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Matthew 7:6
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Sonja M. Kawamoto, David Tseng (Buddhist Priest), Barry M. & Justin A. Warmkessel & Jane Yin


"Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire" - Teilhard de Chardin.

The Vulcan web site predicts impending comet collisions this century. This is at a time when dramatic magnetic perturbations have been observed altering the movement of the Earth's core have been observed along with a general weakening of the Earth's magnetic field. An impact could 'cement in' dramatic changes in this field, leading to changes that could result in many small dipoles and a general increase of bombardment on the lower latitudes with solar particles producing mutations of viral and bacterial agents. The resulting diseases could overwhelm current medical abilities to cope with these agents, leading to world-wide epidemics.

The thesis proposed herein is that the proximity of two humans with characteristics best described as 'the personality of the soul' offers a therapeutic responses to certain diseases. These characteristics appear to be reasonably well recognizable and may be catalogued. Basically, what occurs is the minimizing of the principle 'fear' of one individual by another with the 'opposite fear' by simply touching (or even just being near to) one another. Certain (viral based?) diseases within an infected individual appear to be mitigated. Physical proximity is usually required, involving distances of less than one inch and 'touching' is often preferable. Such actions when one is 'infected' are usually shunned, and additional fear factors have prevented this simple natural phenomenon to be widely used. Spousal jealousy often occurs because the subject being cured likes their fear being mitigated by another person. Additionally, some Jews eschew this technique because it was 'used by Christ' and some Christians eschew it because it uses an ancient form of Chinese astrology to pinpoint 'who can cure who'. However, fear mitigation is how this technique really works. The simplicity of the technique has offered additional skepticism. A mathematical algorithm is offered that can isolate another who can 'cure' a Patient (infected by a disease). Such a person, once identified, appears able to cure multiple disease types in a given Patient. However, the duration and frequency of the 'touching of one person by another', as well as the response of the disease attempting to be healed has yet to be defined and is anticipated to be different for different diseases.

This technique has yet to be evaluated statistically. Consequently, it is offered as a possible approach to cure 'incurable' diseases. It is not intended to replace current medical procedures now in practice, but rather is offered as a supplement. It has been found very effective against a Cardiomyopathy (caused by a viral infection of the heart and intestine) resulting in the shrinkage of the swollen heart. It also is found effective against Atrial Fibrillation. Both these heart diseases had initially reduced the patients heart's ejection fraction to around 20%. Moreover, it appears to be effective in treating a severe form of Leukemia (i.e blood cancer) that has a very low survival rate. Additionally, it does seem to significantly reduce skin cancer tumors. Further, it has demonstrated an ability to curb violent allergic celiac reaction to Gluten, that produces intense vomiting and diarrhea, and may have even reduced the severity of arthritis. There is limited evidence of its effectiveness in reducing Type II Diabetes. These diseases may all be viral related.



The Vulcan web site was initiated by the metaphysical work, "Michael For The Millennium". This work suggested that Earth was in danger of a major meteorite impact within the next one hundred and fifty years. Within two pages of this comment, it was specified that our Sun, Sol, has a distant binary (companion). This simple comment initiated an investigation that led to the Vulcan, Comets And The Impending Catastrophe web site. This project was undertaken largely because one of the analysts knew of the existence of "Essence Twins", "Task Companions" and Cadence Members". Subsequent analysis has lead to the conclusions that the aforementioned danger to Earth is most likely valid.

Surprisingly, the comet threat to Earth has been known to the ancient Egyptians and even to the people during the Middle Ages, and in surprising detail. Figure 1 shows what is purported to be Halley's Comet, but clearly it is not. Depicted are two comets, blood red rain, mutations, trees blown down and roofs blown off. However, diseases (related to comets?) are vividly depicted along with mutations.

Figure 1. A Medieval Painting Dated 1456 AD, Near A Pass Of Halley's Comet*.
*NASA's David Morrison; EXPLORING PLANETARY WORLDS; W. H. Freeman and Company, 441 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010; 1993; pg. 198.

A painting, dated 1456, reveals two comets (they look like stars with tails) moving in different directions and illustrating the sky raining blood (ferrous compounds found in the comet's debris field?) and an aurora. The aurora is clearly associated with the Earth's magnetic field change that could occur after a comet impact. This suggests that there is instability or change of the Earth's magnetic field.1,2 A reduction of Earth's magnetic field would permits solar particles to bombard Earth at lower latitudes, would cause mutations that produce new viral and bacterial agents. Thus, new diseases would be generated just as is illustrated by the sick children and a mutated calf with two heads as are shown in Figure 1. The mutate germs produced by these methods will rapidly generate new diseases overwhelming our current medical abilities. Official Investigations are now underway such as those based on a 2003 Pentagon study by Peter Schwartz concerning the implications of An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario And Its Implications For United States National Security.

This web page considers a method that seems to attenuate diagnosed medical conditions simply through personal interactions. It is based on the following assumptions:

  1. There are two major factors define the interactions between sentient beings: love and fear.
  2. Close associations with specific other people can reduce one person’s principle fear because the principle fear of one person can cancel or reduce the principle fear of another. These principle fears are also known as 'Chief Features of a subject's personality.
  3. Many, if not all, diseases are rooted in an individual's fear, and data supporting this thesis is provided in Appendix C. Reduce fear and the effect of the corresponding disease is reduced.
  4. A mathematical algorithm (the Tzu Wei) is provided that seems to identify specific people who can attenuate the disease in another.
This technique has been employed to reduce or minimize viral diseases and allergies as well as facilitate heart tissue repair. Instances have been found where similar inadvertent interactions have attenuated medical conditions in others. This technique has been found to rapidly institute positive changes to an individual’s medical condition. It is not known if it is globally effective, but if it is it could revolutionize the medical field. Economical and effective treatment is envisioned for diseases once thought incurable.

A broader investigation of this phenomena is suggested to determine the extent, limitations and effectiveness of this technique. For example:

  1. What additional maladies can be mitigated by these techniques?
  2. Quantitative measurements of an individual's principle and secondary fears
  3. Bodily substances produced by these individual to Patient interactions.
  4. Statistical analysis of multiple cases to validate the techniques effectiveness.
The following Background section in this web page defines the seven principle fears and 28 secondary ones. This curing technique only addresses suppressing or minimizing an individual's principle fear. Another complication is that a subject's principle fear is often paired with a second, but lesser one, of the seven possible principle fears. However, attenuation of a person's major fear produces dramatic results.

Our indwelling soul has a different set of 'fears' from one person to another. This makes us different than the lab animals that the medical community uses to test their drugs. Their medicine may often work. But our indwelling souls offer us another option to cure our maladies. It works best on older people because it does 'fear cancellation' and our 'fears' grow as we age.


Should extra-terrestrial aliens visit Earth, one would surely suspect that they would be susceptible to the germs found here. Disease could surely be expected to follow, both among themselves and the humans they encounter. The story of Noah's Ark is common to the Christian, Jewish and Moslem religions and is documented in both the Bible, Koran and Jewish Tales Of Ancient Times. This event was even cited by Christ Himself (Matthew 24:37-39). The discovery of Noah's Ark clearly shows that such aliens have been among us, and the recently patented alien technology indicated that ongoing visitations are occurring. It would be reckless to attempt such visitations should there not be some mechanism to prevent or cure the diseases that must surely follow.3,4,10 Incidentally, attempts to suppress reports of such visitations amount to a willful act to repress a cure for a host of known human diseases, and such an act would likely create a karmic debt of massive proportions that would have to be repaid by those among us maintaining this secret.



Mother Shipton (1488 - 1561) was perhaps the first of the 'UFO' ET alien proponents that indicted that these distant beings had a scheme that would dramatically improve the quality of human life. Consider the last 'stanza (#17' in her recorded prophecis:


17. And before the race is built anew,
a silver serpent comes to view
and spew out men of like unknown
to mingle with the earth now grown
cold from its heat and these men can
enlighten the minds of future man
to intermingle and show them how
to live and love and thus endow.
the children with the second sight.
a natural thing so that they might
grow graceful, humble and when they do
the golden age will start anew.
But notice that she mentions no new technology. In fact, she even says that it is a 'natural' thing, something that we have simply been overlooking.

The Iargans from the 61 Cygni star system have(by their own admission) that they are our space brothers and sisters.
UFO-Contact From Planet Iarga

"it will have become clear that these beings are not only our cosmic brothers and sisters, but that there also exists our ego-counterpart with which we will one day be united"
Moreover, they have explicated stated that:
"Iarga is a planet where the people love each other, where people are happy to meet each other and where they find it a pity that they can only take one person at a time in their arms."

The Cenos ET aliens from Proxima b (in the Proxima Centauri star system) have been visiting Earth for at least 4300 years.
The Cenos Aliens 3 Aug, 2012
They have provided us with the mass of the Jovian planets relative to the Sun as depicted in the Akkadian Seal. Note, Neptune cannot be seen with the unaided eye and Uranus is barely visible. Moreover, these ET aliens appear to have largely beaten the disease problem in their civilization:

They have no serious diseases or illness and live until they are about 120 years.[109]
But how did they do it? The Chinese date back four or five thousand years, and they may have remembered the Tzu Wei astrology that could have been provided by these Cenos Aliens. In fact, they may have provided this to mankind for this very purpose.

