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The Third Secret Of Fatima has two parts, the first one (according to Sister Lucia) is similar to that revealed in the Bible, Revelation Chapter 8. This involves the collision of a large meteorite with Earth. Also occurring during or after this event is an unspecified 'spiritual event'. Similarly, the Cassiopaeans discuss this catastrophic comet/impact event, followed by a 'Realm Border Crossing' that elevates the consciousness of mankind. It changes how mankind interacts with space and time. It also appears to permit us to be able to change the structure/nature of our physical bodies and brings us more in tune with extra-terrestrial aliens whose visitations to Earth may dramatically increase. The Catholic Church, possibly motivated by the governments of the world (serving only the elite), appears to be involved with the suppression of this data.



The impending cosmic catastrophe threat is slowly leaking out. The Vatican has more or less refused to release the (entire?) Third Secret Of Fatima. The assassination of The Pope and his entourage in a 'Ruined City' has been offered as the Third Secret (or, at least, part of it). Others have noted that this was not expected, since Sister Lucia, who was one of the children to whom this secret was revealed at Fatima, claimed it related to Chapter 8 of the Book of Revelation. That chapter seems to be describing a mountain (giant meteorite) all ablaze falling into the sea with the stars (accompanying meteorites) likewise falling from the sky along with it. Such would be the case if the meteorite was a Kuiper Belt object (comet). Father Malachi Martin (now deceased), who read the Third Secret out, also let slip some information about the timing of this event discussed by the 'Third Secret' as well as a 'Spiritual Danger' mankind may also face. Mankind has been through a lot of comet (fragment) collisions with Earth, roughly 36 in the last 15 thousand years, many have dramatically changed Earth's climate. Thus the 'Spiritual Danger' must have been the one that drove the Catholic Church to such secrecy. Perhaps, this was due to the anticipated reaction of their 'flock' to what lay ahead for mankind. However, it is worth recognizing that there is a Major Cosmic Impact Threat forecast just ahead for the years 2022 thru 2025.

We humans are a Warrior Species. Go to any country in the world, and the military has the ultimate say in what's going on. So if one wants to find out what are the major human concerns at a given time, go to Military Intelligence sources. Usually, most of this material is secret. However, when something is unusually worrisome, it will leak out of the military sources. For example, one like Veterans Today released. They confirm the use of nuclear weapons in Syria and Yemen for example, and neither of these confirmed events made the mainstream NEWS. Also, they publish on UFO's. None of these topics would be expected to be out of bounds for the Military or its Intelligence sources. But when it comes to comets impacting Earth and causing Ice Ages, or the integrity of the Vatican, those seem far afield - unless there really is a problem in that area.

For example, consider the following:
The Younger Dryas Comet - February 14, 2016
Younger Dryas Comet

What is the future of humanity if the larger fragments of the Younger Dryas Comet, orbiting in the Earth Orbit crossing Torus, return within a few years as predicted by some astronomers? Messages deciphered in the Mayan Calendar and Gobekli Tepe also predict this.
How do we encompass in a single Theory: the Younger Dryas return to Ice Age Conditions 12,800 years ago, World Wide Tyranny, the Universal Matrix of Lies, Attacks on Human Mind and Health, War, the Atomic Bomb, Ice Age Civilization, the Character Disorder of Psychopathy in our Leaders, Seed Repositories in the Arctic and Antarctica, Tesla, and The History of the Jews?
What is unusual about this is that this web site is predicting the very same type of event:
2016, Tollmann's Hypothetical Bolides Return
The impending impacts are expected to be the first of a series of five that stretch to about the year 2165. The Earth is expected to return to a new 'Younger Dryas' like Ice Age that will limit the population that our planet can support.
That sounds like it relates to the Cosmic Impact part of Third Secret of Fatima, which is the generally suspected part as well being consistent with the already released part about the assassinated Pope and the 'Ruined City'. While this is not a 'military issue', it would fall to the military to try to protect the people of Earth from this threat.

However, there is the 'Spiritual Danger' that is part of the 'Third Secret' as well. Here, Veterans Today are striking very close to the problem involved. Mankind is facing an 'Esoteric' Threat', a Change in how some will view physical reality.
Exclusive: The Coming Shift To The Esoteric (updated) - April 8, 2016

Figure 1. Nephilim Or Snake Creatures Interacting With Humans.

