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08/12/2012 - Updated: 11/04/2022
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I was sitting down at my kitchen table September 13th, 2011 at 10 am. My body had been immersed in sweat, I started speaking in tongues. It sounded Arabic. There was anger that arose, a pleading, a begging to not let the earth be destroyed.

The volcano killed 3000 people, the ash was covered on the ground - Galapagos - it caused surges in the tide. Indonesia was cast out to sea. (the flooding of Indonesia was confirmed several times since this date. 1 ) Afghanistan increased their artillery today. (The same week a gentlemen found me on the internet with the same last name as mine and he was in Afghanistan looking up his family tree.) It was as if Jesus went before the father and pleaded not to destroy the land. I could see this woman praying in Afghanistan she was in her mid sixties crying out to God. California is to be awakened by a 7. 2 earthquake it will leave a hole in the sleeping of that state. Hawaii gets the rumble of the earth splitting and its pain giving way to the new earth. Hailstorms will be the size of golf balls over Manhattan. (There was a hailstorm in Manhattan, NY, on Wednesday, two weeks ago. 2 ) A woman's son in Afghanistan was killed, a young boy, she weeps for the death of him. Australia is in danger of a drought. Kansas there is destruction of homes. ( Kansas recently was considered in a state of emergency with the catastrophic tornado that just occurred.3 ) Arkansas in hit with a tornado.4 Look up, the end is near. There will be a period of 12 months that I hold back my wrath upon the unbelievers, then there shall be no more. I will have mercy on the survivors and the strugglers. My fury will not be contained. This earth passes away like the wind. I shall have my way with my people. To the unrighteous, I shall spread their wealth among the poor and the just and chosen.

The following Audio offers an 'Unknown Language' format through which Dr. Baaden received Prophecy 1.

An Audio Recording Of God's PROPHECY 1


This is the second prophecy given to me July 5th, 2012 at 1pm.

For its coming the passage of life, your wealth is granted. These are the warnings I give you, this nation will surely pass. Fire will spread across the states. Texas, Arizona etc. (This has already happened and continuing.5)Maine will flood. (Already happened two weeks after this prophecy.6) Germany will bear destruction. Zimbabwe will be met with tidal waves. North Pacific will be met with chaos. (Japan three weeks approximately after this prophecy was flooded.7) England there is an economic meltdown. Dow Jones will drop dramatically facing hysteria.

I have your attention, I will continue to remove my grace on the earth. It will soon be time to collect what I have designed and created. Those who don't follow me will perish. You will be visited by three angels, showing you more signs. Stand up and fight for your belief. Tell my people. Austria will have a food shortage. The powers of darkness are growing, be steadfast, their building up an army.

Three dreams will rise. Hold firm to my word. The world will know my fury. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Be obedient to your calling. Your prophetic ways will be your guiding light.

European countries meet devastation. Britain, the Queen will have a massive heart attack. A third of the sea will die in the North Atlantic. These are the signs. Blood shall be poured out in the sea. Commonwealth is at the mercy of China. The earth will feel a massive quake in Saudi Arabia. Two thousand will die in Yosemite, California by fire.

ADDENDUM: Important Prophetic Dreams That Have Been Confirmed

ADDENDUM: Prophetic Dreams And Those That Have Been Confirmed

These three confirmed dreams support the thesis that the Dr. Baaden (involved in alternative healing/modalities and naturopathy) is likely telepathic. Telepathic individuals often communicate with each other when in a hypnotic or dream state. Dr. Baaden is a an alternative doctor in conversation as well a a clinical hypnotherapist. This would seem to imply that Dr. Baaden occasionally operates out her Higher Intellectual Center implying that she has unique skills. The confirmed dreams imply unintentional communication by other telepathic individuals in the Earthquake affected areas. The operation out of the Higher Intellectual Center means that under certain (stressful?) times, she reacts differently than the majority of the human population would react. It is also postulated that the prophetic dreams are possibly from a Deity or an Extra- Terrestrial Alien being either visiting Earth or on their home world. The Confirmed Dreams do not mean that the Prophetic Dreams discussed above or below are valid, but they do strongly suggest their method of transmission.

PROPHETIC DREAM 1 CONFIRMED: Earthquake In Los Angeles, California, September 3rd, 2012 4:30AM. I woke up!!

This dream was confirmed by a retired physicist. I spoke with him at 8am September 3rd, 2012 when I was getting ready to go to work this is my confirmation that everything said here is true and correct. I had a dream last night, there was an earthquake in Los Angeles, Califtornia. I was on a ten story apartment building and saw the concrete split under my feet. The feeling I got was a 4.0. My dream happened before 4:30 am Eastern standard time. I am located in NY. I saw the cement split in two different places. I was outside the window on the ledge. I had to cross two cracks and risk falling. The apartment crumbled. It was in the day not evening in my dream. ( The Medici Apartment- near downtown Los Angeles skyline. )

Confirmation - when I went to work I got on my computer and found out there was an earthquake in Los Angeles at 3:26 am a 3.3 quake Monday September 3, 2012.

PROPHETIC CONFIRMED DREAM 2 CONFIRMED: - Earthquake In Russia June 22nd, 2012

I had a dream that there was an earthquake in Russia. It wasn't significant in size but it did happen. I saw Russia had an earthquake under 5.0. It happened last night. People were scared and nervous heading for shelter. I woke up at 7: 30 AM and dreamt this. I looked up on the internet earthquakes there was a 3.5 at 1am in the morning. Confirmation Saturday.