The Tzu Wei Chinese astrology has Principle and secondary 'stars'. The 14 Principle 'stars' consist of the Sun, Moon and twelve other distant celestial objects that are not planets. Common western and Vedic astrology use the Sun, Moon and planets, and are thought to have been stimulated by the planet like bodies depicted on the Akkadian seal. The secondary 'stars' do include some of the planets, but have limited impact of the subjects physical shape.


Christ could cure disease by a mere touch and these were considered Miracles. These Avatars have been remembered through the centuries for their unique abilities but Buddha who really could also, less so.

The Buddha compares himself to a doctor who offers a course of therapeutic treatment to heal one's ills. To embark on such a therapy is not designed to bring one any closer to 'the Truth' but to enable one's life to flourish here and now, hopefully leaving a legacy that will continue to have beneficial repercussions after one's death.
The astrological differences between the manifestation of the Buddha and Christ Avatars was necessary to compute the orbital parameters of Vulcan.
Buddha has a normal "parallel" aspect in declination and Christ has a "contra- parallel" aspect in declination. Astrological aspects color important perspectives of the manifestation of the Christ and Buddha avatars. Some astrological sources treat contra-parallels like opposites implying that they, too, are unfortunate for the individual involved. In the case of Buddha, a normal "parallel" is involved because both the Sun and Vulcan are at the same negative (southern) declination. A normal parallel is considered favorable and treated much like a conjunction. Parallels form intense influences on the individual involved, and this should be true for the manifest Infinite soul as well. It is interesting to notice that Buddha was honored and respected in his own land, even to the point that a country, Bhutan, is named after him. Even his human counterpart was born of royalty. Christ, on the other hand, was and still is reviled and denigrated by the country of his birth (Israel) even until this day. He was born a commoner. Yet today, vast numbers of people throughout the world revere and honor both these avatars. It seems like the "contra-parallel" intensely worked against Christ in the land into which He was born whereas the normal "parallel" intensely worked for Buddha in the land into which he was born.
The difference between the "parallel" and "contra-parallel" is used to compute the orbital parameters of Vulcan that in turn specifies when a comet threat to Earth may occur. Major celestial impacts alter the Earth's magnetic shields that protect us from solar particles. These solar particles cause rapid mutations of germs and thereby quickly forming new diseases. Apparently, Christ 'died on the cross' to warn that our civilization is vulnerable to mass extinction by uncontrollable diseases. His 'Touch Therapy' offers a way to save mankind from mass extinction. Certainly there are charlatans and preachers that claim to be able to to do this likewise, but usually they are just 'mimicking' as a way to collect donations.

Specifically, Christ said we could do likewise to what He did and He and his disciples set about curing others by mere touch as if it were an 'afterthought'. How did they do it? Its not like this 'Touch Therapy' was a brand new idea.

Mark 6:4-5
4. Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home." 5 He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them.

Mark 6:13.
13. So they set out and went from villiage to villiage , preaching the gospel and healing people everywhere. They drove out many demons and anoited many sick people with oil and healed them.

Luke 9:1-6.
1. When Jesus had called the twelve together, He gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and cure disease ,
6. and He sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick.

John 14:11-12
11. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves. 12. Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

Its just whose hands should be 'laid on' a specific Patient to cure them. The 'laying on of hands' is just a way to insure 'essence contact' between the two individuals. In fairness, it should be pointed out that Infinite Soul Avatars, such as Christ, Buddha, Sri Krishna and Lao Tzu, have unique Overleaves in that they are everyone's "Essence Twin" and can cure anybody. This is why they are sometimes referred to as "Infinite Souls". Essence contact is easiest between Essence Twins, but anybody can do it. However, with most people, the 'touching of one's soul is usually thwarted by fear. Regular Essence Twins can even heal at a distance without touching. During biblical times, Christ was showing His disciples how to do it. The 'laying on of hand's was a brute force technique, and even that does not sometimes work unless the souls (or Essences) of those involved cancel one another's fear. Some pairs of individuals (e.g. Essence Twins) can successfully do it more easily than others.

The Tzu Wei astrology fairly accurately describes a subject and their spouse's body shape and character. But more importantly, it has been found to be able to predict the body shape and character of the people that can heal one another. This astrology dates back thousands of years, and it may be a form of ET alien technology that the Cenos have used to 'cure one another'. This astrology suggests that the 'cure' ability works 'both ways', but may not be completely reciprocal in healing ability because the fears of those involved may be different. Nevertheless, both people involved in the 'essence contact' process may benefit health wise. This is likely the reason why the Iargans are motivated to frequently hug one another.

Astrology is a difficult science for our modern scientific community to accept. That is because its real source likely originated from the Cenos ET aliens. They told the ancients of the planets orbiting our Sun as noted above and used 'The Stars' to describe human characteristics. It was logical for humans to assume that the celestial bodies described in the Akkadian seal were the source of this data, but that is not how the Tzu Wei astrology works. It uses 'Principle Stars' as well as 'Good' and 'Bad' stars. Only the Sun and Moon are 'Principle Stars', the others are different distant celestial bodies (See List 5). These celestial bodies are the heart of the Tzu Wei, and humans may not have even known of the existence of some of these bodies until the advent of modern astronomy. Aliens are reluctant to give mankind 'technology' because they are inclined to use it to kill each other. However, this science seems to be a source of a "Medical Technology' that could possibly free Mankind from disease.

This fear cancellation technique (AKA Touch Therapy) is not so new after all. Maybe it is just another example of 'Ancient Alien Technology' from a medical point of view that was advertised by 'Christ'.


The method proposed to be used to suppress disease by both Christ's disciples and aliens visiting Earth is extremely simple. Sentient beings that form relationships in such a way that their fears abrade or cancel become healthier. Fears in the young have not had a chance to seize the personality. Thus, they can be 'young and in love' with almost anyone and remain correspondingly healthy.5 As we age, the Principle fears grab our personality making us susceptible to disease. Those of us who have inadvertently formed long term relationships in our youth that suppress each other's fears continued to remain healthy. The others are not so lucky unless we form such relationships later in life.

Fear resists losing control of the organism once it has gained a foothold. So as we age, we naturally resist associating with those who can suppress our fears. The older we grow, the greater the choke-hold these fears have upon us and the more we use social crutches to deny purging them from our personality. But just by associating with others who have fears that abrade with ours, we can attenuate their influence on our bodies. But first, we must understand the structure of the soul, and the fears that manifest in it. See Tables 1 through 7 and note that fear acts out of the negative polarity of the 'Overleaves' depicted therein. Both 'poles' of the Chief Feature (Table 2) are 'fear' driven.

There are seven Soul Types. See Table 1. They are:
Ordinal Cardinal
ARTISEN - seeks structureExpression SAGE - seeks communication.
Positive Pole: Creation Positive Pole: Expression
Negative Pole: Artifice Negative Pole: Oration
SLAVE - serves common good.Inspiration PRIEST - serves the higher good.
Positive Pole: Service Positive Pole: Compassion
Negative Pole: Bondage Negative Pole: Zeal
WARRIOR - seeks challenge Action KING - seeks to lead/mandate.
Positive Pole: Persuasion Positive Pole: Mastery
Negative Pole: Coercion Negative Pole: Tyranny
SCHOLAR - seeks knowledge
Positive Pole: Knowledge
Negative Pole: Theory

These, and five Overleaves, each with seven elements that are organized into Neutral, Ordinal and Cardinal components of the Assimilation, Expression, Inspiration and Action polarity. These are:

  1. The Chief Feature - the focus of one's principle fears. See Table 2.
  2. The Goal - the focus of the personality. See Table 3.
  3. The Mode - how the Goal is achieved. See Table 4.
  4. The Attitude - how one views the world. See Table 5.
  5. The Centering - how one acts/reacts to a situation. See Table 6.

Love is infinitely strong, but fear is infinitely seductive. Fear's hallmarks are illogic and a lack of reason or rationality. It takes courage to overcome fear, and that is the key. It must be confronted directly with logic and reason. Militarily speaking, we must know our enemy and do what is necessary. To do that, we must understand fears seductive influences on the core personality. Fear acts out of the negative pole of Soul Types, Evolutionary Level and Overleaves.

The Chief Feature is the dominate feature of the personality, and it is solely fear based. It controls the personality throughout most of the life, growing stronger with age unless it is counter. This is the major component of the personality that promotes disease and misery in one's life. It is best if it is cancelled or neutralized as much as possible.

Ordinal Cardinal
Self Destruction: The fear of loss of control. ExpressionGreed - The fear of loss or want.
Positive Pole: Sacrifice Positive Pole: Egotism
Negative Pole: ImmolationNegative Pole: Voracity
Self Deprecation: The fear of inadequacy.Inspiration Arrogance: The fear of vulnerability.
Positive Pole: HumilityPositive Pole: Pride
Negative Pole: AbasementNegative Pole: Vanity
Martyrdom: The fear of worthlessness.Action Impatience: The fear of missing something.
Positive Pole: SelflessnessPositive Pole: Audacity
Negative Pole: MortificationNegative Pole: Intolerance
Stubbornness: The fear of change or dealing with new situations
Positive Pole: Determination
Negative Pole: Obstinacy

The Goal of the personality is the second most powerful driving force in the personality, growing stronger as the organism ages. The Modes are how the personality pursues the Goals of the personality. The Goals are achieved as one ages and nears a normal death.16 For example, one with the Goal of Acceptance becomes more accepting and accepted as they age. While often shunned in youth, they become more and more acceptable, even though they have acquired strange ideas and customs along the way. As the Overleaves are chosen before birth, most times (and body types) are acceptable to them. They often appear to be "nerds" in youth, but honored relatives when old. By contrast, those in Rejection are often particular about their cloths, partners, etc. They make skilled business men for they are very "discriminating" in making decisions. Females in Rejection often choose times of birth with great care (discrimination) so they may acquire an "attractive" body type. Most men can easily pick these women out in a crowd. They are the well dressed pretty ones (with a very picky personality). Fear acts out of the negative poles of all these items listed in Tables 3 through 6.

