The First Of The B Swarm's Five Main Clusters Approaches

Evidence Of B swarm Comets Identified!

Previous Analysis By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Robert Finch and Sonja M. Kawamoto
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Several diverse sources have suggested that a catastrophic celestial impact events may occur in Earth's near future. Analysis suggesting that a possible cosmic event may occur during calendar year 2017. This web page displays cosmic simulations of a possible swarm of incoming comet fragments, some impacts from which could possibly threaten Earth. A major impact event, or multiple events, could occur that could cause blast, tsunamis, and a major weather change resulting in a new Younger Dryas like Ice Age. Impacts in the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea are anticipated.

Apparently, what is being dealt with here is the beginning of the 'End Time's Tribulation' followed by the start of a new golden age of mankind by the close of 2026.




Attempted calculations involving a ultra tiny brown dwarf star in our solar system and the comet swarms it generates have suggested that the Earth Is In Danger During The Next 150 Years These calculations suggest that the Earth may be struck by fragments of these comets by 2017, but this is a 'soft number' because estimates on times of occurrence of past Ice Ages has significant uncertainties associated with those dates. Three independent analysis paths lead to the suggestion that Earth will be at least twice threatened with a major meteorite/comet impacts. The main stream of Tollmann's bolides is anticipated to begin to impact by Earth in September or October of 2017.

Even politicians and potentates are offering vague warnings of this catastrophic event.

However, their warnings are vague, perhaps because they do not want to drastically alarm the public, but just to prepare them for the catastrophe. Politicians suffer 'greed for recognition' and can't resist the chance to get some fame out of a horrible event.


Relevant Cosmic Sightings:

1) Some initial data has surfaced that the threatening 'planet like' comet swarm has been very precisely located in the southern hemisphere at 17h 49m 53 s -31 deg 38’ 12.2” on 15 June 2016.

Strange Events Detected Worldwide In Antarctica - This Video Will Shock You!! - Apr 16, 2017:

Figure 1. Unconfirmed Object 13:34 min:sec Into The Video

The image in Figure 1 is present from about 12:55 min:sec to 14:19 min:sec and has been observed at the same nominal location for many months. The image appears to 'shimmy' Another object, discussed earlier (before 12:55 min:sec) made large excursions as if it (Venus?) was being disturbed by atmospheric air currents.
An amateur astronomer noted when he was attempting to capture images with his cell phone and could not get it to focus through my high powered eyepiece. Misalignment of the phone to the telescope produced a football shape similar to the one in the video.

Venus reaches superior conjunction on June 6, 2016. Since the planet is currently located on the far side of the Sun it's not suitably placed for observation.

The position of this football shaped image as given is in the tail of Scorpio. June is a reasonable time to see Scorpio....close to opposite the Sun. To say "perpendicular to the ecliptic" can only be known if a preliminary orbit has been determined. However, no other orbit details are offered. If this object is near our inner solar system, it would most likely be moving and long gone from this spot.

The 'shimmy' of the surface features suggest a non disk like appearance, rather something like what would be anticipated from a swarm of comet-like fragments. If so, this is our first firm evidence of the approaching B comet swarm. However, this is far from confirmed.

2) However, an object that hit Jupiter on May 26, 2016 may be a real first alarm of a threatening comet swarm:
New Impact Flash Seen On Jupiter - Axial tilt 3.13o (to orbit)

Jupiter just got beaned for the sixth time (that we know about)! On the evening of May 26th, between 19:24.6 and 19:26.2 Universal Time, Sauveur Pedranghelu, a French amateur from Corsica, detected an impact flash live on video in Jupiter's north polar region.
The flash was very brief, lasting only about 0.7 second, and displayed two brightness peaks. A bright dot — about the size of Europa when seen in transit — marked the site of impact at latitude 51o north and central meridian longitudes System I = 74o, System II = 159o, and System III = 292o. The position is a little east of oval BA, a.k.a. Red Spot Jr., which is located on the same face of the planet but in the southern hemisphere.
The heliocentric longitude of Jupiter on 26 May 2017 is 202o. Assuming that a comet swarm is coming in from that direction, after rounding the Sun it will pass by Earth's orbit at a nominal 22o. That implies it would pass by Earth's orbit circa mid October.

