude mismatch between the predicted and observed value (when related Earth threatening impacts could occur). This association implies that the orbits of the other 3 (hypothetical) comets/meteors indicated by T367 are similar, and none appear to threaten Earth directly. However, debris from these bodies in their orbit stream does offer a possible threat to Earth. Debris may impact Earth circa 10/05/07 +/-2 days and on 07/05/07, 08/12/07 and 09/04/07 +/- 6 days. There is a slight possibility of impacts by smaller (but significant) comet fragments between 08/11/07 and 10/25/07. The period of 08/12/07 +/- 6 days offers the greatest impact risk because fragments from a broken comet/meteor are suspected, and the greater Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean areas may be at risk. The world is a big place, and the fall of the meteorites may be unobserved. All that may be reported are unusually large earthquakes or tsunamis during the above-mentioned time periods.


How lucky we were!


The orbit of 2005 Outburst of October Camelopardalids debris passes the ecliptic within 2.4o of the predicted value for the #5 T367 comet. This debris is anticipated to again hit Earth on 10/05/2007, and its orbit verifies the impact threat implied by the T367 crop circle. The date associated with the depicted planets is (02/25/2007) and the comets threaten about six months later. The Bible Code's impact event is 2006 and the corresponding consequences are felt in 2008. Interestingly, no specific date is found in these codes except for one, 9 Av (08/03/2006 or 07/24/2007). This date is consistent with the most threatening T367 object. Since the Bible code information is about 3200 years old, precise time agreement would hardly be anticipated, especially since it is thought that this information was achieved through 'channeling' or 'remote viewing'. Crop circle T367 was formed more recently (1995) so it is believed to be associated with a more accurate time.

It was anticipated that the T367 comets would be starting to glow around 04/15/2007, but as of the preparation of this web page, none have been reported. However, the Bible Code indicates threats of only rocks or stones that do not glow. The objects indicated by T367 are not anticipated to impact Earth. However, it is thought that either the debris trail associated with these hypothetical objects or fragments between them do represent a possible threat. While there appears to be two debris streams threatening Earth at predicted locations, there are two remaining streams where the impact location is completely unknown.

The orbits of the T367 comets/meteors are similar because they are in a 3:2 resonance with Vulcan's orbit. Thus, four time intervals can be computed when the associated debris/fragments could pass near Earth. This material forms a long-chain of long period comet/meteor associated debris. These periods are:

Comet/meteor #3 appears to have fragment, thus it offers the greatest threat. The Bible Code indicates that there will be a serious impact. The error bounds almost contains 9 Av 2007 (07/24/07) and that date should also be included. There may be no threats at all from debris associated with comets #2, #4 and #5. The Camelopardalids debris is anticipated to impact Earth again, but the Bible Code seems to dismiss a significant impact in the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps all of this debris, hypothetical and otherwise, will pass safely.


A new simplified analysis of T367 suggests Earth could be threatened by a major meteorite impact from 1 September 2007 to 1 December 2007, possibly even to 1 January 2008.

Analyzing the data collected through 31 October indicates that the threatening meteors are not coming like a train along the orbits of the depicted four threatening meteors, but rather in a broad range of heliocentric longitudes. Meteors/meteorites seem to be impacting Earth over many days, and are not concentrated in a few specific narrow periods. Consequently, perhaps the threat depicted in Crop Circle T367 is intended to define a broad range of heliocentric longitudes (and their corresponding dates when Earth could be threatened by one or more massive impacts.

Consider that the configuration of Mars, Venus and Mercury in T367 was meant only to convey the nominal date of 1 March 2007 vice 25 February when the threatening meteors were about at the range of the asteroid belt. The depiction of the four threatening meteors whose heliocentric longitudes correspond to values from 5 July 2007 to 7 October 2007 is intended to define a 'danger period' only, not a specific time when Earth could be impacted. Thus, the danger period corresponds to a three, possibly even four, months. All the depicted meteors would round the Sun and pass near Earth's orbit in about 180 days, or six months.

Likely, those who generated Crop Circle T367 did not know which specific meteorite would cause a massive impact. Instead, they relied on other data that predicted a catastrophic impact in the 2007 time frame, but they did not know precisely when. The 'Grey' aliens, our scholar species are known to travel with another species who are 'priestly' in nature and have easy access to the astral plane where knowledge of the massive impacts could be found, but not a specific time.

Apparently, the threat interval is bounded and Crop Cirle T367 (formed in 1995) could be taken to mean that the threatening period is from 1 September 2007 to 1 December 2007, possibly even to 1 January 2008. Later, in June 2005, the threatening times were more accurately defined and they were 'set back' from the September/October time frame as Kato Mivule has claimed. Kato's description of the impact event parallels the one found in the Bible Code.