Ordinal Cardinal
Rejection Expression Acceptance
Positive Pole: Discrimination Positive Pole: Agape
Negative Pole: Prejudice Negative Pole: Ingratiating
Retardation Inspiration Growth
Positive Pole: Atavism Positive Pole: Comprehension
Negative Pole: Withdrawal Negative Pole: Confusion
Submission Action Dominance
Positive Pole: Devotion Positive Pole: Leadership
Negative Pole: Subservience Negative Pole: Dictatorship
Positive Pole: Suspension
Negative Pole: Inertia

Ordinal Cardinal
Caution Expression Power
Positive Pole: Deliberation Positive Pole: Authority
Negative Pole: Inhibition Negative Pole: Oppression
Repression Inspiration Passion
Positive Pole: Restraint Positive Pole: Self - actualization
Negative Pole: Inhibition Negative Pole: Identification
Perseverance Action Aggression
Positive Pole: Persistence Positive Pole: Dynamism
Negative Pole: Immutability Negative Pole: Belligerence
Observation (85 % of humans)
Positive Pole: clarity
Negative Pole: Surveillance

Ordinal Cardinal
Skeptic Expression Idealist
Positive Pole: Investigation Positive Pole: Coalescence
Negative Pole: Suspicion Negative Pole: Abstraction
Stoic Inspiration Spiritualist
Positive Pole: Tranquility Positive Pole: Verification
Negative Pole: Resignation Negative Pole: Faith
Cynic Action Realist
Positive Pole: Contradiction Positive Pole: Perception
Negative Pole: Denigration Negative Pole: Supposition
Positive Pole: Practicality
Negative Pole: Dogma

Ordinal Cardinal
Intellectual Expression Higher Intellectual
Positive Pole: Thought Positive Pole: Integration
Negative Pole: Reason Negative Pole: Telepathy
Emotional Inspiration Higher Emotional
Positive Pole: Sensibility Positive Pole: Empathy
Negative Pole: Sentimentality Negative Pole: Intuition
Sexual Action Moving
Positive Pole: Amoral Positive Pole: Enduring
Negative Pole: Erotic Negative Pole: Energetic
Positive Pole: Atomic
Negative Pole: Anatomic

Attitudes are how we often approach life. They seem to "sink" into the personality as we age. Spiritualism is a particularly interesting Attitude. Its negative pole, Faith, offers a particularly insidious fear that is pervasive among humans. We are taught from childhood that Faith is a positive trait, but it is not. Faith inherently assumes that we should accept something that may or may not be true. Then, it will become "true" through Faith. It will not. We may be lucky (or make a fortuitous guess) but Verification, not Faith, is what deserves our trust.

Humans (unlike some sentient alien species) can, and often do, mix the Centers. This makes them "tricky" to understand. Some commonly used combinations (among humans) are shown in Table H-7.

Expression Polarity: Intellectual Center
Verbal centers involving logic.
Positive Pole: Thought - Negative Pole - Reason
  • Moving Part of the Intellectual Center; e.g. those who think about it first, then act on or do it.
  • Emotional Part of the Intellectual Center; e.g. those who think about it first, then feel about it.
Inspiration Polarity: Emotional Center
Mute centers dealing with feelings.
Positive Pole: Sensibility - Negative Pole: Sentimentality
  • Moving Part of the Emotional Center; e.g. those who react with great expression or feeling.
  • Intellectual part of the Emotional Center; e.g. those who use words to express feelings.
Action Polarity
The Kinetic Center involving Sex or expressing
the entire sexual aspect, not just through intercourse or clothing.
Positive Pole: Amorality - Negative Pole: Eroticism
Expression Polarity: Higher Intellectual Centers
Creative logical center.
Positive Pole: Integration - Negative Pole - Telepathy
Inspiration Polarity: The Higher Emotional Center
Creative feelings center
Positive Pole: Empathy - Negative Pole: Intuition
Action Polarity: The Moving Center
Kinetic center involving motion.
Positive Pole: Enduring - Negative Pole - Energetic
  • Intellectual Part of the Moving Center; e.g. those who "shoot" first and think about it later.
  • Emotional Part of the Moving Center; e.g. those who "shoot" first and feel about it later.
Instinctive Center
Centers for those people considered insane.
Positive Pole: Atomic - Negative Pole - Anatomic
  • Intellectual Part of the Instinctive Center; e.g. those Idiot Savants good with numbers.
  • Emotional Part of the Instinctive Center; e.g. those Idiot Savants with artistic abilities.
  • Moving Part of the Instinctive Center; e.g. those insane people known as feral children.

There is one other factor that must be considered, and that is the evolutionary cycle of the soul. See List 1.

List 1
  1. The Infant Cycle:
    The Infant human soul is almost animal like because of its inordinate fear. They abhor technology and prefer to live in simple situations, such as a tribal society. While they can be educated, they are often viewed as mentally deficient since they appear to truly not know the differences between right and wrong. They perceive the world as "me" and "not me".
  2. Baby Cycle:
    The baby human soul is just beginning to see the structure of the acultured society in which it lives. It believes in following the rules and (religious) traditions of society. Awful things could happen if "one does not". They seek to be big fish in little ponds, and often have little tolerance for those outside their immediate culture. They perceive the world as "me" and many "other me's". Baby souls learn through pain.
  3. Young cycle:
    The young human soul is bold and adventuresome. They see their acultured society and what it could do for them. They seek to be big fish in big ponds, and become, or aspire to become, captains of industry and leaders of men (or women). They often own large estates. They are truly the architects of society, both structurally and culturally. They perceive the world as "me" first and "you" second. Young souls learn through loss.
  4. Mature Cycle:
    The mature human soul seeks to question the reasons for all of life's actions. They seek to understand the pan dimensional universe and discover their place in the scheme of things. They frequently seek higher education, but not always in the classroom. Consequently, many scientists, composers and political theorists are found in this cycle. They perceive "others" as "themselves", and tend to shun others unless those others are in bliss. The mature cycle is considered the most difficult. It is filled with much introspection and little peace. Mature souls learn through agony.
  5. Old Cycle:
    The old human soul perceives "itself" and "others" as a part of something greater. It likes hard work but usually shuns formal education. It often tends the estates of rich young souls, reaping an easy life from the fruits of their labors. It has overcome many of its fears, and often can attract even wild animals. They are searching all over for those other souls which are related to themselves, and often become bums and hobos in the process. They are ultimately drawn to philosophy and the arts. Old souls learn through terror.


There are many factors why two people (of the opposite sex?) are attracted. Money and sex are frequent reasons cited. Compatibility is another. Ensouled species, such as humans or the cetaceans, are the only indigenous ones that can truly love. Animals can be content with humans and bask in their love, even martyring themselves for their human masters, but they cannot truly love. Humans would naturally love one another and live among joy and bliss were it not for the fears that still remain from the animal being from which we have evolved. Love draws us together; fear repels us from one another. There are seven levels of love and they are considered in List 2. But it is the reduction of 'fear' that gives rise to 'love' and that special 'spark'.

List 2
  1. Nurturing:
    The emphasis is on survival therefore this feature is seen in all creatures with a sense of individual survival, not just mankind or other Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILFs). One of the indications of the degree of a species evolution is the degree of nurturing and the length of time the nurturing is provided. For most independently mobile EILFs that raise their young, nurturing is provided for about 15 to 25 % of that species lifetime.
  2. Alliance:
    The emphasis is on the family/tribe/clan and there is a strong sense of us - versus - them. Of course, those who are "us" are O. K. while those who are "them" are not O. K. Great values are placed on obligation and duty at this level of LOVE.
  3. Reciprocity:
    This feeling includes those who are not directly known to the person providing the "loving". This sensation extends to the (business) company, religious sect, or nation. The goodwill is offered to the plurality of those involved. The emphasis is on initiation.
  4. Appreciation:
    This emphasizes diversity and often friends of different cultural or socio- economic backgrounds are deliberately sought out. Serial sexual relationships are involved if no other outlets are provided.
  5. Comprehension:
    Interaction is emphasized. Often intense analysis is undertaken to discover the underlying "truth" or workings of others. Psycho-analysis or even the occult fields are sometimes involved.
  6. Altruism:
    This emphasizes perspective, focused at both the personal as well as the experimental level. Compassion for the entire human condition occurs at this level that is focused on good will for all.
  7. Agape:
    This is a state of empathetic - but - disengaged wholehearted affection which is given unconditionally.

The expression of love is made through "Essence contact" which is one soul "touching" another. It produces a joy that fear is determined to convince one to forget. Our animalistic fear is determined to govern our personality.

Our principle fears are those described by our principle and minor Chief Feature. Our secondary fears are those acting out of the negative poles of the remaining Overleaves. We are drawn towards one another to implement combinations (often pairs) where our fears are attenuated. Fear, being a survival mechanism inherited from the animal from which we have evolved, will try to keep us apart. The more our fears are canceled by a potential second party, the greater the resistance is to pairing with that party. Fear often wins, and pairing often occurs based on financial security, the hunger for sex or both.