3) Meteor "Shook Earth" Space Rock Puts On Big Show In South Africa - June 15, 2017

Eyewitnesses in South Africa the morning of June 15 just before sunrise saw a huge meteor that according to some accounts may have hit the earth. One witness says it did and that the earth shook following a loud ‘bang’. Earth’s atmosphere has been handling a debris cloud in the recent days-weeks and it appears some of this debris isn’t so small.
The 15 June impact seems to have occurred near Bethlehem, South Africa. There may have been a major event circa 10 June, 2017.

4) I (Jim Stone) Just Saw What Was Probably An Asteroid Miss The Earth By About 150 Miles - 15 June 2017

I do not think it would have been the space station because it was far too bright and appeared to have two mountains on it. It traveled approximately west to east and passed directly over Leon Mexico. It was probably about 150 miles up because when it got to a position at about 20 degrees above the horizon an hour after sunset, it changed colors from white to yellow to orange to red to gone (in a few seconds) which would be explained by having the sun set on the horizon behind it as it went past the earth. The speed was much higher than I'd expect a satellite to be, it took it about 25 seconds for it to go from directly overhead to passing into the earth's shadow at about 20 degrees above the horizon.
After I concluded it was not an airplane I pointed out the bright light to Claudia a few seconds before it started to change color and disappear and she said asteroid. I did not even have to tell her because it was obvious. And then she said no airplane changes colors to red and vanishes like that
My guess is it had to have been about a mile across because you could pick out two mountain peaks on it but could not see detail. It might make the news, but passing over Mexico it might get missed.

5) The First Fragment From Cluster 1 Of The B-Comet Swarm? Or Space Junk
The reported 'Red Fireball lasted too long (5 min.), and it is thought to be a comet fragment that passed Earth, but was not captured by it or burned up in Earth's atmosphere:
What IS This Mystery Object In The Sky? Stargazers Left Baffled After 'Red Fireball' Lights Up The Night Over Perth - 25 June 2017

Figure 2. Perth Red Fireball Most Likely Passing Comet Fragment.
AMS: Report a Fireball: it's fun and easy!

6) Glowing Meteor Fireball Flies Over The Mediterranean Sea - 04 Jul 2017
This amazing fireball overflew the Mediterranean Sea on 4 July 2017 at 0:09 UT ( 2:09 local time). The event was produced by a sporadic meteoroid. The bolide began at an altitude of about 90 km above the sea level and ended at a height of around 50 km above the sea. The fireball was recorded in the framework of the SMART Project from the astronomical observatories of La Hita (Toledo, Spain), Calar Alto (Almería, Spain) and Sevilla (Spain).
When Could We Be Hit Next?
Analysis of Nostradamus', Mother Shipton's, and the Biblical Zechariah's prophecies (predicted to occur at the start of this millennium, possibly 2015- 17) lead to the following comet impact trajectory:
Nostradamus', Zechariah's Impact Location Prophecies

7) 88 Pound Meteor Strikes The Moon Causing A Massive Explosion - 07 Jul 2017
The moon was struck by a meteor creating an explosion visible with the naked eye. A METEOR with the explosive power of TEN cruise missiles has struck the Moon - sparking a massive explosion visible with the naked eye.
And terrifyingly the 56,000 mph collision - captured by NASA scientists highlighting the catastrophic danger planet earth faces from similar meteors - was caused by a space rock weighing no more than 88 lbs (40 kilos).
Despite the meteor's tiny proportions - about the size of a small boulder and the weight of an average 10-year-old boy - the impact damage was colossal and the explosion shone with the brightness of a magnitude 4 star.

8) Meteor Rattles Windows And Scares Residents In Campinas, Brazil - 14 Jul 2017
Residents reported feeling the shaking walls and windows and a loud noise.
Many other meteors were recorded on Thursday night. "We recorded 88 meteors on the same night."