PROPHETIC DREAM 3 CONFIRMED: - Typhoon Philippines December 16th, 2011

I woke up early 6am, I had a dream. I was being escorted in a boat down a river, vivid in color and contrast. I was in another country, a foreign area. I looked down in the water, all of the fish were dead, fishes mouths were open face up. I was being taken to a village in the jungle area. My face had to duck to avoid tree branches with leaves. It looks like I was heading down a river. My guide stopped the boat and said "Here it is." I'm in a village, I look to my right, I can see a mountain. The women were with their straw baskets and walking towards the mountain, then without notice a mudslide from a typhoon coming over the side killed these women. My heart wept, the village was destroyed.

Confirmation - This dream was confirmed as it was December 16th, 2012 Typhoon Washi (made landfall again over Palawan on December 17) that I saw happen.

PROPHETIC DREAM 4: - Tsunami December 4th, Sunday, 2011

Six forty am - I woke up from a dream. It was one of the largest tsunamis to ever hit the earth. I looked up it was over 5,400 feet high. People were running, everything as abandoned. I was heading toward the ferries it felt like the New England area. There were harbors, elderly in their houses. The ferries were flooded with people, their were riots of who was getting on. Started in the North Pacific Ocean and ran with a fury across the United States.(Tropic of Cancer) It hit Baja California, San Francisco, Mexico. Cruise ships saw the waters and they didn't go back fast enough to up the people. I woke up feeling sick. There was nothing I could do about it.

COMMENT: Such a large tsunami could only be caused by the impact of a giant meteorite. Since both the east and west coasts were affected, multiple meteorite impacts are anticipated. Meteorite impacts in the North Atlantic and Indian Ocean are already anticipated for September and October 2012. Also note: Magnitude 6.2 - GULF OF CALIFORNIA 2012 September 25 23:45:26 UTC

PROPHETIC DREAM 5 CONFIRMED: - Papua, New Guinea, Earthquake 11:34pm September 3th, 2012 - Received notification by email Sat, 8 Sep 2012 08:47:21 - BMW
Driving in my car Monday September 3rd,2012 11:34pm is the time I remembered to write down. It was a vision at 12:15pm after work 5 min before home hostelling. I started praying in tongues (like the first listed prophetic dreams). I felt I received that Papua, New Guinea, would have a 6.6 earthquake. I saw a split in New Guinea, it will hit before September 27th.

Confirmed - 13 Sep 2012: M5.6 - 80km S of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 2012-09-12 04:28:14 UTC
Confirmed - 28 Sep 2012: Magnitude 6.0 - SOLOMON ISLANDS - 2012 September 27 23:53:49 UTC or 19:53:49 EDT (Where Dr. Baaden lives). Geoscience Australia measured the quake at about 6.2-magnitude but said it was unlikely to create a tsunami or cause serious damage in the capital. Papua New Guinea is part of the Australasia ecozone, which also includes Australia, New Zealand, eastern Indonesia, and several Pacific island groups, including the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
Magnitude 5.0 - NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA - 2012 October 03 21:02:38 UTC or

  • M6.6 - 98km NNW of Dobo, Indonesia 2012-10-12 00:31:28 UTC

    PROPHETIC DREAM 6: - Sunday 10am September 23rd, (I got this vision in my bathtub) - Received notification 23 Sept. 2012
    Kenya is going to be damaged by earthquake and splitting, coastal plate. Kenya, Africa has mourning for the devastation to fall upon it. Latitude and Longitude is : 0 by 40 degrees 7- 7.6 range, 7.4. Tuesday October 30th, 2012 (change will take place in 45 days).

    PROPHETIC DREAM 7: - September 29th,2012 - Received notification by email 30 Sep 2012 22:09:52 - BMW
    North Dakota, Devils Lake. In my dream I was in Devils Lake, North Dakota. I was in the woods and there was a food fair. There was fire everywhere. This huge booming sound exceeded the human decibel. there was smoke everywhere. This hit kept in the same vicinity, the hitting sound wasn't letting up. Could this be the area that a meteorite hits the earth? Everyone started running. I woke up. Within 36 days from this date this will happen this is the feeling I had. I felt very nauseated with the sound and the dream.

    PROPHETIC DREAM/VISION 8: - September 30th,2012 - Received notification by email 30 Sep 2012 22:09:52 - BMW
    South of France will have a 6.9 EARTHQUAKE. Midi ( Nice' ) 4 month period before January 30th,2013 tectonic plate shift. Latitude- 43 by 42 " North Longitude- 7 by 16 " East this is the feeling I had

    PROPHETIC DREAM/VISION 9: - March 18th, 2016 Received notification by email 18 Mar 2016 - BMW
    Geysers 3.1 earthquake. The LA one is coming. If you look at the other quakes they have been around a one. In the past two days after my prediction they have jumped to a's coming!

    PROPHETIC DREAM/VISION 10: - March 7th, 2018 Received notification by email 19 Jun 2018 - BMW

    Mt. Fuji eruption, Nuclear Power Plant explosion

    PROPHETIC DREAM/VISION 11 - September 8th, 2018 Received notification by email 8 Sep 2018

    Initial Report: Tsunami dream of Australia Brisbane
    Coral Sea- Brisbane Australia - Gold Coast Nightmare there was tsunami it went for 33 blocks long. At first I was standing on an ice cap and I could see the storm coming as I looked up to the sky. ( No one else could see it so, there was no warning) I could see the water recede from the beach. The tidal wave was over 300 feet high. I kept walking along the coast.
    When the tsunami came down on the house I was in, it grew dark and I braced myself for what was to come next. ( Puysagur Trench) Subduction Zone along tectonic plate boundaries.
    The Australian crust is riding over the top of the Sunda plate and therefore is bac-arc thrusting.