The most intense love possible between two individuals is that between Essence Twins because such pairing drives fear almost completely out of both. Such relationships are incredibly rare because fear has such a strangle hold on the personality, and that hold usually grows stronger as we age. 'Young love' is easier because our principle fears are weakest while we are still 'in the nest'. 'Old love' is possible, but the battle within ourselves is greater. Love is infinitely strong, but fear is infinitely seductive. One of the purposes of this web page is to identify how the principle fears of two individuals can be combined to reduce the net amount of fear in one another.

Tables 3 to 6 define the 28 minor fears as those characteristics operating out of the negative pole of these Overleaves. These negative poles are considered fear driven characteristics. Those individuals operating out of the positive pole of these Overleaves are not 'fear driven' and can be easily chosen. The seven principle fears (Chief Features) as described in Table 2, are the most difficult to destroy. Fear operates out of both the positive and negative poles of the Chief Feature.

Consider the Goals. Should one have the goal of Rejection, they can be very picky and discriminating. This characteristic could drive many to distraction; however another, in Acceptance for example, could accept their picky nature. On another pair, one in Growth could 'pull forward' another whose goal is Retardation. One in Dominance could live easily with another in Submission. Consider the Modes. One exhibiting the authority of the Power mode could be balanced by another exhibiting deliberation while being in the Caution mode. As most of us are in the Observation mode, there is little conflict between a pair of humans each with such a Mode. In fact, one in the Observation mode can fit easily with another in any one of the other modes. A similar complementary combination of the Attitudes is also readily apparent. For example, the investigations of one with the attitude of a Skeptic can be coalesced into a rational concept by an Idealist. Similarly, contradictions discovered by the Cynic can fused into perceptions by the Realist.

When such balanced pairs occur, the fears occurring in both can be more easily reduced. For example, in an Acceptance/Rejection pair, fear could drive the one in acceptance across into the negative pole of rejection, prejudice. The other, acting out of the positive pole of Rejection could use their powers of discrimination to notice that prejudice is not warranted. A Stoic, driven by fear towards the negative pole of the Spiritualist, faith, could be reminded by the Spiritualist operating out of the positive pole that verification is required before prudent action is undertaken.

The Centers are a little more difficult, as they may be fused or combined as listed in Table 7. The primary center must be considered in these matters and this can be a little tricky as few of us can occupy the Intellectual or Emotional Higher centers for long. But it is apparent that one capable of operating in their Higher Intellectual Center can integrate the thoughts of another operating in the Intellectual center into meaningful concepts. Consider an actual example. Consider a person operation out of the Moving Part of the Intellectual Center, e.g. those who think about it first, then act on or do it. These people make great actors or actresses such as Marilyn Monroe. They are extremely animated and enjoyable to watch. Now such a person could combine favorably with another (briefly) operating out of the Higher Intellectual center, like the great English philosopher Bertrand Russell. In a similar manner, the empathy felt by one operating out of the Higher Emotional center is balanced by the sensibility of another operating out of the Emotional center. The Instinctive center is usually found in those considered insane, such as feral children or idiot savants. Essence contact (and its curative properties) can easiest be made in most cases if the humans involved are (most often) operating out of the same base centers or combinations of centers. However, fear seems to prevent recognition of such contact because there is a strong influence of our animal past still within us, and that past was driven almost entirely by fear.

FEAR AND HOW TO MINIMIZE IT Minor Modification 08/02/2014

The Chief Feature is the most apparent Overleaf and the most agonizing characteristic for the individual. It masks one's greatest strengths. The Chief Features are listed in Table 2. Primary and secondary Chief Features often manifest themselves in the personality. It can (and should) be neutralized during one's life. To do so, it must be confronted directly. This sounds easy, but those who attempt it will find that fear has them by "the throat." As the fears are basically survival mechanisms, they will find endless reasons why the individual should not abandon them. Further, fear will find a way to punish those who try to break free. It is as if fear was saying to the individual "you should have known better". The elements associated with the remaining Overleaves are organized in Tables 3 through 6. They have a positive and negative analog polarity. That is, the magnitude does not assume discrete values, but has a varying value. Fear acts out of the negative polarities.

Minimizing these Chief Features and weakening the grip of fear on the personality result in permitting love to have the upper hand in the personality, and this leads to joy and happiness. Remember, that all the Overleaves, including the Chief Feature are 'analog' functions and do not have discrete strengths or magnitudes. Put another way, one weakly in Acceptance cannot well counter another strongly in Rejection. For example, those talented male 'geeks' who are Skeptics in Acceptance should best be paired with an Idealistic female with the goal of Rejection. The 'geeks' may be happy to learn that we choose the goal of Rejection before birth, and such females often choose a beautiful body type. Hence, the show 'Beauty and the Geek' may produce joy between both parties involved, or as one geek said, "I would have paid $250,000 for the experience" and he probably could have.

However, countering the Chief Feature of the personality eases the influence of the principle fears. Here, the object is not to reinforce these principle fears, but rather to cancel them. Consider that one with the Chief Feature, Self Destruction; the fear of loss of control is countered by another whose Chief Feature, Impatience, the fear of missing something. Consider an impatient spouse, one anxious to pay the bills and clear the debts. The partner would be controlling, saying, "lets hold on and check this out. "Do we really owe this debt?". Similarly, consider one with the Chief Feature of Greed; the fear of loss or want. A close or intimate relationship with a partner whose Chief Feature is Martyrdom, the fear of worthlessness, would counter the greedy one because they would offer the greedy one 'everything' to prove their worthiness. While none of these actions are laudable, they are complimentary in that they ease the burden of fear on each other. Oddly, the Inspiration polarity Chief Features minimize when the partners have ones directly across the Cardinal/Ordinal axis. For example, One with Self Deprecation, the fear of inadequacy, is minimized by another with Arrogance, the fear of vulnerability. Often the latter is 'attractive' while the former's inadequacy is attenuated by having such an appealing partner. Figure 2 summarizes how these partnerships should be formed in order to minimize fear. A partner with a given Chief Feature should be paired with another partner having the opposing Chief Feature as designated by the double headed arrow. Descriptions of Table 2's Chief Features are expanded in Table 8.

Figure 2. How The Chief Feature Fears May Be Reduced.

Minimizing Or Neutralizing One's principle Fear By An Appropriate Partner.

Countering the Chief Feature of Stubbornness is a little tricky. Normally, it acts on each of the other Chief Feature's reinforcing them. But most people have a secondary Chief Feature which is weaker then the primary. So one with a primary Chief Feature Stubbornness and a secondary of one described in the preceding paragraph can be counter by forming relationships with another in Stubbornness, but with a countering secondary. Additionally, The Chief Features of Impatience and Self Destruction seem to be suppressed by a partner with the Chief Feature of Stubbornness. A partner who is impatient or controlling has an intrinsic hard time moving another who is stubborn. Thus, these Chief Features are suppressed in a practical manner. The stubborn person is hard to hurry or be bossed around. While it is best to counter the primary Chief Feature, it is also useful if relationships can be formed which can counter both the primary and secondary Chief Feature.

Obviously, it is not such a good idea to form relationships with those who have similar diseases. The similar fears leading to the diseases will simply reinforce each other. For example, two people having Churg-Strauss Syndrome (2:106) and Wegener's Granulomatosis (30:106) had best not socialize should they happen meet one another. If the same combinations of fears produce similar diseases, it may be best not to place those so afflicted in wards where possible socialization can occur. However, by placing those with countering fears in close proximity and encouraging socialization may be beneficial. However, those with countering fears my find it difficult to socialize with those having countering fears.

As has been noted before, the conditions imposed upon mankind when it formed at the Dawn Of Mankind has generated a negative influence of religion on our lives augmenting the forces of fear. These are summarized in List 3.
Expression Polarity
Self Destruction: The fear of loss of control.
Positive Pole: Sacrifice - Negative Pole: Immolation
Those so afflicted are often well-disciplined people. They tend to avoid social contacts and do their socializing in very controlled situations like company luncheons, family reunions and cocktail parties. An intimate dinner for four is about as large a gathering as they can handle, and still keep some degree of control of the circumstances. They are often thought of as rather difficult people as they tend to be very authoritarian giving the outward appearance of success and tranquility. Often they have a feeling of no accomplishment or a sense of being directed by others. This Chief Feature encourages terminal diseases such as cancer as it offers a way out of situations they cannot control.
Inspiration Polarity
Self Deprecation: The fear of inadequacy.
Positive Pole: Humility - Negative Pole - Abasement
People suffering from this fear often inform others not to expect too much from them as they have many other "irons in the fire", all of which demand their time and attention. Often, they will take on far too much and then fail to "deliver the goods" because they are overloaded. Their self-effacing behavior can appear modest and they learn early to "bring others out of themselves" in order to accommodate the expectations of others. They lavish praise on others hoping that some will be returned to shore up their sagging confidence.
Action Polarity
Martyrdom: The fear of worthlessness.
Positive Pole: Selflessness - Negative Pole - Mortification
These people will find a myriad of ways to "tempt fate" in order to establish their worth. They undertake an almost constant search for the illusive grail of worthiness. They put themselves at the disposal of others, whether it be a family member or just a friend on the phone. They are hard working, often volunteering their services to committee chairmen who keep heaping tasks upon them. They feel that if they suffer enough, someone will assure them that it is all worthwhile. This fear can bring on thankless families, wasting diseases, gallstones, sabotaged careers, destructive personal relationships, etc.
Expression Polarity
Greed - The fear of loss or want.
Positive Pole: Egotism - Negative Pole - Voracity
.There is no such thing as enough of whatever the greed is fixed on. This person is hardest to live with, as they are completely ruthless trying to satisfying their greed. They are rarely trusted by others, and rightly so. The Egotism makes these people self-centered, and appears outlandish unless they are public figures. Those who have greed centered on public recognition find that it makes accepting attention both easy and satisfying.
Inspiration Polarity
Arrogance: The fear of vulnerability.
Positive Pole: Pride - Negative Pole: Vanity
These people are truly shy, although this behavior might not appear so during casual encounters with them. They will avoid anything that smacks of exposure. Sometimes, they will go out of their way to develop a very strong public image so that their true personality need not be exposed. These people are determined not to reveal any aspect of their vulnerability and even deny that it exists. If they have been wounded through their vulnerability, they will deny it and if they cannot, they will claim they can "take it". If this fear is strong, these people will not like to be touched, especially if they are female.
Action Polarity
Impatience: The fear of missing something.
Positive Pole: Audacity - Negative Pole: Intolerance
These people feel that whatever they have missed is more important than what they are currently doing. They have difficulty completing things. This fear is the hardest to live with since it causes constant restlessness and dissatisfaction. However, others around them find it exciting and intriguing.
Stubbornness: The fear of change or dealing with new situations
Positive Pole: Determination - Negative Pole: Obstinacy
Someone so afflicted will tend to make a new situation as much like the one they are already familiar, or find inventive ways to avoid the new situation entirely. They develop skills in the social graces and can be very entertaining, going out of their way to make others comfortable in the old situation. Even if acted out of the positive pole, the determination is likely born of panic or other less obvious forms of fear. This is humanity's most common fear.

