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7 JUNE 1999

"Together with disease, the next ice age ranks as the biggest danger to which we as individuals are exposed. The next ice age is not specific problem of the distant future. The causative agent, the strike of a giant meteorite, could happen at any time.

The risk of the next ice age is not just the biggest of the risks that we run. It is a risk that would hopelessly compromise the future. Besides wiping out a considerable fraction of those now alive, it would leave a wan, grey future from which the survivors and their descendants could do nothing to escape. It would be a condition that might last 50,000 years or more, a future in which the prospects for mankind would be much less favourable than they are today. This is why our modern generation must take action to avoid catastrophe, an ultimate catastrophe besides which the problems that concern people, media and governments from day to day are quite trivial."


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Forbes used long period comets aphelia to predict an undiscovered planetary orbit similar to Vulcan's astrologically derived orbit in terms of period, inclination and node. A dense Jovian sized Vulcan (about 0.1% solar mass) is now anticipated. Hoyle has postulated that meteor strikes averaging 10,000 years are responsible for initiating and terminating Ice Ages. Periodic global ice variations and interglacial periods last about 10,000 years. This value is related to the periodicity of the Vulcan induced comet swarms. Our current warm interglacial period began about 10,000 years ago and may be nearing an end. Unconventional sources indicate the probability of multiple comet strikes or near misses within the next 36 years. Two such independent sources indicate that these events will start around 2006-2007 with others following in the next six to thirty-two years. At most, a two-year visual warning is anticipated. Prehistoric catastrophic circumstances are explored and cross-correlated with the current description of the threatening comet swarms.


1.1 THE 2007, 2033 OR 2039 STRIKE DATES

The original "Vulcan, Comets and the Impending Catastrophe" paper indicates that Earth is periodically vulnerable to meteors/comets swarm strikes every 1,677 years.1 Long period comets, offering little warning time, may have struck Earth 5,000 and 11,600 years ago causing Noah's flood and our current interglacial period respectively. A similar event may soon happen again.

One strike date source is from "crop circle" T367 known as "The Solar System". It was formed at Cheesefoot Head (on the old Longwood estate), England on 26 June 1995.2 Popular lore associates crop circles with extra-terrestrial aliens and UFOs even though humans (Doug and Dave) have admitted making them by stomping down crops using a rope, bar and center stake. But the Vulcan paper's authors seemingly accept an alien presence since they consider Vulcan to be present on the Hill star map derived from alien contact (Figures 3 and 4). They have patented an (AAD) Aerodynamic Augmentation Device (#5,797,563) based on reported UFO data.3 It explains how both UFO related RF radiation,4 as intercepted at exactly 3.0 GHz by an RB 47 aircraft, and UFO associated magnetic fields5are employed to ease the passage of saucers, or any aircraft, through the atmosphere. Saucers have been video taped at speeds of 3,000+ mph with this radiation heating air and making it appear white (as is characteristic of solar furnaces focused on small regions of the atmosphere).6 Twenty times the intercepted RF's value falls exactly in an oxygen absorption band (60 GHz), producing ionized air.7 See Figure 1A. Tripling this RF, postulated to be used on alien saucers, produces a RF exactly in the middle of the second water absorption band (180 GHz). Beams transmitted at these RFs (even from the same antennae8 could heat the stalks, briefly softening them as if they had been steamed, and cause them to fall in a crop circle image.9

Crop circles are of such complexity and geographic diversity that it is hard to see how they could be simply made by a few. Often, they seem to be just abstract works of art. A well- financed organization could employ the foregoing RF beam concept to generate manmade crop circles. However, they may use the more attainable lower RF of the first water absorption band (at 22.2 GHz). Still, a substantial investment in aircraft and RF generating hardware would be required. Even then, only a wide beam may be possible and it may produce just a coarse crop image. The world could be inundated with crop circle images for purposes of confusion and miss-information.

Temperature 20 Degrees Centigrade
Pressure One Atmosphere At Sea Level
Water Vapor 7.5 grams per cubic meter

Attenuation Band Media Attenuation Band Center
First Water Band 22.2 Gigahertz
First Oxygen Band 60 Gigahertz
Second Oxygen Band 119 Gigahertz
Second Water Band 180 Gigahertz
Third Water Band 320 Gigahertz

Figure 1A. Atmospheric Attenuation Of Radio Frequencies (RF) By Oxygen And Water Vapor.

While most crop circle messages are likely meaningless, the finely carved crop circle T367 is an exception.10 See Figure 2A. It was quickly identified as a depiction of our solar system's inner planets and their orbits. Mercury, Venus, Mars and the asteroid belt are present, but Earth was missing from its orbit. Small white spots, called "grape shot", were also present.

Vulcan's orbit would initiate two comet swarms in a resonant orbit, each with a nominal 3,353-year period. See the Vulcan paper's "Impending Comet Strike" section. It is postulated that extra-terrestrials would be keenly aware of Vulcan. They could use this distant planet to slow their spaceships' trajectory as they settle into an orbit within our solar system or sling-shot" their spacecraft out of our system when they leave. Precise knowledge of Vulcan's mass and orbit would be required for this maneuver. This, combined with the localization of a comet swarm headed toward the inner solar system by debris detection gear already postulated to be used by their spaceships,11 would permit them to precisely know when the Earth would be at risk. This theory is supported by ten substantial abduction cases wherein aliens have warned abductees of an impending catastrophe. Six of these warnings indicated impending meteor or comet impacts.12

Figure 2A. Crop Circle T367, The Solar System. Notice White Spots (grapeshot) In The Upper Image. Mercury's Perihelion (77.2 degrees Heliocentric Longitude) Is Nominally Placed; X For The 2007 Strike And Y For The 2033/2039/2101 Strike.

The Earth, Sun, Moon locations as depictd in Figure 2A are as follows:

Event Date Earth's Heliocentric Sun's Geocentric Moon's Geocentric Longitude
1 2/25/2007 156.7o336.7o084.0o
2 09/01/2033 339.6o161.3o244o
3 03/15/2039 175o355.5o241o
For Event 1: 02/25/07, Other Comets At Heliocentric Longitudes:
2: 103.0o
3: 139.Oo
4: 161.5o
5: 195.0o

An alien warning is exactly what is depicted by T367. The planets are disproportionately large but the orbits are to scale. The "small white spots" (four objects, one broken in two - totaling five) called grapeshot are depictions of meteors or comets. The "missing" Earth (its orbit is still depicted) signifies its devastation by the anticipated strikes. The relative locations of the planets and the precise location of their orbit's perihelia define the date of this future event to within a few days. Dr. Robert H. Hadley, Prof. Hawkins and this work have analyzed this crop circle in detail.13 Prof. Hawkins has come up with three future dates represented by this alignment. See Table 1A. Hawkins measurements have been re- analyzed and only slightly different results found.

Comet/Meteor Impact Dates Based On Crop Circle T367
Event Date Mercury*Venus*Mars*Notes
Previous T 367 Crop
Circle Analysis@
192 81 311 Not Attempted
09/01/2033 192 80 316 08/28 - 09/01
03/15/2039 190 81 293 03/14 - 03/17
05/06/2101 192 84 309 Not Calculated
This T 367 Crop
Circle Analysis#
163.0+/- 1051.0+/-17276.0+/-12
02/25/2007# 165.8 46.5 275.4
@Prof. Forbe's Analysis
#This Analysis (Vulcan's Location Pinpoints The Planets Heliocentric Longitude)With Vulcan aligned Vulcan at 262.5o
*Heliocentric Longitude in Degrees

Dr. Hadley's analysis concludes that someone created this crop circle with precise knowledge of our solar system and with a skill that permitted it to be formed at an unusual hillside angle. Table 2A below compares the orbital radii (in Astronomical Units = AU) and eccentrics of the image in T367 compared to the actual values (n.c. = not calculated)

Measured (T367)/Actual Orbital Values
Mercury Venus Earth Mars Asteroids
Radii 045/039 0.68/0.72 1.0/1.0 1.4/1.53 2.7/2.8
Ecc. 0.28/0.21 0.083/0.0068 0.013/0.0170.07/0.09n.c/n.c

This crop circle has another unusual feature; an off-center cleared circle containing the inner planets' orbits. Assuming this circle defines the centroid of the Sun-Vulcan complex, then it is in the direction of Vulcan as of either the date the T367 crop circle was formed or the date represented by the configuration of the planets contained therein. As Vulcan is near aphelion, both these values of its heliocentric longitude are nearly identical.

The analysis, presented in this work, first electronically manipulated the crop circle image with word processing algorithms until the cleared circle inside the asteroid belt was circular. See Figure 2A. The center of the circle is defined by the cross hairs added to the T367 image. The miss-alignment between the centroid and the Sun is presumed caused by the Sun-Vulcan center of mass. It was found to be offset about 0.35 Earth Orbit radius from the Sun. Vulcan's heliocentric longitude is 262.5 deg. on 02/25/2007. Heliocentric longitudes of the planets were measured from this alignment and are different from Hawkins analysis by about 30 deg. See X and Y on Figure 2A. Table 1A lists the only solution found between 1998 and 2048 given the uncertainty introduced from T367's planets diameter. The "grapeshot" heliocentric longitudes are listed with Figure 2A.

T367 is interpreted as follows: The grapeshot represents the incoming comet swarm originating from their resonant orbit position in Vulcan's orbit. The configuration of the inner planets represents a date when we are (first?) at risk of a comet or meteor impact (or near miss). The grapeshot indicates how many comets threaten Earth. Will anybody listen? The appearance of the comets will get our attention, but by then it would be too late to take effective action.

1.2 THE 2006 AND 2012 STRIKE DATES

A second source of impending comet strike data is found in a new and unusual interpretation of the Hebrew Pentateuch called the "Bible Code". Herein, all the Hebrew letters found in a book in the Bible are strung together without word or page breaks then rastered in 64 columns. A computer is used to search for words in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal format. Skip sequence words are searched for (e.g., where every other row or column is skipped) and viable words are found. Many skip codes exist, like 4, 10, 50 etc. Words found cross other words or are found in the matrix vicinity of other words. It is postulated that these word groups are related.

