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By Dr. Barry Warmkessel
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Before the time of Newton or Celestial Mechanics, during a time when witchcraft was widely believed, Mother Shipton and Nostradamus foresaw comet impacts on Earth near the beginning of this millenium, nearly 500 years in their future. Three thousand years earlier, Moses recorded the Hebrew Pentateuch that contained encoded dates of these impacts. Other biblical sources including Christ, Daniel and Zechariah warned of this danger. Recently, (alien) abductees, an alien crop circle and even "mystic" humans have warned of these pending events. Surprisingly, all these sources form a consist description of the impending catastrophe.

Scientists usually reject data from such sources. But long period comets can suddenly appear in our skies with only a fraction of a year's warning until they pass near Earth's orbit on their trajectory around the Sun. We have no long range detection and warning apparatus in place. The consistency of these combined warnings enhances the possibility that major comet strikes are pending. Should one occur, it would cause an unimaginable environmental catastrophe. Perhaps mankind should take action on these diverse warnings.

The two other papers offered on this web site offer evidence of the causal agent of these events, our Sun's dark companion star. It generates two separate comet swarms (each orbiting the Sun about every 3,353 years) that orbit 180o out of phase. They alternately threaten Earth for about a hundred year period every 1500 to 1700 years. One of these swarms appears to have passed Earth about 1500 years ago, registering impacts around 440 AD and 534 AD. The impending threat is from several closely spaced comet clusters contained within the second of these swarms. The composite threat scenario indicates that a comet - Earth impact may first occur around 2006/7. An estimated one-kilometer diameter comet fragments into about a dozen major pieces along a 1,700 mile-long path from France to Israel. A second, and more deadly impact, may occur in the Southern Hemisphere less than a decade later. Impacts from fragments of a larger comet, or ones on a more vertical trajectory, may then occur. Both events catch most of humanity by surprise as our current habitat and political structure is swept away. Ultimately, they may cause the death of the bulk of mankind by relocation trauma, insurrection, thirst and starvation. Humanity may then be painfully returned to one of an Ice Age culture thereby greatly limiting the extent and capability of our civilization.

While the probability of these destructive occurrences cannot be ascertained, the severity of the outcome is so terribly consequential that governments throughout the world should invest in researching detection and techniques for destroying these fast moving objects. The concurrence of these ancient predictions may only be happenstance or coincidence, but even the smallest chance of annihilation of human existence cannot be ignored. The authors seek only the hope that precautions be taken so that mankind may evolve without the debilitating trauma that a major comet strike might incur.


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The front page of this web site indicates that six major comet strike epochs, each around a century long, have occurred on a quasi-periodic basis with periods ranging from 1500 to 1700 years. These strikes have catastrophic consequences to human civilization. The historical and geochronological data detail the consequences of these strikes. They usually cause massive death rates (usually by starvation), even at locations far from the areas impacted. Considering the seriousness of such a strike, it seems worthwhile to examine all source data and determine if there is a convergence of information describing when, where and the consequences of, the next strike.

The 1997 Paper and the 1999 Paper listed on this web site indicate that one, or more, comet collisions with Earth are impending. The casual agent, the dark star companion of our Sun, dubbed Vulcan, has been suggested and its orbital elements postulated. However, it has evaded detection by our astronomers. Vulcan's orbit could initiate two comet swarms in a

three (comet swarm orbital period) : two (Vulcan orbital period)

resonant orbit as it draws comets and their associated debris particles from the Kuiper belt or the Oort cloud. Thus, each comet swarm would have a nominal orbital period of 2/3 X Vulcan's 4969 year period, or about 3,313-years. This orbital period would be only quasi-periodic because the comets' orbit could be re-registered each time they passed near Vulcan. Thus, these comet swarms would alternately pass through the inner solar system, every 1500 to 1700 years. Since the scientific community has failed even to detect the causal agent (Vulcan), there is little on-going research into this problem. And even if Vulcan could be found, there is no valid way to precisely anticipate the time of arrival of the next comet swarm short of "going out" and looking for them. Unless their trajectories are known from a previous pass (in modern times), comets are usually first detected several AU (Astronomical Unit - the radius of the Earth's orbit) from the Sun and remain visible for about a year.