List 3
  1. I cannot love or associate with that person because accepting that person is not moral.
  2. I must not permit that person to interfere with my LOVE affair with Christ, God (or the Church etc.).
  3. I must restrict how I relate to people so that sanctity is preserved.
  4. I must not accept (or be like) people who do things that make me uncomfortable because then I will not be worthy of being comfortable.
  5. I must not let other people see the sins I have hidden in my soul.
  6. This person is unacceptable for to me to love because they are unclean or unacceptable or of another faith or of another culture or they belong to an inappropriate group or etc.
  7. Shame is one of the most pervasive of the distortions caused by fear because it has the apparent sanction of social conditioning. Shame and morals are often associated by religion and enjoy the support of the cultural patterning of the times.

There are many distortions of the simple words of Christ. A common example is Christ's discussion of the theory of reincarnation as found in John 3:01 - 3:15. Christ stated directly that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah in Matthew Chapters 11 and 13.

Baby soul's are in need of "God approval" and they seem to be fixated on the assumption that "my god is bigger than your god". Faith (based on the fear that the belief is invalid) is extolled as virtuous. The well known saying "the Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it" is reflective of religion's tendency to encourages a closed mind.


Disease makes us uneasy, that is why it is called disease. When we are ill, our principle fears increase. These principle fears can be recognized because they are irrational. Fears, which have become rooted in our personality, become stronger when we become sick (making us visibly nervous). The principle fear wants to keep a stranglehold on the personality and it resists being eliminated or reduced in magnitude. So we shy away from the very people who could help us the most. On the other hand, those who pose no threat to the principle fear's existence in the personality are welcome apparently making us comfortable.

To attack our fears, and their associated diseases, we must associate with those who have fears which abrade with ours. These will not be those we fill most comfortable with. It is best to have 'essence contact' with these, but that is difficult as fear will resist, and even deny it should it occur. Often, one or both of the subjects involved will become angry for no apparent reason when this occurs. Surprise meetings between appropriate individuals offer the best mechanism to produce 'essence contact'.

The essence of the body extends about one inch from the flesh. Thus, physical touching can sometimes encourage 'essence contact'. But when associating with those who can suppress our principle fears, most avoid touching one another. Fear does not want to be suppressed, but it wants to maintain control of the organism. Touching of hand to hand is useful, but for some reason, touching of hand to shoulder seems to work better, particularly when one is behind the other. If one is ill, it is best that do the touching, and they will need the greatest courage in doing this simple act. This is particularly true for those who have the principle fear of Arrogance.

The fears are analog functions, not digital. They do not have discrete values or magnitudes. Thus, when minimizing a principle fear, the other principle fear countering it must be of 'equal' magnitude. That is, to counter one who is 'very controlling, it requires another individual who is 'very impatient'. Similarly, to counter the fear in one who is 'very self depreciative' another individual is needed who is 'very arrogant'. But remember that the principle fear covers up one's greatest ability. For example, 'attractive' ladies are often Arrogant but they are the ones who can 'read' people the best. Self Depreciative men are those who are often the most capable and creative, but that is not how they 'see themselves' even though when faced with the facts of their capability, they would be forced to admit the truth. One may think that an attractive young woman could cure a successful (rich) old man, but the principle fears are not of equal magnitude. Imagine Anna Nicole Smith and Marshal, the Texas billionaire. The principle fears are unequal, and the magnitudes of the principle fears do not lead to fear cancellation. As a general rule, those individuals participating in this scheme should be about +/- 12 years different in age from one another, especially if they are elderly (over 40 or 50). But this is not a hard and fast rule. It is the magnitude of the fears that count.

It seems best that members of the opposite sex are utilized in this attempt, but this analysis has not been evaluated for those who are homosexual. The key ingredient required is 'courage' to perform the association of two individuals. This technique to cure disease appears deceptively simple. But courage is needed to fight the fear of associating with those who can help us, especially for the one who is ill. This is especially true of those who are Essence Twins, as fear will make those most uncomfortable when they are together.


Personality compatibility is not necessary for this disease reduction technique to work, but it does make the task of implementing it easier. To these ends, a simple linear model based on Chinese astrological compatibles is offered as a means to compute this compatibility. For those who doubt that such astrology is a valid science, it is offered that at least some degree of proof can be obtained by noting that a comet has been found with the predicted 3:2 resonance period with Vulcan. Furthermore;

Table 9 offers the numerical values to put into the algorithm to define compatibilities. This is a first order approximation, but likely close enough to be employed with this algorithm. The table is defined in terms of the 'animal sign' of the subject's year, hour and month accordingly.

The subjects birth year, hour and month (western astrological sign) is input and the output is a numerical ranking of the birth year of those with which the subject could be paired. A reciprocal numerical evaluation is unlikely to occur, and a similar computation is required for the other individual.

The Chinese name the years after twelve different animals as denoted above. They follow in a defined twelve-year cycle, and then repeat. But technically there are five different types of each animal. However, those details will be ignored here. The following Table 10 offers the output format and a specific set of twelve years for the twelve animals is employed. However, to get another set of years, a multiple of 12 (24, 36, 48 etc) must be added to the years given. Five of the current years between 1929 and 1988 are given.

It must be pointed out that the above compatibilities are generally 'marriage' or romantic partnership relationships, not 'work' or 'parent child' relationships. And they are intended to be operative against one's peers (when the partners are within +/- 12 years of one another). The assigned years technically begins at the date described by the Chinese lunar calendar which usually starts in late January or February. The user should consult a Chinese calendar for the exact date, but when there birth date is within a few days or one week of the transition, both years should be used as instructed below. In the following Table 11, a sample calculation is given, one for when the male subject is born on 2 July 1938 at about 5:45 PM EST. The subject's Overleaves are; Chief Feature = Self Deprecation; Goal = Acceptance; Mode = Observation; Attitude = Spiritualist; Centering = Higher Emotional (occasionally) part of the Intellectual Center. Here is a A 'blank chart'.

PARTNER'SRatOxTigerRabbitDr agon SnakeHorseGoatMonkeyChickenDog Pig
ANIMAL11AM - 1PM1 PM - 3 PM 3PM - 5 PM 5PM - 7 PM 7 PM - 9 PM 9 PM - 11 PM 11 PM - 1 AM 1 AM - 3 AM 3 AM - 5 AM 5 AM - 7 AM 7 AM - 9 AM 9 AM - 11 AM
YEAR21 Nov - 21 Dec21 Dec - 21 Jan21 Jan - 21 Feb 21 Feb - 21 Mar21 Mar - 21 Apr21 Apr - 21 May21 May - 21 Jun21 Jun - 21 Jul21 Jul - 21 Aug21 Aug - 21 Sep21 Sep - 21 Oct21 Oct - 21 Nov

All times are the subject's birth time corrected to the time it was in Eastern Standard Time when they were born.

RAT1936, 48, 60, 72, 84 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
OX1937, 49, 61, 73, 85 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
TIGER1938, 50, 62, 74, 86 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
BUNNY1939, 51, 63, 75, 87 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
DRAGON1940, 52, 64, 76, 88 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
SNAKE1929, 41, 65, 77, 89 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
HORSE1930, 42, 54, 66, 78 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
GOAT1931, 43, 55, 67, 79 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
MONKEY1932, 44, 56, 68, 80 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
CHICKEN1933, 45, 57, 69, 81 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
DOG1934, 46, 58, 70, 82 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
PIG1935, 47, 59, 71, 83 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

RAT1936, 48, 60, 72, 84 C+ C+ C+ C+ F F F 10
OX1937, 49, 61, 73, 85 C+ C+ C+ C+ D D F 12
TIGER1938, 50, 62, 74, 86 C- C- C- C- C C C 12
BUNNY1939, 51, 63, 75, 87 C C C C C C A 16
DRAGON1940, 52, 64, 76, 88 B+ B+ B+ B+ F F C- 16
SNAKE1929, 41, 65, 77, 89 F F F F C C B 7
HORSE1930, 42, 54, 66, 78 A A A A F F A 20
GOAT1931, 43, 55, 67, 79 C C C C A A C+ 18
MONKEY1932, 44, 56, 68, 80 F F F F C C C 6
CHICKEN1933, 45, 57, 69, 81 C- C- C- C- F F C 8
DOG1934, 46, 58, 70, 82 A A A A A A F 24
PIG1935, 47, 59, 71, 83 A- A- A- A- A A A 26

Here, an A = 4 points, B = 3 Points, C = 2 Points, D = 1 Point, and two +'s or two ?s = +1 or -1 respectively.

