By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel and Dr. Herbert W. Kuehne
With Support From Lawrence P. Giver, Sonja M. Kawamoto and Jane Yin
© Copyright: 26 January 2004 New Calculations 3 October 2004
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Extrapolation of past B comet swarm impacts imply future impacts ~2028 and ~2128. Impacts/near misses are predicted by dual sources around 2030-31, 2044-45, 2071- 76 and 2120-30. Two past eruptions of the Yellowstone super volcano correlate with major impacts. A future eruption is anticipated around 2044-45 following a major comet impact. Geomagnetic changes, crustal shifts and major landslides in volcanic islands (e.g. Hawaii) may occur coincidently. An Ice Age is expected to follow the impacts causing drought and the demise of three-quarters of mankind. Vulcan's mass is found to be 0.05% solar mass, commensurate with the (alien supplied?) value found in the 4500 year old Akkadian seal



Yellowstone's geology is composed of glacial deposits and three main welded tuffs (volcanic pyroclastic lava flows) from eruptions beginning approximately 2.1 million years ago. The Early Pleistocene (Ice Age) tuffs found in Yellowstone National Park are especially important because they make up much of the whole area. The catastrophic eruption forming Huckleberry Ridge, first of the last 30, ejected 2,400 times as much material as did the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption. Ash went as far west as California, east as Iowa, north to Saskatchewan and south to the Gulf of Mexico. The second half of the Pliocene, 3.2 and 2.1 million years ago, was warmer then. These global climatic changes were synchronous with those in the North Atlantic (and maybe caused by this eruption). Then Earth's wind patterns were like those of today, with stronger winds blowing out of the northwest.

The Huckleberry Ridge Tuff was followed by the Mesa Falls Tuff (1.3 million years ago) and the Lava Creek Tuff (0.63 million years ago). During the Lava Creek eruption, ground-hugging flows of hot volcanic ash, pumice and gases swept across an area of more than 3,000 square miles. These enormous pyroclastic flows formed the Lava Creek Tuff. Its caldera actually started to evolve 1.2 million years ago when the magma started rising to create a bulge with many fractures. The rhyolitic flow created ring fractures all around the caldera. These fractures went straight into the magma chamber where they started to relieve the pressure by means of three eruptive pulses 150,000 years ago, 110,000 years ago and 70,000 years ago. The total rhyolitic rock produced was about 1000 cubic kilometers.

Yellowstone's magma chamber is believed to be about 45 by 85 kilometers across, similar in size to the overlying caldera. The top of the chamber is about 8 km deep while the bottom is around 16 km deep. However, the chamber is not completely filled with fluid magma. It contains a partial melt, meaning that only a portion of the rock is molten - about 10 to 30%. The rest is solid rock. Still, a massive amount of magma, about 10,000 cubic-km (2,400 cubic- miles) is present in the chamber.

The last four eruptions (from the Lava Creek tuff onward) have occurred in the Pleistocene. The Pleistocene is generally known as the Ice Ages, but they were not always cold and arid. Intervals resembling the Holocene (our current age) were occasionally present when an eruption occurred. The 630 thousand, 150 thousand and 70 thousand-year ago eruptions were well within Ice Age conditions while the 110 thousand, 1.3 million and 2.1 million-year ago eruptions occurred during warmer times when winds were out of the north west. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Global Ice Variation Over The Last 800,000 Years and 2,000,000 Years.

Crustal deformation of the Yellowstone Caldera are beginning to appear. Investigations reveal that there was an unexpected sinking of the caldera from 1985 to 1995, after an unprecedented caldera uplift from 1923 to 1985. Since 1995, volcanically and seismically activity may again be causing uplift in Yellowstone's caldera. The hot spot in the mantle beneath Yellowstone seems to be rising again. However, vulcanologists feel that the Yellowstone pressure cooker is not yet about to burst.

The super volcano hotspots may not be from plumes from the deep, but from the upper (top 400 kilometers) of the mantle and caused by affects from above. The transition zone of the Yellowstone hotspot is cool, not hot. The ash patterns of the two most massive Yellowstone eruptions, 2.1 million-year ago and 0.63 million-year ago eruptions have been documented. See Figure 2.

Figure 2. Volcanic Ash Residue Found For The 2.1 and 0.63 Million- year ago Yellowstone Eruptions.

The threat produced by a super volcano's eruption is via toxic gas, volcanic ash and oxygen deprivation. Ten million years ago, volcanic ash choked to death herds of rhinos. Death occurred by Marie's disease, a term used by the veterinarians. The sharp ash caused a "pneumonia" where the lungs filled with blood. The microscopic shards of ash lacerated the lung tissue and causing bleeding. One can imagine these animals stumbling around the thick ash, spitting up blood and gradually dying in a most miserable way.

Notice that the larger 2.1 million-year ago eruption's dust field did not reach the California coast while the smaller 0.63 million-year ago eruption extended over to the Pacific ocean. The 2.1 million-year ago eruption occurred during the Pliocene when temperatures and wind conditions were much like today. During glacial periods, the large ice sheet on North American resulted in a high-pressure cell over the continent. It deflected the jet stream to the south and caused the summer North Pacific High to be weaker and move to the south and west of its modern position. The 0.63 million-year ago eruption occurred during the coldest part of the Ice Age. Unlike the 2.1 million-year ago eruption, the high-pressure cell then over the continent caused a clockwise rotation of winds. They would have blown the volcanic ash in a westward direction. Furthermore, the jet stream may have been further to the south and its winds were less able to move the volcanic ash eastward. Thus, the 2.1 million-year ago ash pattern is noticeably more eastward when compared to the 0.63 million-year ago pattern.

Winds powerfully affect the oceans and are an important force in creating currents. From global circulation of entire oceans to microscopic patterns of turbulence, winds move water and its resident animals and plants in complex and interesting patterns. When the wind blows parallel to the coastline, an intriguing and biologically important event occurs. Governed by the rotation of the earth, winds can move water at right angles to the direction the wind is blowing, by a phenomenon known as the Coriolis effect. Along a coastline oriented North-South, like much of the west coast of the U.S., winds that blow from the south tend to pull ocean surface currents to the right thus pushing warmer surface waters from offshore to the coast. Even when a transition from glacial to interglacial conditions occur, circumstances favor a mitigation of the weather along the coast of central and northern California. Generally, temperatures found along the California coast drops only drop slightly during an Ice Age as the warmer (current limited waters) off Hawaii are drawn coastward. Studies have shown not only was there a collapse of the California Current during the last Ice Age, but that it also occurred in a mode nearly identical to that found in previous glacial maxima. The California Current normally carries northerly waters southward along the coast. Consequently, the California coast normally drops only a degree (centigrade) or so during an Ice Ages.a

Yellowstone will erupt again, and when it does, it could be a disaster for the United States and eventually, for the whole world. Volcanologists believe it would begin with the magma chamber becoming unstable. Observations of larger earthquakes and greater uplifting of the caldera will occur as magma intrudes closer to the surface. An earthquake could rupture the brittle surface layer and it would be similar to breaking the lid off a pressure cooker. This would generate sheets of magma, which will perhaps rise 30 to 50 kilometers, sending gigantic amounts of debris into the atmosphere. Pyroclastic flows would cover a widespread region, killing tens of thousands of people in the surrounding area.

The ash, carried in the atmosphere and deposited over vast areas of the United States, would have devastating effects. The plume of material ejected high into the atmosphere from the eruption would produce global climatic effects. It would soon spread worldwide and have a cooling effect that would almost certainly destroy Earth's growing seasons on a global scale.

The eruption would throw out hundreds to thousands of cubic kilometers of rock, ash, dust, sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere. There, it would reflect incoming solar radiation, reducing temperatures on the Earth's surface. It would be the equivalent of a nuclear winter - or worse. Much of the air might not even be fit to breath. The effects would last for four or five years causing crop failures as well as a breakdown of the whole ecosystem.


The main thesis of this web site is that dramatic global climate changes are linked to relatively frequent comet impacts. Sometimes these impacts induce minor changes, other times major ones. Further, the dramatic weather swings found during the Ice Ages (technically called the Pleistocene) were caused by these comet impacts. The relative warmth or cold of these periods were marked by the oxygen isotope eighteen to sixteen ratio found in various ice cores or ocean bed samples.

Vulcan (our Sun's hypothesized dark star companion) draws comets from the Kupier belt as they orbited the Sun. Vulcan's gravity canceled their angular momentum and this caused them fall towards the Sun, passing through the inner solar system (see Figure 3). As they rounded the Sun, they broke up forming comet swarms. A few of these comets have hit Earth causing disasters (e.g. Noah's Great flood). The stable comet swarms formed in a 3:2 resonance orbits during two sequential Vulcan orbital revolutions. This is similar to the stable Kuiper belt objects that have been found in a 3:2 resonance orbit with Neptune. This analysis labels the comet swarms A & A' for those captured during one Vulcan revolution and B & B' for those captured during the subsequent revolution. The comet swarms were collected at two distant (444 AU) locations separated by 13o in Vulcan's elliptical orbit. The separation of the A' to A and B' to B swarms is anticipated to be about 489 +162/-250 years. Multiple (usually two) comet clusters (Cl) within each swarm appear to be formed, all with the same resonance period.

Figure 3. Vulcan And Comets Orbital Geometry.

Paleoclimatology data indicates that five swarms of comets were formed. A rogue swarm C (with the same period anticipated) was also found. It was likely once part of one of the four major swarms (maybe swarm B that does not have two comet clusters), but it may have been scattered by a close encounter with one of the planets. Images of these clusters have been found carved in solid rock. These comet swarms do not last for long periods of time, but perhaps only several tens of millions of years. They often impact planets or are ejected from solar orbit by gravitational interactions with the major planets. Consequently, Earth goes through relatively quiescent weather periods, then is subject to a sequence of impacts causing the weather changes illustrated in Figure 1.

Geologists commonly attribute Ice Ages to the 26,000 year "wobble" of the Earth's axis. They claim that perturbations in the Earth's orbit and rotation axis are climatically important because they affect the global, seasonal, and latitudinal distribution of the incoming solar radiation. They claim that these are responsible for the Pleistocene ice ages. These "orbitally forced" climatic oscillations are recorded in sedimentary archives through changes in sediment properties, fossil communities, and chemical characteristics. But the problem is that these oscillations have been going on for billions of years and the Ice Ages haven't. Further difficulties are associated with Ice Ages appearing globally whereas variations of the tilt of the Earth's axis would favor weather changes in opposite directions of the two hemisphere. Famous astronomers like Sir Fred Hoyle and Wickramasinghe have suggested that bolide (comet or asteroid) impacts initiate Ice Ages. The dust and volcanic eruptions from a stony core comet impact effectively cause a "nuclear winter" throwing Earth into an Ice Age. The ice crystals forming in the upper atmosphere alter the reflectivity of the Earth perpetuating the Ice Age until a metal core comet impacts the Earth causing the ice crystals to melt.b

This web site further postulates that geomagnetic changes are linked to Vulcan's five thousand year period assuming that a comet impact of significant magnitude also occurs when Vulcan is near aphelion. There was a sharp drop of the Earth's magnetic strength during 3500 - 3000 BC. and it is diminishing again today. This interval is similar to Vulcan's orbital period. A comet impact of significant magnitude may also cause the Earth's crust to shift. The comet's impact is believed to be the agent responsible for aligning the magnetic field formed within the Earth's core with the one found within its crust. Indications of a flip are beginning to be observed even though a major impact has not occurred.