Archeological data suggest that the last comet swarm passed through the inner solar system between 440 and 534 AD. The former may have destroyed England (i.e. Camelot) whereas the latter may have caused the demise of 70 - 80% of the Chinese and weakened Rome. Predictions of the next strikes have come from four sources, most having little credibility with the scientific community:

The purpose of this analysis is to blend these indications of pending comet impacts into one cohesive set of data that dates when and describes what the impending catastrophe may be like.


There are passages in the Old Testament (Daniel and Zechariah) that also seem to refer to a giant meteoroid strikes. Christ is perhaps the most well known source warning us of a catastrophic meteoroid strike. Revelation 6:13 - 14 suggests a possible Earth impact of a giant meteoroid moving mountains. Revelation 8:8 also suggests a blazing mountain-sized object falling into the water and Revelation 9:1-2 suggests a volcano-like result of a land strike. Two strikes are suggested, just like the 2006 and 2012 strikes dates found in the Bible Code. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 but it can also be argued that they were aware of the Bible Code and its 2012 strike date obtained via the Izapas. Christ could have obtained the meteoroid strike information from the same source.

Prehistory data likewise supports a comet strike scenario. Recovered Messopotamian clay tablets found in Assurbanipal's palace in Nineveh dating from about 650 BC describe a cosmological conflict between Marduk (alias Phaeton) and Tiamat.1 Marduk, clothed with the halo of ten gods, appears to vanquish Tiamat. This also sounds like the "dragon" of Revelation 12:3-4.

Marduk and Tiamat are two comet clusters within Comet Swarm B that passed Earth about 3200 years ago and are anticipated to soon pass by us again. The diffuse gas cloud of a single comet can be almost as large as a small planet. These two comet clusters appear enormous when near Earth. These two "gods" appeared to engage one another (i.e. they are concurrently visible while inward and/or outward bound from the Sun). Assuming a nominal 3,353 - year period for the comet swarm, a comet cluster would be first observed at the distance of about 3 AU. Individual cluster visibility should last about 1.0 year. But for concurrent visibility (as suggested by the pre-history data) and to be seen going in opposite directions, the separation of the two clusters would have to be about 1.0 year. If Earth impact occurs from a following cluster's comets (Marduk) on its outbound leg, the strike would occur about 1.6 years after the former (benign) comet cluster (Tiamat) was first seen. Based on this event timeline, the strike would be out of the southeast.


The official scientific community disdains the subject of on-going extra- terrestrial alien contact (e.g UFOs, etc.). However, a substantial part of the population accept the existence of UFOs and aliens.2 It is not unreasonable to anticipate that such beings may know more about our solar system than we do. Scientifically, extra-terrestrial aliens should be in the best position to provide information concerning the arrival of this comet swarm, because:

It is postulated that extra-terrestrials could be keenly aware of Vulcan. They could use gravitational influences of this distant planet to slow their spaceships' trajectory as they settle into an orbit within our solar system or to "sling-shot" their spacecraft out of our solar system when they leave. Precise knowledge of Vulcan's mass and orbit would be required for this maneuver. This, combined with the localization of a comet swarm headed toward the inner solar system by debris detection gear already postulated to be used by their spaceships,3 would permit them to estimate when the Earth would be at risk of a comet impact. This theory is supported by ten substantial abduction cases wherein aliens have directly warned abductees of an impending catastrophe. Six of these warnings indicated impending meteoroid or comet impacts.4

Crop circles are often suspected of being of alien origin even though many may not be , or are known frauds of human origin. Figure 1, Crop Circle T367, is likely one of alien origin because:


Figure 1. Crop Circle T367, The Solar System. Notice Five White Spots In The Upper Image.

Crop circle T367 seems to address the comet swarm impact scenario. The nominal direction indicated by the cross hairs added to this Figure appears to be in the direction close to the heliocentric longitude of a suspicious IRAS object that might be Vulcan. (the mission of the IRAS satellite was to map the infrared emissions from the entire sky).