Editor’s note:
VT is ready to announce the introduction of defense technologies tied to alien technology, this is not a surprise to anyone anymore. What I can say, and there are clear limits to what I can say, is that much of what you see below comes up behind closed doors at the "highest levels." Of course those who think they are "the highest levels" are not even kidding themselves, they know better. They don’t run anything at all and simply want to know how much time they have.
Some Christian historians believe that the Biblical account of David and Goliath was true and Goliath was a Geber, a giant son of a Nephilim.
Even stranger there are some Christian historians who believe that the Biblical Account in Genesis of the Fall of man involves the sin of Adam and Eve be seduced by the reptile (great dragon) Lucifer instead of just taking a bite of the apple.
Vatican insiders are watching the heavens and awaiting for the arrival of an important Alien ET guest they expect to appear soon. When this occurs they plan to openly disclose to the World, creating a shift in mindset from the mundane to the esoteric . This disclosure by the Vatican is expected to help it maintain dominion over its Worldwide Kingdom.
Critics have pulled some strange facts from historical accounts of the actual origins of the catholic Church and see it as a false representation of Christianity and one that is infiltrated by Luciferians as Malachi Martin disclosed before he died (or was medically murdered).
Is there a coming forced shift to the esoteric and will the Vatican be the initiator?
Is the Vatican expecting to be the ones announcing and proving a major world event that will shift the people’s mindset from the mundane to a new esoteric view of the universe with a god and messiah named Lucifer?
If Malachi Martin’s reports were accurate and there is no valid reason to doubt his claims, then the Vatican has made a 180-degree lane change from Christianity to Luciferianism, and done so covertly.
Obviously the Vatican is deeply invested in watching the skies and waiting for the appearance of some major event that they believe will change human beliefs, culture and society forever. Vatican insiders believe this coming event will shift mankind from the ordinary mundane everyday life concerns to a new esoteric mindset, quite foreign to most.
This 'Change To The Esoteric' is called a Realm Border Crossing by the Cassiopaeans. These crossings change the characteristics of things operating in different 'spiritual' densities. DENSITIES (In The Spiriual Sense/Not Physical Sense)
From Cassiopedia Website Density . In the Cassiopaea and Ra materials, density denotes a qualitatively distinct level of being. Each density has its own structure of life forms, perception and typical lessons for the consciousnesses residing in it.
Densities are defined roughly as follows:


Coincidently, the Cassiopaean web site has also dealt extensively with a catastrophic comet collision with Earth, but they have also dealt with a subject known as 'The Wave" and a related Realm Border crossing that rides along with it. The change that accompanies a Realm Border crossing is how 'reality' viewed. The purpose of this web page is to report some of the details of this change, whish is believed to be more spiritual in nature. Such a change has happened often before, even right here on Earth. The most simple being the change of Homo Sapiens, the animal to Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the ensouled human being.

Following are some of the key observations synthesized from the Cassiopaean channeling experiments that focus on the nature of the possible changes in the spiritual effects associated with the impending Realm Border crossing.


There is a theory already in place that discusses how sentient life forms. Generally, a double star system is required, like our Sun/Vulcan system. Not only does it take a dual star system to form planets, but this kind of star system is required to generate sentient life as well as the Avatars that are needed to aid in its evolution. Consequently, it should not be surprising that the tenor of reality should be set by this configuration which also includes the galactic center.

Black holes offer a portal between the astral plane and the physical plane. The astral radiation emitted from the galactic black hole can be compared to radiation and it is diffraction much the same way optical radiation is defracted from an optical slit. If the black hole and galactic spin axis are miss-aligned, so the peak intensity will usually (depending on galactic longitude) be above or below the galactic plane. Peak intensity is encountered by a solar system when it is in two wedge shaped sectors of the galaxy. These are defined by the intersection of the spin plane of the galactic black hole with the galactic plane. Consequently, an Ensouled Intelligent Life Form (EILF) can develop in solar system (such as Earth) every time it makes a half rotation around the galaxy. See Figure 2,

Figure 2 (and the habitability of Earth) suggests that sentient beings could have flourished in our solar system, one half galactic rotation ago. The galaxy rotates at once about every 225 to 250 million terrestrial years. A surprising Russian find. The Map Of "The Creator" indicates sentient life on Earth at such a time. A find of Bashkir scientists contraries to traditional notions of human history: Stone stabs, 120 million years old have been found covered with the relief map of Ural Region. Specifically:

Figure 2. Astral Radiation And Galactic Life.

The Dawn Of Mankind appears to be around 55,655 to 55,680 BC (if mankind is formed with Vulcan in a near C"EV type orbit). . . Vulcan forms a simple astrological square with the galactic center at this time, exerting a negative influence on all of humanity. Since Vulcan is a "spiritual" planet (aiding in the formation of avatars and the ensoulment of mankind), and we are a Warrior species, the negative influence of the square results in a plethora of religious wars. . . Vulcan is an astrological parallel the galactic center at the Dawn Of Mankind for the C"EV orbit (which is anticipated to be the correct one) brings a favorable aspect to our 'Action Oriented' Warrior species with its 'Warrior Gene'.

A sentient species is formed in a two step process. First, the Realm Border Crossing of the beam of astral radiation acts like the 'Moment Of Conception' for the entire sentient species being formed. Later, the sentient species appears on the physical plane and it is flavored by the astrological conditions that interact with it when it is 'born'. Moreover, that beam of astral radiation is not just a single beam. It appears to be diffracted in much the same way that a light beam is through a slit. Thus, there are multiple (e.g. six) such beams of astral radiation. The 'single slit' is the 'edge view' of the spinning black 'Kerr' hole at our galactic center. Thus, to stars and their planets, it appears as a thin slit. A black hole is defined by a region of space where the space/time metric tensor diverges (or is undefined). It is also a 'rip' in the space time continuum so to speak, a place where astral radiation can leak out.

Figure 3. A Single Slit Diffraction Pattern. Note Peak At N=0 And Nulls At N=3, 2, 1, -1, -2, -3.