Prior to the Pleistocene (Ice Ages), there was the Pliocene. During the Pliocene period, the world was cool and dry, almost the same temperature as during the Holocene (modern period). Herbivores had adapted to plains of grass, and the diverse tropical forests had contracted to a band around the equator. In the Pleistocene however, the climate became more variable and the seasonal changes more severe. The rapid changes had terrible effects on the animals of the Earth

The Paleomagnetic Time Scale portrays Earth's magnet past. It is divided into four periods; The Brunhes epoch, the Matuyama epoch, the Gauss epoch and the Gilbert epoch. The Pleistocene c is also subdivided into informal time periods, the early, middle, and late Pleistocene. The early Pleistocene extends to the Brunhes-Matuyama paleomagnetic boundary (730,000 years ago) and the middle Pleistocene extends to the end of the next to the last glaciation (~130,000 years ago). The late Pleistocene includes the last interglacial- glacial cycle ending at the Holocene boundary 10,000 years ago. We live in the warm Holocene period. Most sources date the Brunhes-Matuyama paleomagnetic boundary at 780,000 years ago.d

Today magnetic field lies to the north, but it hasn't always. The field has switched between north and south many times in the Earth's 4.5-billion-year history. The last major switch from south to north, the Matuyama/Brunhes reversal, took place about 780,000 years ago. See B/M on Figure 1. Note the magnitude of the global ice records for this period (as measured by the oxygen eighteen to sixteen ratio). It appears to dramatically increase around this time. The Matuyama/Brunhes paleomagnetic reversal marked the boundary between the lower and middle Pleistocene geological epochs. Thus, there is a correlation between paleomagnetic reversals and paleoclimate changes.

The early Pleistocene extends backwards to the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary. The definition of this time has had a long and controversial history. Because the epoch is best recognized for glaciations and climatic change, many have suggested that its lower boundary should be based on climatic criteria. For example, it should be marked by the oldest glacial deposits or the first occurrence of a fossil of a cold-climate life-form in the sediment record. Other criteria that have been used to define the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary include the appearance of humans, the appearance of certain vertebrate fossils in Europe, and the appearance or extinction of certain microfossils in deep-sea sediments. These criteria continue to be considered, and some scientists advocate a climatic boundary at about 2.4 million years. This earlier climatic value is what this analysis associates with a major meteorite impact, and is known to have occurred 2.15 million years ago. The Pleistocene/Pliocene boundary is suggested to have occurred at 2.6 million-years ago corresponding to the Gauss/Matuyama (paleomagnetic) boundary and loess/red clay boundaries. Paleomagnetic reversals and paleoclimate changes may occur hand in hand.

Vulcan's very existence implies that comet collisions with Earth are far more frequent than commonly believed. The Gauss/Matuyama boundary may reflect the beginnings of fragmentation of a large new comet entering our solar system about 2.6 million years ago. These fragments (and debris collected by this comet in the outer solar system's Kuiper belt)e collided with Earth and formed the early Pleistocene. After many passes, it started to "crumble" rounding the Sun. First impacts from the larger fragments (when Vulcan was at aphelion) generated the Brunhes-Matuyama (780,000 years ago) boundary.

Initial fragments from this large comet may have formed the A swarm. The surface of Venus may have been reformed not hundreds of millions of years ago, but rather just a few million years ago. This impact may have been from one of the larger (100 mile diameter class) comet fragments in this swarm. Earth is likewise at risk of such an impact. A well known NASA picture depicts a 320 mile diameter impactor striking Earth. Something like this may have happened to Venus. An impact from this A-swarm caused Noah's Great Flood. There are still be many more dangerous comets passing regularly through the inner solar system. If so, a Venus like impact could happen to us. Our Earth is a dangerous little planet!


It is only logical that the impact of a major comet or asteroid would produce geophysical shock that could initiate volcanic activity. Two recent works are referenced below.

These imply that comet/meteorite impacts correlates with Yellowstone eruptions 2.1 and 1.3 million years ago. The impact causing the Yellowstone hot spot probably occurred 17.5 Million years ago.

The latter 1.3 million-year ago impact appears to be one of modest size, perhaps a meteorite as small as 0.5 kilometers moving at 42 kps. But it is perhaps the most significant one of all.

While it is true that exact date (to the year) of impacts and Yellowstone eruptions has not been found, dating these events with such accuracy is currently impossible (While this web site hypothesis frequent comet impacts, ones on the scale of four kilometers seldom occur). The uncertainty associated with the 2.1 million-year ago event is only 50,000 years while the smaller 1.3 million year ago event is around 100,000 years. Nevertheless, correlation seems reasonable. Furthermore, the magnitude of the impacting body seems directly proportional to the magnitude of the Yellowstone eruption.


Detection of long period comets at a distance is difficult at best. There have been fruitful attempts to detect the 10 mile diameter Halley's comet, but these have been accomplished with great difficulty and the knowledge of its trajectory. A recent attempt successfully recorded the Halley image but it was the sum of 81 individual images totaling 9 hours over three nights, taken with three(!) 8.2 meter telescopes. The fact that this project was even attempted is unusual unless others have some awareness of comet swarms. Normally, finding a long period (3313 year) comet swarm many years before it is to appear in our inner solar system is usually considered far beyond our current technology.

Taking a "Great Leap Of Faith", The nominal heliocentric longitude of the first group of threatening comets may have been made available to us via an analysis of Crop Circle T367. Perhaps this crop circle really is an alien warning. They would have the capability to monitor the position and time of the approaching comet swarm. Perhaps clandestine resources of governments here on Earth may have more such data. But is this suspicion justified? Maybe so.

Drosnin's second book acknowledges that the Bible Code is of alien origin.f In fact, information concerning several alien species have been identified in the Bible Code, including the Nommos and Yargans as well as the location of their home star systems. See List 1. There is considerable evidence documenting these two alien species, including examples of their technology and culture.
List 1
Space Aliens Code
  1. Lord of the Code Lord of the Code - sapphire/countable -Object Of Heaven - obelisks - amazing - genuine - brainchild/invention - musari - Nommo - angelic/angle - Demigod - dictation - computer - sealed/locked - fetch/bring - civilization - civilize - Assyria - gardenland
  2. Dagon - Nommo From Sirius Sirius - triple - star - white - dwarf - Emme Ya - Nommo - Musari - Dagon (alien) - monitorial - mission - inhabited - aquatic - marine - animal - anthropoid - paternal - sage (clever) - angelic - angel - creator - Noah - Ark - Saturn - Phoebe - hollow - Moon - space - space-ship.
  3. Yargans from 61 Cygni Cygni - 61 - star - denizen - creature - constructive/beaver - beaver
  4. Banishment of the Saurians Saurian - alien/foreign - Word of God - Sirus - Nommo - Saturn - Phoebe - Musari - Dagon (alien) - buttress - combination - confrontation - expel/chase/eject - discourage - banished - banishment
  5. Roswell Roswell - 1947 to 1948 - crash - alien - UFO - adversary - deputy - desert - evidence - gun - landing - strip - return - telegram - terrible - they will travel - will die
  6. Great Deception great - deception - UFO - alien - contact - UN - US - CIA - plan - lying - about -origin
  7. Giants giants - Israel - UFO - alien - terror - evil - target - horror - temple - mount
The Yargans (or Iargans or Jargans) and the Nommos contacts have been extensively analyzed and their predicted home star systems had been determined before the respective Bible Codes were generated.

There is other evidence that aliens of some form occupied the Ark Of Moses. This theory appears to supported by the sapphire reference in the "Lord Of The Code" Bible Code. The "Tablets" on which the "Ten Commandments" were written are sometimes described as sapphire like objects. The aliens who contacted Moses are believed to be members of our Priest Combo Species. The Hebrew Pentateuch (the source of Bible Code) was dictated directly to Moses letter by letter. Drosnin's first Bible Code book made predictions about future comet impacts.g See Table 1. Thus, there appears to be a direct linkage between space aliens and comet impacts.

2000119, 122, 138 Great earthquake China; Fire, earthquake (struck Japan?); Atomic holocaust and world war (avoided?); (millenium bug??) Economic collapse?
2006122, 123 128 Comet - Year predicted for world; Starlike object-Its path struck their dwelling; Great earthquake (struck Japan?); Atomic holocaust and world war(avoided?) Economic collapse?
2010118, 127Days of horror; Comet - Darkness and gloom; L.A. earthquake.
2012128, 129 Comet - Earth annihilated; Comet - It will be crumbled.
2014116Desolated, empty, depopulated; For everyone, the great terror, fire, earthquake.

Around 3200 BC the Nommos, a space mobile alien species, who may have built Noah's Ark visited the African Dogon Tribe. The Dogon recorded astronomical facts from contact with the Nommos (e.g that Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana was formed by a giant meteorite impact). It is doubtful that anyone 1.3 million years ago could have retained this knowledge and passed it on to modern humans.2195 BC, an impact rained fire and sulfur (balls) on Sodom and Gommorah. Lot was saved by angels (aliens). The Exodus may also have been associated with an impact around 1159 BC. The Bible is full of impact events and angel (alien) sightings (See List 1 #2). Therefore, it is not surprising that the Bible Code offers details of aliens and future comet impacts. See List 2. Note that "asteroid" may refer to a non out-gassing comet.

