By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Maxine Crafton, Sonja M. Kawamoto and Justin A. Warmkessel
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* George Carlin
1:30-1:40 - I root for the big comet, I root for the big asteroid to come and make things right.

Results from the 3200 year old Bible Code matrices appear to be uniquely correlated with Vulcan, our Sun's Brown Dwarf companion star, and the specific dates the comet swarms it forms pass thought the inner solar system. The Bible Codes also seem to identify 'Signs In the Sky', the place and magnitude of related impact events. Visions of catastrophic giant meteorite or comet collisions, obtained by religious organizations (or individuals), appear to be quantitatively correlated the Bible Code results (e.g. impact place, crater size). They also are qualitatively correlated with the results obtained by military grade Remote Viewers involved in a double blind exercise.

These results suggest a Comet Swarm Will pass by Earth and cause impact events between 2021 and 2025. The 'Peak Threat' occurs 2022 +/- 1 year during Sep./Oct. These are associated with the B Comet Swarm Cluster 1 (B:CL-1) that has passed through our inner solar system many times before. The main comet swarm was not noticeable until 2017. Fragments of the main comet swarm have intercept Earth as early as October 2017 causing CA wild fires. Major impacts from fragments of the main swarm may hit the oceans of both the Northern Hemisphere and The Mediterranean Sea/Europe causing a "natural disaster - the likes of which our country (the USA) has never seen".



This paper will try to combine comet/large meteorite impact predictions with the best estimates of when they could happen available. See: 2016, Tollmann's Hypothetical Bolides Return. This data derived by mathematically extrapolating past events ~ 9938 years ago from ice core data (reflecting Earth Impact related weather changes). They are projected to the present by simple celestial mechanics. This is standard scientific practice and thus these results are deemed reliable. This method predicts a one sigma likelihood of an Impact Threat from a passing comet/meteor stream before the close of 2017.

A one sigma threat boundary can be derived by conventional projections from ice core data that formed about ten thousand years ago. Earth will be threatened at least five times by meteor impacts in the next 150 years. Thus, predicted meteorite or comet impact events may 'run together' due to the difficulty in 'timing' these events.

The uncertainties are when within the 1993 +/- 42.6 years impacts can be anticipated. Thus, this 'soft value' expires at the end of 2036. There is also current information derived from extra-terrestrial alien warnings that support the 2017 threat boundary, but this may be just the beginning of the threat period. Additional data indicates that a direct impact threat may be in the October 5 +/- 6 days time frame for 2017 and a number of years thereafter. This appears to be the beginning of the current impact cycle of Tollmann's returning bolides. However, an indirect, but major, threat from meteors/comets trapped in near Earth orbit will continue for several months after October thereafter up until the end of 2024.

Similarly, the Avebury Manor crop circle warned of this kind of an event and permits an estimate when of when Earth will be threatened. If it was truly formed by extra-terrestrial aliens, it can also be considered reliable. Their flight through space at near light speeds requires a LIDAR like radar that can detect space debris (meteors) in their path. They could detect a comet/meteor swarm approaching Earth and accurately predict its time of arrival by simple celestial mechanics. The exact date associated with the Avebury Manor crop circle, is shown by the known planets appear on December 23, 2012. The threatening comet swarm is located either at that time or when this crop circle was formed (07/08/2008). This crop circle shows that the comet/meteor swarm is about four or five years away from passing perihelion and threatening Earth. The earlier date would mean they would threaten Earth around 2012, which did not happen. Thus, this crop circle implies the comet swarm will threaten Earth 4 or 5 years later than 12/23/2012. Furthermore, the passage of the muli-year long meteor swarm is indicated to be around 7 (+/- 10 days) Sep. 2017 . Crop circle T367 (an earlier version of the Avebury Manor crop circle) implies a 7 (+/- 6 days) October threatening date as well but this date seems to have faded away. A timeline of the impending comet/meteor swarm is offered in List 1. Here is an example of such a bolides' timeline assuming a 2017 threat,

List 1:
Impacting Bolides Timeline Of Approach

Three independent analysis paths lead to the suggestion that Earth will be twice threatened with a meteorite/comet fragment(s)impact between 2016 until the end of 2017. The government/elite (or military) appears to be involved with the collection of related data. Nevertheless, some of this information has 'leaked out' from political sources.

The emphasis on the prophetic material will be focused along three main mechanisms. Both 'Visions' and 'Remote Viewing' data may be from the Astral plane where events go from 'effect to cause'. This causes confusion in the flow of 'time' observed in the predicted events.

The source of the Bible Code data is thought to be of extraterrestrial alien origin because technical information is obtained when decoding the ancient Hebrew Pentateuch. Consequently, Visions that contain technical data are likewise sought because they may be of extraterrestrial alien origin. These visions are targeted at those few humans who are receptive to 'telepathic' communications. There appears to be two general targeted areas, one in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern Hemisphere. There could be multiple impacts occurring at nominally the same time. However, the impacts are anticipated to cluster into several separate events.


Bible Codes, Visions and Remote Viewing are three ways to investigate where these Earth threatening impact events are most likely to happen. Northern hemisphere events seem to be best described by the Bible Code's and Visions, although there is some supporting data in the Remote Viewing material (used primarily for the Southern hemisphere events).


