ANTARCTICA: A Cenos Base On Earth
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The Cenos ET aliens are an amphibious species that have been visiting Earth for at least 4300 years. They have interacted with humans and have been considered as god's by the ancients. Thus, there is a reasonable possibility that they have a base somewhere on Earth. The Cenos ET aliens are thought to be from the recently discovered planet Proxima Centauri b:
Unique Descriptions Of Two ET Alien Cultures
- Aug 3, 2012

The Cenos beings apparently are from the Proxima Centauri star system 12,000 to 13,000 AU away from Alpha Centauri's A and B stars.... Proxima Centauri is about 0.1% solar mass. Any planet in the habitable zone would always keep the same face pointed towards its Sun, Proxima Centauri. Therefore, that face would always be illuminated. This is consistent with the report that the 'Cenos sky always lit-up'.
It appears that Earth's astronomers have discovered our postulated planet:
Proxima Centauri b: Have we just found Earth’s cousin right on our doorstep? - 2016/08/24
"Did we find a terrestrial planet? We don’t know for sure. The planet’s MINIMUM mass is 1.3 Earths because we don’t really know the orientation of the orbital plane with respect to the observer. (The radial-velocity method provides a measurement of m sin i, with i being the inclination of the system with respect to us.) Assuming random orientations of orbital planes, we have a 90% probability that the true mass is less than 2.3 times the minimum mass, so 3 Earths. In short, this could be a super-Earth or something more exotic, like a baby-Neptune"
Astronomers believe Proxima b could be an ocean planet and the Cenos aliens are amphibians. One has been photographed near Jiaming lake by Taiwan police in December of 2012:
"Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) on Saturday announced a transparent alien creature was photographed by a police officer near Jiaming Lake, located at an altitude of 3310 meters, in the southern part of the Central Highlands in Taitung.

Possibly a Cenos alien

The above photograph shows a large alien creature seen from a distance. Due to its odd shape, TUFOS certain, it's not human, but a creature from outer space. Chairman TUFOS, Huang Chao-ming revealed, the photo was taken by a police officer with his iPhone 4."
Experts at the Taiwan Unidentified Flying Object Society (TUFOS) measured the 'alien' to be approximately 8.2 feet tall. The 'alien' had webbed hands, nearly completely transparent skin and his head was quite similar to the head of a praying mantis. TUFOS experts concluded that the alien being had come from an underground alien base in the vicinity of the lake.
Since Proxima b keeps one side facing its Sun, the other side must be cold and covered with ice like, Antarctica. Earth's Antarctica is a secure place similar to the back side of their planet that only indirectly feels the warmth of their Sun. Earth's Antarctica offers a place where the Cenos Aliens can have as a base and not experience much harassment by human interference.
Life on an Eyeball Planet? It's Possible - Feb. 26, 2019
Tidally locked planets could be more common than Earth-like planets! And these "eyeball planets" might even be a promising place to look for unique lifeforms!
00:34 "Because of how they orbit, they would have all their ice on one side and all their deserts on the other "

The purpose of this web page is to keep track of other relevant web pages about the Earth's Antarctic region where this ET alien base may exist.