    Prediction Thailand Phuket
    Sarassin bridge will be met with rumbling of earthquake not from Thailand but another area and a tsunami warning ( the wave came fast and sped through like a racing car) It will come to pass and the bridge will collapse and fall into the midst of the sea. Sept 30 th I saw flashes in a vision major mudslide in Phuket and the earth once again having a birth quake of an eruption plate shift. By Barbara Baaden 7,53,26,12 N 98,23,53,16 E

    PROPHETIC DREAM 12 CONFIRMED: - October 3, 2018 - Received notification by email 3 Oct. 2018 - BMW

    Prediction October 3,2018
    Woke up at 6:30 am - Dream
    Completely paralyzed to the fact there was a San Bernardino fire and I could smell the embers. The crispness of what was left in the region caused a charcoal sensation. Coordinates- 34.1083N 117.2898W
    Prediction- School Shooting Dream
    Baton Rouge Louisiana Massive shooting
    11 died - school shooter starts shooting and children rushed into the gymnasium. The kids were cornered. Middle school. I ran out the side door as fast as I could and headed east. I felt myself running and when I was free from the metal school door, I saw the water and headed towards it. Looked like an ak44 shotgun
    Sycamore Fire In Riverside Was Caused By A Person, But Was Not Arson, Investigators Say - July 10, 2019 The 201-acre fire in Riverside's Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park that threatened homes and brought voluntary evacuations was caused by a person, but it was not arson, investigators said Wednesday, July 10.
    More details were not available Wednesday because the fire that broke out July 2 is still under investigation.
    The wind-pushed fire that broke out in the early afternoon made a run up the hills and canyons of the 1,424 acre-park and threatened several homes south of Lochmoor Drive, in a neighborhood that overlooks the north and east ends of the park. That's where the voluntary evacuations were advised for about 100 homes.
    The fire was reported just before 1 p.m., and its advance was stopped by midafternoon.

    Subject: Find Jayme Closs
    Date: November 30, 2018 at 4:51:05 PM EST - Received notification by email 30 Jul. 2019 - BMW
    Hello Chris, my name is Barbara. I have been concerned with this case for over 35 days praying on my knees everyday for this girl to be able to go home. I believe when God puts something on your heart it is calling for your attention.
    I do not know if you are familiar with people who are gifted intuitively but I am one of those people and want to help with your investigation.
    I will give you all of that I know so far from what I can pick up intuitively regarding dreams and visions. Let’s get started.
    I feel that Jayme is in a basement in a wooded area. She is being held against her will. There are concrete blocks in the basement of the house, like something was built or being built. The blocks were square and large. Jayme was on the right side of me. One of the men in the basement had a go tee and a mustache, black short hair and Hispanic. The man I saw in a vision and you have this on recording for connection with Jayme is; a man with a heavy set face, red beard, blue eyes, red haired and a red checkered flannel shirt. The next day after I spoke to you his picture appeared and did not know who he was except I saw this man in my vision on her porch. ( looks like Chris Kroaze). Also, in a the dream I asked Jayme her location and she said Northwest. Chris try Chetek area for camp areas, Cumberland. Look close to the railroad tracks. Cornell? Check out Suzi Allard as suspect, rule her out and Jennifer. The husband in the interview had his arms crossed and head down which indicates defensive behavior. Check out the areas of water as I indicated before in our previous phone call. Turtle Lake area and Bois Brule River. Appears to me to be targeted and not random. Kindly get back to me ASAP.
    My thoughts are she is still alive and time is the essence. If I am right about these areas of prediction let me know and I shall continue the search. Thank you Chris for protecting the community the best that you can.
    Barbara's email address

    Subject: Jayme Closs
    Date: December 6, 2018 at 10:31:45 PM EST
    Chris good evening. It’s Barbara again from New York. Hope you are doing well and still praying for a safe return for Jayme Closs.
    By this time I am hoping that you are closer to finding the suspects who did this.
    A couple of things I envisioned with this case so far 1. There are two men in on this as I described in the last email to you. 2. I keep getting the feeling there is a blue pickup truck involved and Northwest location. Chris see if you can come across a Ford or Chevy truck- older model silver grill. What else I saw was this; a black tar mat inside of the house near the front of the door. I also saw in my vision a handprint from her with blood on it. I felt a few days ago they now cut her hair short and jagged. I hope what ever I come up with leads you closer to this. Once again I appreciate people who care like you about having a happy ending to a sad story.

    Subject: Jayme Closs case
    Date: December 15, 2018 at 9:25:42 PM EST
    Good evening, I am Barbara that has been emailing what dreams or visions I have regarding the Jayme Closs case. I have sent several emails to you guys with ideas and no response. I am hoping that the latest dream I had which was 4 days ago can bring some rest to her family.
    The recent dream I had was this; I saw a house - like a camp house, when I went up to the house I walked into the front door and it had an old screen on it. When I looked at the house it had the color brown for the paint job. The feeling I got was a campground setting and when I went to the back of the house there was a body of water behind it. From what I could see it was like a river. Can you try Prairie Lake and search around the houses on that lake? The dream was I found her in the back of the house looking down to the lake.
    Sixty days now is long time for the family not to have closure so, once again I am spending my spare time in prayers and hope that I can crack this case. Thank you for your time.

    Oct 6, 2018

    Nov 24, 2018 Start

    Nov 24, 2018 End - Dec 1, 2018

    Dec 11, 2018

    PROPHETIC DREAM 13: - July 6, 2019 - Received notification by email Jul. 24, 2019 - - BMW
    Major California Earthquake 7.8 - 8.4.