List 2
Dark Star (Vulcan) And Comets Impact Codesh
  1. Dark Star dark star - star/planet - star - Sun - companion - object - invisible/concealed - concealed - emerging - amalgamation - granular/nuclear - turmoil
  2. Tsunami Vulcan - planet/star - India - Indian - Athens - Greece - tsunami - stony - flaming - gigantic - flame - obliterate - flabbergasted - leviathan - oblivion - overwhelming - impact
  3. Incoming Asteroid #1 incoming asteroid - Vulcan - blaze - brightness - whole earth - USA - impact - billion - missile - nemesis/vengeance - disaster/holocaust
  4. Incoming Asteroid #2 incoming asteroid -resonance - timing - synchronous - Hanoi - Japanese - massacre - date - obliterate - desolate - wavy - gigantic - impact - Word Of God (WOG)
  5. Incoming Asteroid #3 incoming asteroid - Morocco - batter - burn - vision - prediction - WOG
  6. Incoming Asteroid #4 incoming asteroid - apollo - Hale Bobp - Burma - Chile - north - prophets - overclouding - genuine - fire - hole - air - almighty - appalling - darkness - messy - myriad - metal - killing - oblivion - overwhelmed
  7. Asteroid asteroid - comet - object - vertical - fallen - crater - south - India - Indian - mainland - noisy - blazing - ashes - air - darkening - darkness - fracture - demolishing - smash - pounding - soiling - roast - frazzle - burnt - panic - will die - annihilation - extinction - oblivion termination - 2006 2010
  8. Canada Hit Axis Tilt- comet - 2012 - large - stone-like -object - planetary (wanderer) - blunderbuss (scatter-gun) - fragmentary - it will be crumbled - Sun - tongue- like - sixty - mile - crater - Canada - whole earth annihilated - stricken - smitten - ultimate - terrifying - appalling - lethal - modifier - mantle - axis - tilting - tipping - sped - speeded - seismic - eradication
  9. America 2012-13 stone-like object - crater - America - Ohio - judgment - hit - shoot - sling - jagged stony - body holocaust - black race internment, detention - arrest - camp encampment - army - death doom death - 2013
  10. End Of Days comet - end of days - fire - hydrogen - burning - air - famine - earthquake - destruction - beast - dark - abomination
  11. Wormwood Asteroid Wormwood - asteroid - Rome - War - Ambusher - Ancient - Prophets - Object - Sped - Night - Shattering - Percussion - Thundering - Terrified - Noise - Noisy - Bang - Burnt-up - Obliterate - Habitation - Desolation.
  12. Future Prospects For The World According To The Bible Code. There is some skepticism about these predictions.
    1. The tribulation time will be between 2005 and 2012 when 4,000,000,000 people will die.
    2. 2010 - 3rd World War. H bombs used. Biological warfare causes the 'boils' pestilence. The asteroid falls in 3 pieces - on California, Utah and western Nevada. California sinks and floods. The Earth's crust slips relative to the rotation axis giving a pole shift of 5o .
    3. 2011 - 3 asteroids hit Russia causing a 10o pole shift.
    4. 2012 - 3 asteroids hit China causing another 10o pole shift. Japan and the Philippines are lost underwater
    5. There is also an undated prediction of the impact of the 'Wormwood' asteroid into the Arabian Gulf.
    6. Codes have been found suggesting that after 2010 no children will be born alive until 2045.
  13. Poleshift In 2014 Poleshift - shift - 2014 - ten - degree - axial/pivotal - fluctuation/movement - core - mantle -alignment - rare/infrequent - gogamtoc/vast - stony - object - nothingness/non-existence - Bible - code - true/authentic/genuine - word of God
  14. Volcanoes - 2010 Eruptions Yellowstone - Etna - Volcano - Accumulate - Fire - Choking (asphyxia) - Burning - Burnt - Darkness - Dimming - Dim - Toxic - Toxicosis - Cinders - Embers - Dust.
  15. Great Earthquake #1 synchronous - annihilation - crushing - destruction - prolonged - universal - upheaval - upsurge
  16. Great Earthquake #2 astronomy - Miami - annihilation - astonished - astounding - bang - prolonged - warp - WOG
  17. Great Earthquake #3 Daniel - Ohio Vietnam - calamitous - destruction - panic - ablaze - abrupt - core - decelerated - degree - delay - depth
  18. great cold great cold - after - the - warming - will - be - terrible
  19. A WARNING Great Earthquake - Warning - Comet - Word Of God - Daniel - Cretaceous - The Earth - Wormwood - Warning - Wrathful - Wrath - Gigantic - Gigantic - Three Miles - Atonement - Jupiter - Coma - Crater - THE BIG ONE - They Will Travel

Note that Vulcan, comets (and asteroids) and a resonance or synchronism is implied. An impact producing a sixty mile crater along with one or more "scatter gun" meteorite impacts is indicated. A 3 mile (4.8 km ) diameter rocky object striking Earth at 42 kps would generate a 10.6 Earthquake (largest recorded: 9.5) and an impact crater (diameter: 96.5 km - 60 miles), depth: 1.2 km) like the 100 km impact crater of Manicouagan Lake in Quebec, Canada. A timing analysis is considered later.

The above is similar to clear text biblical predictions. Consistent clear text interpretations of the Bible have been offered in private communications that have speculated on future impact events.

"Starting at the end and work forwards, the last Cataclysmic event is when the Earth is renovated by fire. It is discussed in 2 Peter 3:5-13 and Revelation 20:7-15. The Earth is turned into a sea of fire and lava. There are no longer any oceans. This event could be cause by a large impactor 100- 200 miles in diameter. Before that happens there will be a millennium, a thousand years, of peace. Revelation 20:1-6 - God made a promise to the Jewish people, during this time he will begin to fulfill it. Before that there is a Great Tribulation. This event is discussed in Matthew 24:21, Revelation 8:5-13, Revelation 6:12-17, Revelation 16:17-21 and Revelation 18:8-10,21 to name a few. The damage falls in line with the damage that would be created from an impactor in the 2-3 mile diameter range. Across many cultures, dragons have been symbolic of comets. As a result, if the damage during the Great Tribulation, was done by an impactor, it is somewhat natural to believe that the impactor would be a comet."

The Biblical data is surprisingly similar to ancient Vedic prophecies. These orally transmitted, memorized texts were later written in Sanskrit. Two catastrophes are envisioned. The First is barely survivable while the Second vaporizes our oceans and turns Earth into a Venus like planet. The First "envisioned by various sources" begins shortly after 2000 AD. List 3 describes these Vedic predictions:

List 3
Vedic Prophecies About The Impending Impact Event
  1. The destroyer god will breathe enormous clouds, which will make a terrible noise.
  2. A mass of clouds charged with energy, destroyer of all, will appear in the sky like a herd of elephants.
  3. When the moon is in the constellation of Pushya (Aquarius), invisible clouds called Pushkara (clouds of death) and Avarta (clouds without water) will cover the Earth.
  4. Immense clouds will darken the sky. Some of these clouds will be black, others white like jasmine, others bronzed, others gray like donkeys, others red, others blue like lapis or sapphire, others speckled, orangish, indigo. They will resemble towns or mountains. They will cover all the Earth. These immense clouds, making a terrible noise, will darken the sky and will shower the Earth in a rain of dust which will extinguish the terrible fire.
  5. Then, by means of an interminable downpour, they will flood the whole Earth with water. This torrential rain will swamp the Earth for twelve years, and humanity will be destroyed. The whole world will be in darkness. The flood will last seven years and the Earth will seems like an immense ocean.
  6. Seven humanities must again succeed each other on Earth, and when the Golden Age reappears, seven sages will emerge to again teach the divine law to the few survivors of the four castes.
  7. Those few humans who survive the holocaust will be the progenitors of the future humanity.
  8. The Vedic predictions also consider those who survive the impending impact events. Those that abandon the Earth during the last days take refuge in an extraplanetary world (Mahar).

A terrible catastrophe is anticipated. Some other prophet's predictions are found in List 4.

List 4
Other Prophecies About The Impending Impact Event
  1. #60 The Great Comet Chastisement (Part 1v) I know it's a comet". You will be "planet-stuck". We will see it "about two weeks before" it ever hits Earth and "billions will be lost".
  2. #61 The Great Comet Chastisement (Part V) There will be "nations disappear" within a matter of ten minutes.
  3. #62 The Great Comet Chastisement (Part Vi) The Earth is "STRUCK TWICE" and the underside is in flames. Up to "three-quarters" of humanity will be gone.
  4. The Third Secret Of Fatima Revealed?... A star, the Asteroid (or comet's debris field), will illuminate the earth causing it to appear to be surrounded by flames during a period of some twenty minutes, an event which will spread panic everywhere. This will occur in the near future. When the Asteroid lights up the earth making it appear that the whole world is in flames, many people will wish to die at that shower of fire...a fear which will in fact cause the death of many people; those who are just and who believe will not suffer." Over 30 years ago, Conchita of Garabandal said the "Warning" will happen on a Thursday in April between the 8th & 16th of the month, within the lifetime of now (2000 AD) 65 year old Joey Lomangino
  5. The Third Letter Of Fatima... A direct response from the Vatican (e.g. the official Fatima Centre in Italy) follows:
    Sister Lucy said before 1986, "The punishments predicted in the Third Secret have already begun"; (Fatima Crusader #20, pg. 6). Pope John Paul II allegedly said, when asked about the Third Secret said: "...It should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: If there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole areas of the earth (tsunami from an impact), and that from one moment to the next, millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired"; (Crusader #9-10, pg. 8). Also, Sister Lucy said that if you want to know what the Third Secret contains, read chapters 8 and 13 of the book of Apocalypse (Revelation).
  6. Jacinta Marto (one of the three seers of Fatima)
    Part III - 11. - "There is a secret of Heaven and another one of Earth, and the latter is terrifying. It will seem as though it were already the end of the world. And in this cataclysm everything will be separated from the sky, which will turn white as snow." - June 18, 1981. (ice crystals permanently reflecting the Sun light and keeping Earth an Ice Age.
  7. Pius XII (20th century):
    There were occasional rumors of visions and angelic phenomena associated with Pius XII during the entire duration of his papacy (1939-58). After one of these mystical visions he reportedly told one of his assistants, Mankind must prepare itself form sufferings such as it has never before experienced. He expressed dismay at what he saw facing humanity in the not so distant future, describing those times as the darkest since the deluge.
  8. Mother Elena Leonardi (20th Century, Italy)
    "An unforeseen fire will descend over the whole earth, and a great part of humanity will be destroyed. This will be a time of despair for the impious: with shouts and satanic blasphemy, they will beg to be covered by the mountains, and they will try to seek refuge in caverns, but to no avail. Those who remain (implying some will depart) will find God's mercy in my power and protection, while all who refuse to repent of their sins will perish in a sea of fire!"
  9. Marie Julie Jahenny (19th century, France)
    "During this darkness the devils and the wicked will take on THE MOST HIDEOUS SHAPES... red clouds like blood will move across the sky. The crash of the thunder will shake the earth and sinister lightning will streak the heavens out of season. The earth will be shaken to its foundations. The sea will rise, its roaring waves will spread over the continent..." "The Earth will become like a vast cemetery. The bodies of the wicked and the just will cover the ground." "Three-quarters of the population of the globe will disappear. Half the population of France will be destroyed."
  10. Saint Hildegard (12th Century)
    1. The time is coming when princes and peoples will reject the authority of the Pope.
    2. Some countries will prefer their own Church rulers to the Pope. The German Empire will be divided.
    3. Before the comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scourged by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake, storm and tidal wave. It will be divided and, in great part, submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies.
    4. After the great Comet, the great nation will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed.
    5. All sea-coast cities will be fearful, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of those cities does a person live according to the Laws of God.
    6. A powerful wind will rise in the north, carrying heavy fog and the densest dust, and it will fill their throats and eyes so that they will cease their butchery and be stricken with a great fear.
  11. Miscellaneous - Fire From The Sky
    1. Prophecies About A Comet And The Earth
      Nuclear war could be in progress at the time the comet hits earth. There may be two different comets involved in the chastisement. The first of these would not strike the Earth, but just graze it causing fire to fall from heaven and the oceans to overflow their boundaries. Fragments landing in water could cause steam and mist.
    2. A Comet Skims Across the Surface of the Earth
      Josyp Terelya, in May and June 1993 stated: There is a large comet that is approaching the earth. It will not hit the earth, but it will cause many cataclysms on the planet. Land today in America will be under water. Because of the tremendous flooding, crops, won t grow, the animals then will have nothing to feed on, and this will contribute to the great famine. Sooner or later there will be a tremendous struggle for products. We will survive, but we will all witness major catastrophes.
    3. During The Great Trial A Comet Strikes Earth With Resulting Darkness Julka (Julia) of Yugoslavia in the period 1960 to 1966 had a vision in which she states: "I found myself in a garden, looking after the flowers. Suddenly something so gigantic fell to the earth, that the whole world shook and reared itself as though it was going to break in pieces. All the air is in flames. The whole atmosphere of the earth from the ground to the sky was a gigantic sheet of flame."
    4. On June 20, 1976, the Lord Jesus appeared. He glanced at all present and commanded Julka: Come with Me! And they ascended. After a while the Lord said to Julia: "Look at the Earth." From that height it seemed as small as a full moon. When Julia looked carefully, she saw huge craters everywhere. Only a few areas remained without holes. Jesus explained: "This is how the face of the Earth will look during the Catastrophe!"
    5. Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Breton Stigmatist 1850 - 1941: She announced that three-quarters of the population of the globe will disappear in the last crisis; terrible earthquakes, epidemics of unknown disease whose ravages would be frightful, terrible famines, inclement weather, cyclones and rising seas that would cause terrifying tidal waves.
    6. 13 October 1973 - Akita, Japan; an apparition twice approved by Bishop Ito, and twice by the Bishops of the Church in Japan, the Holy Mother gave this message to Sister Agnes Sasagawa: "If men do not repent and better themselves, the Heavenly Father will inflict a great punishment on all humanity. It will definitely be a punishment greater than the Deluge, such as has never been seen before. Fire will plunge from the sky and a large part of humanity will perish, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor the faithful. The survivors will find themselves plunged into such terrible hardships that they will envy the dead.
The impending catastrophe appears not to be an extinction event, but rather a holocaust. The death of the majority of mankind is prophesized. These prophecies may not be coming from God, but our fellow alien (combo) species. Telepathy (see Table H-5), as well as celestial mechanics may be among the skills of some of these beings. Furthermore, Fatima may have been a UFO-alien event.

