By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Sonja M. Kawamoto and Justin A. Warmkessel
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Visions of catastrophic giant meteorite or comet collisions, obtained by religious organizations (or individuals), appear to be correlated with the results obtained by military grade Remote Viewers involved in a double blind exercise. These results suggest a chain of massive collision events may occur before June 2013, possibly during Sep., Oct. or near 23 Dec. of 2012. The first event seems to affect the southern hemisphere while the second affects the northern hemisphere.



The single most disturbing vision was acquired by Kato Mivule in May and June of 2005. The threat periods revealed by Kato's 'vision' appears to be 7 Sep. and 7 Oct. of an unspecified year when he was 'Shown the Calendar' in a May 2005 Wormwood Vision:

First, I saw someone dressed in a white robe holding a calendar and said to me, "The date has been set back for Wormwood" which I understood as forward - he then showed me the calendar with September/October written on it and the number 7. I did not see the year but I instantly knew it was the Fall Season.
A later 27 June 2005 Wormwood Vision Kato was 'Shown A Calendar':
he then showed me the calendar with September/October written on it and the number 7. I did not see the year but I instantly knew it was the Fall Season.

Then in the same vision I was taken to the Chiefs Football Arrowhead Stadium, here in Kansas City. I knew it was fall and the beginning of the Football Season. In the Vision it looked like evening and the stadium was parked to capacity with everyone putting on their red Chiefs outfits, the stadium was all red as it is normally here with Chiefs games in Kansas City.
The game was going on as usual and suddenly there was a very huge loud bang in the sky and then a huge object I had seen previously in my May vision lit the sky with red fire and zoomed passed across the sky - with very power vibrations that threw everyone off their sits and shook the stadium.

A Sunday football game in Arrowhead stadium is associated with a giant meteorite (Wormwood) flying in a roughly east to west direction. Sunday falls on 7 October 2012 and such a game is scheduled this year (2012) in Arrowhead Stadium. These dates are linked to both the T367 and the Avebury Manor crop circles by the orbital position associated with depicted meteorite swarms, 9 Sep. & 7 Oct. (+/- 6 days each). The Avebury Manor crop circle specifies the threatening year to be 2012 and refines the date to be 7 Sep. (+/- 6 days).

The astral plane is the source of dreams and visions. But there, things go from effect to cause as if time was flowing backwards. Should this be the case, the impact event would be at the end, not the beginning of the football season. And the meteor would be traveling from west to east. The September/October references would be the source of the threatening meteors. The exact date associated with the Avebury Manor crop circle from 2008 appears identical to how the planets will line up on December 23, 2012! The Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Chiefs have a game on that day starting 12:00 PM.

Kato's vision is also linked the following Bible Codes;

Note, a 3 mile wide meteorite would produce a 60 mile wide crater:
"A 3 mile wide Long Period Comet/meteorite has an impact energy approximately 10,000,000 megatons of TNT equivalent. The initial blast pulse will be 3 psi at around 1000 miles, and 1 psi at around 2000 miles. Very high mortality rate within 1000 miles of point-of-impact. Outside 2000 miles of point-of-impact, high initial survival rate. Outside 2000 miles, most deaths will be in the long term due to starvation and plagues. The impact would definitely damage the U.S. ability to produce/process/distribute food and since the U.S. is a major producer, it will create massive starvation worldwide. Most of the deaths will be Northern Hemisphere, which is also the most populated. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of the worlds population will perish if no warning. A lot depends upon where in Canada, the point-of-impact will occur. If it is near the Canadian border with Alaska, much of the midwest breadbasket will remain intact. - James A. Marusek (now retired US Navy physicist)

Kato's vision may also be related to other Bible Code but the date sometimes seems a little off. These Bible Codes describe a major impact event (and the resulting tsunami) in the Atlantic Ocean:

Kato's vision seems believable because it contains warnings of the resulting food crisis and possible alien (angels) involvement in the impact warnings.

Visions catalogued by the Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly (WPA) seem to indicate Asteroid/Comet/Tsunami/Great Flood/Inundation events. These occurred between 25 February 2002 and 8 March 2004 appear related to the possible an impact event that suggest a fragmenting meteorite will strike at three locations, two in the Atlantic Ocean and one in the Gulf Of Mexico. A dramatic tsunami will result flooding much of the east coast of the USA and Florida. Figure 1 attempts to depict the areas that may be flooded from these visions.