For 'astral radiation, it appears like it 'peaks' where normal optical radiation is at a minimum. The numbers like -3, -2, -1, 1, 2, 3 correspond to the places where the astral radiation would peak.

Life on the seems to have rules. For example, for all sentient life, there is Choice And Consequences Of Choice. Humans use to be animals, now they are ensouled animals, or Ensouled Intelligent Life Form (EILF). The emolument processes involves breaking up the exterior soul that use to control the animal into billions of pieces or fragments, and stuffing them into each human animal existing on the planet and permitting them to become knowledgeable by making mistakes and observing the consequences of those mistakes. They become intelligent through this process. This has a physiological effect on the human. Their brain must become larger so they can individually figure out what is going on in the region they inhabit.

Unfortunately, things are not that simple, at least not for Homo Sapiens Sapiens (who are not to bright anyway). The first little problem occurs when they notice that their solar system is not moving about the Galaxy in a plane (as opposed to Earth which does move around the Sun in a (ecliptic) plane). Instead, because there is mass distributed throughout the galaxy, the solar system bobs up and down as it rotates about the galactic center.

32 Ma Oscillation Is The Solar System's Galactic Motion Imprinted In The Phanerozoic Climate? - 21 August 2014

A new d18O Phanerozoic database, based on 24,000 low-Mg calcitic fossil shells, yields a prominent 32 Ma oscillation with a secondary 175 Ma frequency modulation. The periodicities and phases of these oscillations are consistent with parameters postulated for the vertical motion of the solar system across the galactic plane, modulated by the radial epicyclic motion. We propose therefore that the galactic motion left an imprint on the terrestrial climate record. Based on its vertical motion, the effective average galactic density encountered by the solar system is. This suggests the presence of a disk dark matter component.
This means our solar system, and the EILFs and animals contained therein, can go through one of those diffracted beams of astral radiation every so often, and that so often is reported to be 309,000 years. See Appendix A. The Neanderthals manifested about 300ka (ka = thousand years ago) and they may have missed this hypothesized Realm Border Crossing. They had bigger brains than we humans have today. See Table 1.
The Neanderthals Hunted, Raped And Ate Humans Neanderthals were not the gentle, almost- human creatures portrayed in the media over the last 50 years. New Australian research reveals they were aggressive, powerful and terrifying carnivores— ruthless and efficient apex predators, who hunted, raped and ate early humans for over 50,000 years. The Neanderthal’s daily diet of nearly 2 kg of meat—the equivalent of 16 Quarter Pounders—included human flesh.
Perhaps the Homo Sapiens Sapiens provoked the Neanderthals a little too much.


Human SpeciesBrain Size cm3Appeared* Theoretical Date Of Appearance*.STS or STO** Animal or EILF***
Australopithecus afarensis 380 to 430 2900ka-3900ka No Realm BorderN.A.Animal
Australopithecus africanus~485 3800ka-2000ka No Realm BorderNot Applicable Animal
Homo erectus850 earlier man
1100 Javan man
70ka- 1900ka Various Realm Border Crossings N.A.
Homo habilis 550 to 687 1500ka-2800ka Realm Border (slit N = -3) - 1854ka STSEILF
Homo rudolfensis526-700 contemp.
with H. habilis.
2000ka Realm Border (slit N = -3) - 1854ka N.A. Animal
Homo ergaster
(meaning "working man")
700–900 earlier man
900–1100 later man
1,400ka - 1,900kaRealm Border (slit N = -2) - 1545ka N.A.
Homo antecessor 1,000–1,150800ka-1200kaRealm Border (slit N = -1) - 1236kaSTSEILF
NoRealmBorderDiffraction (slit N = 0) ~927 kaPatternCenter
Homo heidelbergensis < 1600200ka-600ka Realm Border (slit N = 1) - 618kaSTSEILF
Homo rhodesiensis 1000 125ka-300ka Realm Border (slit N = 2)STSEILF
Homo neanderthalensis 1450>50ka? - 300ka Realm Border (slit N = 2) - 309kaSTSEILF
Denisovan Homo sapiens - ~41ka Not CalculatedSTS?
Modern homo sapiens
Homo sapiens sapiens
New Man
1350300 ka
Realm Border (slit N = 2)
55,655-55,680 BC
Realm Border (slit N = 3) ~2025 AD
* ka = thousand years ago;
** STS = N.A. = Not Applicable; Service To Self (3rd density or 3rd level, STO = Service To Others (4th level or 4 th density)
*** EILF = Ensouled Intelligent Life Form (Had control of Fire)

The hypothized Realm Border crossing seems to act as a trigger to move the reality an EILF (Sentient Species)'lives in. See Figure 3. Its theoretical time of transition is speculated to be at 309,000 year (309ka) intervals and is noted in Table 1 by the corresponding optical diffraction minimums depicted in Figure 3 . The term 'Homos Erectus' covers many different human species. Moreover, notice that ensoulment does not occur until the desired astrological configuration is available as with Homo saipian sapians. This reflects the core principle that everything on the physical plane is choice and consequence of choice.