A variety of events are so revealed, although most after the fact. These include victories and defeats of political figures, assassinations, atomic holocausts, earthquakes and even comet and asteroid strikes. President Clinton's election and the unexpected victory of Prime Minister Netanyahu were predicted. The "kicking out of a President" due to "Watergate" was revealed. The assassinations of Yitzhak Rabin and Netanyahu (delayed) were predicted and both President Kennedy's and R. F. Kennedy's deaths were found along with details of the assassination (e.g., time, place and assassin's name). Great earthquakes found in the Bible Code include the 1906 S. F. Calif. quake, the 1976 China quake, the 1994 L.A. quake and the 1995 Kobe Japan quake. Earthquakes predicted include a 2010 L.A Calif. quake, ones expected in 2000 and/or 2006 (for Japan) and 2013 quake at an unspecified location. Atomic holocausts include the 1945 Japan atomic bombings and ones predicted for Israel and Libya in 1996. These latter nuclear events did not happen (or were postponed) perhaps due to the intervention of the Bible Code's author (Drosnin). The last days (associated with Armageddon which implies Mount Megiddo) seem to revolve around Israel, Libya and to a lesser degree Syria and Jordan. The holocaust of Israel by atomic means, seems to involve world war, Jerusalem, the annexed territories (like the Golan Heights), Arafat and atomic artilleryman firing from the Pisgah (a mountain range in Jordan). Other events found in the Bible Code include the 1929 Great Depression and another predicted for 2000 or 2006 (or both?). Some of the Bible Code's revelations of Jewish scholars and their dates of occurrence have been published in a scientific journal and the analysis appears sound.15

The Bible Code states (and as discussed later, Sir Fred Hoyle also claims) that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs and the comet Shoemaker-Levy (SL9) would pound Jupiter on 16 July 1994. It predicts that the Swift-Tuttle comet will re-appear in 2126, but miss Earth because it "comes in the seventh month". The International Astronomical Union had issued a low-keyed warning of a potential collision between it and Earth based on its 2126 return. This warning was rescinded when new data indicated it would safely pass in late July, not mid August as was first estimated.16

Perhaps most events foretold by the "Bible Code" are just benchmarks. Political figures elected, kicked out or assassinated are only of minor interest. Likewise are earthquakes, economic disasters or even atomic holocausts. These would only result in substantial numbers of local deaths. Even if countries such as Israel, Syria, Libya, or Jordan were totally destroyed, the world would still go on. Two cities in Japan were devastated by atomics and yet both they and Japan exist today. Warnings of long period comet strikes are the important message of the "Bible Code", as their appearance would give us little advanced warning. Table 3A is the time line of the anticipated comet strike events. The words are extracted directly from Bible Code matrices. The catastrophic comet strike events could annihilate the bulk of humanity by starvation. The climate of our biosphere could be changed for millennia and/or it could even be rendered temporarily toxic.

Time-line Of Comet Associated Events From The "Bible Code"
2000 pg. 119, 122, 138Earthquake China; Fire, earthquake (struck Japan?); Atomic holocaust and world war (avoided?); (millenium bug??) Economic collapse?
2006 pg. 122, 123 128met - Year predicted for world; Starlike object-Its path struck their dwelling; Great earthquake (struck Japan?); Atomic holocaust and world war(avoided?) Economic collapse?
2010 pg.118, 127 Days of horror; Comet - Darkness and gloom; L.A. earthquake.
2012 pg. 128, 129 Comet - Earth annihilated; Comet - It will be crumbled.
2014 pg. 116Desolated, empty, depopulated; For everyone, the great terror, fire, earthquake.

The first comet event occurs in 2006. Perhaps a meteor just misses the Earth or passes through Earth's atmosphere, as has been known to happen before. Pieces could be torn off and impact Earth. This event could alert mankind to the impending disaster. Wars and economic crisis relating to the impending strike follow. The 2006 event seems correlated with the T367 event #1 (dated about at 02/25/2007 +/- a few days). The "days of horror" with "darkness" and "gloom" that it predicts for 2010 AD is also reasonable. This could occur when the danger of multiple catastrophic strikes from the swarm of long period comets becomes widely recognized.17

Multiple Earth impacts are predicted to "annihilate Earth" in 2012. The "Bible Code" states that the comet will be crumbled (passing the Sun?) as the SL9 comet was by Jupiter. Many of SL9's fragments made spots on Jupiter larger than the Earth. One of the comets (3 in T367) is a double (already crumbled?). Alternately, it may be crumbled in Earth's atmosphere. The larger fragment could be one (500-meters wide) of several Nostradamus predicts. That one strikes the Aegean Sea off Evvoia destroying ancient (Greek and Roman) objects during some October shortly after 2,000.18 It and the rest may cause seven tsunamis and fiery hail before and after the strike in the Mediterranean basin. Another fragment may strike Israel. This was foretold as the biblical event causing a fracture that extends from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean (about 45 miles).19 If related to the Aegean strike, the comets are coming from a northerly direction, consistent with their orbit's orientation. The shock of their passing could produce large quantities of (sour) nitric acid poisoning lakes and streams.20 The Israel strike seems to be one of about Morrison's "super-tanker" size. A 500-meter fragment would make an impact site about a hundred miles wide.21

The Bible documents Hebrew history and the "Bible Code" itself was discovered by Jewish scientists and promoted by a Jewish writer. Einstein (Jewish) formulated the basis of the atomic bomb and both it and he are found in the Bible Code. The 2006 and 2012 AD predictions, as many of its others, are ones that relate mainly to Israel and its ally, the USA. Hoyle claims that even a 300-meter meteor strike could initiate a world wide Ice Age.22 Israel would be thrice annihilated, by a direct strike, by tsunamis, and by starvation.23 The shock caused by the 2012 strikes could be the instigation of the earthquakes predicted for 2014 AD. The re-convergence of seismic waves in the same area after a major earthquake commonly occurs about a year or two later and produces a related quake.24 Quakes and tsunamis would torment Mediterranean basin survivors.

The Mayan calendar ends 21 Dec. 2012.25 Its 5125-year cycle is close to Vulcan's 5030-year period and the 5th harmonic of the Earth's spin axis precession (5154 years). Classical orbital mechanics may further limit periods when Earth is vulnerable to long period comet impacts.


Nominal strike dates can be derived using only the Vulcan paper. Suppose the strikes are linked to Vulcan's 5030-year orbit. The IRAS point and the Dawn of Mankind (DOM) are used to obtain a refined estimate of Vulcan's orbital period. The smallest relative error in Vulcan's period is 3 deg./(11.5 X 360 deg.),or 0.0007. This means that Vulcan's period may be valid to, at best, +/- 3.7 years. The Vulcan paper's Table 3 dates Noah's flood into two ranges, 2385 BC and 3122 BC. If one of the specific values is actually correct, then the time of next strike date may be estimated.

The Vulcan paper's predicts the Dawn Of Mankind (DOM) to be around 55,824 +/- 215 BC. See the last paragraph in the "Data From The Dawn Of Mankind" section and the next to the last paragraph in the "Viable Vulcan Orbits" section. Archeological data defines the earliest known human culture, the Mousterian culture - GrN 2572, from an excavation around the Mussolini Canal in Italy.26 This find was radiocarbon dated at 55,950 +/-500 BC. That date brackets the Vulcan paper's DOM date. Christian fundamentalists date Noah's flood in the 2348 +/-97 BC range based on the DOM being around 4000 BC. This runs counter to the Mousterian culture date. Perhaps the most viable dates for Noah's flood can be deduced by counting backwards from around the time of Christ as Josephus did. Those dates fall in the 3122 +/- 124 BC range.

There has not been a major weather modifying meteor strike in the last several centuries. Strikes or near misses may usually not occur until after Vulcan passes aphelion. The Vulcan paper indicates that Vulcan passed aphelion in 3061 BC. The only date in the 3122 BC range just after Vulcan's aphelion is 2998 BC. It is derived from the Samaritan, not Hebrew, Pentateuch. Then:

3061 BC + 63 years = 2998 BC (the date of comet strike causing Noah's flood.)

This 63-year offset is close to the 61-year offset between Vulcan's and the comet's aphelion as indicated in the Vulcan paper. Vulcan passed aphelion again in 1970. Then:

1970 AD + 63 years = 2033 AD (the date of, or near to, the next comet strike.)

Vulcan's orbit was deduced from its location when the Buddha, Christ and Gandhi Avatars were formed. The "Buddha" point is of greatest concern. The "Gandhi" point wound up on a cusp like the others by the IRAS data. The "Christ" point is considered the best. Error residuals in the comets' orbits (as derived from Vulcan's orbit) and Noah's flood accommodate any of the 2006 - 2039 dates. Earth's location in its orbit when Noah's flood occurred may offer another clue.

Moses dated the flood to the 2nd month, 17th day (specifying Earth's orbital location). As the Egyptian calendar was lunar based, the first month occurring after the heliacal rising of Sirius which occurred 16 to 20 June in 2998 BC.27 The 2nd month started 4 Aug. and the flood occurred on 21st.28 This date,5030 years later,is near one of the times (09/01/2033) predicted by T367.

Could Christ's time of manifestation/crucifixion have been timed to indicate when humanity could be annihilated by comet strikes? Table 1A's 2033 AD date is exactly Christ's two thousandth anniversary (making it special?). See Table 5 in the "Data From The Avatar's Date Of Birth" section of the Vulcan paper. Given the error residuals in the determination of Vulcan's orbit and the unknown error sources in the date of Noah's flood, the close agreement between the above calculations must be considered coincidental.

Figure 3A. Log10 Of Comet Aphelion As A Function Of Their Number. Notice The Spike Near Jupiter's Orbit And How Many Have Been Scattered Beyond It. A - E Are Comet Clusters.