For this subject, an ideal friend or companion to aid in 'curing' medical problems is a female with the following Overleaves; a Chief Feature of Arrogance, Goal of Rejection, Mode of Observation, Attitude of Stoic, and Centering involving some part of the Intellectual Center. One born in the year of the Dog or Pig would prove ideal, unless an Essence Twin can be found, and those are very difficult to find.

A perfect partner is difficult to find. Thus it must be remembered that the Overleaves are analog functions, not discrete digital ones and must be normally balanced in magnitude. The Chief Feature is by far the most important, followed by the Goal and then the Attitude. Similar Centering is mostly needed if an Essence Twin relationship is involved. Personality compatibility is very useful in maintaining the relationship, but not applicable to the 'curing of a malady' perspective.


The following lists are an attempt to correlate known diseases to the already defined Chief Features. For the most part, these are tenuous associations and, unless noted, need to be verified. See List 4.

List 4
  1. Chief Feature - Martyrdom (The fear of worthlessness.)
  2. Chief Feature - Self Destruction (The fear of loss of control.)
  3. Chief Feature - Greed (The fear of loss or want.)
  4. Chief Feature - Self Deprecation (The fear of inadequacy.)
  5. Chief Feature - Impatience (The fear of missing something.)
  6. Chief Feature - Stubbornness (The fear of change or dealing with new situations.)


Figure 3. Christ Curing Others And How It Would Be Received In Modern Times.

That 'spark' that feeling when you are near that special someone, is therapeutic. The greater the 'spark' the more therapeutic it is. Generating this 'spark' through fear cancelation is the basis of this 'cure' or principle fear cancelation technique. Given the chance, this technique becomes more operable with age because the principle fears become more recognizable. So why is this technique not already in use? The answer is that our society is such that it re-enforces fears that (irrationally) keep us away from those who could help us the most. As we age, these unchecked principle fears grow stronger - and we grow sicker.

Arbitrary human values, often driven by religion, seem to work to enhance disease. These are often enforced by 'the law' For example, the fear induced by a 'legal' marriage is often enough to poison this technique even if the partners required to implement this 'Touch Therapy' have been identified. While the partnership of marriage is arguably beneficial, this fear cancellation technique could operate over a wider range of personality compatibilities without the legal marriage contracts. Society is disease's best ally in suppressing the appropriate interpersonal interactions that could lead to therapeutic results. Fear will fiercely resist this technique enough without having 'the law' on its side. The implementation of 'Touch Therapy' requires a surprising amount of courage.

Sexual union is definitely not required for this technique to work. The past Japanese model of society of maintaining a stable family yet permitting other relationships seems most useful for implementation (but not if it is squandered on young - old relationships or those just for money).

The very limited available data indicates that the therapeutic properties of fear cancellation work rapidly. The extent of these effects needs to be investigated. Additionally, a quantitative measure of the analog magnitude of the principle fears requires formulation. Then a statistical evaluation of this technique is required to determine its widespread effective on the general human population.

Data supporting the effectiveness of an Essence Twin relationship in suppressing two diseases (Type II diabetes and a life threatening viral induced Cardiomyopathy) is offered in Appendix B. This is even more useful now that an authenticating test for an Essence Twin relationship is available. However, the test offers some serious consequences to those interacting with any who are trying to form an Essence Twin relationship.

Through the use of inductive reasoning, the Tzu Wei seems to offer a mechanism by which partners maybe chosen for effective 'Touch Therapy'. It is found effective against a severe Celiac (gluten allergy), a Cardiomyopathy (reducing a heart's swelling) and Atrial Fibulation (stopping the Irregular Heart Beat). A major increase (>40%) of the heart's ejection fraction from low values (~20%) associated with the onset of Cardiomyopathy and Atrial Fibulation was likewise evaluated. This 'Touch Therapy' also shows some effectiveness in treating BPDCN Leukemia, but this result is still under investigation.

While all the appropriate rules have yet to be developed, the Touch Therapy requires a modest touching period of ~15 minutes to mitigate disease. It is easily possible to develop a computerized application (App) whereby a given patient could easily evaluate their contemporaries and find those among them who could implement this simple cure. A starting point for this algorithm is defined in Appendix C Where the Tzu Wei can specify who can cure who.

Until this is done, we are on our own in trying to navigate through the treacherous forces of fear engrained within our society should we attempt to implement this technique. A statistical analysis is required to define the validity of the Tzu Wei model and the effectiveness its application in curing diseased individuals.

This web page is only the first step in defining a procedure specifying how to implement this therapeutic technique. Christ and his disciples have shown that it can be done. Now we may have a scientific model as well as a way to do it also.


Cadres & Entities
Eventually, these linkages, directly or indirectly, include all sentient consciousness in the universe-they are part of the mechanics of oneness. The evolution of each part helps "pull" everything else along. By calling individual essences "fragments," Michael is communicating that we are each part of the larger whole-specifically, part of our entity. The entity is our larger identity, but since the entity is a part of the cadre, the cadre is a part of the cadre group, and so forth, ultimately, our identity is that of the Tao itself.


While Essence Twin relationships are seldom formed, they should at least be identified as they can serves as a guide to reducing our fears with the aid of others. Essence Twins go by a variety of names, such as: Essence Twins, Twin Flames, Twin Souls and Soul Mates. Their ultimate purpose is to permit the Entities (a Soul Group) to reunite.

This is a Soul Group made-up of 1,000 Oversouls An Entity). An Oversoul is a holographic spiritual being made of light consciousness. It is part and parcel of the whole and yet, it contains within it, the whole.
The purpose of incarnation on the physical plane is to gain experience, and then re-unite with your fellow souls or essences. Essence Twins provide the compelling force to accomplish this through love and attraction.
But it is extremely difficult to enter into an Essence Twin relationship, not only because fear acts as a barrier, but the bliss of the relationship is so strong that little would be accomplished on the physical plane with such a union.
People tend to romanticize these connections, especially essence twins, but even if they're in the right "package" and we have mate agreements with them, there is again, no guarantee that the personality half of the equation will work well. On the other hand, no relationship is more compelling or powerful than an essence twin mate relationship that does work well. Such relationships are rare; for one thing, essence twins can create their own insular world together and miss out on other experiences, so souls don't often set it up to be together in this way.
Incidentally, we can be attracted to someone who reminds us of our Essence Twin, even if we do not have an agreement to work together in an essence-twin-like way. And even this can be very effective and generate meaningful results. For example, the Overleaves in such relationships tend to be such that they reduce the influence of fear in our personalities, and consequently 'essence contact' is possible. This is best understood by addressing the Chief Features such personalities involved.
As with the other Overleaves, Chief Feature (obstacle) combinations could go either way in terms of attraction, although they are more likely to repel, especially if they're strong. In the old paradigm, some Arrogance (of either the Chief Feature variety or just testosterone-driven overconfidence) was considered attractive in men, and some Self-Deprecation ws found attractive in women. An Arrogant woman may like it that a man in Self-Deprecation isn't threatening, and his apparent confidence may reassure her. Two people greedy for the same things might align in a relationship, and two people in Self-Destruction might drink themselves into oblivion together. However, two people in strong Arrogance or Impatience can enrage each other, and two people in Stubbornness easily get into stalemates. An impatient person will tend to get impatient with a martyr, making that one feel more martyred. If someone in impatience pushes someone in stubbornness, the latter will likely dig in their heels. Etc. In any case, it's not a good idea to get into a relationship based on similar Chief Features, which, by definition, are principle fear-based traits of one's personality.
Interference with an Essence Twin Relationship appears to be somewhat dangerous.

Consider an actual subject or Patient who needs to be cured. The goal of this technique is to isolate the Chief Features (defining the subjects principle fears) and reduce the magnitude of these fears. The fears associated with the Chief Feature are particularly treacherous as they 'tell the subject a lie about themselves' which they believe. This fear reduction technique seems to negate this 'lie' that the subject sincerely believes and the grip of fear on the subject's personality is reduced. Then the disease seems to dissipate because 'joy' fills the subject's mind.

Essence Twins are formed when the their souls (or essences) are first cast and begin their sequence of lives. They threaten the principle fears that take over a each other's personality. Consequently, these fears 'lay low' when an Essence Twin (ET) is in proximity. Thus, they efficiently act to reduce the effects of disease in each other. A lady believed to be the Essence Twin of the Patient has been identified and certified based on the Essence Twin Recognition test discussed elsewhere. Essence Twins can cure one another regardless of the Personality they have assumed during a given life. Moreover, this can be accomplished by just being in proximity. Actual physical contact is not needed in many cases.