Of course, there are not many astrological configurations possible. There are only three bodies, Vulcan, the Sun and the Galactic Center. And the Sun has not changed its location much relative to the Galactic center. For all practical purposes, there are only conjunctions, squares, opposites as well as parallels and contra parallels'.

Notice also that there is a 'time limit' in which all these different forms of evolution (e.g. for Homo Erectus) can be carried out. There appear to be only 6 Realm Border crossings occurring over 1.854 million years or so. This is a Grand Cycle. A given sentient species must make it to 4th density by using one of those Realm Border crossings or it looses its ability to evolve. This can only be done by 'choice' because the 3rd density physical plane is a 'choice' and 'consequence of choice' domain.

The way these Realm Borders seem to work is that they give rise to the concept of a new (e.g. human) sentient species if formed. It is first 'conceived' at the 5th density (astral plane) level and biologically building it is begun on the 3rd density level (physical plane). Then, it is 'born' on the physical plane as a sentient species (EILF). This is directly how a sentient child is born into the physical plane. The astrological forces (usually at the moment of birth) colors the body type (See the Tzu Wei Chinese Astrology) and personality of the child as well as that of the new EILF. Fragment of the Group Soul governing the biological 'animal' are injected into about 7546 these animals and they initiate a new EILF or sentient species.

Glancing at Table 1 again, it seems that all the EILF forms of mankind have involved 'Service To Self' up till now. 309000 years ago, the "first prototype of what you call "modern man" was created. The controllers had the bodies ready; they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to "jump in."" And this happened 55,655-55,680 BC. The Vernal equinox is postulated to be required to be opposite the galactic center at the Dawn Of Mankind so freshly born human animals would be born around this time. Vulcan forms a simple astrological square with the galactic center at this time, exerting a negative influence on all of humanity. Since Vulcan is a "spiritual" planet (aiding in the formation of avatars and the ensoulment of mankind), and since we are a warrior species, the negative influence of the square results in a plethora of religious wars.

We are about half way through (fifth sub-level young) our evolutionary process and now it seems possible that there will be an opportunity for us to live in an STO realm should the Realm Border crossing while we are still in existence. Remember again, that this is a theoretical situation supported only by the data in Appendix A and possibly by the Third Secret of Fatima. However, the time of this Realm Border crossing is uncertain and MAY be 1 month to 18 years after the impending passing of the comet swarm, and that is postulated to happen by the end of 2036 if Vulcan's period measured period is correct. The Realm Border Crossing occurs in the midst of the comet/meteorite bombardment period and is anticipated to occur by the end of 2026.


Sentient species, like modern humans, are Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILF) and form in groups of seven. This group is called a COMBO. See Table 2. These are often scattered on different star systems. They are not always technological. Each EILF will be sub-consciously aware of the other members of its COMBO because they are all part of the same fundamental spiritual unit. This awareness often finds itself expressed in the entertaining arts or literature of the EILF.


ScholarThe Hill Aliens of Alpha Centauri A(?)The Greys See Table H-9
Slave The Cenos Aliens of Proxima CentauriLarge Preying Mantis See Table H-14
WarriorThe Humans Of Sol (our Solar System)See See Table H-8.
AritsanThe Dogon Aliens (formally?) of SiriusNephilim/Nommos See Table H-13.
Priest The 'Hands' Aliens of Alpha Centauri B(?)Land Octopus See Table H-10
King The Iargans of 61 Cygni (The Denaerde Aliens)Sea Otter See Table H- 11.
Sage The Cetaceans Of Sol (our Solar System) See Table H- 12.

Appendix A mentions at least two different types of ET aliens that mankind have been involved with. The first is one that is described (image wise) as a 'Preying Mantis' like description. See Figure 3.

Figure 4. A Possibly a Cenos alien

8' Taiwan Alien Declared To Be Real By Experts! (Picture & Videos) - January 3, 2013.

"An 8+? tall alien with webbed hands that was spotted in Taiwan in December has been determined to be real! The following videos and pictures show three different media reports out of Taitung, Taiwan. The videos feature the rather strange sighting of an "alien being". In going by the translation of the original report, the sighting took place near a body of water known as Jiaming Lake. Experts at the Taiwan Unidentified Flying Object Society (TUFOS) measured the ‘alien’ to be approximately 8.2 feet tall. The ‘alien’ had webbed hands, nearly completely transparent skin and his head was quite similiar to the head of a praying mantis. TUFOS experts concluded that the alien being had come from an underground alien base in the vicinity of the lake."
The photo was taken by a police officer

Another ET alien species was revealed when questions where ask about "Who carved the stone heads on Easter Island". The answer was the Lemurian descendants and that the stones represented the 'Nephilim' and that they closely represented what the Nephilim looked like. The Nephilim were more or less present in Lemuria which was in the Pacific off South America. Right near, all around Easter Island is a remnant of Lemuria. The Nephilim currently live in Orion. This constellation is associated with Sirius which, according to the Dogon tribe, is the home star system of an ET aliens species known as the Nommos. These aliens who visited their tribe about five thousands years ago told the Dogon people that they were from Sirius and many other interesting astronomical facts. Figure 5A shows what these ET aliens look like and Appendix A loosely describes them as 'Lizzies' ("Drachomonoids") or upright alligators with humanoid features (after the Realm Border Crossing). Figure 5B shows one of their ships landing in China in 1981.