While meteorites have impacted Earth in July and August, The only serious crater was one in September 17 in Peru, and it has been claimed by Pravda that this crater is due to the crash of a satellite (possibly knocked out of orbit by comet debris). The debris that impacted the satellite may have accompanied a Texas fireball observed on 16 September. Tracing the meteors associated with his fireball back to their point of origin reveals a radiant point on the outskirts of the constellation Camelopardalis. Debris from a long period Earth threatening comet (called the 5 October Camelopardalids), one that appears associated with the postulated threat, is known to be coming from this direction. Furthermore, a strange hook shaped of material impacted Earth (and a car) on 16 October 2007. As of 6 November, there have been six objects (A, B, C, D, E, F) to impact Earth, although two of them (E and F) could be man made. See the 'SIGNS OF THE TIMES' DESCRIBES THE FIRST IMPACT EVENT

Thus, the time when Earth could be threatened by impact from major meteorites may be from 1 September 2007 to 1 December 2007, possibly even up to 1 January 2008.


Multi-source analysis indicates that there is a modest possibility that Earth may be struck by a major meteorite before 1 February 2008.

Significant meteorite falls have occurred in two of the four time periods indicated by Crop Circle T367, although significant activity was observed just outside of the remaining two time periods. None of the falls have been highly significant except possibly one which may have been a satellite knocked out of orbit via a meteorite impact in space. The occurrence of these impacts testify to the validity of Crop Circle T367.

The first time period - 07/05/2007 +/- 6 days - saw three meteors explode in air raining stones. The second period - 08/12/2007 +/- 6 days - was indicated to contain major debris because a fragmenting comet/meteor had recently fractured. It produced intense fireball activity from 10 to 13 August and caused the formation of an impact crater in Hungary (10 August) and two meteorite falls in India. The third period - 09/04/2007 +/- 6 days - saw no significant activity although some activity and a very unusual impact crater occurred six and seven days afterwards. The time period - 10/07/2007 +/- 6 days - saw some activity, although the fall of a strange object occurred three days afterwards.

The Bible Code seems to predict an impact in India with a crater in 2006. But the time of impact of this data is thought to be uncertain and Crop Circle T367 seems to suggest a 2007 impact time instead. India was impacted twice in the peak threat time period, but the only significant impact crater occurred in Hungary. Perhaps the term 'Hungary' was not searched for in the salient Bible Code. The nominal time and location of these impacts testify to the accuracy of the Bible Code.

A significant impact into the Indian Ocean seems to be predicted, but this has not yet happened. The Bible Code seems to suggest that this impactor is the Biblical Wormwood giant meteorite.

An Atlantic Ocean impact is also suggested, and the dates specified are both 2006 and 2008. Since the dates are specified in the Hebrew numeric system, we are already in the Hebrew '2008' time frame. The threatening period specified by T367 include the last half of 2007 and about a month into 2008. Thus, the danger period has not expired. A mid Atlantic impact is anticipated producing a ruinous 'great wave'.

An unusual 'vision' given to Kato Mivule seems to be in time sequence with the events predicted by both Crop Circle T367 and the Bible Code. The analysis of 'visions' is a risky business, but may be warranted if the data contained is linked to hard physical facts. The Grey aliens often travel with another sentient species (The Priests) who are thought to have significant access to the astral plane. It is speculated that these ' Priest aliens' are the source of the Bible Code as well as this vision. Events (time?) flows from effect to cause on the astral plane while they go from cause to effect on the physical plane. The Grey aliens are thought to be the source of Crop Circle T367 generated in 1995.

An ANALYSIS OF THE WORMWOOD STAR VISION suggest that in 2005, these two sentient species realized that at least one of the major impactors would strike the mid Atlantic ocean at a time slightly after that indicated by Crop Circle T367. Perhaps one of the methods they tried to communicate this to humans was Kato's vision. Times in mid to late December are favored, most likely the evening of 30 December 2007. Two sensational meteorite falls have already occurred in Norway after the T367 threat window, one producing a crater. Nevertheless, acquiring a specific time is a most difficult (and uncertain) task when trying to interpret data (visions) from the astral plane.


'I see rocks - but they aren't very large. They are like the size of your fist. Just a few. And they make something of a stir. An uproar. People will be excited... very upset. It looks like just two - two small rocks. And then nothing else happens for awhile, and then they forget about it. It all dies down. And then, a third, a fourth, a fifth and a sixth - and maybe even a seventh... isolated events, or so it seems. Still small.

And then, a big one.

All this will go on over a period of months. "

As of 4 January 2008, there have been nine or ten objects - A, B, C (and C'), D, E, F, G (and G'), H - reported to have impacted Earth within the greater T367 threat period. However, two of them (E and F) may have been man made. Thus there actually may have been only seven or eight real meteorite falls over a period of more than five months.

It seems that all conditions have been met for a major impact within the next one and a half months.


16 December 2007


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