9)Aircraft Contrail Or Fragment From Cluster 1 Of The B- Comet Swarm?
The reported 'Red Fireball lasted too long (15 min.), and it is thought to be a comet fragment that passed Earth, but was not captured by it or burned up in Earth's atmosphere:
Orange Meteor Fireball Shocks Skywatchers In New South Wales - 31 July 2017

Figure 3. New South Whales Orange Fireball Most Likely Passing Comet Fragment.
'Strange sight': A meteor flashes across the skies over Tweed Heads.

"I looked out above the awning and I seen this strange light in the sky and I thought it was a flare," Mr Sunter said.
"It looked like an orange fireball going across the sky, heading south for about 15 minutes.
"Then it completely dispersed and vanished. I've never seen anything like it.
VIDEO: 'Orange fireball' meteorite shocks skywatchers - 31st July 2017
David Sunter was working on a rooftop at Serene Retirement Living, Tweed Heads, on Wednesday when he saw a bright meteor burn through the sky just after sunrise, at about 6am.
Mr Sunter filmed the passage of the fiery tail as it cut through the empty sky beyond Point Danger, NSW.
"I looked out above the awning and I seen this strange light in the sky and I thought it was a flare," Mr Sunter said.
15 min. is a long time for an aircraft contrail to last. The rising sun would illuminate it from the east and it is heading south. Most people have seen aircraft contrails before and this observer thought it was a fireball, not an aircraft.

10)Red Hued Body

Figure 4. Red Hued Body Observed During August 2017 Eclipse.

FLAT EARTH BRITISH, Eclipes Anomaly "Was No Lens Flare"! - Aug 23, 2017
Note red hue about object at about one o'clock starting 2:30 to end.
Note red hue about object at about ten o'clock starting 4:50 to 5:00. Note Movement When Camera Moves
The red hue on/around the object that would normally be dismissed as 'lens flare' looks a little like zodiacal light. But I am not sure that the particles causing the zodiacal light are from ones in our atmosphere or ones in space between us and our Sun. The shorter wavelengths are scattered out leaving the light coming thru will have a reddish color.
The object with the eclipse wasn’t a lens flare. My sister in Nashville Tenn. saw it with no camera or telescope. It's a mystery at this point, but I don’t think it’s an optical illusion. - Robert Finch
The ET Alien Simulation illustrates (Kuiper Belt) bodies that are apparently heated rounding the Sun to make their red tails boil off. These bodies also usually have their low temperature volatiles boil off and these may be the source of the 'bright spot' depicted in the simulation and originally thought to be 'lens flare'.

A) First B Swarm Comet Detected! Compares To Simulation In Figures A & B.
How To See Brightening Comet ASASSN With Binoculars. - 09/02/2017
A comet is making its first approach to the inner Solar System for around 3,600 years. Comet ASASSN is expected to be visible with binoculars over the next few weeks.
The comet, whose full official label is Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN), was detected back on 19th July, when shining at a very dim 15th magnitude, by the automated survey instrument at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. Since then, it has brightened considerably to around magnitude 9.
Comet ASASSN is expected to continue to brighten during the coming weeks as it heads further into the Solar System. It reaches perihelion, its closest point to the Sun, on 14th October. However, it will still be further from the Sun than planet Mars. After perihelion, it will begin its long journey back into the depths of space, not returning to our vicinity until the 57th century.
Seen about 3 months from Perihelion..The period of the comet swarms in resonance with Vulcan averages 3313 years over three orbital revolutions, but each sequential orbital period of the swarm can vary by a few hundred years. This variation occurs because they are affected by the location of Vulcan's large mass which differs for each sequential orbital rotation.