Figures 5A & 5B. A Nommos And One Of Their "UFO's" In Spiraling Decent Over Chung-Tu China (30 N, 105 E) - 10:40 PM; 24 July 1981

They landed on Earth in an "ark" that made a spinning decent with thunderous vibrating noise and wind. The Dogon draw its decent as four concentric circles implying circular motion of the vehicle.See Ref. 2 Flight path continuity demands the circles be connected like the UFO's spiral decent depicted in the photograph shown in Figure 5B..

The Nephilim were brought here nine to twelve thousand years ago and have been here 5 times. They, like other ET alien species are returning due to the Realm Border crossing of our solar system. They (and presumably others) are coming here to merge with us at (or after?) the ream border crossing. Three vehicles, each containing about About 12 million of them, are coming. They do not have a planet of their own and the entire species is in transit. About 36 million of them are in 3rd density (as we now are), and the rest are already at 4th density. There are some serious issues about the Sirius star system supporting a habitable world.

The Sirius system is an enigma. It certainly has an A and B star and there have been reports that it also has a third star, Sirius C.
The Sirius System

It is not entirely true that there has not been direct observation of stellar evolution because in antiquity Sirius the dog star was consistently referred to as a red star by Ptolomey, the Romans, and the Babylonians but it is now white with a bluish hue. The Romans sacrificed red-coated dogs to Sirius, and the Babylonians recorded its color in their records. [Schlosser] DeYoung explains:
"Historical records of the star Sirius B, however, tell a different story about the time scale of stellar decay. This binary star of Sirius A has visibly and unexplainably changed from a red giant star to a white dwarf within only a thousand-year period. The star is evidently decaying on a time scale which is much shorter than current theory indicates. This finding is appropriately called a "Sirius problem"!
To make matters worse, there are persistent reports of a third possibly flare star, Sirius C. See Sirius, A Triple Star System. All these dramatic changes in the stars of the Sirius system suggest that if the nephilm/Nommos were originally from there, they may have good reason to abandon their home world and look for another. This may not be as easy as it sounds even if the species is capable of traveling to other near-by solar systems. The 'body type' (in the 3rd density reality at least) appears to be locked to the specific star system in which it was originally formed.
"Each EILF is locked to its chosen planets and solar system. An EILF can be enslaved or annihilated by another, but that EILF cannot reproduce in the former's host solar system (or planet?)."
"The assertion is made in Chapter 6 that "astrological forces influence all sentient beings in the universe". If astrological forces really exist, how is one influenced by "Mars in the Sign of Cancer" if, for example, one is born on Mars? Astrologically speaking, the Sun is the "Giver of Life", and the galactic center, (and possibly other distant objects), define the body type. A human born on Mars may lack certain basic elements of the personality. Moreover, ensoulment by one of the seven soul types (see Appendix B-3, Tables B- 2 and B-5a) will be missing - and startling new ones could appear. If human reproduction is organically possible, the resultant creature may not only look different, but it may not even be ensouled. If the latter is true, it would act like a tame or semi-wild animal."
Further complicating this issue, is the question 'why should 36 million 3rd density life forms (nephilim) remain? Are they needed for some other reason like procreating the species or giving all souls associated with their species be given a chance to choose between STS and STO. STS is a dead end in 4th density. Additionally, this spicies at 4th density are referred to as Lizzies or more precisely "Drachomonoids," . The Greys are suspected to have visited the 26 Draconis star system.
The Astro-Metrics Version Of The Hill Map
"Figures 11-3 and 11-4 indicates that the Hill aliens are making a determined effort to explore the 26 Draconis system (star D). This star system is of a geometry similar to their own. Both are trinary star systems with about the same class stars. The C-star is thought to be the outermost "planet" of the A-Star. This "planet" acquired enough hydrogen to ignite and become a small star just like Proxima Centauri did. Details of the A star's planets and planetary satellites are listed in Tables 10-1 and 10-2. The analysis performed in ASTRO- METRIC's chapters 12 & 13 offers a reason for the importance of the 26 Draconis system to them. A four - hop flight path was employed to reach this system. The Sun/Vulcan system may be just a "base camp" as far as reaching this system is concerned. In fact, we may only be objects of curiosity as they pass by on this far more important mission. Frequent contact with these aliens can be anticipated as their mission continues."

Here is another view of one of their spaceships spiraling down over Norway.

Figure 6. Norway UFO said to be a Russian Missile Failure.