As amazing as it may seem, the name this site gives to our Sun's tiny Dark Star companion (Vulcan) is found in the Bible Code:

Even more amazing was that future predicted dates were included that were somewhat consistent with estimated times when Vulcan generated comet swarms would again pass through the inner solar system. Note that these are not precise. This web site derived those dates from past Ice Core data combined with the Resonate Interval, that is twice Vulcan's orbital period of 4969 (theoretical) or 4969.3 (measured) years. This two period value is known as the Resonate Interval and it is indicates times when the celestial geometry is the same. Thus, this accurately predicting reoccurring threat intervals. See Are There Any Credible Precise Predictions? for the 'Bible Code' derived times of passage of the different B Swarm Clusters (e.g. Swarm B:Cl-1, Swarm B:Cl-2 & Swarm B:Cl-3).

The Bible Codes are pretty good about predicting events, but the time of the event is another matter. The codes seem to have a lot of times associated with them. However, one must look within a (set of) Bible Codes to ascertain a valid time when the event may happen. Consider the set listed below. For example, here is a List Of Codes relating to Comets & 2015 (as in Dead Comet 2015 TB145 [SPOOKY] discussed later):

Notice that these Bible Codes all have cometand other identifying features that limit the dates, like 'Shmitah', 'Blood Moon', 'Barak', 'Obama', 'Netanyahu' and '5775' the Hebrew year. It is worth remembering that Bible Code dates are seldom trustworthy. They just mark a nominal time at best.

One Bible Codes has 'Vulcan' in it and another one has the term 'comet'. The around 2021 to 2025 dates are emphasized because they relate to the one sigma bound of when the approaching comet cluster will pass by Earth. The dates that correlate with future predicted Vulcan induced comet swarms have been bolded. Only dates up to 2150 were investigated.

Plain dates were found once. Dates with an asterisk are deemed significant on a subjective basis judged by close proximity to the main search term and/or with small vertical or horizontal spacing and/or with small number of letters in that order. TOI is Time Of Impact.

Added to these are the following India related codes. Note that in these codes, the full array of dates have not been run, thus time is not a meaningful parameter. Note that Rome and Gomorah (near Israel the Dead Sea) cross and that Gommorah and Comet cross. The impacting comet may be coincident with a fairly extensive nuclear war that may have already started in 2013. The first of two 'India' codes seem to indicate that Athens, Greece, Rome and Israel will also be involved in a comet like ocean impact event.

The 'India' codes are also tied to the Zachariah/Nostradamus Impact event by the location. Late August through October and a few months thereafter are the peak threat times. But the India impact seems to be one falling vertical from the heavens, while the Athens, Greece event seems to be related to a low elevation impact.Thus these appear to be two separate impacts. Additional others are suggested. Figure 1 shows the impact regions found in Nostradamus' quatrains. They have long been known to fall along straight lines.

Analysis of Nostradamus', Mother Shipton's, and the Biblical Zechariah's prophecies (predicted to occur at the start of this millennium) lead to the following comet impact trajectory:

Figure 1. The Zachariah/Nostradamus Impact Map Showing The Ground Track Of The Impacting Meteorites.

The above Bible Codes appears to be related to the following seven other Bible Codes by both the casual agent, 'Vulcan', and the place of the impact events. These Bible Codes describe a major impact events (and the resulting tsunami) in Ohio, Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. Notice that a stone like objects are specified which tend to throw Earth into a (Younger Dryas like) Ice Age. These codes are not to describe the time of the event, rather the place and magnitude of the event along with associated events.

There are a few miscellaneous Bible Codes that are also of interest.

Here, Hanniel is thought to be an Angel (ET Alien) of Jewish mythology. The 'Sign In the Sky' Are believed to be the 'Blue Beam' Sky Circles featuring the seven red comet swarm and the New Madrid is thought to represent an earthquake area that is stimulated into activity by a comet (fragment) impact, especially if it is in the south Atlantic ocean or the Gulf Of Mexico.

Note the Bible is full of warnings of comet or asteroid impacts, especially from Christ as found in the New Testament. Clear text Bible predictions speculating on impacts have been interpreted as follows:

"Starting at the end and work forwards, the last Cataclysmic event is when the Earth is renovated by fire. It is discussed in 2 Peter 3:5-13 and Revelation 20:7-15. The Earth is turned into a sea of fire and lava. There are no longer any oceans. This event could be cause by a large impactor 100- 200 miles in diameter.

Before that happens there will be a millennium, a thousand years, of peace. Revelation 20:1-6 - God made a promise to the Jewish people, during this time he will begin to fulfill it. Before that there is a Great Tribulation. This event is discussed in Matthew 24:21, Revelation 8:5-13, Revelation 6:12-17, Revelation 16:17-21 and Revelation 18:8-10,21 to name a few. The damage falls in line with the damage that would be created from an impactor in the 2-3 mile diameter range. Across many cultures, dragons have been symbolic of comets. As a result, if the damage during the Great Tribulation, was done by an impactor, it is somewhat natural to believe that the impactor would be a comet."