There are several points associated with these visions. They are:

Figure 1. Impact Tsunami Map
See: Asteroid/Comet/Tsunami/Great Flood/Storm Prophecies

Dr. Barbara Baaden also has some interesting prophecies concerning these impending catastrophic events. The time that the catastrophic events are extrapolated to occur start at or around 13 September 2012. Consider her Prophecy 1 which was revealed to her on 13 Sep. 2011.

Look up, the end is near. There will be a period of 12 months that I hold back my wrath upon the unbelievers, then there shall be no more.
Notice that there are two prophecies perhaps because two impact events are anticipated. Prophecy 1 on seems to point to catastrophic events in the southern hemisphere whereas Prophecy 2 seems to be pointed at events in East Africa, the North Atlantic ocean and Europe.
. Zimbabwe will be met with tidal waves. North Pacific will be met with chaos. European countries meet devastation. Britain, the Queen will have a massive heart attack. A third of the sea will die in the North Atlantic. These are the signs. Blood shall be poured out in the sea.
Her implied 13 Sep. 2012 date is within the bounds of the 7 (or 9 ) Sep. 2012 date derived from the T367 and Avebury Manor crop circles.

Amazing Prophetic Word Of The Lord From Brother Marcus
By November hidden deceptions will become clear as water
And chaos shall begin the slaughter.
From the skies shall come a sign
With My Kingdom will it's time to align.
Pillage and plunder shall come to the cities and towns
And the enemy shall try to take away your crowns.
The East and West shall see My hand,
. . .
The terrorists shall soon arise from their posts
And you shall see the dirty bombs and terrors from the sky come to your coasts.
The man in your capital house shall now show his true face
As you see him greet those of a fallen AND foreign race.
Many saints shall soon be hunted as prey;
. . .
I will show My elect My supernatural protection the end of this year.
For at the end of the year and in 2013 you will see the weakness of your nation
But I warn you not to give place to deception and frustration.
Perilous times you will go through
Never can it be the same for the red, white and blue.
Oh major cities of every nation
You are about to see the worst destruction since creation.


In early 2008, the Farsight (Remote Viewing) Institute undertook an experiment to try to deduce what kind of climate change would be taking place between June of 2008 and June of 2013. Modest changes in sea level and slight changes in snow pack data were anticipated. The experiment and a summary of the results are presented here:
2012: A Remote-Viewing Experiment (Full Version) - Feb 12, 2011
The same eight areas were targeted for both 2008 and 2013 Remote Viewing and they are:

  1. Vaitupu, Tuvalu
  2. Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya
  3. Sydney Opera House, Sydney
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  5. United States Congress Building
  6. Malé International Airport, Malé Maldives
  7. KITV Building, Honolulu, Hawaii
  8. Key West, Florida
Much to the surprise of those running this experiment, catastrophic consequences of giant meteorite impacts were detected.

Giant meteorite or comet impacts produce tsunamis, Floods, Mud Flows, Volcanic Activity and a Cooling of the world in general. The raw remote viewing data was reviewed to find which of the remote viewing sessions produced these results and where they could be anticipated to occur. This effort hoped to deduce the impact pattern of the giant meteorites and correlate them to the other prophetic visions of these events listed above.

Both Kato Mivule and Mother Shipton appear to predict double impact events. Both may be perceiving time to flow in the opposite direction that it really does on the physical plane. Kato seems to imply that these are separated by about a month. Considering this sorted collection of Remote Viewing efforts it appears that there is going be meteorite impacts near Fort Jesus, Key West and the US Capital building on or before June 2013.

The strongest volcanic activity is associated with Sydney and some additional evidence of volcanic activity near Fort Jesus. Considering the tsunamis, flooding and mud flows in the Fort Jesus Remote Viewing, a major impact in the ocean near Mombasa Kenya is suggested. This impact produces a tsunami that may reach as far as the Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania foothills causing flooding and mud flows. There may also be an associated impact near Sydney, Australia producing volcanic activity. These southern hemisphere impacts are thought to be associated with the 7 (+/- 6 days) Sep. 2012 (or possibly 2014) event. See Figure 2.