    Prophetic Dream of July 6, 2019

    PROPHETIC DREAM 14: Dual Dream - July 8 & 14 2019 - Received notification by email 14 & 18 Jul. 2019 - BMW

    Prophetic Dream of July 8, 2019

    Prophetic Dream of July 14, 2019

    Long Valley Caldera: Earthquakes suggest Mammoth Mountain volcano about to erupt Jul. 17, 2019
    A BURST of tiny earthquakes has sparked fears a "very hight threat" supervolcano capable of causing a new Ice Age is about to blow.
    The US Geological Survey - which monitors earthquakes and volcanoes worldwide - has designated Long Valley Caldera's threat potential as "very high".
    Millions - if not billions - of people would almost certainly die if itblows its top.
    And more than 150 earthquakes - including at least one with a magnitude of 3.9 - have been detected there since the start of this month.
    Long Valley Caldera was formed by a so-called "super eruption" 760,000 years ago and its most recent eruption was 16,000 to 17,000 years ago.
    But the USGS considers the area volatile and monitors it constantly.

    Danger Zone: Map of North America Showing The Distribution Of Air-Fall (Ash) Deposit


    PROPHETIC DREAM 15: - July 18, 2019 - Received notification by email Jul. 18, 2019 - - BMW

    Jul 18, 2019

    Awoken at 2:20 am New York time Prediction 7.8 major earthquake felt in Las Vegas - reverberating from fault line. Nevada feels strong impact from this. California happening into next week. Cities are; San Diego and Los Angeles - Owens Valley Fault line -impact Coordinates Are; Latitude: 36o 36' 36.00" N Longitude: - 118 03' 36.00" W
    Danger get out immediately forewarning. Agitation in this faultline versus San Andreas fault line.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 16: - August 7, 2019 - Received notification by email Aug. 7, 2019 & Aug. 11, 2019 - BMW

    Prophetic Dream of August 7 & 11, 2019

    August 7th, 2019 Tsunami - Tokyo -Japan - dream
    I could hear repeatedly the sirens go off as I was in my dream. They wouldn’t stop so, I had to wake up. There were screams and I watched the water rush in as people were swept away, no notice of the event. (Feeling was am - period of very soon will come) coordinates of tsunami are; East of Japan - Pacific Ocean Plate - (very large earthquake) the tectonic plates will collide Eurasian plate movement.
    35.6762° N, 139.6503° E
    Dr. Baaden: "feeling of earthquake for Japan is 90 day period approx 3 month span"
    & "It ('the tsunami') is due to a 7.4 magnitude earthquake or higher".
    Partial Confirmation:

    PROPHETIC DREAM 17: - August 18, 2019 - Received notification by email Aug. 18, 2019 - BMW
    Had Another Dream This One Was About A Smart Bomb Designed To Murder Innocent People In Foreign Territory.
    In Iraq a smart bomb or missile was launched on the grounds where a soldier died because Dr. Baaden felt the breath (go out of his midsection?). Dr, Baaden said she actually felt that she died from the hit (impact) of the remnants. (In the dream the right side of her body was paralyzed from being hit. (Within the dream, Dr. Baaden) tried to run but fell to the ground, eyes open. The man that did this had a black beard and killed hundreds of innocent Iraqis from the blast. He acquired the missile from the black market. This bomb was a "smart bomb" (JDAM)designed to track and target Iranians. Latitude/Longitude - unspecified.

    PROPHETIC OCCURRENCE 18: - August 26, 2019 - Received notification by email Aug. 26, 2019 - BMW
    This morning I (Dr. Baaden) was told to pray in tongues cutting the grass. It was long and angry these unpronounced speech but I knew it Came from god because he wanted my attention for worship. So of course I did. It was like I was possessed in a good way. Something big is going to hit the earth. I can feel it in my vibrations, in my body and soul. It is upon us quickly and I believe god is revealing that to me. First tongues then Interpretation from the almighty.
    "I(God?) love you and I am telling you now so you know but the inhabitants of this earth are going to suffer greatly that are not chosen. I cannot be near sin for I am the almighty my children will gather at my table for I am coming don't hold onto this earth for surely it passes once again. The earth will swallow its descendants, pain bears down to the rebellious."
    The kilometers of this missile will be at (Arabian) Persian Gulf fire will reign down from the sky. Period of darkness 2 months."
    Latitude and Longitude 26.7505 N 51.6834 E
    Note: ( the Iranian government is set to launch missile at 20:12 ) - 8:12 pm our time
    This what felt so I (Dr. Baaden) do the best I can do to write down everything.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 19: - August 27, 2019 - Received notification by email Aug. 27, 2019 - BMW

    Coronavirus Prompts U.S. Cruise Lines To Halt Sailings For A Month - Mar 13, 2020
    The world’s four biggest cruise lines said they were cutting short voyages and suspending their U.S. sailings for a month, an unprecedented shutdown of a $38 billion industry in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
    32 Cruise Ships Around The World Have Been Affected By The Coronavirus So Far, Leaving Passengers Infected, Dead, Or Stranded - See the full list - Mar 25, 2020

    PROPHETIC SPEAKING IN TONGUES 20: - August 26, 2019 Received notification by email Sep. 16, 2019 - BMW
    This morning I was told to pray in tongues cutting the grass. It was long and angry these unpronounced speech but I knew it Came from god because he wanted my attention for worship. So of course I did. It was like I was possessed in a good way. Something big is going to hit the earth. I can feel it in my vibrations, in my body and soul. It is upon us quickly and I believe god is revealing that to me. First tongues then Interpretation from the almighty.