The location of Mercury's perihelion is consistent with the IRAS object that is thought to be Vulcan. Note, Vulcan stimulates these comet swarms. The orientation the planets of our inner solar systems depicted in this crop circle suggests a first strike date to be around March of 2007. Of course, it may also suggest the date when this comet swarm first becomes commonly visible. Moreover, if the IRAS object is not Vulcan, the date estimated could vary. Note that the Earth is missing from its orbit in this depiction of our solar system (implying its destruction).

The Bible Code initiates the definition of the impending dual comet strike's Baseline Scenario. Bible Code data has been found by computer searches of a time-rastered version of the letters in the Hebrew Pentateuch. Some results have been published in the Journal of Statistical Science, and so far these seem to be unchallenged. The Bible Code indicates that two strikes are to be anticipated, the second is more devastating than the first. See the related events in Table 1.

Table 1
Comet Impact Events From the Bible Code

Year Event Description From The Bible Code
2006: Comet Year predicted for world; Star-like object - Its path struck their dwelling.
2010: Comet Days of horror; - Darkness and gloom. L. A. earthquake.
2012: Comet It will be crumbled. Earth annihilated;
2014: Earthquake Desolated, empty, depopulated; For everyone, the great terror, fire.


The Bible Code may be traced to a possible alien origin. There is evidence suggesting that extra-terrestrial aliens have been trying to warn us of an impending comet strike and transmitted this information to Moses which he recorded in the Hebrew Pentateuch. It is debatable that human scientists could make such a prediction given our current knowledge of the structure of comets and their (slightly) unstable orbits. Furthermore, they are unobservable to us much beyond about 3.0 AU due to their small size. But extra-terrestrial aliens might have the technological ability to discover and track a threatening comet or comet swarm, probe their numbers & composition and predict an estimated time when a strike could occur. It is not unreasonable that they would attempt to warn us of an impending strike. Assuming that crop circle T367 is an updated warning of information previously encoded in the Hebrew Pentateuch, there are possible interpretations of the times of the impending strikes:

  1. March 2007: Crop circle T367 could imply that the Bible Code's first strike date of 2006 had been modified to be the date indicated by the planetary configuration - March 2007.
  2. August 2007: The date implied by the planetary configuration indicated in T367 is when a threatening comet cluster first appears. A comet could strike Earth as little as a half year later.
  3. September 2008: The date implied by the planetary configuration relates to the second comet strike date. The cluster that is illustrated is the one the Bible Code anticipates at around 2010. It would take about a year from the time it was first detected (March 2007) to round the Sun and disappear into the far reaches of space. If a second comet cluster were then to appear before the first one had disappeared, it would take another 0.6 years for one of its comets to continue its trajectory around the Sun and depart to a distance of Earth's orbit and threaten Earth.5 Comets in either cluster could crumble when they round the Sun, and then threaten Earth from a southeast direction (striking in the Southern Hemisphere)


The most likely correlation of T367 with the Bible Code data is that it represents the first comet strike around March or August of 2007 (instead of the Bible Code's 2006 date). It is unlikely that one solitary comet would threaten Earth. Thus, T367 may be attempting to define the first incoming comet swarm, one possibly ignored in the pre-history data. Then Tiamat would be the next (and larger) comet swarm to appear. See Figure 10A. Stone Carving Of A Comet Cluster on this web site. This data would suggest that Tiamat appears around 2011 (instead of the Bible Code's 2010 date). The fatal strike on earth would come from the comet swarm Marduk about 1.6 years later in 2012.


The Baseline Scenario is formed from these interpretations of crop circle T367, the Bible Code and the clay tablets along with past historical records indicating that the entire civilization of mankind has been almost destroyed before as is alluded to in story of Atlantis and the biblical story of Noah. Further, the geochronological evidence further suggests that the Earth's climate would return to the state it has mostly been in over the last several million years, that of an Ice Age.


Mediums are shunned by scientists since many consider their work o be based on superstition. However, that does not mean that it is and that they are wrong. Consider the following three examples:

First: The Michael medium material is often published by Yarbro (1995 in this case).6 Michael directly answers questions like the two below.