George Forbes was the first to estimate planetary orbits from trans-neptunian comet aphelia (in 1880) and found one (near Edward Harrison's quadrant - see the Vulcan paper) with orbit elements similar to Vulcan's.29 See Figure 3A and Table 4A. William Pickering (in 1909) anticipated too many planets.30 The large planets spread and scatter the comets and their aphelia should be combined into one planet in a highly elliptical orbit. The aphelion of Pickering's planet P, not Pluto, (169 AU) and perihelion of Q (404 AU) somewhat match Vulcan's perihelion/aphelion. Pickering predicted the most planets until Yari Danjo's ASTRO-METRICS. Forbes estimated that his distant planet was at 22:00 RA 39 deg. Dec. (versus Vulcan in 1983 at 17:32:51.4 RA; 23 deg.:56:36 Dec.). Both Danjo31and Forbes predict a second planet, the former (Septimus) at 154 AU (or mid-orbit cast at 120 AU) and the latter at 87 - 122 AU. It could be Forbe's 1,076 year period planet. Danjo considered Septimus to be spawned by the Sun and Vulcan to be a dark star. This analysis indicates that Septimus is Earth sized and spawned by Vulcan.

Vulcan, Forbes' And Pickering's Planets Orbital Parameters
Period Ecc./Peri./Ap. Inc. Arg.Peri./Year Long.Asc.N./Dist./S. Mass
5,030* 0.545/134/454 49 deg. 256 deg./546 BC 192 deg./453/0.1%
5,000* n.c./n.c./n.c. 45 deg. n.c./n.c. 185 deg./n.c./n.c.
1,076 0.167/87/122 52 deg. 115 deg./1702 247 deg./n.c./n.c.
500,000 0.20/5040/7560 26 deg. 80 deg. 234 deg./?/3%
26,000 0.54/404/1352 86 deg. 105 deg. 93 deg./575/6%
1,400 0.35/81/169 37 deg. 160 deg. 51 deg./95/n.c.
n.c. = not calculated
* Probability of fortuitous correlation = 0.00007. Probability that they are the same = 0.99993

Both Vulcan and Forbes' planet have a nominal 5,000-year period. Vulcan's orbital parameters are, at best, good to one or two percent. The estimated error in Forbes' period is about 200 years. The error in both inclination and longitude of the ascending node of his planet is 2.5 deg. He did not compute its eccentricity. He spent most of his effort on trying to refine the orbit of the closer planet that he may have felt had a better chance of being found. Tombaugh searched for these planets and concluded that none existed brighter than magnitude 16.5. By 1987, Van Flandern and Harrington suggested Planet X (Vulcan?) may be near aphelion in a highly elliptical orbit, and be magnitude 16 or 17.32 Vulcan is expected to be dimmer, of magnitude 20.5 - 21.1.

Media releases between 1982 - 87 suggest that others have suspected that the Sun has a dark star companion that causes periodic meteor bombardment of Earth.33 An Internet reference concludes that IRAS data reveals no dark star.34 But IRAS analysis is silent about three unknown IRAS objects at 17-hr. right ascension.35 It claims that two may have been identified (e.g. as gas clouds, galactic objects, etc.) but does not specify which. Vulcan is believed to be one of these, IRAS object 1732+239. Even the IRAS satellite was timely, as if authorities had been "tipped off" to Vulcan's existence (by examining reported data from aliens), as was Danjo.36 The IRAS satellite was orbiting in 1983, after Sir Fred Hoyle (the UK's royal astronomer) proposed a theory that meteor impacts cause Ice Ages in 1981.37 Surprisingly, he failed to consider that a distant planet in a highly elliptical orbit could cause periodic bombardment of Earth as some astronomers might have anticipated.38 He must have been aware of Forbes' and Pickering's planet predictions.

Vulcan's mass (MV) is still in question. The 4.7% solar mass (MS) value originally reported in the Vulcan paper was scaled to match the Sun's composition, 2% of which is made of elements heavier than helium and hydrogen.39 Danjo's scaling equations assumed Pluto's and Uranus' densities to be similar as both actually are. Uranus is believed to be about 70% heavy elements,40 Jupiter,10% at most.41 The diminishing hydrogen/helium abundance in our outer planets implies that Vulcan's mass may only be 0.13% solar mass or less and composed almost entirely of heavy elements.

The Sun in T367 is offset from the cleared circle interior to the asteroids. The offset of about 0.35 AU is in the general direction of Vulcan (at 262.5 deg. on 25/02/2007). Sample Vulcan ephemeredes are offered in Table 5A. This crop circle appears to be drawn in the ecliptic plane; or else the planetary orbits would appear very elliptical. At 250 deg., the comets' slightly unstable orbit is in a 3:2 resonance with Vulcan's orbit. These comet swarms pose the greatest danger to the inner planets when Vulcan is near aphelion. Vulcan's longitude +/- the mass angle sin-1(MV/MS)1/2 must support their 3:2 resonate period. This angular separation implies that the comets are from a region where the Sun's and Vulcan's gravity are about equal. If 0.35/cos 47.3 deg. AU is the centroid distance of the Sun-Vulcan system, a 0.105% solar mass Vulcan is anticipated. One of the Vulcan paper's contributors, Beishline, independently predicted Vulcan's size to be 337 Earth masses (0.10% solar mass), a little larger than Jupiter. T367 is consistent with the existence of Vulcan, supports its anticipated orbit & position and permits independent computation of its mass.

Vulcan's mass implies a mass angle of 1.8 deg. As Vulcan's moves from 248.2 deg. to 251.8 deg.(or 250 deg. +/-1.8 deg.), comets collect in resonate orbits. Three-halves times their period (3353 +/- 31.7 years) defines the interval during which the Earth will be most at risk. That is, +/- 55 years twice every 10,060 years. The comets are launched from a heliocentric longitude of 250 deg. (sensitive to orbit error variations) but the inward curve of their elliptical orbit about the center of mass of the Sun/Vulcan system will reduce their apparent heliocentric longitude when observed near the Sun.

Sample Computer Generated Heliocentric Ephemerides For Vulcan
Time True Anom. Radius Long. Declin (yrs) (AU) (deg) (deg) 1580.0 170.112719 445.732606 247.863678 43.584007 1600.0 170.632239 446.530663 248.514885 43.803561 1620.0 171.149955 447.286104 249.168568 44.018647 1640.0 171.665974 447.999010 249.824803 44.229293 1660.0 172.180402 448.669459 250.483665 44.435524 1680.0 172.693343 449.297524 251.145227 44.637361 1700.0 173.204900 449.883274 251.809559 44.834824 1720.0 173.715175 450.426771 252.476732 45.027928 1740.0 174.224268 450.928074 253.146815 45.216688 1940.0 179.271519 453.630127 260.021785 46.866545 1960.0 179.773961 453.669875 260.728009 47.007697 1980.0 -179.723638 453.667780 261.437858 47.144474 2000.0 -179.221186 453.623840 262.151383 47.276856 2020.0 -178.718590 453.538052 262.868632 47.404824 2040.0 -178.215758 453.410407 263.589653 47.528354 2480.0 -166.897940 439.935970 280.481742 49.045085 2500.0 -166.362342 438.832544 281.298827 49.054391 2520.0 -165.823989 437.685658 282.120325 49.057931 2540.0 -165.282754 436.495184 282.946243 49.055612 2560.0 -164.738504 435.260992 283.776584 49.047338
Parameters Defining The C'EV Vulcan Orbit (J2000 Equinox)
Amax (AU) = 293.570466 Ecc. = 0.545367 LNode (deg.) = 192.208313
ArgP (deg.) = 255.766331 TNode (yrs.) = 19.122383 TAphel (yrs.) = 1968.99836
Inc. (deg.) = 49.057964 Period (yrs.)= 5030.006444 TPerhel (yrs.)= -546.004860
Radius at Ascending Node = 238.195641 AU (for T = 19.122383 yrs.)
Radius at Descending Node = 181.867962 AU (for T = 4157.4341 yrs.)

Figure 4A. Global Ice Variations During The Last 100,000 Years

Figure 5A. Extra-terrestrial Alien Description Of Our Alphabet And Solar System.

The star map shown to Betty Hill when taken on board a Saucer42 and the crop circle T367 are not the only cases where extra-terrestrial aliens have provided us with evidence of other planets in our own solar system. A well circulated, but unpublished, case occurred on 6 October 1974. The individual was invited to board an alien saucer and seemed to know a little of astronomical symbols. He was not mesmerized, but remained lucid during the event and prepared a report afterwards.43 Included is an example of the alien's interpretation of our alphabet (corrections were offered) and a description of our solar system. Both are presented in Figure 5A. Note in Figure 6A that common planetary symbols are employed by the aliens, as if they had access to our literature or television. The astrological P like symbol for Pluto is also correct. The first three alien symbols (12 V) translates to G2V when our alphabet is properly used. The Sun's recognized astronomical characterization is that of a G2 spectral class main sequence (V) star.

Figure 6A. Standard Astronomical/Astrological Planet Symbols

Notice that three other objects are indicated, one above and one below the string of planets and a final one at the end. Two (* and ) appear out of the plane of the ecliptic. The orbit of Forbes' (1000 year period) planet, probably Danjo's Septimus, is also anticipated to be highly inclined (52 deg.) to the ecliptic. One of the last three (probably *) may be planetesimal 1996TL66 (whose orbit is inclined 24 deg. to the ecliptic)44 or another. planet. 1996TL66 (and Pluto) may have been spawned by Vulcan, but now have been captured by our Sun. It has a 35 AU perihelion/130 AU aphelion (around 47 AU/134 AU is anticipated if transition to solar orbit occurred right at Vulcan's perihelion). The I symbol denotes a super-giant star, but if the Invitee failed to notice a V (i.e. VI) this symbol denotes the logical extension of "sequences" to sub-dwarf type stars (e.g. a Protostar). The Invitee was told that the asteroids (Maldek) resulted from an exploded planet, a view popularized by a Naval Observatory astronomer.45 Other planets (* or ?) await discovery. They may be either Vulcan's or the Sun's planets cranked into an inclined orbit by Vulcan.


Vulcan's elliptical orbit causes periodic bombardment of the Earth by comets drawn from the Oort cloud. Sir Fred Hoyle, Britain's royal astronomer, proposed that meteors (or comets) are responsible for both the rapid onset and termination of Ice Ages as well as the variations of global ice levels found in the Pleistocene. Normally, the oceans act as a gigantic heat engine, forming water vapor that moves north and south with the winds. When it rains or snows, heat is released, warming the mid- latitudes. Stony meteors are five to ten time more common than metal ones.46 Strikes more than 300 meters in size would throw a thousand times their mass into the high atmosphere. Half-micron size debris could remain aloft for over ten years causing the oceans to cool, losing their reserves of heat. Fine ice crystals, which naturally form when temperatures drop below minus 40 deg. C, would no longer be held at bay by heat rising from the Earth. They would reflect much of the Sun's radiation back into space causing the Earth to remain suspended in an Ice Age.