A second event, possibly occurring 3797 AD (Nostradamus) seems to reform the Earth surface according to Vedic prophecy. See List 5. This impactor may be from the A:Cl-1 cluster.

List 5
Vedic Prophecies About The Final Impact Event
  1. This destruction will start with an underwater explosion will take place in the southern ocean.
  2. It will be proceeded by a hundred year drought during which the people who are not robust will perish. The seas, the rivers, the mountain streams, and the underground streams will be drained.
  3. Twelve suns will cause the seas to evaporate. Fed by this water, seven suns will form which will reduce the three worlds to ashes; the Earth will become hard like a turtle's shell.
Both these impact prophecies are consistent with the similar clear text biblical description. Furthermore, One Vedic astrology theory holds that yugas (epochs) are "Dark Star" related. See List 6:
List 6
Vedic Prophecies About Vulcan (The Dark Star)
  1. Our Sun has it's "dark companion". Although smaller than the Sun, this "dark companion" is more powerful and completely black. The dark companion revolves around the Sun in elliptic orbit.
  2. When the dark companion is between Sun and the center of galaxy (Vishnunabhi), we have Kali yuga on Earth. When, it moves away from the axis Sun-center of galaxy, the "Black Star" does not have a huge inhibiting influence, so the influence of knowledge is much greater. For it to move from the point of center of galaxy to the point where Kali yuga ends, we need 1,200 years. That is when Dvapara yuga begins. After 2,400 years (the duration of this yuga) we enter Treta yuga. This is when the "Dark Star" is far away from the center of galaxy, and conditions gets much better. However, it's still not perfect. Treta yuga lasts 3,600 years, after which time we have a period of 4,800 years with it being real far away. It's the period of Sat yuga, and it peaks when this dark companion is at the furthest point from the center of galaxy.
  3. Science progress and thirst for knowledge can be astrologically explained by diminished "influence" of dark companion on the Sun. Distancing itself from the Vishnunabhi, it frees the path of light at the galactic center, and growth of knowledge occurs.
  4. Precession cycle gives birth to ages. Cycle of dark companion gives birth to shorter yugas. Combination of two gives birth to longer yugas. The main role in all of it is the one of center of galaxy situated at the beginning of sidereal constellation of Sagittarius.


There is no doubt that Earth will be faced with a future comet impact. The only questions are:

Predictions by mystics and aliens are fine, but how can what they have told us be verified?


It seems irrefutable that Vulcan, a brown dwarf star and our Sun's dark star companion, exists. Not only is it found both in the ~3200 year old Bible Code (List 2 #1) as well as the Vedic predictions (List 6), but it is found in other artifacts often described as of alien origin. See List 7:

List 7
Other Sources Depicting Vulcan (The Dark Star)
  1. The Akkadian Seal (~4500 years ago) and its analysis.
  2. Crop Circle T367 (~1995) and its related analysis.
  3. The Famous Hill Star Map (~September 1961)
  4. Another Alien Star Map (~October 1974) presented in Figure 5A.
While the Vedic predictions do not exactly describe how Vulcan's orbital elements were deduced, they come close. The important features are there. For example, Vulcan's elliptical orbit is directly specified, but not its eccentricity. Also, the Galactic center and the Vulcan's alignment with it at critical times during the evolution of mankind are mentioned. While Vulcan's period is not specifically mentioned, a 4800 year interval is and it is noted and that when Vulcan is furthest from the Sun (aphelion), human knowledge seems to expand. All this is surprisingly close to observed facts.

The Bible Code associates the name "Vulcan" with "Incoming Asteroids" and "synchronous" or "resonance". It associates these terms with "Great Earthquakes" and "Tsunamis". It implies our "Sun's Companion" will be emerging from a hidden or concealed location. A recent alien generated crop circle reveals even more details about Vulcan. The offset of the Sun from Crop Circle T367 centroid is oriented such that Vulcan's direction is towards IRAS object 1732+239, an infrared source that is either Vulcan or near to it. There is another infrared source near Vulcan and it may cause concealment.

Vulcan's orbital parameters have been deduced by an unusual method and are listed in Table 2:
ParameterValueMax. ErrorMin. Error
Period (years) 4969.0+30.4/- 24.3+/- 11.5
Orbital Eccentricity 0.537+0.088/-0.035 +/- 0.0085
Orbital Inclination48.44o +3.12o/-9.05o +/- 0.23o
Longitude of the Ascending Node189.0o +/- 1.3o +/- 1.3o
Argument Of Perihelion 257.8o +6.11o/-13.47o+/- 0.90o
Time of Aphelion (years)1970 AD +/- 1.0 +/- 1.0
Just as the Vedic predictions (List 6) prophecy, Vulcan's orbit is rather elliptical with an aphelion of 448 AU and a perihelion of 135 AU. Vulcan elliptical orbit is the source of the comet swarms that operate in a 3:2 resonance with Vulcan's orbit. When the comet swarms near perihelion, they sweep through the inner solar system often impacting Earth. Thus, these impact times reflect the period of the comet swarms that in turn reflect the period of Vulcan. See Table 3:
TABLE 3 See The SYNOPSIS Section
VALUEB':Cl-2B':Cl-1C:Cl-2C:Cl- 1A:Cl-2A:Cl-1A':Cl-2A':Cl-1B
TOI*2893208221120 14601765220724303159
TOI*3586362841954345 474051955550-6370
DELTA32973308 337332253280 34303343-3211
TOI*-7000-76008060 82308550@9350@9910#
DELTA-3372- 3255332030353000- 3540
DELTA/2-3340-3240 3300323331723460 3376
TOI*-10350 -10850@ 11400 11810122201264013180
DELTA-3350- 3250 3340358036703290 3270
DELTA/2-3361- 3253 33303308 3335-3405
DELTA/3-3343- 3243 3313 334833383403 3340
TOI*-13650-14020- ----
DELTA-3300- 3170- ----
DELTA/2-3325- 3210 -----
DELTA/3-3341-3225 -----
DELTA/4-3333-3225 -----
*Time Of Impact (TOI) In Years Ago (YA) Measured From 2000 AD; #Assume 7910 +/-170 BC;
@ Global Climatic Boundary: 6550 BC, 7350 BC, 10300 BP & 10800 BP.

The mean +/- sigma for the 49 swarm periods in Table 3 is 3312.4 years +/- 113 years. Using the 3312.7-year theoretical period, the Student's t-test's P- value (>0.9) implies that the periods (DELTAs) deduced from the impact data are statistically significant. Vulcan's period should be 3/2 times greater or 4969 years +/- 170 years. Further, modeling of the comet swarm periods show that Vulcan affects them even when 200 AU away. Thus, the large statistical variation is explained. The average of three sequential orbit periods is close to two- third's of Vulcan orbital period. Simulations indicate that these averages are within 14 years of the actual value. The mean value of Vulcan's orbit period as presented in Table 2 is statistically the same value as the one obtained by computing individual comet swarm periods and back-fitting (multiplying by 3/2) to the 3:2 orbit resonance effect. The correlation of Vulcan's theoretical and empirical periods, along with the many predictions of its existence, guarantees its presence. The predicted disasters are likely valid because the past comet impact times deduced from catastrophic weather changes leads to Vulcan's theoretical period.

The Bible Code's alien origin has already been reported. Its predicted events are consistent with human prophecies. For example, see the List 4 # 1, 2, 3, 10c, 10d, 11a, 11b and 11c prophesies. The List 4 prophets all see comet or comet related catastrophes. If humans are sensing these events largely without knowledge of celestial mechanics, it is reasonable that aliens, especially our Priest related Combo Species, could do likewise. This is even more likely given the advantage of space mobility, a working knowledge of celestial mechanics and direct observation of the threatening comet swarms.

The Bible Code impact predictions are the most graphic indicating location. See List 8.

List 8
Bible Code Predictions Comet Impacts
  1. A vertical impact in Southern India forming a crater.
  2. A somewhat horizontal triple impact in Russia?
  3. A somewhat horizontal triple impact in China?.
  4. A somewhat horizontal impact over the Mediterranean basin.
  5. A somewhat horizontal triple impact in California, Utah and western Nevada.
  6. A major sixty-mile impact crater (in Canada?) and (multiple?) debris cloud impacts at unspecified locations.
  7. An impact in Ohio?.

Data regarding past impacts is available when the threatening B-swarm passed by while Vulcan, Earth and the comet swarms were in about the same geometrical orbital configuration. These impacts occurred while Vulcan was near aphelion as it is now. The Sun (and inner planets) were at a maximum distance from the barycenter of the Sun/Vulcan system, possibly exposing them to a maximum risk of impact from the B-swarm's comets. Figure 4, taken from Tollmans' work, shows what it was like then. Seven impacts were recorded. The impacts from the B-swarm did not occur simultaneously, but rather over a period of time varying from 7640 +/- 170 BC to 7910 +/-170 BC. The mean value is around 7810 +/- 100 BC, but the impacts could have begun 170 years before 7910 BC. Multiple impacts are indicated to have occurred at widely different impact points. These events caused a world-wide catastrophe.