  1. Question:
    Will Michael differentiate between those hazards of the physical plane we can do something about, and those we cannot?
  2. The Salient Part Of The Answer Is:
    Incidentally, in this regard, it is not impossible that within the next one hundred fifty years your planet might well face the impact from a large meteoroid currently moving on a line of convergence with you, convergence factored with gravitational influences, of course. We would think that some scientists are aware of this hazard and have not yet hit upon some means of dealing with it.
  3. Question:
    According to some scientists, there has been a decrease in the earth's magnetic field over the last several decades. Is there a cyclical pattern to changes in the earth's magnetic field?
  4. The Salient Part Of The Answer Is:
    We (Michael) would recommend consultation with a competent - and we stress competent - astrologer on the subject of magnetic effects of planetary movements in that they are apt to be stronger in their influence at this time and for the next thirty-five years. The magnetic disturbance will tend to diminish at that time, but will undergo predictable fluctuations not only at this time and in the future, but on, in fact a "mappable" pattern that can be, to some degree, anticipated and planned for.

The association of the orbits of the large planets with comets has been known by scientists for more than a century.7, 8 Many now suspect that major magnetic field changes, such as reversals, are associated with major meteoroid strikes. Since the above material was published in 1995 (and it was "channeled" before that date), Michael could be predicting (indirectly) that a major meteoroid strike before 2030. It is asserted that just when Vulcan passes aphelion or perihelion, the magnetic field in the Earth's core changes. The strike of a large meteoroid re-orients the magnetic material in the Earth's outer regions. Theoretically (if a comet or meteoroid struck near this time) there could be a magnetic field reversals as often as every 2,500 years. Vulcan being at aphelion would place the entire inner solar system farthest from the common center of mass of the Sun/Vulcan system (as it is now -about a third of an AU away). This could be a more likely position for members of the comet cluster to strike Earth. In this case, magnetic field reversal reversals could usually occur ever 5,000 years. Further, if a particular one of the two comet swarm is favored, the reversal could occur about every 10,000 years. An impure mix of all of the foregoing is anticipated. Sir Fred Hoyle, Britain's Royal Astronomer, suspects that major meteoroids strike Earth about every 10,000 years.

Second: Another (especially religious) medium indicates that two strikes, including a Southern Hemisphere strike is involved. These are listed as Directives From Heaven. The dates the individual prophecies were made are indicated. The source of these prophecies are attributed to Jesus, Our Lady and Veronica. The salient part of three of these Directives, D 60, D 61 and D 62, are as follows:

The Baseline Scenario implies the same thing. While there is no pre-existing scientific credibility to justify these religious prophecies, they are entirely consistent with the other data sources.

Third: Even more comparable with the theory presented on this web site, is material found on the Cassiopaea web site, particularly the following sub pages:

Consider the following synopsis of this material. The dates indicate when the material was obtained.


Figure 2. A Medieval Painting Dated 1456 AD, Near A Pass Of Halley's Comet.

The medieval prophets offer the most acceptable comet impact data available to the general public, and they describe the comet collision more in "human terms". However, rightly or wrongly, they are generally ignored by the scientific community. The prophecies of Mother Shipton (1488 - 1561) and Nostradamus (1503 - 1566) are the chief sources of such comet impact data, although at least one other medieval source of data will be considered. Also see Nostradamus and Mother Shipton sections in the Related Web Sites Section of this web site.

Three medieval works indicate one or more impending comet strikes. Two of these have adequate data to permit a nominal dating of the event. But the first only describes the anticipated event. See Figure 2. Here, a painting, dated 1456, reveals two comets (they look like stars with tails) moving in different directions and illustrating the sky raining blood. Sick children and a mutated calf with two heads are also shown. Certainly, the two comets are consistent with the Baseline Scenario.

Comets travel with a swarm of debris particles gathered from their sojourns in the outer solar system. If a comet strikes, so does its debris cloud. Then, many small iron meteoroids will form a red or rust-colored like material and organic ices (hydrocarbons) form a milk-like substance, both of which rain from the skys. See the pre-history legends. A strike from a giant meteoroid would change the climate which would result in famine. Giant meteoroid or comet strikes are thought to alter the Earth's magnetic field. As the Earth's magnetic field falters, the Van Allen belts are no longer held at bay. The atomic particles, that once were safely contained in the belts, strike biological organisms when they reach the ground and mutate them. Since bacterial and viral agents generate rapidly over a few days or weeks, pestilence arises from the new ones that are formed. This is discussed further in the 1999 Paper's Historical Data and illustrated in Figure 2. Note the aurora borealis in the upper middle of this 15th century painting.