Less frequent Iron meteor strikes form both stony and heat absorbing metallic dust that prevent the fine ice crystals from forming. The Earth would warm signaling the start of an interglacial period. Such a strike would quickly melt ice and define a world - wide catastrophe. It could be responsible for the extinction of 32 genera of megafauna (MF) around 11,600 YA (Years Ago) at the end of the Pleistocene.48 The rapid thaw melted the permafrost turning their tundra into a huge bog. This is why these giant mammals (e.g. wooly mammoths) are found buried upright. Well fed on, they sank as the ground beneath them flooded and thawed.49

Hoyle claims meteor strikes at irregular intervals averaging 10,000 year. These impacts are postulated to be synchronized to (and the cause of) the zigs and zags found in the Vulcan paper's Figure 11.

His theory was criticized because geologists consider that the Ice Ages of the Pleistocene occur on a regular or periodic basis and his meteor strikes were expected to occur randomly.50 Geologists agree that glacial periods last about 100,000 years whereas both interglacial periods and periodic fluctuations of temperature within the glacial period (bringing about the advance and retreat of glacial ice) each last about 10,000 years.51 Some pre-historians think our current warm age will not last much longer.52 NASA's David Morrison notes that the chance that civilization may sustain a serious meteor strike (within a given year) could be as high as one in 10,000.53

The Vulcan paper predicts two swarms of comets (A and B) and each alternately threatens Earth about every 10,000 years when Vulcan is near aphelion. Thus, strikes may be expected every 5,000 years. Consider that one swarm may be big (or has big comets that may cause an Ice Age) while the other, small (e.g., causing a strike initiating Noah's Flood). Thus, the effective periodicity (as far as major global temperature variations) is about 10,000 years. Chances of a catastrophic strike would be about 50/50 every 5,000 years, or one in 10,000 like Morrison's value. Vulcan's long period comets may catch us by surprise giving only 250 - 500 day warning.54

Christ acknowledged Noah's flood and associated it with fire and sulfur falling from the sky. See Section 5.0. Curiously, Hoyle takes pains to de-couple his theory from Noah's flood.55 He miss-dates this swarm A strike to 5,000, not 3,000 BC, as do most theological sources. Hoyle also claims, without basis, that a cave (not Ark) was involved. Yet geologists, cited in a book he references, record a mini Ice Age 5,300 +/- 200 years ago, near the Vulcan paper's anticipated date of the strike causing Noah's flood (5150 YA).56 There was also a mini Ice Age (from a swarm B strike?)ending at the Holocene/Pleistocene Boundary (HPB) about10,550 +/- 200 years ago.


We may have evolved in a saw tooth manner. Ancient civilizations may have formed only to be blasted to extinction. The maps of the ancient sea kings57 and even ancient artifacts (e.g. planetariums with intricate gearing)58 offer evidence of extinct advanced civilizations. Are these related to Atlantis59 and Mu60 that may have been destroyed by the suspected 11,600 and 30,000 years ago (YA)strikes? The glacial surge (rapid melting) of the North American (Laurentide) ice sheet is co-incident with Plato's (11,560 YA) date of Atlantis' demise.61 Should Plato's date be correct, it argues that this was a swarm A# strike (# implies when Vulcan was not at aphelion). Perhaps Septimus' gravitational tug influenced this strike. If an Ice Age culture flourished, its cities were likely near the sea permitting transportation and offering fresh (rain) water.62 Floods and oceans (rising 100 meters since) swallowed evidence of their existence.63 Comets may have blasted us to the verge of extinction two, maybe ten times. See Figure 4A. Table 6A correlates the comet swarms revisit dates with geochronological events, most occurring when Vulcan is near aphelion

The change from Ice to warm age took only a decade (or less?).64 See Figure 7A. This must have proven nearly as disastrous for humans as for the megafauna that were driven to extinction. Accompanying reversals of the Earth's magnetic field (or some components) when Vulcan is near aphelion could also cause local penetration of high-energy ions from the Van Allen belts. These would cause biological mutations, producing new strains of bacteria and virus along with their attendant plagues. Comet strikes when Vulcan is near aphelion embodied affects similar to combined chemical, nuclear and biological warfare. Figure 8A, a medieval painting depicting the comets, the rain of fire and blood and disease/mutations indicate the expected consequences.65

The ancients had descriptions of Vulcan, Septimus and the comet swarm.66 Zechariah Sitchin displays a clay cylinder seal (VA/243) from the Akkadian civilization of Mesopotamia 4500 years ago showing eleven globes of various sizes orbiting the Sun.67 See Figure 9A. Other seals are shown depicting eleven planets (with five shining). What makes the former seal so unique is that the sizes are given. It is interpreted as follows: There are three tiny distant spheres, possibly representing Pluto, 1996TL66 andeither Chiron or the yet to be discovered planets (*, or I). There are three small planets representing Mercury, Venus and Mars. The Earth would not be shown, as it was not considered a planet. Likewise the Moon is not shown because satellites of the other planets are not shown. There are two medium sized planets (Uranus and Neptune) and two large size planets (Jupiter and Saturn). Additionally, there are two large planets, one distant representing Vulcan (a dark star) and another, Septimus, among the other solar planet. Sitchin also anticipates an object (planet?), Marduk, with a long elliptical orbit reaching from deep space to the inner planets, with a 3,600-year period similar to this work's 3353-year period comet swarm.

The Babylonians knew of two (swarm B?) comet clusters and named them Marduk (AKA Phaeton) and Tiamat. Marduk was recorded as a major astronomical entity with four assistances (five total, as depicted in T367?) and Tiamat with eleven (or more after rounding the Sun). Both appeared large. An apparent "battle" occurred as Tiamat rounded the Sun and met incoming Marduk. A major comet, Kingu, is also noticeable. Some, living near Ardmarnoch in western Scotland, may have seen this event around 10,000 YA after the 11,600 YA swarm A# strike cleared the ice crystals from the atmosphere revealing the starry canap'e.68 They carved its (or just Tiamat's) image on a large flat rock. Twenty-two comet-like objects are shown in Figures 10A and 11A. Some are arranged in a line as if a comet had fragmented while passing around the Sun as often occurs.

Figure 7A. Quick Rises In Temperature Due To Comet/Meteor Strikes.

Figure 8A. Medieval Painting Shows Two Comets And Illustrating The Sky Raining Blood, Sick Children, And Mutated Calf (With Two Heads). Dated 1456 AD, Near A Pass Of Halley's Comet.

Comet Swarm Strike Dates Vs. Event Timeline - Years Ago (YA)
*5,000/A 4,998 Noah's flood (Samaritan Pent.)
**10,000/B 10,550 Mini Ice Age Ends
**11,670/A# 11,560 Atlantis ends; high seas
" 11,564 Megafauna extinction
" 12,000 Allerod Warm Age Begins
13,330/B# Cold/Warm transition in decades
15,000/A Pruvial Lake Maximum
20,000/B Coldest time in the Ice Age
25,000/A 25,000 Atlantis starts, low seas
30,000/B Neanderthals Disappear
35,000/A 34/35,000, Mu starts/Lunar cal.
40,000/B 40,000 Cold age starts
45,000/A 45,000 Warm age starts
50,000/B No Strike? Very Cold
55,000/A 57,824 Dawn Of Mankind
125,000/A Last Interglacial Period
* Josephus' 5148 YA and Dr. Hale's 5155 YA dates may be closer.
** Uncorrected radiocarbon dates, may actually be earlier, 10550 YA and 11890 YA sidereal years respectively.

Figure 9A. Cylindrical Seal VA/243. The Akkadian (Mesopotamian) View Of Our Solar System Showing Vulcan and Setpimus. Courtesy of Z. Sitchin, The 12 th Planet.

Figure 10A. The Ardmarnoch Rock Carving Showing The Comet Cluster (From R. W. B. Morris, 1977, "The Pleistocene rock Art of Argyll"). Two Large Comets, I, II, III and IV (Reminiscent Of The Biblical Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse) Appear.

Figure 11A. Several Comet Fragment Chains Appear; a (4 Fragments); b (3 Fragments); c (3 Fragments) And d (3 Fragments). One Of These May Strike Earth.

Strike data from ancient cultures was an event that was recorded worldwide. Over five hundred legends depicting this catastrophe have been catalogued.69 Marduck has been attributed to a Velikovsky-like passing of planets ejected from their original solar system. Should this event be simply due to comet or meteor impacts (as suggested by Hoyle), its description maybe very relevant to us today. The most popular topic contained in these legends is the deluge/flood, but in many, the deluge occurs after a conflagration or firestorm.70 When mentioned in pairs, the firestorm precedes the deluge, and the latter extinguishes it. Also mentioned is ice hail, rains of blood and solid material (like stones) as well as tsunamis and boiling lakes and rivers. The mean date of this event, derived from all sources, is 11,577 +/- 50 years ago.

Phaeton is preceded by a sea of crystal (the comets' debris fields). They fall first, but keep falling even after the strike of the comet's main body. Rain drops ranging from the size of a man's head to that of a wigwam are reported as well as 50 kg. ice hail. Frozen gases (e.g., dry ice) could fall into bodies of water, and give the appearance of boiling. Bones of late Pleistocene animals encountered in drift deposits are frequently iron stained. Bone breccias are often strongly ferruginised and silicified. This material may have come from the debris field, the main body of the comet itself or both. A metal core comet striking in this area would inject large amounts of metal dust into the stratosphere. It melted the ice crystals in the canap, of the Pleistocene, changing it into a "sky of brass". Then, the icy tundra was turned into a swamp of mud. These legends support Hoyle's theory that a metal meteor strike caused the great Megafauna extinction (indicated to be 11,564 years ago). This data, combined with the Table 6A data, suggests that swarm A contains mostly metal core comets.