Note that a 3 mile wide meteorite would produce a crater ~50 mile wide:
"A 3 mile wide Long Period Comet/meteorite has an impact energy approximately 10,000,000 megatons of TNT equivalent. The initial blast pulse will be 3 psi at around 1000 miles, and 1 psi at around 2000 miles. Very high mortality rate within 1000 miles of point-of-impact. Outside 2000 miles of point-of-impact, high initial survival rate. Outside 2000 miles, most deaths will be in the long term due to starvation and plagues. The impact would definitely damage the U.S. ability to produce/process/distribute food and since the U.S. is a major producer, it will create massive starvation worldwide. Most of the deaths will be Northern Hemisphere, which is also the most populated. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the worlds population will perish if no warning. A lot depends upon where in Canada, the point-of-impact will occur. If it is near the Canadian border with Alaska, much of the Midwest breadbasket will remain intact. - James A. Marusek (now retired US Navy physicist)


The following are the major discoveries from the Bible Code.

The first thing to notice is that almost all of these Bible Codes are implying an impact from a stony like object that would cause an Ice Age. Notice also that this event is twice correlated with Vulcan, our brown dwarf companion star, that forms these comet and meteor swarms.



Kato Mivule

Victor's video showing an interview with a 'Grey' or 'Hill' alien suggests that the HANDS aliens could also be involved with their understanding of the impending catastrophic impact on our Earth. Telepathic communications are at work between the 'HANDS' and 'Grey' aliens and the former could even still be back on their home planet. Possibly a few humans could be involved in these communications. Mivule may be one such human and this telepathic data reached him TWO times.

These disturbing visions were acquired by Kato Mivule in May and June of 2005. Kato Mivule visions are also linked to the above Bible Codes. The single most disturbing vision was acquired by Kato in May and June of 2005. The threat periods revealed by Kato's 'vision' appears to be September and October of an unspecified year when he was ' Shown the Calendar' in a May 2005 Wormwood Vision:

The Lord showed me a powerful vision. I was taken to the heavens above the earth and I could see the earth in a distance not so far but clearly. Suddenly I heard a very loud sound and vibration with a very heavy zoom sound coming my way, hundred times louder than that of a Boeing 747 Jet.

I then saw a very huge rock almost the size of the moon zooming past me at a very high speed with a large tail of fire besides and behind it. In The vision I was made to feel the waves of vibrations and the heat it generated that hit me but I was protected. It was like someone was holding me by my collar and snatched me out of its way to a safe distance. I then could see other splintering rocks falling off this huge burning object and catching fire themselves.

I looked where it was headed, I knew it was headed for planet earth and thought well, I hope it lands in the ocean, not many people will die. However, it seemed targeted to the ocean and the United States. I was like, no Lord no! However, it kept its course targeting the ocean and the United States, it seemed as though someone was controlling its path unhindered and sure to hit its target.

A later 27 June 2005 Wormwood Vision Kato was 'Shown A Calendar':
First, I saw someone dressed in a white robe holding a calendar and said to me, "The date has been set back for Wormwood" which I understood as forward - he then showed me the calendar with September/October written on it and the number 7. I did not see the year but I instantly knew it was the Fall Season.

Then I was shown the second vision. People were having their usual life, for some reason I saw people going to get movies at blockbuster and did not seem to care about what was coming. People were busy watching movies. No one was warning anyone, life was going on as normal.

Then in the same vision I was taken to the Chiefs Football Arrowhead Stadium, here in Kansas City. I knew it was fall and the beginning of the Football Season. In the Vision it looked like evening and the stadium was packed to capacity with everyone putting on their red Chiefs outfits, the stadium was all red as it is normally here with Chiefs games in Kansas City.
The game was going on as usual and suddenly there was a very huge loud bang in the sky and then a huge object I had seen previously in my May vision lit the sky with red fire and zoomed passed across the sky - with very powerful vibrations that threw everyone off their seats and shook the stadium. Everyone in the stadium begun to scream and go hysterical, and run too and fro but could not leave the stadium. The huge ball of fire flew from the east across to the west. I knew it was Wormwood. The Stadium officials seemed to have had a clue about the coming disaster but did not warn anyone and also they locked the stadium doors and no one could go out.

I then saw something amazing, people begun to fall on their knees and pray to God, they knew they were going to die anytime soon. I even saw young toddlers who had come to the game with their parents praying too.

I was then taken back to the blockbuster place and people saw the object and heard the band and vibrations but seemed not to care about it, some said, " I will die watching a movie"?