Mother Shipton's has made a great many prophecies that have come to pass.9 See Appendix A. The individual prophecies are denoted by a # symbol and a number from 1 to 46. Her "Last Prophecy", the comet strike prophecis, have yet to be unfulfilled. These are of greatest interest and they are labeled with just a number ranging up to 31. They are summarized in Table 4. Mother Shipton's last prophecies fit the baseline scenario very well and describe the anticipated human reaction to these two anticipated comet strikes.

The following are details of each of the verses (sub-prophecies) composing Mother Shipton's Last Prophecy. An explanation is attempted for each verse and summarized at the bottom. Since she was not highly educated, grammatical interpretations shall give her the "benefit of the doubt". It seems she starts out dating the 100 year period during which these events are anticipated. She provides a little background (that can now be linked to her verified prophecies) and then launches directly into a discussion about the impending comet strikes.

  1. In nineteen hundred and twenty-six - In 1926
    [Those who] build houses light of straw and sticks. - Japanese homes.
    For then shall mighty wars be planned - World War II planned
    and fire and swords shall sweep the land. World War II occurs

  2. Mother Shipton wrote two verses which define the time period when she expects the world to be at risk. They are this one and verse 3. This one is interpreted as follows:

    After the Washington Naval Treaty of 1923 relegated them to a position of naval inferiority, Japan prepares for war in 1926. This is when the 100 year period starts that she is speaking of.

  3. When pictures seem alive with movements free. - # 46 Movies & Television.
    when boats like fishes swim beneath the sea. - # 9: Submarines.
    When men like birds shall scour the sky. - # 25 Airplane passenger flights.
    Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die. - 1: Mass death - Subject of this Prophecy.

    The first three lines of this second verse further link submarines, passenger airplanes flights and movies/TV to the beginning of this time frame. The last line warns of massive deaths and this is an important subject of her Last Prophecy

  4. For those who live the century through - 2: Pervasive global fear, 1926 - 2026.
    in fear and trembling this shall do. - "
    Flee to the mountains and the dens - 3: People flee to the wilds.
    to bog and forest and wild fens. - "

    A global fear will occur during a hundred year (1926 to 2026) period that drives people from the cities to hide in mountains and forests. This time frame is quantitative and includes the crop circle T367 and Bible Code's (2006 and 2012) comet strike dates.

  5. For storms will rage and oceans roar - 4: God's messenger brings wild storms.
    when Gabriel stands on sea and shore, - "
    and as he blows his wondrous horn - 5: The strike makes a great sound.
    old worlds die and new be born. - 6: Old countries die, new ones born.

    God's messenger from the heavens (a comet) arrives and a great sound is heard as it passes through Earth's atmosphere and impacts Earth. It causes wild storms and raging seas. The impact destroys old countries and new ones arise in new locations.

  6. A fiery dragon will cross the sky - 7A: The first comet cluster appears.
    six times before the earth shall die (has died). - 8: It has appeared 6 times before.
    Mankind will tremble and frightened be - 2: Pervasive global fear, 1926 - 2026.
    for the six heralds in this prophecy. - 1: Mass death - Subject of this Prophecy.

    This prophecy is about the first part of the sixth recorded comet strike on Earth (circa 2006 or 2007). See the table on this sites index (first) page for the others dating back to the destruction of Atlantis 11,676 years ago. Note that Shipton refers to the comet or comet swarm in terms of the Dragon as does the following verses found in Revelation Chapter 12:
    Chapter 13 seems to suggest a strike in the sea.

  7. For seven days and seven nights - 9: Event is very visible for 7 days.
    man will watch this awesome sight. - "
    The tides will rise beyond their ken.- 10: Comet strike causes tsunamis.
    To bite away the shores and then - "
    the mountains will begin to roar - 11: Comet strike awakens volcanoes.
    and earthquakes split the plain to shore. - 12A: Strike causes earthquakes.