Figure 2. The Southern Hemisphere Impact Map Showing The Ground Track Of The Impacting Meteorites Anticipated 7 Sep. 2012 +/- 6 days.

The Remote Viewers see the Fort Jesus/Mombasa ocean area impact as a massive one. Dr. Courtney Brown sees the resulting tsunami reaching all the way to the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Dr. Baaden seems to agree as she prophecies a tidal wave reaching all the way to Zimbabwe. See Figure 3.

Figure 3. The Southern Hemisphere Region Affected By The Impact's Tsunami.

Both the Bible Code and the Zachariah/Nostradamus impact events suggest impacts from Canada, across the Atlantic ocean and along the Mediterranean basin all the way to Israel. These are associated with the 7 Oct. 2012 impact event.

Impact regions, found in Nostradamus' quatrains, have long been known to fall along straight lines. See Figure 4.

Analysis of Nostradamus', Mother Shipton's, and the Biblical Zechariah's prophecies (predicted to occur at the start of this millennium, possibly 2012-14) lead to the following comet impact trajectory:

Figure 4. The Zachariah/Nostradamus Impact Map Showing The Ground Track Of The Impacting Meteorites.

The Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly's reported Asteroid/Comet/Tsunami/Great Flood/Inundation events appears to be supported because the Remote Viewing efforts indicates impact events near Key West and the United States Congress Building. Kato Mivule vision of a giant meteor (Wormwood) near Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City seems to be associated with a northern hemisphere event and is time tagged to 7 Oct. 2012. It is felt to be unreasonable to pin it down to the specific date as this is only 'Kato's vision'. The major impact is in Canada with fragments striking from the North Atlantic through Europe all the way to Israel. See Figure 5. A parallel stream of fragments impact from Key West to the Atlantic ocean downriver from Washington, D.C. These impacts are depicted here.

Figure 5. The North America/Europe Impact Map Showing The Ground Track Of The Impacting Meteorites Anticipated 23 Dec. 2012 +/- 3 Days And Traveling West To East. .


As strange as it may seem, religious predictions and military grade remote viewing appear to be consistent in predicting comet or giant meteorite impacts. These impacts are likely in the first half of September and near 7 October 2012. This is consistent with impacts before the Remote Viewer's June 2013 date.

While two separate events are anticipated, the first is thought to produce impacts along a very broad arc generally connecting the oceans off Mombasa Kenya, possibly inland and near Sydney Australia producing volcanism. This is the clearest example of an impact from the Remote Viewing sources. Notice that Jesus/Christ was instrumental in offering impact warnings 2000 years ago. Thus it is not surprising that the visions were also associated with those associated with the Christian religion.

The second separate event impact is also anticipated, likely ranging from Canada, with an Atlantic ocean impact (near England?) and impacts along the Mediterranean basin. A parallel fragment may impact in the oceans off Key West Florida and in the Atlantic downriver from Washington DC.

The source of both 'Visions' and 'Remote Viewing' data may be from the Astral plane where events go from 'effect to cause'. This causes confusion in the 'timing' of predicted events. The data derived from mathematically extrapolating past events ~ 9938 years ago (from ice core data reflecting Earth Impact related weather changes) to the present by simple celestial mechanics is standard scientific practice and thus deemed very reliable. This method predicts an Impact Threat from a passing comet/meteor stream before the close of 2017. Similarly, if the Avebury Manor crop circle was truly formed by extra-terrestrial aliens, it also can also be considered reliable. Their flight through space at near light speeds requires a LIDAR like radar that can detect space debris (meteors) in their path. They could detect a comet/meteor swarm approaching Earth and accurately predict its time of arrival by simple celestial mechanics. This crop circle implies the passage of a meteor swarm around 7 (+/- 6 days) Sep. 2012 (and/or maybe 2013). Crop circle T367 implies a 7 (+/- 6 days) Oct. threatening date as well. Those 7 Sep. & 7 Oct. dates were revealed in Kato's vision as well. This is astounding and implies a mental (telepathic) link between some aliens and some humans.