Debris more destructive than 2004 Dec Tsunami…

After this, I was shown the debris and damage floating all the way on the Atlantic ocean like the force of the moving star caused the debris of destroyed buildings to float all the way from Europe and dumped it at the east coast of America with more excessive damage…I remembered the Tsunami, it looked like very small compared to the Wormwood damage…

Angels High Tech Room…

I was then taken to a room were I saw men around some very high tech gadgets with screens that looked more like flat screen computer panels…but this was very high tech, technology I have never seen before…I knew the men here angels, they were all dressed in white robes and they turned on one flat screen panel and showed me the trajectory of the Wormwood star, then I was shocked to look and behind Wormwood was another star following the same trajectory, just few distance behind Warm Wood and again headed for the Ocean and the United States…they all seemed to have the United States in their path…


After this I was then taken to Africa, in Uganda where I come from. I was shown people, very sad looking to the destruction in the West. In Uganda, the staple food is Bananas (Matoke inLuganda, a Ugandan Language); people grow different types of Bananas and Plantains. However, the Path of Wormwood dried up all the banana plantations. There was already a drought before Wormwood and now the little food was gone. People cried because the West that provided them food was in destruction…fierce hunger loomed on the horizon…

Those September and October dates in Kato's vision is astounding because it implies a mental (telepathic) link between some aliens and some humans which has already been noted in earlier contacts. Assuming the above visions are valid telepathic contact from a prophetic extra-terrestrial alien species, the information that was acquired seems to imply the following:

The astral plane is the source of dreams and visions. Kato sensed that the time for this event to occur being 'set back'. These impact events were anticipated to be in 2012, but they have been 'set back' (to around 2021 to 2025) just as he was told. Kato's vision seems to imply that a most likely 'Time Of Impact' (TOI) of at least one event because the football game was a pre-season one beginning in the evening and it correlates with a giant meteorite impact during a full Moon that has been predicted by Efrain Rodriguez. He even warned NASA on 11/12/2011 of this anticipated event. The 'number '7' appears to relate to the number of asteroids or comets involved with this event as '7' such red objects are shown in Sky Circles Connected To Crop Circles believed related to this event. See Figure 1A.

Figure 1A. The Seven Christchurch Simulated Red Comets (e.g see Revelation 12:3) - Formed 03/29/11
One of 12 Photo by Benjamin_T_C
The same number of celestial objects was also arrived at independently by the Watchmen Prophets Assembly (WPA) and is discussed later.

Earth can be hit at any time by a massive meteor, but it is most likely to occur when a concentrated swarm of comets and their associated debris are clearly visible in our skies. That is anticipated to occur around 2021 to 2025

Home season football games for the Kansas City Chiefs are held at Arrowhead Stadium. This stadium is oriented in a NW to SE direction However, Kato considered that this could also be a pre- season game because 'it looked like evening'.

Here is the Kansas City Chief's 20XX Schedule. Many of their games begin in the late evening. There are some date correlation of Kato Mivule's and Efrain Rodriguez's full Moon estimated times and direction of the meteorite. See List 2:

List 2:
Possible Kansas City Chiefs (KCC) Football Games In Kato's Cosmic Impact Vision
Note: All times are Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time as appropriate. later analysis indicates that the impacts will be in the 10 PM to 2 AM time frame. Several giant meteorites appear to be impacting Earth.

Efrain Rodriguez (discussed later) envisions his meteorite flying from ENE towards WSW and there being a full Moon at the time of the impact. Similarly, the Watchmen Prophets Assembly (WPA) also had direct input to these predictions which may have further analyzed by NASA.

The most interesting facet of this analysis is the passage of Dead Comet 2015 TB145 ('SPOOKY') Earth Flyby on 30 October 2015.

Efrain Rodriguez

There is additional data that suggests a massive impact in the Caribbean Sea, perhaps one somewhat reminiscent of the Atlantis Catastrophe. Efrain Rodriguez obtained a detailed prophetic vision of a large meteorite impacting near Puerto Rico, and another individual from the same general area obtained similar information from an ET alien source. It is this latter report that makes that makes both the WPA and Rodriguez's prophetic vision credible. The Grey ET aliens are known to travel with a very prophetic co-sentient species (Our Priest COMBO Species) who are extremely capable at sensing future events. Efrain Rodriguez's prophetic vision is thought to also come from an ET alien source although he attributes it to God. ET aliens find that the information they impart to humans is more acceptable if it comes from a religious source.

Figure 5. This giant meteorite will be making impact in the sea between the island of Mona and Mayagüez.

Figure 6. The Caribbean Basin States.
One degree of latitude equals 60 nautical miles (approximately 69 statute miles, or 111 km). Caribbean Basin States with scale.
Figure 5 illustrates between which two landmarks where the giant meteorite will drop into the sea. Figure 6 illustrates the location of the generally affected states. This cosmic impact event is anticipated to be one (perhaps the first) of several that occur at nominally the same time. The giant meteorite appear to be moving East to West just as the one in Kato's vision. The resulting 40 to 70 million deaths in North America exceed the past comet impact reported deaths (~ 6 million) by a factor of ten. Efrain Rodriguez numbers seem too low by a factor of 18 or more. This leads one to suspect that multiple global impact will occur in roughly the same nominal two year time frame.

An attempt was made to model Efrain Rodriguez's 'asteroid, which is really thought to be a meteorite associated with the incoming B swarm comets. A 12.0 Earthquake was too large as most of Puerto Rico would be destroyed. Perhaps he meant a 10.2 Magnitude Earthquake which also is greater than any earthquake in recorded history. Following are the meteorite impact parameters used.