11)Artificial Hurricanes - Preparing The People On The USA East And Gulf Coast For An Impending Large Celestial Impacts In The Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea.???
Benjamin Fulford Says A New Financial System And A Civil War In The US Are Imminent - Sep. 4, 2017
Now an even bigger weather warfare attack is apparently about to take place in the form of Hurricane Irma. The warning below was forwarded to this writer from a source in the CIA via e-mail:
"Maximum Alert Status – Leave Coastal Eastern USA ASAP. From NAIG.
Hurricane IRMA – expected landfall Eastern coastline USA, tracking TBA (uncertain) CAT 5 and higher expectation.
Expect major damage – life threatening – major flooding – power outage – transport chaos – looting – high casualty rate/deaths.
Landfall expected from 9th September onwards through 10th and 11th September 2017, could be sooner, TBA.
Updates see: - BPEarthWatch on the web.
Advise All Stations – make preparations now, secure property – Leave The Area by a distance of at least 60 miles from coast.
Seek altitude, avoid river valleys, flood plains, heavy population areas. Secure food, portable water, fuel and secure shelter.
This Is Not A Drill. This is "HARVEY" on steroids.
Speed this warning far and wide NOW. Do not wait for the crisis to develop. Even if it does not come ashore (unlikely) the wave propagation is showing wave height expectations of over 50 ft and duration of wavelength of 16 seconds. ALL SHIPPING leave tracking area immediately and run for safe haven at maximum speed while time allows please. All models agree the above data set.
This writer could not locate any NAIG on the internet but clearly, at the very least, some people in the CIA are trying to generate fear.
Janet Napolitano and Al Gore may have warned us about this approaching natural disaster to happen in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea regions.

Figure 5. Practice Makes Perfect.

12) Moving Puerto Rico Elite Out Of The Impact Area As Define By ET Aliens???
President Donald J. Trump Approves Puerto Rico Disaster Declaration - Sep. 21, 2017
Puerto Rico: The Lies Continue, But The Truth Is Squeaking Through - Sep. 28, 2017
There was a report about 55 percent of all major transmission towers being knocked over which has to be a lie, because all power has to go through transmission towers to get anywhere. Yet a satellite photo that was just released proved that even two days ago Puerto Rico had power to every part of the island, with only local repairs needing to be done. It would be a big deal if that many transmission towers really got knocked over, AND THAT would take "months to repair" but the photo below proves that has to be a lie because even though Puerto Rico is indeed dimmer than before the hurricane, power is still getting to all points on the main island.

Figure 8. "We're doing a lot of work here, so the situation is getting better and better," Aquino says.

The reports ALL said 100 percent of all power was knocked out to PR. Yet the dimmer photo was taken only 3 days after the hurricane, and shows power getting to every region of Puerto Rico. It would look that way even after a category 1, which will knock out power everywhere as a matter of course. So the story of complete outages is bogus, there is obviously enough still going there to take care of absolutely essential needs.
So I perused the Puerto Rican papers. They are not even talking about the hurricane anymore, and are instead talking about crimes, car accidents, etc. So something is seriously amiss with the official story.
All roads in Puerto Rico are completely cleared and carrying traffic. There are no blocked roads. Roads were already predominantly clear, allowing the full three hour drive across the island unhindered, on the morning of September 27. Residents are asking where all the stories about blocked roads are originating. These stories are being told to excuse the fact that there are 9,700 semi truck sized shipping containers that were sent by Trump, packed with food and other supplies sitting in port while the truckers refuse to deliver them to the island, under the cooperation of their union which has ties to Hillary Clinton.
The truckers have been told that if they just sit there, and allow an enormous starvation/humanitarian crisis to unfold, they will receive an enormous payout afterward. Many do not want to cooperate with this, but if any trucker tries to leave the port, they will be immediately fired and removed from their vehicle. The desire to cooperate is far from unanimous, it is to a large degree forced.

13) Google AI Hijacks TV Broadcasts in California-Warns "Extremely Violent Times Will Come" - September 26, 2017
the hijacking of television broadcasts in Orange County, California, where residents were greeted with a terrified, breathless voice saying "the space program made contact with... they are not what they claim to be...they have infiltrated a lot of, uh, a lot of aspects of military establishment, particularly Area 51...the disasters that are coming-the military...I'm sorry the government knows about them..."-and-a different voice warning that "extremely violent times will come".

14) ~100# Asteroid Explodes In Air
NASA captures meteor fireball over Arizona, sonic boom picked up by seismometer - 26 Sep 2017
The disruption produced a sonic boom that was picked up by a seismometer near Tucson. This indicates that the fireball may have produced meteorites that dropped somewhere over the desert.
Analysis of our video data indicates that the object that produced the fireball was likely an asteroid fragment that weighed approximately 100 pounds and had a diameter of roughly 1 foot.