Figure 4. The Seven Impacts Found In Tollman's Work.

The seven impacts illustrated from this similar past event and the multiple impacts prophesied for the future event suggest that seven or more comet clusters may be involved. This may be why the B-swarm does not separate nicely into two comet cluster as do the A, A' and B' swarms. Furthermore, if our astronomers could actually see the approaching comet swarm, they would be unable to predict the location of the impact until the comets were close to Earth. Perhaps the first cluster from the B-swarm is described by Crop Circle T367. Its 25 February 2007 date is consistent with the Bible Code's 2006 date.

Whatever the method used, the future predictions do seem similar in count to the past events, but not to the specific locations. Further, it should be noted that Tollman's work indicates several southern hemisphere impacts. None seem to be implied by the Bible Code. However credible modern Mediums do seem to sense serious southern hemisphere impacts as have occurred previously under similar conditions. But there is little data specifying Southern Hemisphere impacts.


The threshold diameter of a meteorite that could cause widespread global deaths and threatens civilization lies between about 0.5 and 5 km, perhaps near 2 km. The clear text Bible and the Bible Code indicate we facing a 4.8 km (3 mile) impactor. Initially, the massive explosion will be sufficient to fragment and partially vaporize both the projectile and the target area (e.g. the material from a sixty mile crater). High-speed ejecta would subject plants and animals to scorching heat for about half an hour, and a global firestorm might then ensue. Dust thrown up from the large crater could lead to total darkness over the whole Earth, which might persist for several months. Global temperatures could drop as much as tens of degrees Centigrade. Nitric acid, produced from the heating of atmospheric nitrogen in the impact fireball, will acidify rain, lakes, soils, streams, and perhaps the surface layer of the ocean. Death by starvation of much of the world's population could result, and we could approach the brink of extinction. Little is known about how impact size affects mortality or how resilient our agriculture, commerce, economy, and societal organization might be. Private communications indicate that:

"A 3 mile Long Period Comet has an impact energy approximately 10,000,000 megatons of TNT equivalent. The initial blast pulse will be 3 psi at around 1000 miles, and 1 psi at around 2000 miles. Very high mortality rates within 1000 miles of point-of-impact (may be anticipated). Outside 2000 miles of point- of-impact, high initial survival rate (would occur). Outside 2000 miles, most deaths will be in the long term due to starvation and plagues. The impact would definitely damage the U.S. ability to produce/process/distribute food and since the U.S. is a major producer, it will create massive starvation worldwide. Most of the deaths will be Northern Hemisphere, which is also the most populated. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the worlds population will perish if no warning. A lot depends upon where in Canada, the point-of-impact will occur. If it is near the Canadian border with Alaska, much of the Midwest breadbasket will remain intact.

The Earth will appear to be immersed in fire. See List 4 #4 and #8. Fire from the impacts and volcanic eruptions, especially from the Yellowstone super volcano, will create terror. Then rain will follow, some from comet's debris field's icy meteorites, some from vaporized water condensed on dust particles. The human death toll, both prophesied and logically, are anticipated to be immense. Extensive famine following the impacts is anticipated. The predictions found in List 4, #3, #9, and #11e specify that three quarters of the Earth's population will perish. Great earthquakes, like man has never seen (greater than magnitude 9.5), and tsunamis are both predicted and expected. The impacts are expected to occur over more than a century even if no meteors are caught in near Earth orbit as has happened before.

While there will be the impact blasts, tsunami's, (List 4 #9, #10e) fire and flood, the real killers will be drought and dust. Massive windstorms, List 4 #10f, will occur over Europe, India and North America. Breathing the sharp volcanic dust will cause Marie's disease in both animals and humans, causing pneumonia via internal bleeding. Dust from the impacts and massive eruptions will block sunlight, throwing Earth into an Ice Age, dramatically reducing rain and food production. The US Midwest, the breadbasket of the world, may cease production and precipitate worldwide famine. The extensive dust predictions found in the Vedic prophesies, List 3 #1, #2, #3, #4 and List 4 #10fcorrelate well these events. Even when the dust settles, the once blue sky will then appear white over much of the Earth (List 4 # 6). Sir Fred Hoyle's "diamond dust" will suspend Earth in another Ice Age.

Only the predicted Southern India and the sixty-mile crater may penetrate to the mantle. The debris (Blunderbuss) impacts may form craters all over the globe List 4 #11d. The larger impacts may stimulate volcanic activity especially if the volcanoes are currently somewhat active. The Bible Code associates the Yellowstone and Etna eruptions with major impacts, and this association seems to have occurred during past Yellowstone eruptions. These predictions seem reasonable because comet impacts are known to cause volcanic eruptions. The scale of the predicted Yellowstone eruption is unknown. Nevertheless, it could also contribute massive amounts of sulfur dioxide to our atmosphere.

Some Bible Codes are implying a crustal shift. Most scientists consider this absurd. But there may be conditions when this could occur. Small meteorites, only a half kilometer in diameter, have been computed to cause crustal slippage under certain conditions. The "apparent" position of the pole (spin axis) could shift by 20o. This is more likely to occur when the Earth is struck by a large meteorite at an angle perpendicular to an Earth Moon direction. Crustal slippage could cause generate a super-tide, but none are predicted from the impending events. A super-tide carried Noah's Ark from its nominal location near sea level to its current location near Kazan Turkey. Naval architects doubt that the Ark could have survived a tsunami, but it could survive a super-tide.

Evidence exists that the poles have changed position during the past ages. This possibility, however, so far has been disregarded on the basis that such a phenomenon is thought to be physically impossible. However, the possibility of very rapid shifts of the poles exists due to the impact of astronomical objects as small as a half-kilometer diameter asteroid. This theory has been criticized because it fails to provide any justification for the minimum size of the meteorite needed create the torque which is claimed to be needed for pole shifting. This issue remains unsettled.

Crustal shifts are readily indicated by the geologic history of the Hawaiian Islands over the last 5 million years. See Figure 5. As the Pacific plate shifted over the Hawaiian hot spot during the last 5 million years, the older islands have moved to the Northwest and grown smaller in size due to landslides. Notice on Figure 5 that only about 4o separates Kauai from Hawaii. This movement represents about 5 million-years worth of impacts and drifts. Perhaps crustal movement is not as much as the computations suggest. Or perhaps this is just the components transmitted to the Pacific plate from the other plates detailed in Figure 6. Regardless, the Hawaiian Ridge is not one long island of interconnected volcanoes, but rather distinctly separate islands. This suggests that geologically rapid motion of the Pacific plate has occurred, and the impact of massive meteorites may be the mechanism causing this displacement.

Figure 5. Evolution Of The Hawaiian Island Change.

Figure 6. The World's Tectonic Plates.

It is hard to imagine how even a 3 mile diameter comet impact could cause significant crustal shift of the North American plate. The crust (lithosphere) is thick, fifty or a hundred miles, more at some places like underneath mountain ranges. Perhaps an impact could move the tiny South Caspian plate, but a major plate like the North American plate or the Pacific plate seems just to massive unless it fractures. If movement occurred, it is anticipated to be slow.

The submarine sub-stage of the Hawaiian Ridge forms volcanic slopes that are steep. The massive shield volcanoes forming the ridge are fragile and collapse easily. Geologists have discovered about 70 major giant landslides covering half of the flanks of the Hawaiian Ridge. These were likely shaken loose by impacts, crustal surges, super-tides and tsunamis. These landslides are among the largest on Earth, attaining lengths of 125 miles (200 km) and volumes of 1,200 cubic miles (5,000 cubic km). However, there is no direct evidence is offered to show that the Hawaiian landslides are time correlated with comet impacts. However, the massive earthquakes envisioned would encourage them.

Paranormal sources have long contended that "California is going to drop off into the sea". Most scientists consider such claims laughable as there is only a few miles of sea depth anywhere for California to fall into. However, one of the more marginal Bible Code implies that California does "Sink and Flood". Could this be possible? The Pacific and the North American tectonic plates meet along the California coast. See Figure 7. The impact of a 3 mile diameter comet could "push" the North American Plate in the direction it is moving now. However, the amount of motion may not be hundreds of miles as the List 2 #13 predictions would suggest. The North American plate is really a big mass compared to a "tiny" three-mile diameter comet. However, the 10.6 magnitude earthquake may be felt and the momentum transfer may move California some small distance to the southeast. Such motion may make the North American plate slip somewhat away from the Pacific plate. It may then be free to drop into the vacated subduction zone along the coast and cause some flooding. See Figure 8. However, this is not anticipated to happen "overnight". The North American and Pacific plates are huge and they will move slowly if at all. It is beyond the scope of this effort to anticipate the time scale, but many years may be needed to accomplish any significant eastward motion of the North American plate.

The Yellowstone pressure cooker is not yet set to burst. The List 2 #8 60 mile impact crater may cause the List 2 #14 Yellowstone eruption, but not if it occurs soon. Its magma chamber is only 10% to 30% full. A colossal eruption like the 2.1 million year ago event could occur if the impact were later.

Figure 7. Relative Shifting Of The North American And Pacific Plates.

Figure 8. Subduction Zones As Are Found Along The American West Coast.

Geomagnetic pole reversals are prophesized by the List 2 # 13 Bible Code prediction. Already, a Geologist says there are signs the North Pole is about to flip to the South Pole. It is claimed that changes in the way molten iron is flowing in the Earth's core could trigger a switch. Experts at the Physics of the Globe Institute of Paris and the Danish Space Research Institute in Copenhagen carried out the comparison and say a component of the magnetic field off the southern tip of Africa has already flipped. Lava flows testified that, during a reversal, the earth's field swung at the astonishing rate of 3o (and up to 6o) in a single day. Three unpalatable possibilities have been advanced:

  1. The earth's molten core can change rapidly in response to forces still unrecognized.
  2. The dynamo theory of the origin of the geomagnetic field is incorrect.
  3. Mountain rocks are not faithful recorders of the geomagnetic field (undermines, the whole field of paleomagnetism).
More research is clearly needed to understand the geomagnetic processes.

Paleomagnetic reversals have occurred at least three times in the past 3.4 million years. Further, two of them appear to correlate with past major paleoclimate changes. These are likely related to major comet or meteorite impacts. However, they are not necessarily associated with Yellowstone eruptions. Earth is currently near a geomagnetic minimum, and if a major impact should occur it would not be unreasonable that a geomagnetic shift also could occur. This Vulcan web site suggests that the inner core of the Earth first changes its magnetic orientation. Then the strike of a meteorite orients the magnetic domains of the material in the Earth's crustal regions "cementing" the altered magnetic field.

Finally, the Earth will enter an ice age with ocean temperatures and glaciation similar to what was found at the height of the last ice age, 18,000 years ago (List 2 #18). Extensive evidencei shows that ocean temperatures then averaged about 1.5o to 2oC (2.7o to 3.6oF) colder. 10o C (18oF) colder weather is likely in the higher mid-latitudes. However, temperatures on land were generally 5o to 15oC colder than today, particularly at higher latitudes. See Figure 9. Lowered temperatures resulted in less evaporation but the reduction in precipitation was even greater. Thus, the net effect was a drier climate.