Tales of a giant tsunami are heard from both the Navajo and Choctaw who are found in Arizona and Oklahoma respectively. These areas are far inland, and it would take quite a tsunami to reach it. However, the American Indians were nomadic, and could have originally lived closer to the ocean. Additionally the Koran states directly that the deluge bearing Noah's Ark was a vast wave that united with other waters from more southern latitudes.

European and Asia Minor traditions indicate that Marduk (and its debris) struck from out of the northwest. Persian (Zoroastrian) tradition claims that Tistrya (AKA Phaeton) came out of the constellation of Cancer. It may have struck around July. Sunlight may mask its next arrival. Three to five fragments struck the Earth in rapid succession, first in northeastern Siberia (close to the mammoth graveyards), then Point Barrow and Harrison Bay, Alaska and the Old Crow Plains (in Yukon, Canada). Huge hills of sub-fossilized and carbonized wood indicate that one strike was in the Arctic Ocean between Siberia and Alaska. The fragments may have reached the Carolinas. However, the latter may have been the result of an earlier strike that also left a large impact crater on the ocean floor located near Bermuda.

The swarm B strike, at the Pleistocene/Holocene boundary (HBP), occurred about 10,550 +/- 200 YA. Radiocarbon data supports the HPB and the mini-Ice Age associated with it. This swarm is believed to be of a stony core comet and it caused a mini Ice Age. This, combined with the data in Table 6A, indicates that swarm B is composed of stony core comets. Table 6A indicates that the metal core comets seldom overwhelm the effects of the stone core comet impacts, and it is the Ice Age producing swarm B comets that are returning. Hoyle's warning that appears on the title page of this document could not be more prophetic.


Christ predicted five comet events including two strikes. Isaiah predicted at least one. Comparing Christ's words to T367, the first event (1) seems to be just an atmospheric penetration along with a meteor shower and the comet volitiles boiling off in the atmosphere (2007?).71 The next four (or five) are the "grapeshot" shown in T367.72 A meteor shower (hail of fire and blood) precedes a comet (2), comet fragment or debris field, that either does not strike the Earth or disintegrates in the atmosphere. Christ also indicates that a meteor (3), the size of a mountain, would fall into the sea.73 Scientists indicate that such a strike would cause a global catastrophe.74 As mentioned in Section 1.2, Nostradamus also indicates that a huge meteorite (3) will strike the Aegean Sea. See Appendix A. One of its fragments (Wormwood) may pass through the atmosphere spewing debris and poisoning Earth's fresh water. A lunar strike (4) and another comet (5) about half a year later, or another fragment of (3) may strike dry land (no in-rushing water mentioned), and create volcanism. Christ's description of the "last days" is consistent with T367. The Aegean and Israel strikes are from a northerly direction as was the 11,577 YA strikes.

This work neither espouses nor endorses any religion. However, the Book of Mormon alleges that part of the tribe of Joseph, migrated to America (circa 600 BC).75 They may have created the Izapan culture that had its hey day 500 BC to 100 AD. They may have carried knowledge of the Bible Code's 2012 end date with them. The Mayan calendar's 2012 end date can be traced76 directly to Izapa legends.) If so,then is it just from the Bible Code? Incidentally, the Mormon Church was founded on 6 April 1830 (7 April in Israel?) based on a common belief that it was Jesus' birthday.77 Passover (fixed by the Jewish lunar calendar), was 7 April that year.78 Talmage appears unsure of Jesus' year of birth but assumes 1 BC. He concedes that Oxford and Cambridge scholars conclude He was born 3 or 4 BC.79 The Vulcan paper's "Appendix B" (taken from the "Christ point" analysis) concludes that He was born on a Saturday morning, 31 March 3 BC. Official Passover began the preceding night. Common Mormon belief and the Vulcan paper, both independent sources, seem to be in agreement that Jesus was born at, or within a day of, Passover. Incidentally, Jesus celebrated Passover on Thursday (e.g. The Last Supper) in Jerusalem one day earlier as He was from "out of town".80 His crucifixion by the Sadducees occurred on Friday, A3 pril 33 AD just before official Passover began that evening (a lunar eclipse followed).81 The author recognizes criticism of the Book of Mormon and it is not his intent to validate it.

What may damn us to the same fate as the ancient civilizations are not the comets as much as our primal fears. Specifically, "Stubbornness" - the fear of change and "Self- Destruction" - the fear of loss of control. The first seems often focused on religion, the second on politics. Consider the SL9 comet strike, the astronomical event of the century. The powers-that-be at Kitt Peak felt that this event was not important enough to keep its telescopes open.82 The Great Library of Alexandria, documenting past strikes, was thrice destroyed. First, as an act of resistance when Caesar captured Alexandria. Second, by a Christian mob inflamed by a fanatical bishop who claimed it contained heathen teachings. Third, by a conquering Caliph who destroyed it because it may contain material contrary to Islamic teachings.83 These fears, focused on spiritualism and borne as survival mechanisms, may prove to be our worst enemy and lead us to mass annihilation.

Are both crop circle T367 and the "Bible Code" a hoax? A conspiracy between the ancients, Moses, Christ and the aliens seems unlikely. But aliens have been reported to exploit human religious fervor.84 Validating Vulcan's existence would help verify the comet threat.


Can this work, dealing with the annihilation of mankind, be taken seriously? Vulcan's orbit (containing an unidentified IRAS object) is linked to Forbes' postulated planet's orbit that was found by accepted scientific methods. It is also linked to the Akkadian seal, and by "pseudo-scientific" data to the Hill star map, to T367 and to an alien description of our solar system. Septimus is linked to another of Forbes' planets and the Akkadian seal. The comet's revisit cycle is linked to Vulcan's 5,030 period, to the 10,000-year glacial period temperature variations, to the 10,000-year long interglacial period and to the great megafauna extinction. Likewise, it is linked by "pseudo- scientific" data found in the Bible Code and T367. These offer the principle ways to pinpoint the date of the impending strikes. The small time differences (e. g., a few years) may be attributed to known comet orbital instability (e.g., out-gassing). The only measure of reasonability for "pseudo-science" data is its link to accepted data. The orbit for Vulcan was (partially) derived by astrological techniques so it is considered a "pseudo-science" result. It linked herein to both conventional and pseudo-science data. All subjects considered herein are assumed not to be hoaxes unless otherwise indicated.

Most people are not intellectually curious. They are often more concerned about their religion, making money, and musical or athletic events, etc. They may view this work as a waste of time until its predicted crisis is upon them. For a homogeneously distributed group of the intellectually curious, the following equation is offered. Reasonability (R) assumes a thoughtful evaluation of a concept will be performed by those individuals investigating it.

R = R1 + (1 - R1)] R2 + [1 -{R1 + (1 - R1) R2}] R3 + {1 - {R1 + [(1 - R1)] R2 + [1 -{R1 + (1 - R1) R2] R3} R4 + etc.

Here Ri starts with the highest value of reasonability (i = 1) and flows downward to lower values of Ri monotonically as i increases. That is, the most reasonable argument gathers the most acceptance and less reasonable arguments gather a diminishing fraction of the remaining skeptics. RA-MVulcan and RA-MSeptimus refer to the Vulcan paper predicted Vulcan and the herein predicted Septimus. RComet150 yr and RCometBC refer to the comet strike predicted in 150 years or the Bible Code's prediction respectively. Following are estimates of Ri.

Three of Vulcan's four orbit elements are linked to Forbes' orbit. These arise from conventional scientific analysis techniques. Then, Vulcan's astrological orbit is 3/4 or 75% reasonable. Thus, R1 = (0.75)FD as far as being supported by Forbes' data (FD). ASTRO-METRICS' poorly known Septimus orbit is fully supported (i.e., R1 = (1.0)FD).

Danjo's planet formation theory predicts Vulcan and Septimus and postulates that all star-systems containing planets are formed by multiple star systems. Vulcan is thought to be our Sun's companion (dark) star. Vulcan and Septimus, appear on the Akkadian Seal (AS). The seal offers three types of data, planet number, size and sometimes distance. Septimus appears as a solar planet and Vulcan a distant one. The seal measurements are consistent with Vulcan's and Septimus' aphelion and known planet size and count. They could not have determined any. Compared to the 18 + 2 pieces of count, size and aphelion data that correspond to known or anticipated data, 13 + 2 pieces that cannot be explained or would be unknown to them. Thus, for RA- MVulcan and RA-MSeptimus, R2 = 15/20 or 75%. See Appendix B.

Danjo's believes that Betty Hill's famous star map (HM) contains a reference to Vulcan. She obtained the map during an alien contact but the stars on it were not named. From it, he estimates Vulcan's range to be 553 AU, a value nominally consistent with its postulated orbit. He claims the map uses logarithmic scaling that indicate four stellar distances; Alpha Centauri to Sol, to Proxima Centauri, to Procyon and the Alpha Centauri's A-B star separation. These measurements fit accepted data (implying Vulcan's does also). He also applies his planet formation theory to build planetary systems around seven of the stars on the map. Five have astronomically detected planets, while the two remaining have predicted planets with such long periods that astrometric detection seems unlikely. But there are two other reasonable versions also purporting to fit the Hill map. Thus his map's reasonability is diluted by three. Even though Danjo's version explains the double lines and triangles found on the map while the others don't, his map's reasonability is still set at 33%. Since only 29% of us accept the possibility of aliens85, his analysis yields for RA-MVulcan an R4 = 10%. Septimus and Vulcan are also indicated by the other alien data (AD), but only 1996TL66 verify it. Thus it is 10% times a third, or for RA-MVulcan and RA-MSeptimus, R5 = R3 = 3%, respectively.

Pre-history data (PH) like stone carvings, impact craters and iron oxide residue, etc. support the comet bombardment theory. Geological temperature variations during the Ice Age and the duration of interglacial periods all point to a periodic climate change that could be caused by meteorite bombardment. Astronomers have already advanced the principal elements of this theory. It matches accepted geological data, but still for RComet150 yr, R1 = 50% because the old precession/tilt of theEarth's axis Ice Age theory is still widely accepted by geologists.

