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Evaluation of multi-source warnings of a major meteorite striking the Atlantic Ocean within the 2008 - 2017 are investigated and analyzed. The initial information is drawn from data found in Crop Circle T367, Extra terrestrial alien warnings, Web Bot predictions, and related Bible Codes. Past crop circle warnings have been found to correlate with peak meteorite/fireball activity collected in August 2007. Astonishingly, multiple Dreams/Visions from diverse sources likewise predict such an impact. The source of much of this data is ultimately the astral plane where the time parameter remains elusive. Four threat dates around 5 July, 12 August, 4 September and 7 October remain to define a threat window but the specific year and locations remains ellusive.



Crop Circle T367, formed in England in 1995, offered a warning of an impending disastrous meteorite or comet impact during the last half of 2007. See Figure 1. This warning was in nominal time coincidence with a similar warning found in some related Bible Codes. That warning was of an Atlantic Ocean or Indian Ocean impact (or both). The veracity of the Bible Code has been substantiated by a number of investigations. While most crop circles are considered (government generated?) frauds, T367 has been substantiated as alien made. Its accuracy is revealed by the shape of the orbits of the planets depicted, by the offset of the Sun in the opposite direction of the hypothetical planet Vulcan, and now by meteor/meteorite/fireball activity observed over the time periods derived from this image of the inner solar system. Meteor activity was derived from the open press and internet articles as well as from reports from such organizations as the American Meteor Society (AMS) and other related organizations.

Figure 1. Crop Circle T367.

Prior analysis of Crop Circle T367 indicated that debris from major bodies in a long period (~3313 years) comet like orbit would intersect Earth during one general and four time periods. These periods were derived from the T367 displayed meteor fragmentsand were first thought to only apply to 2007. Now they are believed to be applicable to years from 2007 to 2012.

The 12 August event was considered to be the most serious because a double meteor was depicted in T367, and that apparent fragmentation was anticipated to produce many smaller meteors. While activity was found during most of these periods, the most severe acativity was during the 08/10/07 to 08/13/07 period. While no major impact occured, the evidence supports the warning from T367 that this was an active period of meteor bombardment.


This information is derived from the Zeta and other Star Visitors who have been remote-viewing Earthís very near future. Dr. Boylan has collected and presented data that indicates that a bolloid may impact the North Atlantic on 15 November 2008 causing tsunamis and volcanism. The details found in a

  • Special Report: Incoming acquired 13 July 2008 and include:


    The Bible Code also predicted impact related events in this general time period. The impacts are thought to target the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. Understand that the 'years' specified by the Bible Code are tied to the Hebrew year and there is a general uncertainty of at least one year involved with these predictions. The Bible Codes are generally divided into the ones associated with calendar years 2006 and 2008 and the ones relating to these time periods can be found here. The Bible Code may have been generated 1200 years ago by space aliens (our co-sentient Priest Species who are gifted in 'sensing the future'. This sentient species are excellent at 'Remote Viewing' the future, but understandably have difficulty pinpointing precise time more than a thousand years in their future.

    The salient Bible Codes that may be related to these events (although they may also cover other events) include impacts in the Indian and Atlantic ocean and seem to cover dates between 2006 to 2010. These include the following.

    There are ten Bible Codes presented that are thought related to an India/Indian Ocean impact, and Indian is specifically mentioned in three of them. It just does not seem that these few small meteorite impacts in India (including one making a crater in Hungary) occurring during the most likely threat period specified by T367 fulfill the salient Bible Code predictions. Specifically, a significant Indian Ocean impact has not yet occurred. Furthermore, the Hebrew year covering 2006 has long since passed and the one covering 2008 ends about 29 September 2008. The 2010 date is frequently found in Bible Code Matrices and may or may not be significant. However, in the first instance, the 2010 date crosses the 2006 date and that may be significant in that a time range of 2006 to 2010 is implied.