The media/government tried to explain this unusual sky circle away, but their explanation was just not being bought by the critical internet community.
Mystery Sky Spirals In China And Norway - December 10th, 2009

Of course, "official" explanations are beginning to filter out into the media, including what I expect to eventually be the popular explanation: that the spiral was comprised of fuel debris from a failed Russian rocket launch - a launch which Russian officials have denied.
Surely samples were taken. Will the perfect white spiral “prove” to be rocket fuel? Or was something else entirely going on above Norway this morning? Dare I mention “cloud circle?“
Here’s a video, apparently taken in China years ago, that seems to show a similar phenomenon. At about 1:11 into the video notice how the direction of the spiral abruptly shifts from anti-clockwise to clockwise. The Chinese spiral was likely not the result of a rocket.
And there were those who did a few simple calculations which immediately cast doubt on the official story.
The Norway 'UFO' Spiral Explained - 6 June 2010
Even if it was located just past the mountain in the photograph, roughly six miles away, the velocity of the spiral would have to be at least 710 miles per hour -- which is over twice as fast as the world-record wind speed, from directly inside a tornado. If the Spiral was caused by a missile from the White Sea, as the conventional explanation insists -- a location which is fully 100 times farther away -- it would have to be rotating at more than twenty miles per second! The [sea level] speed of sound is clocked at 761.2 miles per hour. Anything over the speed of sound would have caused tremendous sonic booms -- but the Spiral was completely silent.
So, if it's not a missile, then what are we left with for an explanation?
And then another spiral brought the Norwegian one back into the limelight. Amazing UFO opening Stargate Portal in the Sky (Norwegian Spiral Anomaly) - 27 Dec 2012
About this Video: Update: 1/20/16 Location of video source has been identified on Google maps! The Science Channel talks about the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly: The debate of this video should be focused on the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly and not if this video is a simulation or not. The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly has been validated as a legitimate event. The Youtube user who posted this video no longer has an account on Youtube. This video is rumored to be "fake". Whether this is true or not is yet to be seen. What is known to be fact, is what is called "The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009". The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009 is an actual event in which eye-witness testimony and real footage recorded an event that looked almost identical to this video. The Russian government stated that it was a failed missile launch, but this simply is not possible as the physics of a rocket contrail would look nothing like this from a distance. The title of the video should not be interpreted as being fact. The title of the video was offered to open up a debate about what was it that caused the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009? Is it possible that this is alien technology? Can anyone offer evidence that proves or dispels this question? The answer to the second question, is a profound no, as nobody has publicly came forward with evidence and proof of what caused the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly of 2009. Until someone can provide valid evidence that the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly was man made, the debate as to what caused it cannot be ended.

It certainly seems like there is a connection of the data reported in Appendix A and data reported from other sources that were not available at the time the appendix A data was generated. Furthermore, the data on ET aliens reported in Appendix A corresponds to a Sentient Species formation theory that presents evidence that they are formed in Groups Of Seven. Thus, if there is going to be a merger of individual souls or essences across EILF boundaries, it seems logical that it would first occur between the seven sentient species that include the one that Mankind is a member of. Of these, the two that are most well known to Mankind are The Cetaceans and The Iargans.


There are 'strange lights and sounds' coming from the heavens, and these are upsetting people. At first, they were ignored or suspected to be hoaxes. But as they persisted, concern about their source grew. Here are a few links to these lights and sounds:

These sounds were commented on in Appendix A and it was suggested that they were related to the impending Realm Border crossing. However, unexplained, squeks, groans' and trumpet sounds do not a 'Realm Border' make.

Sounds are one thing, but images are another. Floating cities seem to be taking a tour of Earth. Often, they are in the clouds, but tarred roads, cars and machine sounds accompany them. The city that appeared over Nigeria had cars and tarred roads, a luxury in that part of the world. Mirages are seldom accompanied by machine sounds and the luxuries exhibited in the floating Nigerian city are few and far between in that part of the world.

Bleed through from an approaching Realm Border offers another potential theory, one that is reasonable considering the diffraction like pattern that generates these anomalies. The Tzu Wei astrology describes an adult's body type, and that is based on only time and place of birth of the individual. Here is an example of what the Tzu Wei can do. It even confirmed the color (red) of Jesus and His wife's hair.

If a human has to grow into their 3rd density body, it must do so in some transition from 5th density to 3rd density. These unusual sounds and images must be real to register on people's eyes, ears and cameras. But the images seem cloudy in all cases and the sounds ethereal, as if they were trapped in sort of a pre 3rd density space. That is what 4th density is suppose to be.

The unusual sky sounds and the 'floating cities are examples of 4th density objects existing in a partially physical state. This and other types of bleed through will start to become more common as the Realm Border approaches. Animals are likewise influenced by the approaching Realm Border Crossing.

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  • The reported Mandela Effect offers another example of the approaching 4th density boundary crossing. Here, the 'past' that has been generated by 3rd density sentient human beings has been 'tinkered with'.

    If Christ's words have changed, note that He may once again be with us as postulated by "Summary: Has The Maitreya Incarnated?" The 'changes' do not seem to alter the intent and meaning of these verses, but rather clarify them. Christ and the Maitreya are both a manifestation of the same soul AKA 'The Infinite Soul'. Thus, these changes could have been done by 'Him, Himself' as a 'higher density' being. Thus, this could be substantiation that this Great Avatar could, once again, be among us.

    The metaphysical people are usually not very scientifically precise. But they are aware of this 4th density concept and do have some dates of its possible initiation.

    Notice, the big wave (what the Cassiopaeans often call the Realm Border Crossing) hits between September 22nd and October 21st. The timing is uncertain from this (1994 Cassiopaeans) source, but there will be a period one month to 18 years ... the Crossing may occur in the mists of a major comet/meteorite bombardment period which is estimated to be between 2 and 7 years long.