Figure 9. Ocean Cooling During The Glacial Maximum 18,000 Years Ago.

Although temperatures varied from place to place, evidence suggests that near the Great Lakes, in Turkey, Iran, and central Russia average temperatures were as much as 15oC colder. Temperatures were perhaps 5o to 10oC colder in southern Australia, New Zealand, the western United States, South America, Africa, and Asia. A few places in central Africa, on the California coast, and in northern Australia were only a few degrees colder. But those were near oceans and were influenced by milder oceanic cooling. The continental record indicates generally drier conditions throughout central Africa, central South America, Alaska, southeastern United States, India, and much of Australia. Notable exceptions appear to have been extreme northern Africa, central south Africa, and the southwestern and central United States, where evidence for wetter land surfaces appears. See Figure 10. Investigations have been made of rainfall patterns in the central Kalahari desert watershed (now a semi-arid area with little surface drainage). They suggest that it was a region of many small lakes as a result of the increased rainfall at the end of the last glacial maximum. Notice that certain geographical features have changed because the oceans dropped about 100 meters (300 feet) during the last glacial maximum.

Glaciation dramatically altered Earth's aridity, strength of surface winds, and prevailing wind direction at the height of the last ice age. 50% of the land between 3OoN and 30oS was covered by dunes in two vast belts. One covered the tropical regions of the Sahara, southern Arabia, northwest India, and the northern part of South America. Another, in the Southern Hemisphere, was formed where dune fields and dry steppe regions advanced pole-ward of 35oS in south Australia. Northern Patagonia (in Argentina), Paraguay, and south-west Brazil. These regions were also dry and dune covered. Today's total human population would be unable to survive in such a climate, since total food production would be seriously reduced. This sounds much like what Mother Shipton (#12) has prophesied.

Figure 10. Dune And Wetter Land Areas (W) During The Last Glacial Maximum.

Figure 11 shows the 500 years ago vegetation pattern. The eastern USA, forest predominated. To the west, decreased rainfall and the resulting fires prevented trees from growing, and a wide prairie existed. In the mountains and plains of the far west, sparse rainfall gave semi-desert, open scrub and open conifer woodlands. To the north, various forest belts extended across Canada, opening out into the tundra where climates were too cold for trees. This link shows is how present day Europe in the absence of agriculture. Forest predominated across most of the region. A steppe (grassland) belt exists in the south-east, with areas of forest-steppe. Tundra exists in the far north, and Mediterranean vegetation predominates in parts of southern Europe

Figure 11. Present Day North America's Vegetation Pattern.

During the extreme stages of the last glaciation, most of Canada and much of the northern USA were covered by an ice sheet thousands of meters thick. Colder and often drier conditions predominated across most of the USA. See Figure 12. The eastern forests were replaced by open woodlands with pines and many spruce. The open spruce woodlands extended further west, into the present prairie zone. Arid conditions and a lowered sea level (which lowered inland water tables) resulted in much of Florida being covered by drifting sand dunes. Notably moister than present conditions occurred across much of the south-west, with open woodlands and scrub common in present semi-desert areas.

Figure 12. North America's Vegetation Pattern At Peak Glaciation.

Full glacial occurred about 21,000-17,000 calendar years ago (18,000-15,000 radiocarbon 14C YA). North America was still in the grip of full glacial conditions. The ice sheet extent did not remain static through this period. Much of the southeastern USA was wooded or forested, almost as far north as the edge of the ice sheet. East of the Appalachians, there was a high proportion of cool climate pines and on the Atlantic coastal plain there are indications of shifting sand dune activity which - together with the predominance of jack pine - suggesting that the woodland was fairly open. The Florida Peninsula may have been virtually a desert of shifting dunes but at other times it seems to have been covered by a sparse scrub vegetation. The Gulf coastal plain and northernmost Florida seems to have been forested, with some open woodland. The north-western USA was dominated by dry alpine tundra and polar desert (trees were almost absent except perhaps very scattered remnants of spruce, with scattered areas of cold-tolerant conifer woodland in the central Rockies (mixed with semi-desert vegetation)

Figure 13 shows Europe during the Ice age. A large ice sheet (white) covers Scandinavia, and most of northern and central Europe is covered by steppe-tundra vegetation (reddish color), a sparse vegetation existing under dry, cold climates (erratum; northern France should be colored as steppe-tundra, not steppe). In southern Europe, slightly warmer conditions give a dry, almost semi- desert steppe (yellow). The few surviving areas of rather open wooded cover are shown in green.

Figure 13. Europe's Vegetation Pattern At Peak Glaciation. Also See Africa At Peak Glaciation.

The conclusion of this section is that the Clear Text Bible verses, the Bible Code and the Vedic predictions hang together from the point of view of conventional science. They seem to be supported by paleoclimatological, plaeomagnetic data. Further, they seem also to be supported by Yellowstone's current activity as well as current geomagnetic data. While conventional science is loath to accept biblical or religious predictions, the ones offered here are consistent with logic and reason. Further, they are consistent with the hypothesis that they are of an alien source, one with far more technological intelligence than could reasonably be anticipated in humans of that day.


When should we anticipate the next major comet cluster to threaten Earth?. A simulation involving the numerical integration over time of the gravitational effects of the Sun and Vulcan on the comets was preformed, one different than the previous approach. The four major "data rich" comet clusters, A:Cl-1, A:Cl- 2, B':Cl-1 and B were investigated. See Table 5.

[0.05%/0.1%] Solar Mass Vulcan
VALUEB':Cl-1[ B':Cl-1]A:Cl-1[A:Cl- 1]A:Cl-2[A:Cl-2]B[B]
TPM 3343.3[3312]3351 ---3342.9[3306]
TOI AD1680n.a.3823- -[3946/4947]2119[2252/2263]
Period n.a.n.a.3588- - [3423/3477]3277.7[3372]
TOI#320[321/222]1765[1805/1803] 1460 [1472/1470]3159[3120/3139]
TOI#3628[3567/3493]5195[5056/5044] 4740 [4723/4711]6370[6298/6273]
DELTA 3308[3246/3271]3430 [3251/3241]3280[3252/3241]3211 [3178]
TOI#7000[7007/7032]8230[8487/8287] 8060[7975/7954]9910#[9667]
DELTA3372[3440/3539]3035 [3431/3243]3320[3252/3243]3540 [3369]
TOI#10350[10256/"262] 11810 [11740/"764]11400[11407/"431]13180[13042]
DELTA3350[3249/3224]3580 [3253/3477]3340[3432/3477]3270 [3375]
TOI# 13650[13505/"492]--- ---
DELTA3300[3249/3230]-- ----
TPM3340.7[3313/3331]3348 [3352/3320]3313[3312/3320]3340.3[3307]
Note: TPM = Triple Sequential Period Mean; Italics = Estimated, Not Italics = Measured; [Theoretical]
# Time Of Impact (TOI) In Years Ago (YA) Measured From 2000 AD;
* = mean {(A:Cl-1) - (A:Cl-2)} = 333 years added to [A:Cl-2] time.

Comet orbits (eccentricity 0.9985.) in Vulcan's orbital plane were modeled. Three sequential orbits (~3313 years) should resonate precisely with two of Vulcan's 4969-year period, some with slightly longer or shorter periods. Four measured Triple Period Mean (TPM) values for the B':Cl-1 cluster are close to this theoretical value and its pattern is short-long-short (SLS). A new TPM is found for the B':Cl-1 cluster. Note that the old TPM value is the same for the B':Cl-1 cluster and the B swarm (or cluster), 3340-41 years. The A:Cl-1 and A:Cl-2 clusters are more divergent, 3348 and 3313 years respectively. The similarity of the B and B':Cl-1 TPM suggests that the dual impacts of 7910 & 7810 BC can be mathematically projected to 2119 & 2219. But just adding 2 X 4969 is more accurate, yielding projected 2028 and 2128 impacts, although a broad peak (+/- 170 years) is anticipated.

The average of the theoretical TOI (0.05% Solar mass Vulcan) from the actual TOI for the more definable clusters (B':Cl-1 & A:Cl-2) is 48+/-51 verses 82+/-57 years for the ( 0.1% Solar mass Vulcan). The (B & A:Cl-1) clusters are too spread out (125+/-86 years for 0.05% Solar Mass case). The 0.05% Solar mass Vulcan fits well with the logarithmic measurement of 2.22 (102.22 = 166 Earth Masses) taken from an analysis of the Akkadian seal which is likely from an alien source. See Figure 14.

Figure 14. The Akkadian Seal (Courtesy Z. Sitchin, the 12th Planet)

Beginning with objects after Vulcan, in clockwise order, the inter planets are designated A, B, & C and are followed by the Jovian bodies Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. The three distant tiny ones are X and Y (near A and B) and Z (between Neptune and Jupiter). Planet Z does not clearly appear, but Sitchin claims that it is there and labels it Pluto. These tiny planetoids X and Y may be undiscovered. Table 6 shows the "measured" diameter of the Jovian planets. They scale logarithmically to the Sun's mass. A linear fit yields a Vulcan of 141 +/-35 Earth masses verses a 165 Earth masses fit just using the Sun alone. The quality of the linear fit (r2= 0.997) and the slope 1.03 (vice 1.00) clearly show that the measured values are associated with the logarithms of the masses of the known planets within our solar system. Thus Vulcan is a member of our solar system as well. The inter planets (A & B), Mercury and Mars "measured" diameters, also fits if scaled to Venus (C). The Earth is not shown. Uranus and Neptune would have been undetectable to the Akkadians without a telescope (or alien instruction).
PlanetEarth MassesLog MassDiameter (mm)Log Mass from Seal
Sun (Star)# 330,0005.527.95 5.52
Jupiter318.42.504.9 2.47+/- 0.1
Vulcan (from Seal)(165 or 141 +/-35) - 4.652.22 +/-0.1
Saturn95.31.984.41.97+/- 0.1
Neptune17.11.233.9 1.47+/- 0.1
Uranus14.61.163.7 1.27+/- 0.1
Earth1.0000.0NoneNot Shown
Venus (C)@ 0.84-0.075 3.2 -0.075
Mars (B)0.108-0.9673.1 -0.67 +/- 0.1
Mercury (A)0.055-1.262.0 -1.28 +/- 0.1
Pluto (Z)* 0.002-2.701.9 (est.) -2.70 (est. from Sitchin)
1996TL66 (X)0.00001?-5.0 1.1-3.50
# Reference body: Sun Jovian Planets, -2.43 added to measured value.
@ Reference body: Inner Planets, -3.275 added to measured value.
* Reference body: Kuiper Belt Planetoids, -4.60 added to measured values.