A scenario is developed to aid the evaluation of T367. Crop circles were observed as early as 1965. These were simply vegetation scarring that occurred when UFO's landed or took off with their AADs (i.e. patent #5,797,563) operating.86 The aliens appear rather casual about its operation, and several humans have been burned during take-offs and fly-bys.87 Soon, circles were the talk of amateur UFO groups and many were finding them. Fake ones began "cropping up" either as hoaxes or to purposely obscure the analysis of the real ones (or both). By 1992, hoaxing (250 or more) had become an epidemic.88 The aliens must have noticed the hoaxes and decided to make an elaborate one (for purposes of mass recognition or communication?). Humans responded in kind.89 Then, the aliens generated T367 and it was quickly found to contain a meaningful statement, even by amateurs. That statement is analyzed herein.

As discussed in Section 1.1, it is reasonable that aliens would be aware of Vulcan and the imminent comet swarm. It is also reasonable that they would warn us of an impending disaster since it would be reasonable for us to likewise warn another sentient species. T367 contains direct evidence of the threatening comet swarm (its grape-shot) that is similar to pre-history's "Marduk" and indirect evidence of Vulcan (its off-set cleared circle). The shape of the inner-planets orbit, the asteroid belt and thee planet sizes offer at least ten recognizable elements. The UFO- derived patents discussed herein offer another (explaining alien crop circle formation). Thus, T367 is considered to be a 100% reasonable warning of an impending comet/meteor collision. But since only 29% of us accept the possibility of an alien presence, for RA-MVulcan an R3 = 29%. Since there are two sets of datesimplied by the T367 analyses (Hawkings and this one), for RComet150 yr and RCometBC, R3 = 29% and R1 = 14.5% respectively.

The Bible Code (BC) contains two types of information. First, physical information like earthquake predictions and comet impacts. These are not subject to human's choice. They are simply geophysical events, whether or not we have enough intelligence to model them ourselves. Second, human events such as assassins, scholars or acts - of - war seems are more like the scripting of human actions, something neither new nor surprising. Astrology purports to uncover the same things. Humans/events, especially those prophesied either by astrology or the Bible Code, are uncertain once revealed. Physical events predicted by the Bible Code are 100% credible (so far) and the human events fail only in the predicted murder of Churchill. Future credibility is expected to be about the same provided neither is amended by subsequent acts of humans (e.g., destroying a comet). Bible Code knowledge is not widespread, but for RComet150 yr, R2 = 50% since half of its first 100 reviews on accepted it (a >7 out of 10 rating) and the work became a "best seller". Summing these up:

RA-MVulcan = (0.75)FD + (0.19)AS + (0.02)T367 + (0.005)HM + (0.001)AD
= 97%

RA-MSeptimus = (1.0)FD + (0.0)AS + (0.000)AD
= 100% (orbit herein is poorly defined)

RComet150 yr = (0.5)PH + (0.25)BC + (0.0725)T367
= 83% (derived from RA-MVulcan)

RCometBC = (0.145)T367 = 15%

Believability (B) is the relative fraction fi of the intellectually curious people knowledgeable about a subject (whose values are estimated here) times Ri (the reasonability of the material presented). Then believability Bi = fi Ri and the believability equation is:

B = B1 + (1 - B1)] B2 + [1 -{B1 + (1 - B1) B2}] B3 + {1 - {B1 + [(1 - B1)] B2 + [1 -{B1 + (1 - B1) B2] B3} B4 + etc.

Here, fT367 =1.0, fBC = 0.05, fHM =0.01, all others=0.0001 and

BT367 = 0.29 or 0.145, BBC = 0.025, BHM = 0.0022, BFD = 0.00008, BAS = 0.00007, BPH = 0.00005 and BAD = 0.000003.

BA-MVulcan = (0.29)T367+(0.00146)HM+(0.00064)FDAS+(0.0000002)AD
= 29%

BA-MSeptimus = (0.000100)FD + (0.000070)AS + 0.000003)AD
= 0.017%

BComet150 yr = (0.29)T367 + (0.01525)BC + (0.000018)PH = 31%

BCometBC = (0.145)T367 + (0.00004)PH = 15%

The T367 term is the largest component of the B equations because so many have heard of, and formed an opinion about, both aliens and crop circles. The believability BComet150 yr of a meteor/comet strikes outweighs the BA-MVulcan of Vulcan's existence. Vulcan's believability may be much less since it is only inferred by T367 whereas the comets are clearly depicted therein and in popular comet/meteor-strike movies like ARMAGEDDON and DEEP IMPACT. T367 was shown and interpreted as a strike warning on "SIGHTINGS".

These calculations only estimate believability to the intellectually curious. Another large group is the religious one. Should the predictions in the Bible Code come to pass, they may seize on it if only to validate their faith. Humans can invalidate its predictions subject to their choice, but its physical predictions (e.g., earthquakes, etc.) are harder to change. Not considered in these calculations for R and B are the irrational effects of the fear of change and/ or loss of control (e.g. NIH - Not Invented Here). These can greatly reduce the above values.


Geological data indicates that our warm interglacial period may be near an end. An un-discovered planet, Vulcan - orbiting in our outer solar system, offers a mechanism by which these warm periods could be abruptly terminated by strikes from a comet swarm. Vulcan's orbital parameters have been derived and Forbes supports them. He anticipated a similar planetary orbit by analyzing long period comets' aphelia. The comet swarm's resonate orbit is directly tied to Noah's flood as dated by the Samaritan Pentateuch. A significant probability of comet strikes causing major effects on the Earth's biosphere occurs every five or ten thousand years. Strikes from a comet swarm caused a mini ice age about 10,000 years ago. That swarm is returning and offers potentially devastating consequences to our highly populated Earth. Rock, fire and deluge may rain over a hemisphere. Billions could die of starvation due to weather modifications.90 The Earth may be rendered habitable to only a small number of humans for millennia to come.

Atlantis may have been destroyed about 11,560 years ago by comet strikes and Mu about 20,000 years earlier. Direct warnings of comet impacts leading to the annihilation of mankind have come from both Christ and the Bible Code. Its anticipated 2006 to 2012 strikes could extinguish most of humanity. Our scientists are unaware of Vulcan whereas it and the comet swarm may have been known to the Mesopotamians 4500 years ago. Vulcan appears on an alien star map as well as their description of our solar system. Aliens have also warned us of and dated impending meteor/comet impacts through direct encounters and by crop circle T367 publicized on "Sightings". Crop circle T367 is tied to conventional astronomy, patented alien technology and to Vulcan's and the comets' resonate orbit. T367 predicts 2007, 2033 and 2039 strike dates. These strike dates are consistent with orbital mechanics, but conventional science is unable to support any specific one.

The issues affecting our survival may not be just those of technology but those of fear. Our stubbornness - the fear of (scientific) change, and our self-destructive nature, manifested by our fear of loss of (political) control, may prove to be our undoing. Consider the following:

A. Wegner offered his theory of Pangea break-up and of continental drift in 1912. Geologists finally accepted it in the early 1960's. Are astronomers unwilling to look for the precisely located Vulcan? This Vulcan/comet/Ice Age theory may soon be proven regardless of their fears of change or loss of control.

B. Christ seems to have been aware of the Bible Code's warnings of catastrophic Earth impacts. He also may have known that we are slow to change. Perhaps that is why He told us about it 2,000 years ago.

C. The charade of secreting extra-terrestrial contacts has outlived its usefulness. Our militant attitude (like the possible downing of the Roswell saucers with atomics) has scarred our relationship. The alien presence is real and they have warned us of impending trouble. We could use their help now. Fears that they would attempt to take control of the world are exaggerated.

We should be implementing precautions against these possible comet strikes today. We might have the capability to detect and neutralize the threat if we take decisive action. We can, at least, plan to relocate our threatened population and reconstitute our atmosphere. The military is the only branch of government that can move quickly enough to neutralize this threat or transport many to relatively safe havens. War is also anticipated during these times of crisis. The verifiable past events and even predicted atomic holocausts, which may have been delayed by the Bible Code and the actions of men, contain a message. That message is; we, like Noah, can change things if we act with what we have to avoid this potential global catastrophe.



The following prophecies of Nostradamus, written between 1555 and 1559, are relevant to the upcoming Earth impacts near the beginning of the next millennium. The passing of the comet cluster, Phaeton, causes the strike itself, see II/81 (century/quatrain) and the threatening comet is specified in VI/6. PF is from the Preface of Nostradamus and EP is from his Epistle to Henry II.

PF 61-62

J'ai compose' des livres de prophetcies contenant chacun cent quatrains astronomiques de prophecies, lesquelles qui j'ai voulu rabouter obscurement: & ils sont perpetuelles vaticinations, pour ici a l'anée 3797.

I have compiled some books of prophecies, each one containing a hundred astronomical quatrains composed of prophecies that I would like to render obscure and there are perpetual variations extending for now to the year 3797.

Nostradamus wrote this preface to his prophecies and the first three sets of 100 quatrains in 1555. They extend to the "end?" of mankind in 3797 when swarm A will again threaten (in 3677).

PF 75-79

& aussi que je trouve les lettres feront si grande & incomparable lecture, que jé trouve le mode avant l'universelle conflagration d'avenir tant de deluges & si hautes inundations, qu'il ne sera quelles terrain qui ne soit couvert d'eau & sera par si long temps aux hors mis enographies & topographies, que le tout ne soit prey: Aussi avant & après telles inundations, en plusieurs côtrees, les pluies seront si aigues, & tombera du Ciel un si grand abondace de feu & de pierre candentes, que rien ne demeurera qu'il ne soit consummée & çe su d'avenir en bref, avant la dernière conflagration.

& I also find that letters will make a grand and incomparable lecture for which I find the way before the universal conflagration in the world there will be so many floods & very high inundation's, that there will not be a lot of territories that will not be covered by water, and this will last for so long on the outside of the topography that everything will perish [i.e., by great floods like Noah's]. Furthermore, before & after these floods, in many coasts, the rain will be so exaggerated & [there] will be falling from the sky such a great abundance of fire & of flaming meteorites, that nothing will remain un- consumed & all this will happen a short time before the final conflagration [from the comet strike itself].

Like Section 4's pre-historic descriptions of a comet and its debris fields striking Earth.

