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31 December 2000
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Before the time of Newton or Celestial Mechanics, during a time when witchcraft was widely believed, Nostradamus and Mother Shipton foresaw comet impacts on Earth near the beginning of the second millennium, nearly 500 years in their future. Three thousand years earlier, Moses recorded the Hebrew Pentateuch that has now been revealed to contain encoded dates of those impacts. Other biblical sources including the prophecies of Christ while passages within Daniel and Zechariah warned of this danger. Recently, (alien) abductees, an alien crop circle and even "mystic" humans have also warned of these pending events. Surprisingly, all these non-traditional sources form a consistent description of the impending catastrophe.

Scientists usually reject data from such sources. But long period comets can suddenly appear in our skies with only fractions of a year's warning until they pass near Earth's orbit on their trajectory around the Sun. We have no long range detection and warning apparatus in place. The consistency of these combined warnings suggests that the possibility of these major comet strikes should be considered. Should one such event occur, the resulting environmental catastrophe would be unimaginable. Mankind should take action on these diverse warnings.

The two other papers offered on this web site offer evidence of the causal agent of these events, our Sun's dark companion star. That companion generates at least two separate comet swarms (each orbiting the Sun about every 3,353 years) that orbit 180o out of phase. They alternately threaten Earth for about a hundred year period every 1500 to 1700 years. One of these swarms appears to have passed Earth about 1500 years ago, registering impacts around 440 AD and 534 AD. The impending threat is from several closely spaced comet clusters contained within the second of these swarms. The composite threat scenario indicates that an increased probability of a comet impacting Earth may first occur around 2006/7. An estimated one-kilometer diameter comet could fragment into about a dozen pieces large enough to be destructive along a 1,700 mile-long path from France to Israel. A second, and more deadly impact, may occur in the Southern Hemisphere less than a decade later. Impacts from fragments of a larger comet, or a comet on a more vertical trajectory, is then predicted to occur. Both events will catch most of humanity by surprise resulting in our current habitat and political structure being swept away by hysteria, famine and catastrophic events. Ultimately, these comet impacts may cause the death of the bulk of mankind by relocation trauma, insurrection, thirst and starvation. Humanity may then be painfully returned to one of an Ice Age culture thereby greatly limiting the extent and capability of our civilization.

While the probability of these destructive occurrences cannot be ascertained, the severity of the outcome is so terribly consequential that governments throughout the world should invest in researching detection systems and techniques for destroying these fast moving objects. The concurrence of these ancient predictions may only be happenstance or coincidence, but even the smallest chance of annihilation of human existence cannot be ignored. The authors seek only that precautions be taken so that mankind may evolve without the debilitating trauma that a major comet strike might incur.