15) Planetary Defense Systems
C4: How NASA Plans to Test its Planetary Defense Systems on Close-Approach Asteroid Oct. 6, 2017
What makes TC4 a good candidate for a planetary defense exercise?
We knew it was coming and we knew it would be approaching very close. That’s the reason we decided a year ago to use this as an exercise for the observing community—the whole process of what we would do if an asteroid were on a collision course with Earth.
Massive Asteroid To Buzz Earth At Only An Eighth The Distance To The Moon October 12th - Oct. 4, 2017

B) Comet K2. See Secondary Bright White Object Is Figures C, D & F.
C/2017 K2
C/2017 K2 (PANSTARRS) is a non-periodic comet with a hyperbolic orbit, discovered in May 2017 at a distance beyond the orbit of Saturn when it was 16 AU from the Sun. The comet nucleus is estimated to be less than 12 miles across. Precovery images from 2013 were located by July. It has been in the constellation of Draco since July 2007.
Around 2022-Jul-06 the comet will cross the celestial equator and then around 2022-Jul-14 it will pass 1.8 AU from Earth. It will reach perihelion around 2022-Dec-19, close to the orbit of Mars.

16)New Hampshire (04 Oct. 2017) and California (08 Oct. 2017) Wild Fires
October 2017 Northern California Wildfires

Owing to the extreme conditions, shortly after the fires ignited on October 8 and 9, they rapidly grew to become extensive, full-scale incidents spanning from 1,000 acres (400 hectares) to well over 20,000 acres (8,100 ha) each within a single day.
#5 T367 Earth Threatening Comet Of Vulcan
A comet debris shower called the 5 October Camelopardalids associated with incoming comet/meteor #5 of the B Swarm's Cluster 1 as predicted by crop circle T367.

This material forms a long-chain of long period comet/meteor associated debris. These periods are:
Comet #5 Debris: 10/07/2007 +/- 6 days Canada/Northern Pacific threatened.

This October Time Frame will be threatened for many years to come.
Dune And Wetter Land Areas (W) During The Last Glacial Maximum. CA is the place to be during an Ice Age.
* Santa Rosa & Northern CA Fires Defy The Laws Of Physics (Where'd The Houses Go??) - Oct. 10, 2017
Meteorites made of organic ices (e.g. frozen Propane, Butane) penetrated the roofs of houses and cars, where they evaporated into confined combustible gases and ignited. Thus cars and houses were destroyed, but not trees. The meteorites that landed outside simply evaporated in the air and the wind blew the gases away.

17)A/2017 U1
This object would not have been considered except for the apparent 'hankey pankey' going on with calling this 'dead' comet an asteroid.
A/2017 U1
On October 25, 2017 in very deep stacked images taken at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) the object was found to show no presence whatsoever of a coma. Accordingly, the object was renamed A/2017 U1, becoming the first[citation needed] comet ever to be re-designated as an asteroid.[12]
Perihelion 0.2539 ± 0.00051 AU
Eccentricity 1.1958 ± 0.00131
Average orbital speed 26.17 km/s (peaking at 87.71 km/s at perihelion)
Inclination 122.554o ± 0.048
180o - 122.554o = 57.446o
Vulcan's orbital inclination = 48.44o
Argument of perihelion 241.446o ± 0.09o
Vulcan's Argument of perihelion 257.8o +/- 0.90o
(VLT) the object was found to show no presence whatsoever of a coma. Accordingly, the object was renamed A/2017 U1, becoming the first[citation needed] comet to ever be re-designated as an asteroid.

18)Orange Meteor Fireball Shocks Skywatchers over Florida.
Slow-moving meteor fireball caught on camera over Florida? - 18 Nov 2017

Slow Falling Flordia Fragment.

19) Red Comet Fragment Over New South Wales.

  • Green meteor fireball seen over New South Wales, Australia - 23 Nov 2017

    Red Comet Fragment.

    Speculation ran rife online after Inverell Times reader Lawana Hillhouse reported seeing a strange light moving over the town on Thursday night, November 23, at approximately 9.45pm.
    "It was sort of round and real red," Lawana said. She watched the object, which she initially believed was a fireball, move at a medium pace towards Moree.
    "I only saw the tail end of it, but it was a green flame with a bit of a trail, bright but moving reasonably slow - not quite as fast as a meteor," he said. He said it was moving towards the ground.
    "I thought it might have been a bit of space junk because of the colour.