    The comet will be seen for 7 days and, when it strikes, bring about tsunamis, volcanic activity and earthquakes as a result. The strike splits the Earth from the impact point to the shore (Zechariah 14:8). A sea strike is also implied.

  8. And flooding waters rushing in, - 13: Widespread floods from a sea strike.
    will flood the lands with such a din - "
    that mankind cowers in muddy fen - 14: Survivors hide and fight each other.
    and snarls about his fellow men. - "
    He bares his teeth and fights and kills - "
    and secrets food in secret hill - 15: Food hidden, jealously guarded, fought over.
    and ugly in his fear, he lies - "
    to kill marauders, thieves and spies. - "

    Many (especially the wealthy who are aware of this impending catastrophe) will hide, guard and fight over hidden food. The massive floods imply a sea strike creating tsunamis and massive amounts of rain from water vapor that condenses on small debris particles blown into the atmosphere from the impact.

  9. Man flees in terror from the floods - 13
    and kills, and rapes and lies in blood - 14
    and spilling blood by mankind's hand - "
    will stain and bitter many lands. - 16: Survivor's fights breed global hatred.

    Global mini-wars erupt over human flights to other lands for survival purposes.

  10. And when the dragon's tail is gone - 7B: The first comet cluster disappears.
    man forgets and smiles and carries on. - 17: We're not ready for the next strike.
    To apply himself - too late, too late - "
    for mankind has earned deserved fate. - "

    This implies that mankind does not prepare to counter the second comet cluster's passing (probably between 2009 and 2012).

  11. His masked smile, his false grandeur, - 18: Humans doomed by arrogance.
    will serve the gods their anger stir -"
    and they will send the dragon back - 19A: The second comet cluster appears.
    to light the sky - his tail will crack. - A comet strikes Earth.
    Upon the earth and rend the earth - "
    and man shall flee, king, lord and serf. - 20: Mankind again seeks refuge.

    The second comet strikes an ill-prepared humanity, this time hitting the land. Perhaps this is the southern hemisphere strike. Mankind seeks refuge where he can.

  12. But slowly they are routed out - 21: The Earth turns dry (& cold).
    to seek diminishing water spout - "
    and men will die of thirst before -
    the oceans rise to mount to the shore. - 22: The oceans recede (world glaciates).
    And lands will crack and rend anew - 12B: Comet strike again causes earthquakes.
    do you think it strange, it will come true. - "

    The second comet strike seems to be mostly a land strike. The debris ejected into the air cools the Earth and rain diminishes causing massive drought and a new Ice Age. The comet therefore is thought to be a stony core one. This is also thought to be the Bible Code's 2012 strike, perhaps now set in the 2009 to 2011 time frame. The earthquake alluded to (verse 11) probably refers to the 2014 earthquake that is a result of recombining of shock waves initiated by the 2012 strike about one or two years later. Such earthquake events commonly occur.10 Thus the quake from this (these) comet strike(s) will likely be largely concentrated in the Southern Hemisphere.

  13. And in some far - off distant land - 23: Some people survive.
    some men - oh such a tiny band - A few go to count survivors elsewhere.
    will have to leave their solid mount - 24: These few leave from Cheyenne Mountain.
    and span the earth, those few to count. - 23

    A few leave a hardened shelter, probably from the nuclear survival command center in Cheyenne Mountain, to count those who have survived the second comet strike. Probably this is by one of the surviving aircraft stationed at or near Peterson AFB in Colorado

  14. Who survives this (unreadable) and then - 25: Re-population begins again.
    begin the human race again. - "
    But not on land already there, - 26: Survivors live on sea bed land.
    but on ocean beds, stark, dry and bare. - "

    The new Ice Age apparently begins quickly and the oceans rapidly drop (around 300 to 400 feet). To find fresh water, mankind must establish population centers near the ocean. Rain condensing from the latent heat of the sea will continue for about ten years.11 The water will rapidly condense out on land forming glaciers and exposing the sea beds. As Shipton's Last Prophecy covers from 1926 to 2026, the comet strikes must be before this date. The coastal regions will be the ones still supplied by fresh water evaporating from the cooled seas as the Ice Age sets in. The inland regions will become very cold and dry.