    "I love you and I am telling you now so you know but the inhabitants of this earth are going to suffer greatly that are not chosen. I cannot be near sin for I am the almighty my children will gather at my table for I am coming don't hold onto this earth for surely it passes once again. The earth will swallow its descendants, pain bears down to the rebellious.
    The kilometers of this missile will be at (Arabian) Persian Gulf fire will reign down from the sky. Period of darkness 2 months.
    Lattitude and Longitude 26.7505o N 51.6834o E (the Iranian government is set to launch missile at 20:12 ) - 8:12 pm our time (EST)
    This what felt so I(Barbara) do the best I(Barbara) can do to write down everything.

    PROPHETIC VISION 21: - Jan 14, 2020 Received notification by email Jan. 14, 2020 - BMW
    6.8 Magnitude Baja Calif. Earthquake

    Series Of Small Quakes In Baja California.

    Dozens Of Earthquakes Currently Striking Near San Diego County CA Wednesday - Sep 30, 2020
    Over 120 earthquakes have struck over the past two hours including a magnitude 4.9 shaker that hit nearby Imperial County around 6 p.m. Wednesday night.
    The quakes are centered in Westmoreland, California, in the area of the California Mexico border near Baja California.
    The earthquake swarm is stirring fears they may be a prelude to a larger more destructive quake.
    Hundreds Of Earthquakes Continue To Rattle Southern California, USGS Says - Updated Oct 01, 2020
    An #earthquake swarm has kicked off southwest of the #SaltonSea today, producing 240 earthquakes as of 8pm Pacific. The largest earlier this evening was M4.9.
    "One of the largest swarms we have had in the Imperial Valley — and it is historically the most active swarms in SoCal," seismologist Lucy Jones wrote on Twitter.
    The quake swarms "are located in an area of diffuse seismic activity between the San Andreas fault in the north and the Imperial fault to the south."
    The swarm most likely will continue for several days, possibly including quakes up to 5.4 magnitude, but there's a slim chance of a major earthquake registering 7.0 magnitude or higher, the agency says.

    PROPHETIC VISION 22: - Mar. 01, 2020 Received notification by email Mar. 05, 2020 - BMW

    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

    This mosque will be severely infected as per my vision. 3 women were shown with berkas. This is all I have for now.
    WATCH: Iranians Lick Shrine Believed To Be Infected With Coronavirus - Mar 01, 2020
    "Iranians have posted several videos on social media, featuring devout Shiites licking holy shrines in defiance of the coronavirus. In some of the videos, worshippers say they are licking the shrines in order to infect themselves, thus protecting future pilgrims to the shrines from contracting the virus," the Middle East Media Research Institute reported. “On March 1, 2020, a pilgrim posted a video of himself licking the steel bars protecting the window of a Shiite shrine.”
    "If there are diseases or microbes there, let them enter our bodies and the bodies of our children, so that nothing happens to the pilgrims visiting Imam Reza," one of the men who licks a shrine states.

    PROPHETIC VISION 23: - Mar. 12, 2020 Update Mar. 14, 2020 Received notification by email Mar. 12, 2020 Update Mar. 14, 2020 - BMW
    Note: The White House, POTUS And VP And 16(?) Others Contract The COVID-19 virus by about one month from March 12, 2020.

    The White House gets hit with the COVID-19 virus, POTUS is exposed to the danger and possibly infected with the virus.

    The birds represent the people in the White House that will become infected. The government people will fall. God will be acknowledged as the authority, not man.
    Trump Tests Negative For Coronavirus, Doctor Says - March 14, 2020
    President Trump's doctor said Saturday the president had tested negative for coronavirus. Mr. Trump said at a press conference earlier in the day that he had been tested Friday.
    "I also took the test last night. I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday," Mr. Trump said at a press conference Saturday with members of the Coronavirus Task Force. The president was repeatedly questioned about whether he had taken a test during a press conference Friday.
    Three White House Staffers Have Now Tested Positive for Coronavirus, Including Trump's Valet, Two Pence Employees - 5/8/20
    Breaking: President Trump Has COVID-19 - October 2, 2020
    President Trump and First Lady Melania have both tested positive and will enter quarantine.

    PROPHETIC VISION 24: - Mar. 20, 2020 Received notification by email Mar. 21, 2020 - BMW Loud pitch
    Last night at 11:00 pm on Tuesday night I heard a screech in my left ear that no one heard but me. It was a piercing sound and I knew it was about the earth and the energy fueled transformation. Something entering into the atmosphere that’s why the pitch for the atmosphere drastically changed in frequency beyond normal tone. Should of sent this in sooner.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 25: - Mar. 21, 2020 Received notification by email Mar. 23, 2020 - BMW

    Dream - last night

    The San Francisco Bridge (GoldenGate Bridge) parts of it collapsed. There was a massive strong quake-over 7.3- I didn’t see anyone on the streets. I could hear the rumbling as the water wrestled to stay calm but invoked a fury.
    Latitude and Longitude Latitude- 2.5215 S Longitude- 44.3034 W
    Time period within a year. Keep in mind when I have these dreams and visions I do my best for the most accurate interpretation so, I can help mankind have a time line of preventative apocalyptic event catastrophes.
    Update 10/26/2021
    Pay attention to San Francisco having earthquake problems containing major shifting with Tsunami activity. Tsunami will cause structural damage. Today is a day to look for continuous activity (October26,2021) along San Andreas fault line. Several earthquakes within 1 week.