    20)Comet Over Saskatchewan.
    Mysterious fireball shedding burning sparks filmed blazing across sky in Saskatchewan, Canada - 26 Nov 2017
    He initially thought it could be a satellite or a plane coming down, sparking as it dropped. "Some was falling off backwards and some was going forwards in front of it."
    He watched it pass while sat in his living room and said it was visible for about 20 seconds.
    Lorne said it was travelling too slowly to be a meteorite, but could not confirm what the light could have been.
    Mysterious fireball with burning sparks falling off spotted blazing across sky leaving eyewitnesses - Nov 25, 2017
    Comet in Saskatchewan 2017 - Nov 24, 2017
    Looks like a comet fragment.


    Sir Fred Hoyle warned us, and (believe it or not) our government seems to have listened:

    "Together with disease, the next Ice Age ranks as the biggest danger to which we as individuals are exposed. The next Ice Age is not specific problem of the distant future. The causative agent, the strike of a giant meteorite, could happen at any time.

    The risk of the next Ice Age is not just the biggest of the risks that we run. It is a risk that would hopelessly compromise the future. Besides wiping out a considerable fraction of those now alive, it would leave a wan, grey future from which the survivors and their descendants could do nothing to escape. It would be a condition that might last 50,000 years or more, a future in which the prospects for mankind would be much less favourable than they are today. This is why our modern generation must take action to avoid catastrophe, an ultimate catastrophe besides which the problems that concern people, media and governments from day to day are quite trivial."
    ... Sir Fred Hoyle - Ice, the Ultimate Human Catastrophe (pg. 75).

    Evidence of a threatening celestial Earth impactor has appeared. There have been
    major political figures (e.g. Gore, Napolitano & Songstad) as well as sanctioned leaks from USA intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA) warning that 'something big is coming', but when? Apparently, the passage of Earth threatening meters (a natural event) is occurring in the September thru October 2017 time frame and will occur past Mother Shipton's 2026 (Stanza #3). A comet debris shower called the 5 October Camelopardalids has started (16) New Hampshire (04 Oct. 2017) and California (08 Oct. 2017) wild fires by meteorite fall as was the Great Chicago fire of 1871. Our ET Alien 'friends' have warned us of this threat at Fatima in 1917.

    An additional ET alien simulation of this impact event is shown below. While the seven red comets (dragons) of Revelation 12:3 have yet to appear in the cited Sky Circle formation, an actual comet fragment, (5) with a 'red tail' has appeared. Additionally, there seems to be artificially generated (11) Hurricanes and premeditated lies by the USA government about one of them (Maria). The purpose of these seem to be to encourage people to leave an anticipated impact area (12), Puerto Rico (by exaggerating Maria's damage). Moreover, a planetary defense system (15) is being tested within this time frame.

    One firm B - Swarm Comet, (A) - Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN) has appeared in the constellation Camelopardalids, but its anticipated orbital period of 3600 years has mysteriously changed to a value of between 9600 - 9900 years. The anticipated comet #5 depicted in crop circle T367 has bee previously associated with 5 October Camelopardalids debris. More importantly, the discovery of comet (B) - C/2017 K2, have been reported. K2 had a coma already at 2 billion miles from the Sun, when it was between the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. Sunlight is heating frozen volatile gases - such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide - that coat the comet's frigid surface. These icy volatiles lift off from the comet and release dust, forming the coma. It will reach perihelion around 2022-Dec-19, close to the orbit of Mars. This comet may fragment 'rounding the Sun' and cause the two bright white objects depicted in the ET alien comet swarm simulation depicted below as well as multiple smaller Earth threatening objects.