    At this point in time, there is at least some evidence that the impending comet swarm B, sub-Cluster 1 is about upon us. These times are consistent with the above prediction of the Realm Border Crossing happening about a month after the comet swarm threatens Earth in 2022 thru 2025 time frame. Fatima's third secret has been partially released and it speaks of a destroyed city, presumably Rome. If a cosmic impact happens, the book of Revelations in the Bible has indicated that we face a massive loss of the human population, likely by starvation. The Georgia Guide stones seem to summarize what is in store for humanity in English, Spanish, Swahili, Sanskrit , Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian:

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
    Appendix A thinks our one -world government is already here. Our World Population of 7.4 billion people seems to suggest that the coming catastrophe leaving 0.5 billion people would imply that the catastrophe would reduce our current population by about 93%, close to Appendix A's 90% prediction. Appendix B indicates the Earth is approaching a glacial rebound in the 21st century. Should Earth be impacted by a giant comet or meteor ranging in size from 2 to 6 miles, there will be massive amounts of debris injected into the atmosphere even if it is in the ocean. The beginning of a new Younger Dryas like Ice Age is anticipated and it will set in with a vengeance. Mass starvation will occur by those left untouched by the impacts, blasts and tsunamis.

    Mankind has formed late in the sentient species creation cycle. As already noted, we are about 50% through our cycle of existence. And now, it would appear that this Realm Border crossing is soon to be upon us. This means that there is an opportunity for many of us to exist in this so called 4th density state of minimum physical existence. However, we would be living in a different physical reality. Right now, we are living in a 3rd density where Service To Self (STS) is the only viable mode of existence. In the 4th density existence, Service To Others (STO) is a viable option. The Elite's Bunkers show that they intend to ride out the catastrophe. However, there will be fewer of us for them to 'Lord' over. Should it be possible for a conduit to be developed after this impending Realm Border crossing, the bulk of us can shift to 4th density and still survive. There will be those 'mirage' like, but physical, cities to live in and real sounds to be made. Life will go one, but it will be a 'less physical' life than we have now.

    The way to prepare for this situation is to begin to 'Network'. This puts us in a position to evolve into 4th density STO. Moreover, the World Wide Web is here to help us do that. This will be the key for the way to develop a conduit into 4th density. However, the transition cannot actually occur until after the Realm Border crossing. The comet cluster is anticipated to seriously threaten Earth for about 2 to 4 years starting around ~2022. However, the first threatening comet debris passed by Earth on 4 to 9 October 2017. So the Realm Border crossing could occur between then and the end of 2026, but this prediction is tenuous at best.

    Additional Notes

    AFTER THE REALM BORDER CROSSING Update 04/24/2018 & 06/17/2022

    Many must be wondering if this so called '4th density' is really possible? Is there a reason for it to even exist. The whole point of existence of the physical plane it to be able to merge with one another, at least on the spiritual level. In the 3rd density, it is a 'rat race' for survival. One becomes focused on survival and one learns that the one of the best ways to survive is to form unions, such as having a family or a significant other. Sex drives this to a certain extent, but there are advantages to 'loving one another' Getting individual beings to be willing to merge is hard enough, but getting sentient beings of different species to merge is difficult even when they are on the same planet. For example, humans harpooning whales is not a friendly act, and even holding these beings captive in the same pool is distasteful, and now illegal in some countries.

    One of the major purposes of life on the physical plane is to get different sentient beings to merge or join together willingly. This has to be done for the beings within a single EILF as well as the beings of the entire COMBO of EILFs scattered on distant planets. Moreover, it must be done when members of these EILFs are not technological enough to travel to one another's distant home worlds. This is what the 4th density is for. Moreover, the evolution of the individual sentient beings must be such that 4th density can be reached within the Grand Cycle that lasts less than two million years. After that ends, it is another half rotation about the galaxy until there will be another the Grand Cycle of Realm Borders crossings again available. However, the body type that the EILF had originally chosen may no longer be available to be ensouled. So ready or not, the sentient beings (e.g. humans in this case) will be cast into an environment where 4th density can be chosen and where survival of the masses can only be achieved by changing to 4th density. Food production after the upcoming cosmic impact may be so severely reduced that only a half billion humans can be supported by Earth after the resulting climate change. Since 'choice' must still be operative, that 4th density must have a physical plane with physical and biological substance.Choice and 'Consequence Of Choice' is the prime operational mode of sentient beings on the physical plane.

    Evolution is only achieved through Essence Contact (between two sentient beings), there is no other way.
    One may question how all of this is of importance to our interactions on the physical plane? Consider that our individual Essences (or souls) form a group and that group exists on the astral plane where they are all very well organized and connected. It is on the physical plane that we are isolated. As we struggle to survive on the physical plane, our Essence (or soul) is determined to evolve. Furthermore, the Essence is in charge of the organism. Its easy to promote depression and fear just by bringing select organisms into contact. With fear comes disease and trauma. The Group Soul can be a frightful entity if its evolution is threatened.
    Note: the Group Soul of humans is the same one as for the nephilim/Nommos or "Drachomonoids"

    If 4th density is to support evolution of the soul, it must allow choice of STO, and not be only be limited to the dead end route of STS. The STS only mode locks individual souls into competition and merger will be naturally denied as 'fear of loss of survival' rules. The STO mode encourages the 'merging of souls' so that choice has to be supported in 4th density if it is to be useful.