The impact effects at the strike point would be as follows. The ejecta and tsunami would be major killers, the former as breathing them would cause lungs to bleed and both would cause victims to die by drowning. It is antiicipated that much of the ejecta would mix with sea or rain water forming a 'hot mud'. Table 1 lists the ejecta thickness and tsunami height as a function of range from the impact point. If the meteorite is coming in at an angle, the tsunami in the forward direction (compared to the direction the meteorite is traveling) is usually higher than the opposite (backwards) direction 180o

Table 1 - Range Vs. Ejecta Thickness And Tsunami Height
Meteorite Parameter
5.3 miles (8.5 km) Porous Stone
100 miles200 miles500 miles1000 miles2000 miles
Ejecta (thickness) ft:in64 ft. 8 ft. 6.14 in. 0.768 in. 0.961 in.
Tsunami height ft.
(backward/forward) feet:
114/228 57/11422.8/45.611.4/22.8 5.7/11.4

Massive housing damage out to 1500 miles is anticipated, with damage to wood frame building out to 2000 miles or more. Glass windows may shatter out as far as the California coast.
Table 2
Puerto Rico Meteorite - Range Vs. Peak Pressure, Max Wind And Related Damage For 5.3 Mile Diameter Stony Meteorite
Peak Over Pressure
Max. Wind
10021206940 Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.
Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.
Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse.
Highway truss bridges will collapse.
Highway girder bridges will collapse.
Glass windows will shatter.
Cars and trucks will be largely displaced and grossly distorted and will require rebuilding before use.
Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.
2004403110 Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.
Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.
Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse.
Highway truss bridges will collapse.
Highway girder bridges will collapse.
Glass windows will shatter.
Cars and trucks will be largely displaced and grossly distorted and will require rebuilding before use.
Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.
5006.14"1010 Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.
Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.
Multistory steel-framed office-type buildings will suffer extreme frame distortion, incipient collapse.
Highway truss bridges will collapse.
Highway girder bridges will collapse.
Glass windows will shatter.
Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.
100013.5372 Multistory wall-bearing buildings will collapse.
Wood frame buildings will almost completely collapse.
Glass windows will shatter.
Up to 90 percent of trees blown down; remainder stripped of branches and leaves.
20003.63 122 Interior partitions of wood frame buildings will be blown down. Roof will be severely damaged.
Glass windows will shatter.
About 30 percent of trees blown down; remainder have some branches and leaves blown off.
DISTANCE BETWEEN CITIES calculator - Puerto Rico Impact Point 18.2 N 68.1 W (near Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

These calculations were done with the Purdue Impact: Earth Simulator. Efrain Rodriguez's meteorite is traveling in a ENE to WSW direction. That means the tsunami will be highest in a WSW direction. The simulator permits getting only as close as about 90 miles to the impact point of a bolloid of this size. Rodriguez, in his June 8, 2010 (Asteroid en route towards Puerto Rico) says

"At the impact area, the wave will be more than a thousand feet high. In the northern area, it will be about 200 feet, and after Fajardo, in the Eastern part, it will come down to 100 feet."
This seems to favor the 8.5 km diameter (5.3 mile porous stone) meteorite. Assuming that the impact point is about 25 miles east of Mona Island, San Juan is about 95 miles away. Fajardo is 120 miles away from the impact point midway between Mayaguez and Mona Island. The Purdue model predicts a tsunami height close to the anticipated value of 100 feet. Santo Domingo is about 160 miles from the impact point. Such thick ejecta will continue to kill the tsunami and blast survivors in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Using the Bible Code data ('Hill Of The Atlantic' = Mid Atlantic Ridge) along with Vision data ('Of the two Atlantic impacts, one will hit further out, off North Carolina') provides a nominal estimate of the location of the North Atlantic impact. This is nominally the location as confirmed by others below. Caution, dates associated with impacts are notoriously unreliable.

The size of the mid Atlantic meteorite is assumed to be 2.4 miles based on the Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly Tsunami House vision.

A wave of water came in from the southeast; it was about a twenty to thirty footer and crashed over the playing field. Something made me turn around. As I looked around a wave close to 200 feet high was engulfing us from the east.
Assuming this (tsunami) house is 2200 miles from the impact point, a 118 ft high tsunami reaches the 'tsunami' house 6.3 hours after impact. The observed height of the tsunami is assumed to be ~150 ft. The back end of the tsunami increases by an estimated 30% giving a deep water tsunami wave of ~118 ft. The following are the meteorite impact parameters used. If the tsunami arrives around sunset Miami Florida on 1 September(7:40 PM) the impact must have occurred around 1:30 PM. This meteorite may be associated with Efrain Rodriguez 's meteorite as both may be fragments of another one that broke up entering Earth's atmosphere earlier. Thus, a low elevation angle may be anticipated for both. The impact effects at the strike point would be as follows. Table 3 offers an estimate of the tsunami and blast at various distance from this mid Atlantic impact point as derived from the Bible Code and Watchmen- Prophets-Assembly (WPA) data. The impact point off the coast of Venezuela is thought to be less reliable.
Table 3
Mid Atlantic Meteorite - Range Vs. Tsunami Height, Peak Pressure, Max Wind And Related Damage For 2.4 Mile Diameter Stony Meteorite
Tsunami Height*
Peak Over Pressure
Max. Wind
1000126 bkw/252 frd 3.03104 Glass windows will shatter.
About 30 percent of trees blown down; remainder have some branches and leaves blown off.
150083.8 bkw/168 fwd 1.5655.5 Glass windows will shatter.
200062.9 bkw/126 frd1.0236.7 Glass windows will shatter.
250050.3 bkw/101 frd0.74527.1 -
DISTANCE BETWEEN CITIES calculator Mid Atlantic Impact Point 32 N 45 W
* bkw = backward direction, frd = forward direction from direction of impactor.
Multiply tsunami height by about 1.3 if impacting the USA eastern seaboard.
The meteorite is assumed to be going in the same ENE to WSW direction as the Peurto Rico meteorite. The tsunami is larger for the mid Atlantic impact than for the Puerto Rico impact in much shallower water. However, the sea floor rises gradually upward toward the USA thus the back end of the tsunami to catch up with the front end and increases the tsunami height. Thus, the 57.2 feet/114 feet backward/forward ratio increases to 74.36 feet/148 feet leading to the forward value being close to the 'observed' height at the 'tsunami' house located on Florida east Coast.