    Is There a Seven-Year Tribulation? - Oct. 7, 2013

    Many people say that there is a seven-year tribulation but there’s not one scripture to prove that. However, there are six specific scriptures that say the great tribulation will last for three and one half years.
    There is mounting evidence that the 'End Time Tribulation' will occur roughly around 2021 to 2025. Mother Shipton's Prophetic stanza #17 seems to predict that mankind's golden age will start by the close of 2026

    UFO Spiral In The Sky Seen And Heard Across Western Canada. - May 22, 2010

    17. And before the race is built anew, - 30: New Ice Age alien arrival. 12
    a silver serpent comes to view - "
    and spew out men of like unknown - "
    to mingle with the earth now grown - "
    cold from its heat and these men can - "
    enlighten the minds of future man - 31: Aliens teach mankind how to live
    to intermingle and show them how - "
    to live and love and thus endow. - "
    the children with the second sight. - "
    a natural thing so that they might - "
    grow graceful, humble and when they do - "
    the golden age will start anew.- "


    A presumably ET alien celestial simulation 'Sky Circle' of our anticipated comet swarm was generated in 2011 over Christ Church New Zealand. Notice that the ET alien simulation of the approaching comet swarm was likewise in the Southern Hemisphere. This simulation was the first firm indication the author had of the 'comet swarm' and it was displayed on the following 2011 Video.

    UFO, Radar, Anomaly, Project Blue Beam, Spiral, Stargate? New Zealand Christchurch 29.03.2011 - Apr 1, 2011; 05.04.2011 Update:

    Screen shots of this video follow:

    Figure A. 2:24 min:sec

    Figure B. 3:10 min:sec

    Figure C. 3:55 min:sec

    Figure D. 4:19 min:sec

    Figure E. 4:39 min:sec Note Red Dot

    Figure F. 5:29 min:sec

    Figure G. 5:45 min:sec Note 2 Red Dots

    Figure H. 5:51 min:sec Note Red Comets

    Figure I. 6:05 min:sec Note Red Comets
    ET Alien Simulation Of Cluster 1 Of The B Comet Swarm And Its 7 (Sun Grazing?) Kuiper Belt Comets.

    Notice that the comet swarm appears to 'glow white' suggesting that it still can outgas. The biblical 7 red objects seems separated from it suggesting that these bodies have passed near the Sun frequently and lost their low temperature volatiles. Possibly, they must pass near the Sun to heat their high temperature volatiles and these produce a reddish comet like trail. The two comet sub-clusters have been seen before and even named Marduk and Tiamat:
    The Babylonians knew of two (swarm B) comet sub-clusters and named them Marduk (AKA Phaeton) and Tiamat. Marduk was recorded as a major astronomical entity with four assistances and Tiamat with eleven (or more after rounding the Sun). Both appeared large. An apparent "battle" occurred as Tiamat rounded the Sun and met incoming Marduk. A major comet, Kingu, is also noticeable. Some, living near Ardmarnoch in western Scotland, may have seen this event around 10,000 YA after the 11,600 YA swarm A strike cleared the ice crystals from the atmosphere revealing the starry canape'. They carved its (or just Tiamat's) image on a large flat rock. Twenty-two comet-like objects are shown. Some are arranged in a line as if a comet had fragmented while passing around the Sun as often occurs.
    Marduk and Tiamat can be seen in the ET alien's celestial simulation seen above in Figure I. This is what the Babylonians saw one Resonate Interval (2 x 4969) 9938 years ago(YA).

    There is a second piece of hard data that suggests a possible impact event may occur near the September/October boundary. It is the increase in fireball activity at this boundary in 2016. Furthermore, there is even prophetic data that suggests a cosmic Earth impact around that time as well:

    Both Efrain and Kato's meteor visions appear correlated with the Kansas City Chief's football game in Arrowhead stadium starting at 8:30 PM on 2 October 2017 and the full moon occurring on 5 October 2017. Kato's '7' is believed to be associated with the collection of seven comet fragments will pass around the Sun circa September to October 2017 and points to a cosmic impact date beginning 2 October 2017 with other impacts following shortly thereafter. This is about the time Kato's '7' red comets (Kuiper Belt Objects) would receive the most solar heating from rounding the Sun making them most visible.
    Should the object in Figure 2 be the first sighting of this anticipated comet swarm, the possibility exists that impacts from its associated comet fragments could cause Earth to rapidly descend into an Ice Age.