  15. Not every soul on earth will die, - 25
    as the dragon's tail goes sweeping by, - 19B: The second comet cluster passes by.
    not every land on earth will sink, - "
    but these will wallow in stench and stink, - 27: Survivors live among the dead.
    of rotting bodies of beast and man, - "
    of vegetation crisped on land. - 28: Frozen vegetation. The new Ice Age begins.

    The new Ice Age begins so fast that the bodies of dead animals and man do not have a chance to rapidly decompose. The dead will vastly outnumber the living and there will likely be inadequate resources to bury them.

  16. But the land that rises from the sea - 26
    will be dry and clean and soft and free. - "
    Of mankind's dirt and therefore be, - "
    the source of man's new dynasty. - "
    and those that live will ever fear - 29: Phaeton's legend continues for a while.
    the dragon's tail for many year _ "
    but time erases memory - "
    You think it strange. but it will be. - "

    Humans will re-populate land around the seas and on the sea bed floors as they did during the past Ice Ages. These lands will be free of the wanton pollution that our current areas offer.

  17. And before the race is built anew, - 30: New Ice Age alien arrival. 12
    a silver serpent comes to view - "
    and spew out men of like unknown - "
    to mingle with the earth now grown - "
    cold from its heat and these men can - "
    enlighten the minds of future man - 31: Aliens teach mankind how to live
    to intermingle and show them how - "
    to live and love and thus endow. - "
    the children with the second sight. - "
    a natural thing so that they might - "
    grow graceful, humble and when they do - "
    the golden age will start anew.- "

    Figure 3 offers an image of Shipton's silver serpent.

    Figure 3. A Photograph Of A Saucer Flying A Spiral Flight Path. Observed At About 10:40 PM on 24 July 1981 At About 30 N, 105 E (Near Chung-Tu China). 13

    Mother Shipton foresees the arrival of aliens as a blessing to mankind and sees them in a favorable light. Thus, they may be members of MANKIND'S COMBO ENSOULED INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS - EILFS which have offered us comet strike warnings in the past. See The Aliens Of The Ark section in ASTRO-METRICS.

    Figure 3 offers an image of a saucer in the center of a counter-clockwise spiral flight path as is recognized by its contrail (probably generated by the alien version of patent #5,797,563). This patent, the Aerodynamic Augmentation Device, heats and ionizes the air directly in front of the saucer so a magnetic field can thin it by ionized air separation. Sometimes, depending on the propulsive mechanism, this heated air leaves a contrail. The saucer was first observed in detail through binoculars and found to be circling at northerly azimuth. It was glowing yellow and white and the light appears to pulsate. It was viewed by many people and thought to be at the altitude of a normal jet airliner. A similar event was observed about 4 years earlier, at the same nominal location, on 26 July 1977. The spiral pattern clearly resembles a coiled serpent coming into view, as Shipton envisioned. Still, prophecies 30 and 31 are ranked low because only about a third of the people can accept that extra-terrestrial aliens visit Earth. This web site includes other data that is suspected to be derived from extra-terrestrial alien sources, so it can easily accept 30 and 31 as reasonable prophecies.

  18. The dragon's tail is but a sign - Comment
    for mankind's fall and man's decline. - "
    and before this prophecy is done - #45: Shipton expects to be killed
    I shall be burned at the stake, at l - "
    My body singed and my soul set free - "
    You think I utter blasphemy - "
    You're wrong. These things have come to me - "
    this prophecy will come to be. - "

    Shipton attests to the truth of her prophecies and probably has been threatened to be burned at the sake as a witch for revealing them. This same fear may have caused Nostradamus to make his prophecies obscure. ANALYSIS OF MOTHER SHIPTON'S PROPHECIES

The 31 prophecies are classified in degree of reasonability as related to the proposed Baseline Scenario. Table 4 offers five different classification levels ranging from A to F.

Table 4
Classification oF Shipton's Individual Last Prophecies

*Others could figure them out.


Mother Shipton did not give us the names of the places where comets from the comet swarm (Dragon's Tail) will strike, but they appear to be correlated to those found in the Bible Code. She, like the Bible (Revelations Chapter 12) equates the comet cluster to a Dragon. Table 5 summarizes and classifies these prophecies.

Table 5
Strike Prophecies Summarized