Sir Fred Hoyle said that if a meteorite larger that 300 meteors in diameter struck, it could transition Earth back into an Ice Age. The estimated size of these giant meteorites is 20,000 times greater.

The Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly's reported Asteroid/Comet/Tsunami/Great Flood/Inundation events are time tied to both Kato Mivule vision of a giant meteor (Wormwood) near Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City and to Efrain Rodriguez's Puerto Rico impact event. Both seems to be associated with a triple impact event in the northern hemisphere. While the Gulf Of Mexico event cannot be pinned down, a fairly precise location of the Puerto Rico impact is specified and a nominal location of the North Atlantic impact event can be made and it seems verified by collateral data from an unspecified source. The nominal location of these sea impacts are depicted in Figure 7.

Figure 7. The North America/Europe Impact Map Showing The Ground Track And Impact Point Of The Impacting Meteorites

Amazing Prophetic Word Of The Lord From Brother Marcus - 08/10/2012
By November hidden deceptions will become clear as water
And chaos shall begin the slaughter.
From the skies shall come a sign - The Chelyabinsk Meteor A Warning From The Angels?
With My Kingdom will it's time to align.
Pillage and plunder shall come to the cities and towns
And the enemy shall try to take away your crowns.
The East and West shall see My hand,
. . .
The terrorists shall soon arise from their posts
And you shall see the dirty bombs and terrors from the sky come to your coasts.
The man in your capital house shall now show his true face
As you see him greet those of a fallen AND foreign race.
Many saints shall soon be hunted as prey;
. . .
I will show My elect My supernatural protection the end of this year.
For at the end of the year and in 2013 you will see the weakness of your nation
But I warn you not to give place to deception and frustration.
Perilous times you will go through
Never can it be the same for the red, white and blue.
Oh major cities of every nation
You are about to see the worst destruction since creation.

Veronica Lueken and her apparent telepathic contact with aliens posing as Jesus and the Virgin Mary have revealed major substantiated predictions:

Along with these predictions comes information about what she calls the 'Ball Of Redemption' which appears to be the impact of a comet or a large meteorite. Highlights of these predictions follow: What is being shown is the ramifications of the comet impact and its changing the weather in Russia and Northern China. There is a war involved in the relocation and they are bringing their military with them.

Dr. Barbara Baaden also has some interesting prophecies concerning these impending catastrophic events. The time that the catastrophic events are extrapolated to occur start at or around 13 September 2012. Consider her Prophecy 1 which was revealed to her on 13 Sep. 2011. As with many who experience catastrophic visions, fear may influence the readings by introducing errors, especially in the time domain.

Notice that there are two prophecies perhaps because two impact events are anticipated. Prophecy 1 on seems to point to catastrophic events in the Southern Hemisphere whereas Prophecy 2 seems to be pointed at events in East Africa, the North Atlantic ocean and Europe.

Zimbabwe will be met with tidal waves. North Pacific will be met with chaos. European countries meet devastation. Britain, the Queen will have a massive heart attack. A third of the sea will die in the North Atlantic. These are the signs. Blood shall be poured out in the sea.
Times seen in Visions are notoriously unreliable.


The following are the most important findings from these celestial impact related visions.


Both Veronica Lueken and Mother Shipton appear to predict double impact events. Both may be perceiving time to flow in the opposite direction that it really does on the physical plane. Mother Shipton seems to imply that these are separated by years. Considering this sorted collection of Remote Viewing efforts it appears that there is going be meteorite impacts near Fort Jesus, Key West and the US Capital building on or before the end of 2017.


The famous Remote Viewer, McMoneagle, has things to say about Planet X (maybe Vulcan) and when meteors/comets may pass near or impact Earth.

"Planet X, the tenth planet in our solar system, will be verified in the year 2015. It will have an elliptical orbit with a mean distance from the Sun of 51.50 AU, and a density approximately equal to that of Mercury. The discovery will be a result of modifications to an Earth-bound telescope of more than twelve meters, which has not yet been completed (constructed)."