The Patient's Diabetes

The thesis of this work is that fear is the basis of all diseases. "Fear is never more threatened than in the presence of the Essence Twin." Essence Twin proximity has been used to reduce the effects of Type II diabetes and attack the virus causing a Cardiomyopathy As we age, it is common to acquire either a Type II diabetes or a form of glucose intolerance. This is the result of the inadequate production of or inadequate body cell absorption of insulin. The following tests summarize a test Patient's history who was aware of his ET. Fear of Inadequacy has been identified as the principle fear (Chief Feature) of the Patient in this analysis. Arrogance (the fear of vulnerability) has been identified as the Chief Feature of his Essence Twin.

Test Patient's High blood Sugar Readings
DateHA1CFasting GlucoseNote
06/21/94 S6.7%125Possible onset of Type II diabetes.
01/19/95 S6.3%128Slight improvement, but within test measurement error of reading on upper bound limit.
11/18/95 S ET Face To Face essence contact one time.
12/04/95 D5.2%127Dr. Nelson says its valid and HA1C error is +/- 0.2%.
03/14/96 S6.1%121Was there a rebound effect because Patient was usually in Denver?
3/14 - 30/96 S ET Face To Face essence contactonce after HA1C test.
08/19/96 D5.9%100Continued downward trend. Glucose test passes.
10/16 - 26/96 SET ph (phone contact)essence contact? Then ET Face To Face proximity
11/12/96 S5.6%82Weight down 20 lb from previous measurements.
Note: S = Stationed in Synnyvale, CA: D = Stationed in Denver CO away from ET

On 11/18/95, face to face proximity with ET to discuss our related patent. Prior (preceding several months) phone calls covered the same and astrological related topics. Her random blood sugar was 200 shortly before 18 November 1995. A fasting blood sugar test was found to be 102 a few weeks after 11/18/95. ET proximity is strongest. The Patient's 12/04/95 test (HAIC 5.2%) is of particular interest. These results appear like the theoretical double cure (of both Essence Twins) occured. The probability of two such flukes is 66 parts per million (analysis preformed by an MIT graduate in statistics). Essence contact occurred at least once (out of six tries) between 03/01/96 and 04/08/96. Either proximity or phone contact (or both) with Patient's ET seems to have lowered his diabetic tendencies.

The Patient's Cardiomyopathy

07/16/96: (in California) the Patient was seen by a nurse practitioner had trouble reading his blood pressure. The systolic was in the mid 80's. On the third try, he obtained a 90/54 value. An X-ray was taken and an appointment to see a specialist within two days was made. The X-ray showed a definite pneumonia (focal area of consolidation) in the lower left lobe and a pneumonitis (a pneumonia like condition) scattered (diffuse interstitial) randomly throughout both lobes. Inadequate oxygenating of the blood (85% of normal) was revealed.

07/18/96: (in California) checked lungs, found no major problem, suggested a coronary ultrasound in September. The patient planned to see his ET same day (to cure his medical issue) and accidentally met her at work . Physical proximity lasted about five minutes. Essence contact could not be sensed in her presence (as fear will try it best to deny it), but was felt during the next day or two later. Accidental contact with one's ET stands the highest chance of producing essence contact (the mechanism that promotes healing). The patient returned to Denver for he felt that he was cured.

07/25/96: (in Denver) Doctor decided Patient should have a gated ventriculogram (using radioactive dye) and found that the cardiac ejection fraction was about 25% (~50% below normal). It was about 21%, the lower normal limit is greater than 55%. Patient was depressed and was missing home and friends.

08/02/96: (in Denver) Doctor noted the low cardiac ejection fraction and said said Patient was suffering from a form of heart failure and prescribed medication. Sunnyvale CA doctor suspects that Patient's recent bout may not have been with pneumonia, but with heart failure. Patients heart does appear to have been swollen to about an inch too large. EKGs run in July/August indicated a thickened left Ventricular wall. The doctors are beginning to suspect a viral infection of the heart. Notice that the heart problem is related to inadequate pumping of blood. EKGs had been taken on 07/16/25 and later indicated that the wall of Patient's hearts lower ventricular was thicker then normal. The ultrasound in July also shows the heart was enlarged. It indicated that Patient's heart was swollen 2.2 cm. From X-ray data alone, it was accurately accessed that the Patient's heart was swollen 3/4 inch (1.9 cm.).

10/09/96:Patient finally had an appointment with a heart specialist who diagnosed him as having a (probable viral induced) cardiomyopathy (swollen LVID heart) and a probable blood apical (clot) in the LV chamber. The blood clot was likely due to the fact that the heart was ejecting such a low fraction of blood.

08/11/96: Patient initiated phone contact with ET. The phone contact lasted 53 minutes. Essence contact may have occurred, but it is not specifically remembered. Incidentally, the phone contact with Patient's ET on 08/11/96 and the meeting during 07/18/96 seems to have again lowered his diabetic condition.

08/19/96: (in Denver) Patient's heart was estimated to have shrunk by a measurable amount to only being swollen by 3/4 inch. While X-rays offer a poor measurement, the possible shrinking is still encouraging.

09/02/96:(in California) the ultrasound, scheduled on 07/18/96 shows the heart was enlarged. It indicated the heart was swollen 2.2 cm. From X-ray data alone, the Denver doctor had accurately accessed that Patient's heart was swollen 3/4 inch (1.9 cm.).

09/02/96: (in California) the x-rays show the heart has returned to normal but the ultrasound shows that it is still enlarged or swollen by 2.2 cm. A treadmill test was suggested.

09/07/96: (in California) Patient visited emergency and was so dehydrated an IV was given. The x-rays taken at this time show the heart has returned to normal.

09/24/96: (in California) Patient's wife initiated unexpected contact with ET in the evening. Telephone contact lasted about 15 minutes. Patient's wife questioned why he was talking so strangely, appearing very nervous and agitated and repeating himself. The influence of fear (probably the one causing the disease) was clearly discernable. He felt a happy glowing sensation for about two days thereafter indicating remote Essence contact had been established.

09/24/96: (in California) the diarrhea ended abruptly.

10/09/96: (in California) A heart specialist said that Patient's heart was swollen with the lower Ventricle size 7.8 cm (normal 5.6 cm). This is close to the final number (3/4 inch) that the Denver doctor had arrived at. He diagnosed the Patient as having a (probable viral induced) cardiomyopathy and a probable blood clot in the lower ventricular chamber. The blood clot was likely due to the fact that the heart was ejecting such a low fraction of blood. He put the patient on Coumadin to dissolve the blood clot an other drugs. The heart's swelling (39%) as determined by the ultrasound.

10/09/96: (in California) At 11:00 pm, the Patient had about a half hour long conversation with ET. Diarrhea ended on the night of the 16 th.

11/26/96: The Patient contacted his ET and possible essence contact occurred

12/06/96: An ultrasound indicated LVID was unchanged and a probable blood clot was still present (but starting to fade). But upon close inspection, swelling in the LA chamber has measurably decreased (from 19% to 11%). The dangerous blood clot showed signs of aging and dissolving. The immediate benefit of brief ET proximity is not blatantly obvious, but one does not expect the heart to snap back from the swelling immediately. And the long term blood pressure was starting to rise.

Appendix B Conclusions

Both the Patient and his Essence Twin could mutually curtail the effects of Type II diabetes. This theoretical double cure (of both Essence Twins), is not a permanent cure because the Type II diabetes returned in both cases. Fear usually succeeds in driving the Essence Twins apart. The Patient has noticed that only his Essence Twin can mitigate Type II diabetes

Concerning the Patient's Cardiomyopathy, direct ET contact circa 07/18/96 stopped the vial infection of his heart and appeared to drive the virus into his gut, where it mutated into Celiac disease. Remote (phone) contact with his Essence Twin stopped his related diarrhea circa 09/24/96. However, the Patient was left with a seriously swollen heart (~ 2 cm) and on the dangerous blood thinning drug Coumadin.

A new factor had entered the equation by 07/19/99. Another person (Lady #1) had entered the equation replacing the patient's Essence Twin. Lady #1 dramatically reduced the Patient's Cardiomyopathy using 'Touch Therapy'. Lady #1 is a Tzu Wei astrological simulation of the Patient's Essence Twin. Table 13 summarizes the salient medical tests up through mid 1999.
LA(es)<4.25.0 (>19%)4.6 (>11%)4.74.7
EPSS<0.63.0?3.0 ?
25%- 53%18%15%14%15%
Blood clotNoneprob.
LVID = Left Ventricle Inside Diameters; LA = Left Atrial, IVS = Interventricular Septum, LVPW = Left Ventricle Posterial Wall, (es) = end systolic beat; (ed) = end diastolic beat,EPSS = End Point Septa Separation.


Through the use of inductive reasoning, the Tzu Wei Chinese Astrology seems to offer a mechanism by which partners maybe chosen for an effective 'touching' technique could mitigate illness. While all the appropriate rules have yet to be developed, this astrological procedure appears to offer the ability to isolate effective partners wherein the mere touch for a modest period of time (~15 minutes) can mitigate disease. Its not like this is a brand new idea as Christ was famous for being able to do this.

Touching of hand to hand is useful, but for some reason, touching of hand to shoulder seems to work better, particularly when one is behind the other.
However, some cultures discourage 'touching members of the opposite sex'. Note: when a man touches a Chinese women, he can often be accused of 'Eating Her Tofu' as her flesh is often the off-white color of bean curd (tofu).