PF 86-90

& ce quant au visibl jugement celeste, qu'encores que nous sommes au septième nombre de mille qui parachute le tout, nous approachant du huitieme, ou est le firmament de la huitieme sphere, qui est en dimension latitudinaire, ou le grand Dieu éternel veindra paracheur la revolution: ou les images celestres retourneront a se mouvoir & le mouvement superieur qui mettera la terre stable & ferme unon inclinabitur in seculu saeculi: 'hors mis que son vouloir sera.

& when, according to the visible judgement of the stars, although we are in the seventh number of the millenium - which finishes all - we are approaching the eighth sphere where the firmament of the eighth sphere which is in (latitude) dimension, where the great eternal God will come to parachute down on the revolution of the heavenly bodies who will return to their motion, and the superior movement will render the Earth stable and strong for us, not deviating from age to age unless His will is done.

Fundamentalist Christian belief is that mankind was formed in the 4th millennium BC. This passage is describing the time circa 3797 when Nostradamus' prophecies near an end. The remaining comets of Swarm A may be neutralized by pushing them into an orbit which no longer threatens Earth (e. g., orbiting another non-inhabited planet like Jupiter or Saturn).


Tout auprès d'Aux, de Lestore & Mirande,
Grand feu du Ciel en trois nuits tombera:
Cause adviendra bien suspendu &
Bien peu après la terre tremblera

Very near to Auch, Lectoure and Mirande,
Great fire of the Sky in three nights will fall:
which will cause a stupendous event to happen
A short while after the Earth will tremble.

This indicates that the comet/meteorite will be highly visible for the last three nights before impact. A fragment may strike at about 43.5 deg. N., 0.5 deg. E.


La grande montagne ronde de sept strades,
Après paix, gurre, faim, inondation:
Roulera loin abismant grands contrades,
mêsmes antiques, & grande fondations.

The great mountain, 4247 feet in circumference,
After peace, warmth, famine, flood:
The impact will spread far, drowning with great contradictions
[or oscillations],
even ancient objects and their great foundations.

This indicates that a long elongated mountain-like comet/meteorite, about 474 meters in diameter (and maybe around 700 meters long - assuming a 3:2 axial ratio) will strike the sea forming tsunamis that sweep back and fourth inundating ancient (Greek and Roman) buildings.


Pour la chaleur solaire sur la mer,
De Negrepont, les poissons demi cuits:
Les habitans viendront les entamer,
Quand Rhode, & Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.

Because of the heat of the Sun upon the sea,
Around Negroponte, the fish will become half cooked:
The inhabitants will come to cut them up [eat],
When Rhodes [Gr.], and Genoa [It.]their biscuit [grain] will fail

< A (metal?) comet/meteorite may strike around Negroponte (now Evvoia) causing Hoyle's "sky of brass" in the Ligurian, Adriatic and Aegean Sea regions, then causing crops failures.


La grand êtoille par sept jours brullera,
Nuage fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastif toute nuit hurlera,
Quand grand pontîfe changera de terrain.

The great star will blaze for seven days,
The cloud will cause two Suns to appear:
The huge dog will howl all night,
When the great pontiff will change territories.

The strike will release so much energy (or cause volcanism) that the impact-site will blaze for seven days. The hot cloud created will cause atmospheric thermal refraction such that two Suns appear. Additional meteorites from the comet's debris cloud will pass through the atmosphere making a howling sound. The Pope will finally move the Vatican to a new location.


Après grande troche humain, une plus grande s'appreste,
Le grand moteur des siecles renouvelle:
Pluie, sang, lait, famine, fer & peste,
Au ciel veu feu, courant longue etincelle.

After great human misery, a greater one approaches,
The great motor of the century renews:
It will rain blood, milk, famine, iron and pestilence.
In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging long sparks.

Just as the millenium begins, human misery (from the 2007 event?) will precede the (2012?) strike, perhaps as many try to relocate. The comet's debris cloud strikes, raining iron meteorites and forming both red or rusty like as well as a milk- like (hydrocarbon) material just as reported in pre-histories legends. Famine results from the climate change. Pestilence arises from mutations of bacteria and virus when the Earth' s magnetic field falters and the Van Allen belts are no longer held at bay. A meteorite is seen with fragments breaking off and burning in the atmosphere.


Par feu du ciel la cité est presque brulé,
L'urne menace encore Ceucalion,
Vexée Sardaigne par la Punique fuste.
Après que Libra lairra son Phaeton.

Through fire from the sky the city is almost burned.
The urn menaces Ceucalion once again.
Sardinia is vexed by the Punic Vessel.
After that Libra will abandon his Phaeton.

One comet/meteorite fragment or its associated debris field may destroy Rome (see VI/6) or Athens (see VIII/16). Ceucalion may mean Deucaion, the Greek name for Noah and the "urn" refers to the urn of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which brings a flood. Punic is synonymous with treachery and fuste is a galley (ship), thus some Sardineans employ treachery to escape by ship. Phaeton is the ancient name of the comet cluster and Libra refers to the nominal celestial direction from which it leaves (RA 222o to 240o, Dec. 25o +/- 15o S.).


De sang & faim plus grande calamité,
Sept fois s'appreste a la marine plage:
Monech de faim, lieu pris, capitule',
Le grand mene croc en cage de fer.

Greater calamity of blood and famine
Seven times it will advances toward the marine shore:
Monico, from hunger, place captured, captivity,
The great leader is crushed in a metal cage.

War & starvation as well as seven tsunami's from the seven- comet/meteorite strikes occur.


Quand tout est bon, tout est bien Soleil & Lune,
Est abundant, sa riome s'approche:
Du ciel s'avance vaner ta fortune,
En même êtat que la septiême roche.

Where all is good, all is well Sun and Moon,
are in abundance, its ruin approaches
From the sky comes the fortune you boast of,
In the same state as the seventh rock.

Everything is going well up until the great catastrophe. Quatrain III/10 indicates that seven meteorite or comet fragments strike the Mediterranean Sea causing seven tsunamis. The seventh of these "rocks" may, according to prior analysis, strike Israel. Before it does, the Jews in Israel will amass wealth building a anti-comet system or selling other measures to permit human survival.


A quarante huit degree climaterique
A fin de Cancer si grand seicheresse
Poisson en mer, fleue, et lac cuit hectique,
Bearn, Bigorre par feu ciel en destresse.

At a latitude of 48deg. climatic [things].
At the end of Cancer so great [is the] drought:
Fish in the sea, river and lake boiled hectic,
Bearn, Bigorre the sky in distress from fire,

A severe drought occurs during July/August (of 1999 or 2006?) in Europe around latitude 48 deg.. Bearn and Bigorre counties in S/W France [43.4 deg. N., 0.5 deg. E] will suffer from the strike or near miss of a comet's debris cloud. The "boiled hectic" indicate fishes' reaction to organic ices (frozen CH4 or CO2) from the comet's debris field falling into the water causing a boiling appearance.


Apparoistrad vers la Septentrion,
Non loing de Cancer l'estiolle cheuelue,
Suze, Sienne, Boece, Eretrion,
Mourra de Rome grand, la nuit disparue.

There will appear towards the seven stars
Not far from Cancer, the bearded star:
Susa [45deg. N, 07deg. E.], Siena [43deg. N, 11deg E.], Boeotia,
Great Rome will die, the night disappeared.

The threatening comet's (the bearded star) incoming direction is from Cancer (RA 126 deg. - 135 deg., Dec. 19 deg. +/- 10 deg. N.). This is consistent with the T367 heliocentric longitudes of 103deg. - 195 deg.. There is a seven star chain at RA 128 deg., Dec. 25 deg.. Rome destroyed. Susa [It.], Siena [It.], Boeotia [Gr.], Eretria [38.4o N., 23.8oE.- Gulf of Evvoia, Gr.] strikes light Rome's night.

EP 87-91

& precedera devant un eclipse solaire le plus obscur, & le plus tenereux, que soit ête depuis la creation du monde jusqu a la mort & la passion de Jesus Christ, & la jusquì ici, & sera au mois d'Octobre que quelque grande translation sera faite, & telle que l' on cuidera la pesanteur de la terre avoir perdu son naturelle mouvement, & être abimée en perpetuelles tennêbres, seront precédans au temps vernal & s'en ensuivant après d'extrêmes changements, permutations de rêgnes, par grand tremblemens de terre, avec pullulation de la nouveu Babylonne fille miserable augmentée par l'abdomination du Holocauste, & ne tiendra tant seulement que septante trois ans et, sept mois, puis apres en sortira du tigre celle, qui avait dormis tant long temps.

& this will be preceded by a solar eclipse [8/11/99, 3/29/06, 8/01/08 or 1/04/11?]91, the more obscure & most thunderous, that ever was since the creation of the world except for the death & passion of Jesus Christ, & from that time until now, & there shall be in the month of October some great movement that will occur in some way that we will believe that the weight of Earth has lost its natural gravitation, & that it will be plunged into perpetual thunder. It will be preceded in the spring by extra- ordinary changes that will reverse kingdoms & mighty earthquakes, with the increase of the new Babylon, the daughter of misery, augmented by the abomination of the first Holocaust & it will last no less than 73 years and 7 months. Then after that, we will come out of this tiger [roughness], which slept so long.

The infrequent comet swarm passes in October. One strikes devastating Earth for 74 years.

EP 186-189

Et sera faite Paix universelle entre les humains: & sera deliré l'eglise de Jesus Christ de toute tribulation, combien que par les Azoarians voudroit meler dedans le miel du fiel, & leur pestisere seduction, & cela sera proche du septième millenere que plus le sanctuaire de Jesus Christ ne sera conculque par les Infideles qui viendront d'Aquilon, le mondl aprochant de quelque grande conflagration, combien que par mes supputations en mes prophecies, le cours du temps aille boucoup plus loin.

And there will be established universal peace among humans, and the Church of Jesus Christ will be delivered from all tribulations, as well as the Philistines would like to mix in the honey of bile, and their pestilence seduction; And this will be near the seventh millenium, when the sanctuary of Jesus Christ will no longer be trodden down by Infidels who will come from Aquilon [the north wind?]. The world approaches a great conflagration, although, according to my calculations in my Prophecies, the course of time runs much, much further.