    Human beings existing on the 3rd density frequently cause pain and suffering to those of the animal kingdom who exist on the 2nd density because they are drawing negative soul energy as beings who primarily serve self. When a person dies in 3rd density and goes to 5th density, they do not pass through or see 4th density. When a person finishes all their experiences on 1st through 4th density, they then remain at 5th density for a period before to moving to 6th density. 6th density in order to fulfill the need for contemplation/learning phase while in between incarnations of 1st through 4th densities. See Appendix A and B.

    Here is another perspective of density levels:
    The Seven Densities Of Consciousness - 08.08.15
    Density levels are levels of consciousness. There are seven of them. These are important to understand only because so many people that you run into on the road, High Teachers as well as ET's, are using this model of consciousness to organize their perceptions. In this model, consciousness of fragments (individual souls) as it enters this octave of reality into seven distinct levels of awareness, much like white light going through a prism. Since reality is holographic, each person has representation on all seven density levels although personal awareness of those various levels of self is a matter of personal development and differs from person to person.

    The Personality Of The Soul - 14 February 1994
    The different levels experienced as the soul ages.

    The change from 3rd to 4th density will not be instantaneous or global. Instead, it appears to be regional, with one area in the USA, The Southwest (especially New Mexico) being one of the first to change. It is thought that ET alien bases there are already at 4th density, and these areas may expand. In these regions, some humans may observe small glowing homes that appear far larger on the inside than the outside. This has already been noticed in some ET alien structures like 'Flying Saucers'. Of course, NEWS of the presence of these 'unusual regions' will be blocked out in the Main Stream Media.

    Moving from 3rd to 4th density changes sentient beings' perception of time and space. Currently, humans perceive time as flowing forward in a linear manner. 4th density beings have more management over time and can perceive the world as governed by a non liner flow of time, even having time to appear to 'jump around'. Likewise, they can control the appearance of their 'astral' (and physical) bodies to the extent of even 'changing their sex'. They can easily change their appearance to be one of a younger age. Of course, all space is not under such control. Thus, driving in these 4th density areas may also be 'confusing' as one may control time such that they perceive themselves to be around a curve in the road. Thus, they will perceive it as straight because one can 'choose to be around the curve' and believe that is where their car is. But their car is still a 'car' and perhaps self driving cars will be a necessity to travel. Even cooking will be affected because many foods do not 'cook' themselves.

    When one is thinking in terms of the 3rd level density, the rules will be so totally different that physical inspired comparisons are moot. 4th density will be a 'choice' for those operating inside a 4th density region. 4th density frees those of the 'illusion of time'. One can see events happen as they want to perceive them happening. It also makes the body more flexible in appearance, and trans-genders may no longer depend on surgeries, but rather on one's 'will'. Our physicality will be variable according to need and circumstance depending on the sub-level we are in. When in a 4th density region, we still eat we will absorb nutrients through the skin. The median lifespan will be 400 years and will be regenerate in youthful appearance (as described by our body type in our Tzu Wei astrology. For example, those who pass through this transition as, say, 50 year olds, will they have an equal opportunity to live an additional 400 years. We will communicate telepathically. We will reproduce differently, and as for sexual relations, we must wait and see for ourselves.

    Those who are in 4th density can 'tinker' with the past modifying the 'printed word' or even the printed circuitry on semiconductor chips or printed circuit boards. This can be thought of as 'Remote Tinkering' in much the same way that da Vinci and others could 'Remote View' (e.g. The Last Supper) the past. The action changes what a human has done in the past. The same could be done to electronics in Nuclear Weapons containing computer chips or printed circuit boards. ET aliens )e.g. Greys (Appendix B) are already known to operate in 4th density as well as 3 rd Density, but it appears that the being involved must be physically near the object being 'Tinkered With'.

    When one no longer crave physicality, one no longer need to "eat". The beings that absorb nutrients through their pores are like the Lizard Beings and those you describe as the Greys. This is necessary for the Greys survival even though the Greys are not a natural parts of the short wave cycle. They are an artificial creation by the Lizard Beings, but nevertheless they mimic the nourishment functions. This is all part of the "fall" into the physical existence and part of the Edenic story. "One shall eat by the sweat of their brow," has to do with being physical and needing to eat. Lucifer, "The fallen Angel" is us.

    With each progression upward in density level, the existence for the individual conscious entity becomes less difficult. So, therefore, 4th density is less difficult to exist in then 3rd density, 3rd density is less difficult than 2nd density and so on. It puts less strain on the soul energy. Therefore, beings existing on 4th density can draw from beings existing on 3rd density in terms of absorption of negative soul energy. Likewise, beings on 3rd density can draw from beings on 2nd density, though this type of drawing is not as necessary but it is done.

    ADDITIONAL NOTES Update 07/07/2022