"Sometime in the year 2016, an asteroid will bypass Earth, missing our globe by less than 1.3 million miles. It will be large enough to cause a measurable electromagnetic effect on the Earth's surface. This will be the first of four that will visit our neighborhood over the next hundred years. The second will pass around 2030, the third in 2044, and the fourth in 2071. None of these rocks will strike our planet."

"However, we can expect a large impact from an asteroid exceeding 1.5 kilometers in size by the year 2200. This event will probably occur closer to our next century than toward the end of the second - or sometime between 2120 and 2130."

In early 2008, the Farsight (Remote Viewing) Institute undertook an experiment to try to deduce what kind of climate change would be taking place between June of 2008 and June of 2013. Modest changes in sea level and slight changes in snow pack data were anticipated. The experiment and a summary of the results are presented here:
2012: A Remote-Viewing Experiment (Full Version) - Feb 12, 2011
The same eight areas were targeted for both 2008 and 2013 Remote Viewing and they are:

  1. Vaitupu, Tuvalu - 1 Meteorite Observation
  2. Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya - 2 Meteorite, 3 Tsunami, 2 Flooding, 2 Mud Flow, Observations
  3. Sydney Opera House, Sydney - 1 Tsunami, 3 Volcanic Observations
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania- 1 Tsunami, 3 Flooding, 1 Mud Flow, Observation
  5. United States Congress Building - 1 Meteorite, 1 Flooding Observation
  6. Malé International Airport, Malé Maldives - 2 Mud Flow Observation
  7. KITV Building, Honolulu, Hawaii - 2 Cooling Observations
  8. Key West, Florida - 2 Meteorite Observations
The result of this Remote Viewing experiment that was suppose to end mid year 2013 are as follows.
Remote Views Predict Catastrophic Meteor Impact Before Spring 2013

A summary of what was seen by these remote viewers looks like this:
In general, these remote-viewing data suggest the following types of physical changes across many of the above geographical locations by mid-2013:

In terms of the effects of these changes on humans, these data also suggest: See Appendix A for additional details. The above also reflect the number of observations of damage in these areas. Notice that the Key Observations correlate to the Puerto Rico impact event, one that has been verified by direct ET alien contact. Note the apparent likelihood that Remote Viewing cannot directly determine time without looking for something being viewed that is time dependent.

The strongest volcanic activity is associated with Sydney and some additional evidence of volcanic activity near Fort Jesus. Considering the tsunamis, flooding and mud flows in the Fort Jesus Remote Viewing, a major impact in the ocean near Mombasa Kenya is suggested. This impact produces a tsunami that may reach as far as the Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania foothills causing flooding and mud flows. There may also be an associated impact near Sydney, Australia producing volcanic activity.

The Key West and Congress Building appear to parallel Kato's Wormwood event thus they may be time associated with it. The Southern Hemisphere impacts have no firm date associated with them and may possibly be around 2021 to 2025. Even this association is marginal. See Figure 8.

Figure 8. The Southern Hemisphere Impact Map Showing The Ground Track Of The Impacting Meteorites Anticipated.

The Remote Viewers see the Fort Jesus/Mombasa ocean area impact as a massive one. Dr. Courtney Brown sees the resulting tsunami reaching all the way to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dr. Baaden seems to agree as she prophecies a tidal wave reaching all the way to Zimbabwe. See Figure 9.

Figure 9. The Southern Hemisphere Region Affected By The Impact's Tsunami.


Southern hemisphere impacts:


As strange as it may seem, religious predictions and military grade remote viewing appear to be consistent in predicting comet or giant meteorite impacts before the end of 2024. Note that it is very hard to predict the specific times of these events by either the Bible Code or various Remote Viewers. Time dependent events within the predictions must be used to determine the specific times of the events.

At least four separate events are anticipated.

  1. The first impact ranges from The Midwest, Gulf Of Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the mid Atlantic ocean impact. There may occur on or near the Texas coast ~10 PM EDT and a Puerto Rico 5.3 mile wide impact at (18.2 N 68.1 W) producing a 60 mile crater. Another 2.4 mile wide comet fragment may impact near the mid Atlantic ridge (32 N 45 W) ~1:30 PM and affect the Potomac river up to Washington DC.
  2. A northern hemisphere impact near the month of October (30 October) is suggested by the passage of the known comet fragment 'Spooky'. 2017 marks the passage of a century since three young Portuguese shepherds were given the Third Secret Of Fatima by the Virgin Mary near Fatima Portugal. It consisted of a series of six apparitions beginning 13 May 1917 that were apocalyptic visions and prophecies.
  3. There may be another string of impacts along the Mediterranean basin. but they are expected to be relatively small, with meteorites on the order of 400 meters diameter.
  4. Another nearly vertically impact may occur near India.
  5. Yet another is thought to produce impacts along a very broad arc generally connecting the oceans off Mombasa Kenya (and possibly inland) to a region near Sydney Australia producing volcanism.
The fourth item is the clearest example of an impact predicted by Remote Viewing sources. It has also been detected by Dr. Barbara Baaden. Notice that Jesus/Christ was instrumental in offering impact warnings 2000 years ago and Fort Jesus is mentioned in the Southern Hemisphere Remote Viewing experiment. Also it is not surprising that Sky Circles similar to the most relevant Crop Circle was formed near Christchurch New Zealand.