    Recent San Andreas Quakes 10/26/2021

    PROPHETIC WRITING 26: - Mar. 22, 2020 Received notification by email Mar. 23, 2020 - BMW

    PROPHETIC WRITING 27: - Mar. 25, 2020 Received notification by email Mar. 25 2020 - BMW

    PROPHETIC VISION 28: - Apr. 02, 2020 Received notification by email Apr. 04 2020 - BMW

    CONTACT MESSAGE WUHAN CHINA 29: - Feb. 7, 2020 Received notification by email Apr. 13, 2020 - BMW

    From: Barbara Baaden []
    Date: February 7, 2020 at 9:54:38 PM EST
    Subject: Corona Virus
    To whom it may concern, I noticed your virology center is in Wuhan, China. This is also the same place that the Corona virus was said to start. Supposedly it was mentioned that it started in a wet market.
    Your institute states that it is a place that viruses are recorded and tested in animals, plants etc. It is also mentioned that there are antiviral hiv drugs that are being tested for viruses.
    Could you kindly elaborate what you are doing to stop this pandemic that has taken so many lives. I would like your opinion on how you think the virus was started. I am an alternative Doctor in the states working on my own ideas to help. Thank you for your time.

    PROPHETIC VISION 30: - Aug. 07, 2019 Received notification by email Apr. 23, 2020 - BMW

    My vision was about Honshu Japan having an earthquake first then a tsunami in that particular area. It was dated and then forgot about writing it down.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 31: - May 09, 2020 Received notification by email May. 9, 2020 - BMW

    Spirit Airlines
    Dream of Airplane crash last night - soon with in 3 summer time period. month time period from May 7th date
    Spirit airlines - Right wing - impaired, fuselage damage right area 3 seats - - aisle seat on 4th row there was a crash - pull of the engine area - latitude and longitude based on Tropic of Cancer area 23.5 degrees north latitude - the girls were young in the dream (spring break feeling) and they had masks on and then the panic started.

    PROPHETIC VISION 32: - RUSSIAN BLACK SEA US FLEET ATTACK - May 17, 2020 Received notification by email May. 17 & May 23, 2020 - BMW
    May 17, 2022 Version: Vision (5:27) - I heard early this morning. There was an encrypted code message delivered for a battleship, Moscow intelligence formulated plan to submarine bomb (533) mm torpedo launch US with over the seas attack. Project 1164 (Black Sea Fleet) Moskva- Coordinates are:

    May 23, 2022 Version:
    Russian Cruiser Moskva
    Status: In service, Black Sea Fleet
    Upon return from her deployment in January 2016, the ship was to undergo a refit and upgrade but due lack of funds her future remained uncertain as of July 2018.
    In June 2019 the cruiser left the port of Sevastopol in the Black Sea where it would run tests on several combat system and the main propulsion.
    Tomahawk like cruise missile)
    "Other upgrades include a sea-skimming flight path."
    Over Our Heads, Syria And The Donald Duck - September 30, 2018
    In 2014, an American ship, the AEGIS destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, now waiting to attack Syria, steamed into the Black Sea. Russia flew by it with a jamming system and shut the entire ship down.
    Russian Military Monitor Actions Of US Navy Destroyer Upon Entry Into Black Sea, NDCC Says - 17.06.2020

    "On 17 June 2020, the 'USS Porter' (destroyer of the Arleigh Burke class) of the US Navy entered the Black Sea".

    In order to promptly respond to possible emergency situations in the Black Sea, a set of measures is being taken by forces and means of the Russian Southern Military District to monitor the actions of the ship, it added.
    Video: US Air Force's B-1B Bombers Make 24-Hour Flight for Live-Fire Drills Near Russian Border

    Photos: US B-1B Bombers Test Anti-Ship Missiles, Drill With Ukrainian Sukhoi Jets Over Black Sea: May 29, 2020.

    American strategic bombers were for the first time ever escorted by Ukrainian fighter jets and a Turkish tanker planes in their flight along Russia's shores, the US Air Force said in a statement on 29 May.
    The Russian military said earlier that they spotted on Friday B-1B strategic bombers of the US Air Force over the Black and Baltic seas, and scrambled fighter jets to intercept them.
    The Russian fighter jets approached the US bombers, and the latter turned away from the Russian border, the defence ministry said.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 33: - June 5, 2020 Received notification by email June 5, 2020 - BMW
    (Dream of Tibetans) drowning in Tibetan river? God showed me the River and there were tug boats going down it and people toppled over the boats, a great storm came upon them and a massive 7.2 strong earthquake caused loss of life. The Tibetan I could see was caught on a rope attached to the boat and saw him plead for his life and then I woke up. (Yangtze River Delta) location - gravity dam breaks.
    Yangtze River Delta: The perfect stopover for migratory birds - 09 - Feb - 2020
    As China's longest river, the Yangtze River rises from the northern part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. It flows eastwards for 6,300 kilometers, eventually reaching Yuantoujiao in China's Jiangsu Province, where the Yangtze River joins the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. A large amount of sediment carrying by the river has been deposited here due to the tides and currents. Gradually, the sandbar is becoming a growing and extending beach plain.
    The Yangtze River Delta not only has the highest river network density in China but also has over 200 lakes. Nutrients containing in the sediments pile up to form fertile coastlines and unique sandy ridges and sandbars in the region that have nourished endless wildlife.
    Humans also settled down here, living on with farming and fishing. Since the fourth century, the Yangtze River Delta has been an important cultural, economic, and political center of China.
    However, the delta was in a low-lying place, residents used to suffer a lot from flooding. To decrease the damage of the flooding, the ancient Chinese have come up with many ideas of water engineering projects, and eventually turned the delta a major base of grain- production in the country.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 34: - June 14, 2020 Received notification by email June 14, 2020 - BMW
    Volcano erupted! U.S.G.S. were given pictures by a local resident and it was confirmed in the dream. I could see the molten lava that was boiling under the the think black crust.
    It was in a National Park and it was hidden - concealed. I tried to take the 3 pictures to show the world but they were removed from the desk. The ranger was dressed in a green uniform.