This is set just after Israel is returned to the Judeo- Christian forces in the world and near to when the seventh millenium (2,001) begins. There are still some troublemakers in positions of power. Soon the world will approach the great catastrophe of 2006 to 2012 discussed in this work. Humanity continues to survive at least until 3797 (when Nostradamus' prophecies end).


Au lieu que HIERON fait sa nef fabriquer,
Si grand deluge sera & si' subite,
Qu'on n'aura lieu ne terres s'atacquer
L'on montea Fesulan Olympique.

Of the place where JASON had his built ship,
There will be such great and so sudden a flood,
That one will have nowhere on earth that was not attacked
The wave mounts the Olympic Fesulan.

This is Nostradamus' description of the great tsunami caused by the comet strike in Aegean sea. The tsunami may sweep over Mount Olympus at 9570 ft., or just inundate Fiesole, Italy that is at 970 ft. HIERON is a cryptogram for IESON (JASON of the Argonauts).


L' antechrist trois bientôt annichiliez,
Vingt & sept ans sang durera sa guerre:
Les heretiques morts, captifs, exilez,
Sang corps humain eau rougie gelé couvrera la terre.

The third Anti- Christ very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years [the] blood will submit to war:
The dead heretics, the captive, the exiles
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened icy hail will cover the Earth

This quatrain is linked to the comet strike by the reddened icy hail, which is associated with past strikes of the comet's debris cloud. This is anticipated to occur in the 2006 to 2012 time frame. This quatrain may be linked to the X/72 quatrain implying that war will range well past the strike date as humanity struggles to survive the 74 year long devastation of Earth. See EP 87 - 91.


L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d'essayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roi d'Angelmois.
Avdant et après Mars rêgner par bonheur.

In the year 1999 and [Chinese?] seven months,
A great king of terror will come from the sky.
He will bring back the great king of the Mongols.
Before and after, Mars rules happily.

This quatrain may indicate that a large meteorite (or a remnant debris field) may fall in 07/01/99 - 09/09/99. Mars' rule indicates ongoing war before and after the strike. The return of the great king of the Mongols remains obscure (maybe a Sino-Islamic leader will emerge from the event. This quatrain may be related to VIII/77, the third "anti-christ and a 27 year war.

Other quatrains may include I/22, I/98, II/93, X/74, and X/75. EP 208-216 describes a desolate world and a following 25- year war; then (the biblical 1,000 years of?) peace.



Philosophically, truth is related to the degree that an interpretation or analysis of an object (or event) is coherent with validated fact.92 For example, because the Earth revolves in space and because we know in the past that the Sun has always risen in the east, we can say that tomorrow the Sun will also rise in the east. This assumes that no other major astronomical body collides with Earth between now and then.

It is asserted that the 4,500 year-old Akkadian Seal offers a truthful depiction of our known solar system and that it indicates the presence of additional planets within it. Obviously, it contains size and count information about the known planets. The analysis contained in this work indicates the presence of two new planets, Septimus and Vulcan (and by inference the comet swarm Sitchin detonates as the planet Marduk & its satellites). This indicates that knowledge beyond today's astronomical data was available to the Akkadians. But just how coherent is the seal's data with known data?

When someone is shown a depiction of our solar system, the Jovian planets are clearly illustrated but often the inner planets are displayed on an expanded scale.93 Outer bodies, like long period comets, 1996TL66, Septimus or Vulcan may be displayed on other scales. Beginning with objects on the Akkadian seal (Figure 9A) after Septimus, in clockwise order, the inter planets are designated A, B, C and are followed by the Jovian bodies Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn. The three distant tiny ones are X and Y (near A and B) and Z (between Neptune and Jupiter). Planet Z does not clearly appear, but Sitchin claims that it is there and labels it Pluto. Pluto (Z) related measurements are taken from his sketches. The distant objects X, Y, Z, Septimus and Vulcan are at different distances from the Star.

The published photo was magnified and the separation between the Star (on the seal) and objects X, Y, Z, Septimus and Vulcan was measured. The later two objects are unique, the first due to its size and the second due to its distance. The measured values and anticipated Septimus:Vulcan aphelion ratios are very close 0.279 and 0.269 respectively. The Star to X and Star to Y distance is the same. See Table 7A. One of the objects, X (probably as it is the smaller), Y or Z is assumed to be 1996TL66. While not precisely known, its aphelion has been determined to be 132 AU. The planetesimal's existence is known data (validated fact). The ratio of the measured Septimus: X [Z] and Vulcan: X [Z] separations is compared to Forbe's Septimus: 1996TL66 and Vulcan: 1996TL66 aphelion ratios with limited success. See Tables 4A and 7A. Distance scaling to all the known planets is obviously unreliable.

Measured Distances On The Akkadian Seal
Star to: millimeters (mm) Object: X [Z] Planet: 1996TL66
X or Y (1996TL66) 16.95 1.000 [1.22] 1.000 [unknown]
Z (Pluto?) [1996TL66] 13.9 0.820 [1.00] 0.385[1.00]
Septimus 13.8 0.814 [0.99] 0.925
Vulcan 49.5 2.92 [3.56] 3.44

Measured Planet Diameters As Found On The Akkadian Seal
Planet Mass* Log Mass Diameter (mm) Log Mass from Seal
Sun (Star)#330,0005.52 7.95 5.52
Jupiter 318.4 2.50 4.9 2.47+/- 0.1
Septimus 165.6 implied 4.65 2.22 +/- 0.1 unlikely
Saturn 95.3 1.98 4.4 1.97+/- 0.1
Neptune 17.1 1.23 3.9 1.47+/- 0.1
Uranus 14.6 1.16 3.7 1.27+/- 0.1
Vulcan 0.587 implied? 2.2 - 0.23
Earth@ 1.000 0.00
Venus (C)#0.84 -0.075 3.2 - 0.075
Mars (B) 0.108 -0.9673.1 -0.67 +/- 0.1
Mercury (A)0.055 -1.262.0 -1.28 +/-0.1
Septimus 1.1 implied 4.65 0.05 +/- 0.1Vulcan's Saturn
Pluto (Z)#,## 0.002 -2.701.9 (est.) -2.70 (est. from Sitchin)
1996TL66 (X)0.00001? -5.0 1.1 - 3.50
Y (unknown)0.0016 implied? 1.9 - 2.70
@ not believed to be foundon the Akkadian Seal
*In terms of Earth Masses
** -2.43 added to measured value
*** -3.275 added to measured value
**** -4.60 added to measured values# Reference body
#Reference body
## hard to see on this Akkadian Seal image

The diameter of the objects was also measured. See Table 8A. The Jovian planets were scaled to the Sun's mass and all four fit, although Neptune poorly. Considering the poor quality of the photo, this is not disconcerting. Likewise Mercury and Mars fit to within measurement error when Venus is used as the scaling planet. The count of the Jovian planets and the inner planets (sans the Earth) is also correct. Four planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto95 and 1996TL66 would be undetectable to the Akkadians. Two extra Pluto-like planets, as the seal indicates, are anticipated (Section 2).96 These offers 18 elements of coherence, 13 of which would not be normally known to the Akkadians. Scaling the mass to Jovian planets indicates a Septimus of 166 earth masses, a planet large enough to have already been found.94 Scaling to Vulcan'splanets offers an Earth size planet at 128 AU (see Forbe's planets).97 Vulcan (if the scaling is correct) is smaller than the 337-347 earth masses anticipated/indicated by T367.

Three sources for the Akkadian astronomical information is postulated; extra-terrestrial alien contact, "channeling" or advance human civilizations like Atlantis or Mu. Channeling would provide information in the "language of the times". This would be ruled out by the logarithmic scaling of the planetary masses. There is little evidence of a human civilization technologically advanced beyond our own. Only one with a far- advanced astrology could provide the insights necessary to compute Vulcan's and Septimus' orbits, and there is no evidence that the ancients had any understanding of orbital mechanics. Extra-terrestrial aliens have exhibited the propensity to count in binary (or logarithmically) and they also have displayed 3-D holographic maps whose perspective could account for Vulcan's small size.98 They offer the most likely source for this data. Despite the 18 elements of coherency, the solar system on the seal may be the alien's, not ours.


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These matrices, predicting a y2k (millenium bug), are taken from different parts of the bible (Numbers 32:06 to 36:03 and Numbers 7:53 to 7:74 respectively) and claim slightly different things. Are both, one, or neither believable? Second, dating the time of the impending catastrophe far in the future (i. e. not in my lifetime) also dilutes its believability because it discourages investigation. This second technique can be made even more successful if the predicted date is not correlated with any other near-future dates, especially those found in the Bible Code. In this work, the believability of a future impact date (beyond 2032) and ones around 2006 to 2012 are set equally at about 14.5%. Anything to increase the believability of the future impact dates (and the farther the better) and dilute the possibility of an impending strike would serve the aim of the conspirators. For example, conspirators could claim that there could be an asteroid that could collide with Earth during any of the impact dates after 2032. This would provide an effective dilution of BCometB because conventional modern scientific techniques were employed and the strike would not be associated with comets. Furthermore, such a possibility would be far in the future (more welcome news) and it could be later rescinded due to a claim that "better asteroid related ephemeredes are now available". Anything that increases the believability of an impact event far in the future could be acceptable to conspirators even if it results in a current increase of the believability of an alien presence (which 29% believe anyway).

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97. Yari Danjo; ASTRO-METRICS OF UNDISCOVERED PLANETS AND INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS; Op. Cit.; pg. 50. Danjo's planet x- 1 and x-2 are what he calls "transition " planets like Jupiter and Saturn are to the Sun. The orbital radius of this planet, as originally cast from Vulcan would be 0.3 x 2 4.1764 = 5.42 AU. If the Sun acquired this planet at Vulcan's perihelion, its range from the Sun would be 133.6 - 5.42 AU or 128 AU. This is close to the aphelion of Forbe's 1076-year period planet. Then, as expected, both Vulcan and this planet have about the same orbital inclination,49DEG. and 52DEG respectively. See Table 4A. The Sun's gravitational attraction was just greater than Vulcan's was [(5.2/128) 2 = 1.79 X 10 -3 > 1.05 X 10 -3]. Thus, this planet, Septimus, was captured by the Sun.