Vulcan's mass affects the comet's motion when they are far from the Sun. The close fit Vulcan's solar mass to the comet cluster return times in Table 5 clearly show that it is a member of our solar system, not another. Since there are four period measurements for the B':Cl-1 cluster, a measured old and new TPM value is available. The Old TPM values can also be obtained for the B, A:Cl-1 and A:Cl-2 clusters. Then, the estimated new B swarm TPM should be about 3327.3 years and the next B swarm period should be about 3277.7 years. This implies the B swarm passage will be 2119 AD, (verses the original 2012 Bible Code date). This event should be similar to the one centered at 9910 years ago. Similarly, the estimated A:Cl-1 cluster period should be ~3540 years with the next pass at 3823, (compared to the end of Nostradamus' 3797 AD prophecies). Notice that shifting the average swarm period from the oldest to the newest TPM moved the average period for the B':Cl- 1 cluster 13 years (3340.7 to 3327.7). Moving this calculation one comet orbital period forward may diminish it by another 13 years. Then, the "Projected TPM" value would be 3314.7 years, nearly the same as the theoretical 3313 years. Thus, Sol, our solar system, Vulcan and the comets may have completed their motion over the top of their oscillation above the galactic plane by ~3800 AD.

There has been only one comet cluster identified with the B swarm, but there may be more. The impacts of 9910 +/- 170 years ago appear to be spread over hundreds of years. For example, some may be as late as 9640 years ago. Perhaps, some of these are due to comets thrust into a long elliptical Near Earth Orbit (NEO), eventually impacting on subsequent passes. If a comet cluster were thrown into a short-period Earth-crossing orbit, its disintegration under gravitational effects or just sunlight could release a copious amount of dust into the inner terrestrial planetary system. The Earth could acquire a reflective blanket of dust just by passing through it. Even after this phase, brief, sharp climatic cooling intervals could be anticipated during epochs when the Earth passed through the comet's debris meteor stream. Precession of the comet's orbit, analogous to the slow wobble of a spinning top, is guaranteed to lead to epochs when the orbits of Earth and comet debris field intersect. Passing through these trails, high intensity meteor storms could then be expected, with a correspondingly enhanced risk of Tunguska-like impacts or even greater ones. In fact, the Tunguska event of 1908,211 years prior to the anticipated 2119 principle impact (projected from the 9910 year ago event), fits well with the two sigma error bar on the 9910 year ago impact date. Perhaps these past impacts concentrate into brief, but devastating, groupings forming Tollman's impacts. Regardless, the uncertainty of the mechanism of the 9910 year ago event clouds the mathematical precision relating to the prediction of the future impacts.


The initial Bible Code results and the computed B swarm passage did not "jive". So related matrices was checked for other dates (up to 2150) and control matrices (Table 6) isolating false dates were generated.
2011, 2016, 2021, 2044, 2049, 2071, 2074, 2075, 2081, 2082, 2085, 2088, 2091, 2095, 2111, 2115, 2125, 21302020, 2030, 2043, 2045, 2084, 2110 2010, 2040, 2047, 2048, 2051, 2060, 2096,214021202041 2042, 20502070, 20802046,2090

Table 8 lists all asteroid and comet associated dates. Here, the "s" denotes the short Hebrew date otherwise a full one is implied (note: asteroid here likely implies a "dead" comet). Five collateral events are anticipated ; Earthquakes, Geomagnetic Pole Shifts, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions and Wars.
Year PredictedCometComet2006 Drosnin's Matrix
Asteroid #2
Japanese, Hanoi 2055, 2044, [2110,] (2041, 2042, 2046, 2050, 2080, 2086, 2093)
Asteroid #4
Asteroid Chili, Burma, Metal2044, (2041, 2048, 2080)
Asteroid #3
Asteroid Morocco2025, 2105, [2020, 2045, 2110,] (2041, 2046, 2050, 2051, 2120)
Asteroid #1
Asteroid, VulcanUSA, Whole Earth 2130, 2044, [2110,] (2010, 2041, 2042, 2050)
Wormwood AsteroidRome2044, 2049, 2115, [2045, 2110,] (2041, 2042, 2046, 2060, 2090)
2012- 13
Stone Object Ohio War Stony, Crater 2013*, 2075*, 2091, [2030, 2045, 2110,] (2041, 2042, 2046, 2060, 2070, 2090)
Canada Hit
Axis- tilt
Comet, Sun, Blunderbuss Stony, Crater, Whole Earth 2012s, 2091*, [2030, 2045,] (2040, 2041, 2046*, 2050, 2070, delay 2072s, 2090)
2012 Comet Comet Earth Annihilated 2012s Drosnin's Version
Comet, AsteroidIndia, Crater 2006*, 2015* 2016*, 2074, 2091, [2045, 2110,] (2010, 2040, 2041, 2046, 2048, 2050, 2060, 2070, 2090)
QUAKE #3 Daniel (2:34) Ohio, Vietnam2052, 2145, 2071, [2110,] (2041, 2046, 2050)
QUAKE #1 SynchronousNone 2085, [2110,] (2041, 2042, 2046, 2060, 2080)
QUAKE #2 Astronomy Miami2012, 2071, 2075, 2115, 2125, [2045, 2110,] (2046, 2048, 2050, 2090, 2120)
India, Athens, Greece, Stony2006s*, 2012s, 2015*, 2053*, 2065*,2011*, 2016, 2021, 2085*, [2020, 2110,] (2010, 2040, 2041, 2042, 2043, 2046, 2050, 2060, 2070, 2080)
Volcano - Yellowstone, Etna 2015*, [2045, 2110] (2010*, 2041*, 2046, 2048, 2050, 2060, 2070, 2090)
Pole Shift Stony ObjectStony2014*, [2030, 2110,] (2010, 2040, 2041*, 2046*, 2047, 2050, 2051*, 2060*, 2070, delay 2073s 2080, 2090)
Holocaust Comet
The Big One
Rome, Gomorrah, Israel, Atomic[2045, 2110,] (2046, 2050, 2070, 2080)
A Warning,
Comet, 3 Miles
The Big One
Great Earthquake,
Gigantic, Crater
2076, 2011, 2074,(2010, 2070),
Table 8 bolded dates are not found in the control matrices. Plain dates were found once, or if followed by an "s" are from the short Hebrew calendar version. Dates [bracketed] and in (parenthesis) were found twice and three or more times respectively in the controls. Dates with an asterisk are deemed significant on a subjective basis judged by close proximity to the main search term and/or with small vertical or horizontal spacing and/or with small number of letters in that order.

Other sources generate dates that can be associated with some of these events. J. McMoneagle is a well-known "Remote Viewer". Such people claim to be able to sense both future and past events. His work has offered items common to the analysis found in the Vulcan and Astro-Metrics web sites. See List 9:

List 9
Remote Viewing's Elementsj Common With VULCAN And ASTRO-METRICS
  1. Construction of the Great Pyramid (pg. 61): An aquatic method consistent with the way the Nommos, an amphibious species, may have suggested it be constructed.
  2. The Jesus Christ concept (pg 77): Contains elements of the Infinite Soul, the negative aspects of fear and the specific Identification Of Fear concept (pg. 82).
  3. The Bible Code: Oblique reference (pg. 88).
  4. The origin of human life (pg. 89): Involvement of the Sun (pg. 96).
  5. Future Supersonic Aircraft Only Slightly Disturbs The Air (pg. 190): This technique is revealed by the Aerodynamic Augmentation Device - patents #5,791,599 and #5,797,563.
  6. A "Star Trek Phaser." (pg. 227): A similar concept was patented in 5 June 1984. See Patent # 4,453,196.
  7. The Unconscious Consensus (pg. 121: Jung's "Collective Unconscious" or the Oversoul concept.
Perhaps a space mobile extra-terrestrial species would travel with a "Remote Viewer" from their own or another sentient species. Sentient being from our "Priest Combo" could provide them with an excellent Remote Viewing capability. A "essence twin' pair of such beings may have dictated the Hebrew Pentateuch to Moses. Spiritualists, like priests and saints are often accredited with prophetic capability.

McMoneagle has things to say about Planet X and when meteors may pass near or impact Earth.k

"Planet X, the tenth planet in our solar system, will be verified in the year 2015. It will have an elliptical orbit with a mean distance from the Sun of 51.50 AU, and a density approximately equal to that of Mercury. The discovery will be a result of modifications to an Earth- bound telescope of more than twelve meters, which has not yet been completed (constructed)."

"Sometime in the year 2016, an asteroid will bypass Earth, missing our globe by less than 1.3 million miles. It will be large enough to cause a measurable electromagnetic effect on the Earth's surface. This will be the first of four that will visit our neighborhood over the next hundred years. The second will pass around 2030, the third in 2044, and the fourth in 2071. None of these rocks will strike our planet."

"However, we can expect a large impact from an asteroid exceeding 1.5 kilometers in size by the year 2200. This event will probably occur closer to our next century than toward the end of the second - or sometime between 2120 and 2130."

This Vulcan web site carries Planet X (also known as Vulcan, Nemesis or our Sun's Dark Star companion) to be in an elliptical orbit and be made of heavy elements. Thus, it is anticipated to be dense like Mercury, Venus, Earth or Mars. Of course, its average distance is ~200 AU, but then McMoneagle only claims "Remote Viewing" to be about 60% accurate. As far as the asteroid impacts are concerned, the Vulcan web site envisions comet clusters to pass by Earth's orbit. Naturally, many if not most of them, will not impact Earth. So McMoneagle's remote viewing and the impacts suggested by the Bible Code (a well as past passes under similar situations) could both be correct. In fact, the pass 9910 years ago, when a similar alignment of Vulcan and the same comet swarm occurred, did result in wide error budgets dating the ice cores. They suggest multiple impacts over 170 years or more.

McMoneagle's "asteroid" dates correlate with some "significant earthquakes" dates. A "significant" earthquake will register at least 8.5 to 8.8 on the Richter scale. These will be killer quakes. Attaching years to them, McMoneagle claims that "in all probability" they will occur within plus or minus five years of the dates provided. Table 9 includes the asteroid passing related quakes.

Key Words Quake# Tsunami Volcano Pole Shift Note
Comet 1, Vulcan 2006 T367 (02/25/07)
India Crater
- 2006s
S. India
- - T367 Earth Annihilated
Ast. 1, Vulcan 2011 Russia?*** Q2 2012 2011 - - -
Blunderbuss, Vulcan 2012s Astronomy
Q2 2012 2012s - - Sun Crumbles
Lit 4 #3
Ast. 3 2013 USA 2013** Iran** - - 2014 -
Ast. 4, Vulcan 2015/16* Grazes Earth 2013-15**
S. Calif.**
- Nostradamus
list 4 #4 & #11a
Ast. 5, Vulcan 2020 Morocco - 2020-21 - - 2021 landslip?
Ast. 6 2030/30* Axis Tilt, Pole Shift 2031** - - 2030 3 X Stony
Ast. 7, Vulcan 2044/44* Wormwood Whole
Earth, Hanoi, Japan,
Burma, Chili,
- - - Metal
Comet 2, Axis Tilt 2045 Astronomy, Atomic War, Ohio, Canada Q2 2045 - 2045
- Rome, Israel
Ast. 8 2071-71* Astronomy
Daniel (3:34)
Q2 Q3 2071-71** - - - Vietnam, N. Africa**
Ast. 9 2075 Astronomy
USA, Miami
Q2 2075, 2076 - - - -
Ast. 10 2091 - - - - - Air/Sea Impact
Ast. 11, Vulcan 2130 2120-30* Astronomy
- - - - Impact*

#The shock from impact takes about a year to re-converge at about the same place.
*Remote Viewing Near Earth Asteroid Pass, Impact 2120 2130; **"Remote Viewing" Earthquake; ***Joseph Noah

The 2006-7, 2012, 2015-16, 2030-31, 2044-45, 2071 and 2130 dates are double sourced. The 2006-7 impact with the T367 crop circle seems reasonable. Further, T367 even specifies the heliocentric longitudes of the threatening comets. The 2012 date is double sourced by the Mayan calendar. These and the List 4 #3 prophecy suggest that a comet will arrive in the solar system from the northwest and crumble when passing the Sun. The fragments would likely impact from the southeast into the southern hemisphere. The 2015-16 dates correlates with the Nostradamus/Zecharieh impact plot (Figure 15) and Century/Quatrain I/69 and VII/16. Also, it fits with the List 4 # 4 & 11a prophecies. Thus it is multiple sourced. The remaining 2030, 2044, 2071 and 2130 dates from Remote Viewing are double sourced (Bible Code). Perhaps the 2044 event is also associated with the projected 2045 North America impacts. When the USA, the only remaining superpower, is destroyed by the 2044-45 impacts, worldwide hostilities are unleashed. The world dissolves into nuclear war. The USA is spared because it is already devastated by massive impacts impacts. The 2120 - 2130 event is mathematically related to direct extrapolation of the 7910 BC ice core data.