    Here is a ranger badge I pulled up. In my dream it was concealed. U.S.G.S. knows about it.

    Volcano Eruption In A National Park

    PROPHETIC VISION 35: - May 6th, 2018 Received notification by email June 24, 2020 - BMW

    Note: This prediction was sandwiched in-between one on March 27, 2018 and another on June 29, 2028 in her log book.

    Powerful Earthquake Jolts Southern Mexico and Kills at Least 6 - June 23, 2020, Updated June 24, 2020
    The 7.5-magnitude quake, centered on the Pacific Coast in the state of Oaxaca, Damaged Some Structures And Caused Buildings To Sway In Mexico City, Hundreds Of miles from the epicenter.
    Note: Dr. Baaden's earthquake magnitude prediction is between 6.2 to 6.8- (- = or above).

    TOUCH THERAPY 36: Jul 10, 2020 Received notification by email Jul 10, 2020 - BMW
    Here is a tumor that was in a patient and I laid hands on him and he was healed 3 weeks later.

    Before: This Is A Before Picture Of The Tumor.

    I will send an after of gods healing on him.

    After: He Was Healed 3 Weeks Later.

    Here is a letter from my patient.

    A Letter From My 1st Time Patient.

    PROPHETIC VISION 37: Aug 15, 2020 Received notification by phone Aug 21, 2020 - BMW
    The words I heard are; "Be still, there will be an asteroid attack." This is when I was camping by the fire. This celestial impact seems tied to
    Prophetic Vision 4, Prophetic Vision 15 and Prophetic Vision 21

    PROPHETIC VISION 38: July 26, 2020 Received notification by email Aug 22, 2020 - BMW

    California Water Shortage

    PROPHETIC VISION 39: Aug 15/16, 2020 Received notification by email Sep 02, 2020 - BMW

    Two weeks later revision of prophetic vision 37
    The leading edge of the B Comet Swarm fragments struck Earth at roughly the same spot on Earth. Video Sept. 28, 2019 on YouTube, showing what appears to be 14 glowing orbs over the water.

    PROPHETIC VISION 40: Oct 10, 2020 Received notification by email Oct 10, 2020 - BMW
    Magnetic(?) Disturbance In Earth's Atmosphere

    Affects Electronic Devices And Bird Flight Patterns
    Anticipated Time Line For This To Happen Is October Thru November 2020.
    4:13 AM EST
    Possible need for a portable electrical battery or generator and Walki talkies to keep important contacts working.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 41: Oct 31, 2020 Received notification by email Nov 4&5, 2020 - BMW
    October 31 2000 Presidential Election Dream

    PROPHETIC DREAM 42: Nov 21, 2020 Received notification by email Nov 22, 2020 - BMW
    "This is my dream last night. The Presto tour company in Italy bought them on the tour to see the volcano and it erupted."

    Apr 15, 2021 Received. Notification by text message Apr 14, 2021 - BMW

    May 5, 2021 Received. Notification by telephone May 5, 2021 - BMW
    A 5.5 - 6.2 Earthquake will strike between Salto and Paysando Uruguay forming a crack runing west to east within the next ~ 8 months..

    PROPHETIC DREAM 45: Jul 26, 2020 Received notification by email Jun 13, 2021 - BMW
    LACK OF WATER - The Devastation Of California

    U.S. West Scorches Under Heat Wave, Death Valley Reaches 130 Degrees - Jul 11, 2021
    DEATH VALLEY, Calif. (Reuters) -A brutal heat wave punishing the U.S. West pushed temperatures toward all-time records for a third day on Sunday, as Death Valley in California, scorching at 130-degrees Fahrenheit (54 Celsius), was again one of the hottest spots on the planet.
    A thermometer outside Furnace Creek Visitors Center in the heart of Death Valley showed 134 degrees Fahrenheit shortly before 4 p.m. (2000 GMT) on Sunday, although a National Park Service ranger said it typically measured higher than the official reading.
    The National Weather Service recorded the temperature on Saturday at 130 degrees, which if verified would be one of the highest ever recorded on Earth. A ranger measured the sidewalk temperature outside the visitors center at 178 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday afternoon.

    PROPHECY 46: Jul 11, 2021 Received notification by text message Jul 13, 2021 - BMW
    Prophecy 46 is a radiation wave is coming. I received a message when I was meditating and praying to God and he revealed to me a radiation wave is coming and was told and woken up at 7am Sunday July 11th that it will come over the land like a wave from the ocean quickly.

    July 11th, 2021 predication about the solar wave
    (7am - July 11th, 2021 prediction) radiation wave over the earth as it would be like a tidal wave on the land. July 12th+ Geomagnetic frequency disturbance electromagnetic wave - minor disruptions. God doesn’t give us a vision without us having the courage to protect people

    Twitter Post of Prophecy 46

    A dense and strongly magnetized stream of solar wind enveloped Earth for a few hours on July 14th, unsettling our planet's magnetic field (Kp=4). So far, no auroras have been reported, probably because of northern summer sunlight. Quiet conditions are expected to resume on July 15th. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

    PROPHECY DREAM 47: Jul 19, 2021 Received notification by text message Jul 21, 2021 - BMW
    Prophetic dream - #47 July 19th- dream 5am - There were crowds of people and I looked up and I could see the chandelier, I was in a conference room in a hotel. The large tables looked like they had tons of guests for a wedding reception. The (chandelier lights) went out the people got quiet, for they knew nothing but I did I started to explain that this is a large (geomagnetic storm) and as we waited for hours then the (National Guard- Military personnel ) came to the hotel to (restore order) as I looked through the windows.