Peak impact threats are anticipated during Sep./Oct. of 2022 +/- one year. A 'red comet', the first of the B Swarm, was observed during 2017. An ET alien simulation description of the B Comet Swarm was given via a 'Sky Circle' over Christchurch New Zealand on May 29, 2011. The main cosmic impact location was specified by direct ET alien contact during 1988. The impact location was revealed to be in the Caribbean near Purto Rico and other small islands. The 60 mile crater described in the Bible Code is also reflected in an Efrain Rodriguez vision. His impact would produce a nominal 34 foot tsunami at Florida reflected in the Watchmen Prophet Assembly's tsunami of approximately 30 feet in height coming in to Palm Beach, Florida. The impact of one of three and is in time co-incidence with Kato Mivule visions that describes 'Wormwood' passing over a football game, possibly in Arrowhead Stadium at night. The single envisioned Puerto Rico impact alone could cause a new Ice Age due to the massive size of the meteorite.

The precise time of the impacts (like to a given day) is not known, but anticipated to be in the general August through October time frame with a time near October favored. Table 4 is an attempt to estimate the year when these event may happen given that the Earth presents a different quadrant to the orbital located threat every year in a four year (leap year) cycle:

Table 4
Earth Area Vs. Treat Prediction
Supporting DataPredicted Events
2015Area CChina, Thailand, Iran, Turkey Events Watchmen Prophets Assembly (WPA)
Dead Comet Spooky 30 Oct. 2015
2016Area DChina, Australia EventsNone
2017Area ANH (04 Oct. 2017) and CA (08 Oct. 2017) Wild Fires
The Red Tailed Comet
The Third Secret Of Fatima - 13 May 1917
The ET Alien Simulation Of The Approaching B Red Comet Swarm
2018Area BNoneNone
2019Area C?China, Thailand, Iran, Turkey Events like 2015
2020Area D?None
2021Area A?Kato Mivule
Watchmen Prophets Assembly (WPA)
Efrain Rodriguez
2022Area B?Peak Threat To Earth, All Predictions Possible
2023Area C?China, Thailand, Iran, Turkey like 2015
Greater Australia area
Sea Impact Near Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya
Area A:45o W Long to 135o W Long.: N. S. America, W Atlantic, Caribbean Sea.
Area B:135o W Long to 135o E Long.: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean......
Area C:135o E Long to 45o E Long.: Australia, Russia, China, Indian Ocean.........
Area D:45o E Long to 45o W Long.: Africa, Europe, Med. Sea, E. Atlantic Ocean..

It is interesting to notice that the 2021 impact date is predicted by the Bible Code and occurs just a year before the main part of the B comet Swarm passes aphelion. None of the seven main B Swarm comets are anticipated to impact Earth. However, fragments generated when these main bodies pass perihelion are anticipate to be the major threat. Thus, 2021 should be considered to offer the possibility of a serious threat. The (ET alien generated?) visions of Kato Mivule, the Watchmen Prophets Assembly, and Efrain Rodriguez do not mention a population living in fear of a major impact, but the former does imply that "the Stadium officials 'seemed to have had a clue' about the coming (meteorite impact) disaster".

The death toll over the 2021 to 2025 year period could approach 1.3 billion people. The Earth could return to a (Younger Dryas) Ice Age like condition. It is even possible that the Infinite Soul Avatar (AKA the Maitreya, the Mahdi, the Messiah or the 'Second Coming') could manifest to aid humanity through these times. ET alien beings warning us of these upcoming impact events are of the same Group Soul as we are, and they are serviced by the Mahdi, Christ and Buddha (Avatars) as we are. Thus it would not be surprising to find that another similar Avatar appeared during these devastating times. See Appendix B.


Much to the surprise of those running this Remote Viewing experiment, catastrophic consequences of giant meteorite impacts were detected. However, Remote Viewing is a 'tricky science' and the trick is in the timing of the events. The events have not come to pass as of August 2013, but that does not mean they are not in our near future. A 2021 to 2025 time frame may be more reasonable.

Giant meteorite or comet impacts produce tsunamis, Floods, Mud Flows, Volcanic Activity and a Cooling of the world in general. The raw remote viewing data was reviewed to find which of the remote viewing sessions produced these results and where they could be anticipated to occur. This effort hoped to deduce the impact pattern of the giant meteorites and correlate them to the other prophetic visions of these events listed above.


There is marginal evidence that the Infinite Soul Avatar (Christ or Mahdi, etc) has returned to help mankind through this crisis. These are:

Should the above be valid, the USA and UK may have placed their reputation in an unfortunate position as far as world history is concerned. According to Mohabat News a pro–Israel Iranian Christian news agency, the fear of the hidden Imam is so credible that they posted news of how the CIA and MI6 have been going to Iraq for the past 20 years to get information about imam Mahdi; how they tortured religious scholars and innocent villagers to ask question based on where the Imam was last seen? Which city? What time and when will he be coming again and in which year? Since the Infinite Soul is the Essence Twin to all Mankind, hostility to the elite who lead the USA and UK from the Group Soul controlling all mankind may be forthcoming.