Figure 15. The Nostradamus/Zechariah Comet Strike Plot

Dr. Robert H. Hadley has analyzed crop circle T367.l His analysis concludes that someone created this crop circle with precise knowledge of our solar system and with a skill that permitted it to be formed at an unusual hillside angle. Table 10 below compares the orbital radii (in Astronomical Units = AU) and eccentrics found in T367 compared to the actual astronomical values.

ParameterMercuryVenusEarth MarsAsteroids
Radii AU045/0390.68/0.721.0/1.0 1.4/1.532.7/2.8
Eccentricity0.28/0.21 0.083/0.0068 0.013/0.0170.07/0.09not calculated

The planets are disproportionately large but the orbits are to scale. The "small white spots" (four objects, one broken in two - totaling five) called are depictions of meteors or comets. The "missing" Earth (its orbit is still depicted) signifies its devastation by the anticipated impact. The relative locations of the planets and the precise location of their orbit's perihelia define the date of this future event to within a few days. Prof. Hawkins initially came up with three future dates (2033/2039/2101) represented by this alignment. See Table 10. But his analysis placed the perihelion of Mercury at the "Y" position and this did not fit well. Hawkins measurements have been re- analyzed and different results found - 02/25/2007. See Table 11. This analysis has Vulcan's location in the direction of the offset of the Sun from the centroid of the cleared T367 circular area. This orientation is set at 262.5o, the direction of IRAS object 1732+239. Notice that this places the perihelion of Mercury at the white X location. See Figure 16. This is much closer to where Mercury's orbit reaches perihelion, its closest distance to the Sun.

Figure 16. Crop Circle T367, The Solar System.

Notice the white spots (grapeshot) in the above image. Mercury's perihelion (77.2o heliocentric longitude) is nominally placed; X for the 2007 strike and Y for the other possible strike sases.

Extra-terrestrials would be keenly aware of Vulcan as they could use it to adjust their spaceships' trajectory when entering or exiting our solar system. Precise knowledge of Vulcan's mass and orbit would be required for this maneuver. This, combined with the localization of a comet swarm headed toward the inner solar system by their postulatedm debris detecting LIDAR would permit precise knowledge of when Earth would be at risk of a future impact. Ten substantive abduction cases report alien warnings of an impending catastrophe. Six indicated impending meteorite impacts.n

Longitude MercuryVenusMarsEarth#2#3 #4#5
Measured**163.0o +/- 10o51.0o +/- 17o276.0o+/-12oNot On T367 103.0o139o161.5o 195.0o
02/25/07**165.8o46.5o27 5.4o156.71o ? ? ? ?
#2 = comet #2; #3 = comet; #3 #4 = comet; #4 #5 = comet #5
**This Analysis With Vulcan aligned Vulcan at 262.5o.
Note: Sun's Geocentric/Moon's Geocentric Longitude For 2/25/2007 Are:
336.7o/084.0o respectfully

Modeling the comet's orbits as they approach Earth cannot be precise until they are observed. But in general, an 80-day period is envisioned for them as they leave an "Earth's orbit" distance, round the Sun and return. If the distance illustrated in Figure 16 is intended to show their distance when first observed, about 95 days would pass until they first reach Earth orbit. This is believed to be the case for if the inclination of Vulcan is taken into account, its mass would be 0.1% solar mass instead of the previously computed (and measured from the Akkadian seal) - 0.05% solar mass. Thus, the T367 image is believed to suggest the range when they first become visible. Comets often just become visible at a distance comparable to the asteroid belt. Thus, these comets are anticipated to threaten Earth either 95 or 80 + 95 = 175 days after 25 February 2007. This value is similar, but not equal to, the 9 Av date suggested by the Atomic Destruction of Jerusalem code. An atomic strike on Israel, considering mid- east hatred, may occur when the world is distracted by the horrors of impacts elsewhere. See Table 12.
World War None2006
Holocaust Atomic 2006
Jerusalem None9 Av 2006s
Armageddon Syrian None
End of World Whole Earth Israel Ariel - War9 Av 2006
HolocaustLahore - Kabul - Maine - N/S Korea - Ramallah - Delhi - Hanoi - Vienna - Rome - Israel - Japanese - Indian - Gomorrah 2045, 2046, 2050, 2070, 2080, 2110
It is reasonable to believe that the world would plunge into nuclear war after the USA, the only remaining super power, were destroyed by a massive comet impact (around 2045).

Our Priest alien Combo species would only need "Remote Viewers" to fill in details. They could know how our sentient Warrior human species would act when Vulcan was again at the same geometry as it was ~9910 years ago. Its orbital parameters specify that an astrological square with the galactic center occurred at the Dawn Of Mankind. Since Vulcan is a "spiritual" planet, this square exerts a negative influence on mankind, generating religious wars. Vulcan's restraint on our technology is also relaxed when it at perihelion (like it is now), thus the wars could involve atomic technology. Human "Remote Viewers", investigating sophisticated ancient technology, have detected a same similarity. Then was like today. Only our technology has changed. See A Time Capsule Of Alien(?) Technology.

Politicians fought against politicians. The world was a divided camp in which each side coveted the lands of the other. Suspicion and fear were the clouds under which the ordinary man lived. Priests of both sides proclaimed that they alone were the favored of the gods. In the pictures before us we saw ranting priests-as now purveying their own brand of salvation. At a price! Priests of each sect taught that it was a "holy duty" to kill The enemy. Almost in the same breath they preached that mankind throughout the world were brothers. The illogicality of brother killing brother did not occur to them.


Britain's Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees thinks "the odds are no better than 50-50 that our present civilization on Earth will survive until the end of this century." Among other things, he cites

Comet impacts appear to have stimulated at least two past Yellowstone eruptions. The impact evidence, derived from tree ring, ice core and other data, tell of Vulcan's existence in the orbit specified. Thus the predicted disasters are probably valid. Thirty impacts over the past 14,000 years implies that cosmic collisions occur more often than commonly believed. A large comet "crumbled" rounding the Sun and some of its fragments formed the A-comet swarm's clusters. Both the Pleistocene (Ice Age) and the current Holocene (warm age) were initiated by such impacts. The surface of Venus may have been recently reformed by crustal melt from a related impact just a few million years ago. There may be many more dangerous comets passing frequently through the inner solar system. Earth is likewise at risk, not from a single meteorite as shown in the well known NASA illustration, but from multiple impacts from a passing comet swarm. The Koran suggests two impacts (from fragments of an A-swarm comet or comet cluster) likely caused Noah's Flood. Rees' speculations appear rather optimistic.

Two "ends of the Earth" are envisioned in both Vedic and Biblical texts. The impending one is barely survivable while the second may melt Earth's crust and vaporize its waters, turning Earth into a Venus-like planet. Extrapolating from the peak of past impact events, the time of that B-comet swarm cluster passage is ~2119 +/-170 years, close to McMoneagle's predicted impact event of 2120- 2130. Human and extraterrestrial "Remote Viewing" offer a timeline of cluster passages and impacts within these error bounds. Human "Remote Viewing" is reported to be about 60% accurate. The alien generated Bible Code is anticipated to have a greater accuracy. List 10 summarizes the double sourced predicted events within the mathematically projected catastrophic impact era of 9910 +/- 170 years ago.

List 10
Comet Cluster Passing Times And Possible Impact Events
  1. 2006-07: A comet impacts Earth (India?).
  2. 2011-2013: A comet crumbles as it passes the Sun, its fragments hitting the southern hemisphere and elsewhere.
  3. 2015-16: A comet fragments over the northern Mediterranean basin. Its fragments impact Israel or the Arabian sea, the Mediterranean (a tsunami floods Greece & Mt. Olympus), France Italy (and Mt. Etna is activated).
  4. 2030: 7910 BC impact mathematically projected to 2028 AD
  5. 2044-45: Global impacts. A 3-mile comet may impact N. America causing a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption.
  6. 2071-76: North American Impacts.
  7. 2120-30: Possible USA impact. 7810 BC impact mathematically projected to 2128 AD

After these events, Earth may be thrown into an Ice Age. Humanity may be reduced by three-quarters, the initial cause of deaths being starvation and pneumonia (caused by breathing volcanic ash). Limited population and technological recovery is anticipated due to ice age conditions.

The Second Event is caused by the A:Cl-1 cluster. Its comets last passed by ~1765 years ago. Biblical descriptions of this event are surprisingly similar to ancient Vedic prophecies. These impacts may occur ~3823 AD, (close to Nostradamus's 3797 year value) when Vulcan is closer to the Sun and again restraining human technological development.

Several extraterrestrial alien contacts have revealed the existence of Vulcan within our solar system. Mathematical analyses of the planets on one, the Akkadian seal, indicates that it represents our solar system and that Vulcan is a member of it. Furthermore, Vulcan's mass is found to be 141 +/-35 Earth masses. Vulcan perturbs the periodic arrival of the comet swarms, but patterned arrivals are still predictable. Analysis suggests a 0.05% solar mass Vulcan or ~165 Earth masses. The discovery of the name "Vulcan" along with the terms "synchronous & resonance" in the 3200 year old (alien supplied) Bible Code implies that our understanding of alien capabilities is limited. Further, information regarding alien contacts and the discovery of Noah's Ark may be being suppressed(?) to obscure the Earth impact threat. Both recent and ancient alien evaluations of humanity describe us as deceptive. The suspicions of the UFO community's "conspiracy theorists" may be correct.


a. Stephen H. Schneider and Randi Londer; THE COEVOLUTION OF CLIMATE AND LIFE; Sierra Club Books, San Francisco; 1984; pg. 72.

b. Sir Fred Hoyle; ICE The Ultimate Human Catastrophe; Continuum Publishing Co. New York 1981 pg. 158.

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