    PROPHECY VISION 48: Jul 30, 2021 Received notification by text message Jul 30, 2021 - BMW
    There’s going to be a earthquake in (Sacramento) California. (5.8-6.2) affecting lattitide and longitudinal spaces from - (San Francisco) earth shaken (North American Plate affected) time range - (August - Sept 2021)

    PROPHECY DREAM 49: Aug 05, 2021 Received notification by text message Aug 07, 2021 - BMW
    Is our life planet really unraveling? (August 5th dream) - I am playing a video game and the game consists of earth and I see there are asteroids that are coming by the earth quickly and the number I hear is (9) we have nine more near misses and then there will be the (asteroid collide) The tenth one will be the major distruction of the earth and its atmosphere. The time frame less than (10) years for the existence of the planet as we know it. The game was over.

    PROPHETIC VISION 50: 7:32 AM Oct 07, 2021 Received notification by email Oct 07, 2021 - BMW
    "This is my dream last night. The Pentagon has a breach in its security System. The Department of Defense has been severely compromised. I heard the alarms go off and had to pay attention. It was an underground foreign attack breach. The Alarms to my ears was deafening! The 'circled 24' may mean that this could happen in 24 days, i.e. during Halloween.
    Comment by BMW: When Barbara reported this to me, the thought of a '(suitcase nuclear) bomb' came to my mind. This is consistent with the loud noise to her ears.

    PROPHETIC DREAM 51: 8:00 AM Oct 29, 2021 Update Nov 04, 2021 Received notification by email Oct 29, 2021 Updae Nov 04, 2021 - BMW

    Israeli Afshan, Indian Descent
    Update to PR 51 - Mar. 01, 2022
    (Prophecy C from the dream I had October 29th, 2021 8am) (prophecy #51)about an (Israeli president) being assassinated by shooting him and sparing the son. The (Ukrainian president) is now a target several months later after my prophecy dream. God gives us insight for those who ask and are called by him to fulfill his prophecy of this world.
    The Ukrainian president

    PROPHETIC DREAM 52: 8:38 PM Nov 25, 2021 Received notification by email Nov 27, 2021- BMW
    8:38 pm our time (EDT) Thanksgiving - there's going to be a large earthquake in California. The latitude is San Francisco region. The seismic activity will be 5.8 that will shake hundreds of people up. The earthquake with spawn several after-shocks!

    PROPHETIC DREAM 53: Dec 08, 2021 Received notification by email Dec 8, 2021- BMW
    California is going to have a major earthquake in (7 +range) within weeks in the San Francisco region. The Oregon coast will be flooded and people need to be (warned) immediately. It's waking up for the (San Andreas fault line) to be exhausted. California includes (Los Angeles, San Diego, Baja Mexico region) be warned please have a evacuation plan . (Cascadia subduction zone) agitated & affected.

    San Fransico Tsunami

    PROPHETIC DREAM 54: Dec 20, 2021@9:00 AM Received notification by email & posted Dec 20, 2021 @3:30PM- BMW
    7.4 earthquake California prediction - strikes this evening December 20th, 2021 rippling occurrences along the border 8pm- 12:32 am Almost Christmas Eve for evacuation ready prep

    San Andreas Fault

    PROPHETIC HYPOTHISES 55: Jan 16, 2022 Received notification by email & posted Jan 16, 2022- BMW

    China Is Hiding The Nature And Spread Of An Ebola/Marburg-Like Virus That Has Struck The Country - Jan 15, 2022

    PROPHETIC VISION 56: Feb 11, 2022 Received notification by phone on Feb. 10, 2022- BMW

    Anaheim, California - Wikipedia

    (Vision) - (Anaheim California 4.0 earthquake immediately) - will spark other shocks in vicinity. God does not give us a vision unless he wants us to tell a timeline story of future events of this earth phenomena.

    PROPHETIC VISION 57: Feb 19, 2022 Received notification by phone on Feb. 19, 2022- BMW

    California Earthquake On The Coast (Continuation of Feb 11, 2022 Anaheim California warning}


    Along The Gulf Of California Coast.

    Three Magnitude 4 Earthquakes.

    PROPHETIC VISION 57 Update May 26, 2022

    PROPHETIC VISION 57 Update Nov 02, & 04 2022

    PROPHETIC VISION 58: May 23, 2022 Received notification by phone on May. 23, 2022- BMW


    PROPHETIC VISION 59: Aug 22, 2022 Received notification by phone on Aug. 22, 2022- BMW

    As I mentioned in my prediction that I sent there was an earthquake and just found this there was a volcano? Orange now is the alert. Elaborate please.. Updated Aug 23, 2022.

    USGS Raises Alert Level ORANGE/Watch Due to Volcanic Explosion in Alaska


    1. Indonesia flood toll rises to 148 - Oct 10,2011
    Flood in Indonesia on Sunday, 27 November, 2011
    2. Hail storm NYC July 18th - July 18, 2012
    3. Tornadoes rake Wichita area, causing significant damage - April 14, 2012,
    4. Arkansas Tornadoes 2012: Storms Leave Thousands Without Power - 01/23/2012
    A tornado tore into an area outside of Fordyce, some 70 miles south of state capital Little Rock at around 8:00 p.m. local time, damaging houses and felling trees and power lines as it moved, according to
    5. Wildfire Season 2012 Could Get Even Worse, Officials Warn - 06/27/2012
    An image of Colorado's wildfires taken by NASA's Aqua satellite on June 23, 2012. This could become the state's worst fire season.
    6. U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Announces $500,000 in Quick Release Emergency Relief Funds for Flood Damage in Maine - July 13, 2012
    7. Japan floods: Troops airlift supplies to Kyushu - 15 July 2012