Its just whose hands should be 'laid on' the Patient. The 'laying on of hands' is just a way to insure 'essence contact' between the two individuals. In fairness, it should be pointed out that Infinite Soul Avatars, such as Christ, Buddha, Sri Krishna and Lao Tzu, have unique Overleaves in that they are everyone's "Essence Twin". This is why they are sometimes referred to as "Infinite Souls". Essence contact is easiest between Essence Twins, but anybody can do it. Regular Essence Twins can do it at a distance without touching, but Christ was showing His disciples how to do it. The 'laying on of hand's is a brute force technique. Some pairs of individuals can do it easier than others. That is what this Appendix is about.

Figure C-1 offers the Tzu Wei chart of the Patient.

Figure C-1. The Tzu Wei Chart Of A Prospective Patient.
Lady's Compatibility With Patient
Lady ET - 12
Lady #1 - 24
Lady #2 - 26
Lady #5 - 16
Lady #101 - 26

The Houses in this chart are numbered clockwise from I to XII starting from the one below the description area and to the right. These are labeled with a single or double letter descriptor in a manner that varies fro different people. The P is for the Personality House and the H is for the Health House. See the following for the other houses and the Principle stars and secondary 'good' and 'bad' stars. The following list correlates the fourteen principal stars to astronomical objects (alternate names given in parentheses) - and their associated constellations.

List 5
Notice that the Tzu Wei does not use the same cosmic bodies that is used in western or Vedic astrology. The Principle stars, in this case, are far flung celestial bodies except for he Sun and Moon. The Tzu Wei astrology is suspected to be of ET alien origin, 4,300 years ago. Since the Chinese civilization four to five thousand years old, it seems like they may have obtained a copy of this astrology that was passed on to the humans in the Acadians civilization at the time, and they have maintained it until today.

Note that for this Patient, the Principle star in the personality house is *67 and in his health house is *64. Figure C-2 is the Tzu Wei chart for the Patient's Essence Twin.

Figure C-2. The Tzu Wei Chart For Lady ET.
Patient Capability with Lady - 16

In the case of this life, the Patient's Essence Twin (Lady ET) has chosen the *64 in her personality house. In summary, it appears that not only did essence contact with the patient's ET drive the viral infection from his heart, but it also reduced his blood sugar levels. This suggests that Type II diabetes is due to a virus.

Reducing The Patient's Cardiomyopathy

Figure C-3 is the Tzu Wei Chinese astrology chart for Lady #1. It is somewhat similar to that of the Patient's ET. During the Patient's battle with the viral infection of his heart, the ET appears to have distorted the virus. Then, the Virus, moved to Patient's intestine and while driven away, apparently caused (or mutated to become) a Gluten allergy.

Figure C-3. The Tzu Wei Chart For Lady #1.
Patient Capability with Lady - 24

After this episode, light flirting with Lady #1 was noticed to increase the Patient's blood pressure. At first, this was a 'joke'. Then, this was suspected to have shrunk the Patient's swollen heart from the Cardiomyopathy that had developed in the Denver area circa July and August 1996. The heart distension was reduced from ~2.2 cm to 0.9 cm thus increasing the ejection fracture of blood from the heart to increase from ~20% to ~40%. This apparently caused the swelling of the Patient's heart to begin to decrease around October 1997. See Table 13. This swelling was further reduced to 0.9 centimeters circa July 1999 and the Patient was taken off Coumadin.

Stopping The Patient's Celiac Attack

The Patient has Celiac disease, a severe allergy to gluten resulting in severe diarreaha and throwing up. Blood pressure numbers like the following have been observed during a ~21 March 2019 attack:
95/45-81 delta 50
76/52-66 delta 24
94/77-77 delta 17
The spread (delta) between the high and low values between the latter two of these measurements is similiar to what was found in the cardiomyopthy and A-Fib data. It is postulated that the Patient's ET drove the cardiomyopthay causing virus to mutate and relocate to his gut thus the resulting similiarity to his 'heart disease' condition.

Lady #1 has been observed to twice mitigate the Patient's Gluten allergy attack during 2005. These Gluten allergy attack were very violent and caused a pronounced drop in the blood pressure (down to 85) along with prolonged 'throwing up' and intense diarrhea. The procedure to stop a Gluten allergy attack was done by simply by 'holding hands' or 'touching shoulders' causing the essence (or souls of both) to overlap.

Notice that Lady #1 has Principle star *64 in her personality house and *67 in her health house. The Patient's 'holding hands' with her for about 15 minutes was able to cure her of a minor disease. Lady #1 appears to be a Tzu Wei astrological simulation of the Patients essence twin (ET)

Figure C-4 is the Tzu Wei Chinese astrology chart for another lady (Lady #101) who has also been twice (2014 and Dec. 2015) observed to be able to mitigate the Patient's Gluten allergy. Notice the Principle star *64 in her personality house.

Figure C-4. The Tzu Wei Chart For Lady #101. Note Yellow Dress Lady In The Video
Patient Capability with Lady - 26

However, notice that there is no *67 star in her Health House (H). This lady has been noticed to be rather impatient, especially when driving. Impatience is one of the seven principle fears known as Chief Features

There is another lady that may be able to implement a cure in the Patient, but there is no test data available.

Figure C-5. The Tzu Wei Chart For Lady #2.
Patient Capability with Lady - 26

Here are some of the meanings of four of the Principle stars. Noted that the last three (*64, *81 and *63) have testable, associated physical descriptions. Personality and physical descriptions are somewhat associated.

The *67 (Houses II, III, V, VII, IX, XI) Principle star seems to be associated with those who have a 'low esteem of themselves.

Subject is tall and of medium build, with an angular face. This subject is intelligent, with a good business mind and organizational ability, active, passionate and charitable. This star in the personality house in one of these positions describes a subject who is always planning large projects; he will begin the project with great enthusiasm, but without support will lose interest in it. This person is a social person, likes parties, luxury and the protection of a lover. Male subject will be famous, perhaps in literary endeavors

The *64 Principle star is known to cause physical beauty in a subject, especially a female subject.

*64 (Houses I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII) The subject is very attractive, square-faced, tall and has bright eyes, light skin and is intellectual. (with minor mod found by experience over the years. This modification just involves extending the ranges of the houses relating to the subject, not the description therein.) Subject is tall and healthy-looking, with a good complexion, square face, beautiful eyes and serious expression. This subject makes an excellent first impression-appears attractive and serious minded. Subject is very intelligent and kind, but hot tempered.
Ladies with this star are often 'hit on' and the Chief Feature of Arrogance develops as a result.

The *81 Principle star.

Subject is tall, thin, fair skinned and attractive. This subject will be long lived. In House IV, Subject has a beautiful bright-looking face and will be rich and happy.
The *63 Principle star.
*63 (Houses I, II, VI, VIII, IX,XI, XII) Subject is tall, fair, square-faced and very attractive. This subject is a very kind person.

The *109 or *110 secondary stars are also known to cause physical beauty in a subject, especially a female subject.

These stars denote physical beauty and a well-developed chest; female subjects have a beautiful body. Subject with either of thee stars is intelligent, studious, likes literature and the arts, reasons well, is intuitive, emotional and sentimental. This subject likes flattery.
With bad stars:
Can mean the subject is good at handicrafts, or distrustful or superstitious.
The secondary stars can modify some of the characteristics of the Principle stars as well. For example, they can make a tall person short (like bad *10) and it can add impatience to a subject (as can bad *32 in Houses II, V, VIII, XI possibly by an angular reflex). Impatience is one of the Chief Features. Likewise, bad star *53 can induce the fear of loss of control.

Lady ET may also be 'cured' by a male subject similar to her husband (*69). If this theory is correct, the choice of spouses by this attractive lady appears to be a 'non standard' one. There are really only two factors interacting between sentient beings. When one reduces 'fear' in another, 'love' is experienced.

From a broader perspective, this reveals insights into the incarnation of an Essence Twin pair (The Patient and Lady ET). Usually, only one of the pair can 'see' or sense the presence of their Essence Twin. In this case, the female chose Overleaves and an astrological configuration that had the *64 in her Personality House. The Patient had *64 in his Health House. The Patient noted that when near to his ET, his disease was mitigated.

It is difficult to bring Essence Twins into proximity. So Lady #1 was chosen as a substitute for Lady ET. This was an ideal choice for two reasons.

Thus Lady #1 offered an almost perfect 'simulation' for the Patient's Essence Twin relationship. This is why Lady #1 was chosen, though the reciprocal relationship was not realized at the time. Note that the other two Ladies did not have the single *64 in their Personality Houses, and a different male subject was specified in their Health House. Lady ET likewise fits in this category, except that she is the Patient's ET.

It is common for a male who is aware of his Essence Twin to form a relationship with a similar lady. For example, Taoist Master, Hua Ching Ni may also be aware of his Essence Twin (but not necessarily by that name). He tells a parallel story:9

A young man fell in love with his cousin. The cousin refused to marry him because the close blood relationship could cause underdevelopment in the next generation. Although it was acceptable in ancient China for a cousin on the mother's side to to be married to a cousin on the father's side, the young girl still refused the young man's love and he became greatly saddened. After some time in business, the young man became rich. In his innermost heart, however, he felt empty and began to desert his current wife, who had already given him three children. He drank, took drugs, and kept a professional dancing girl as his mistress simply because she looked like his cousin. He spent a great deal of money on the girl because of the resemblance to his cousin, the one he truly loved.
Essence Twin ladies may be beautiful or ugly to the bone. But their Essence Twin male still finds them beautiful even though most would consider them ugly. The ugly one's Essence Twin male my be strikingly handsome and charming. But when he mentions to someone skilled in the matters of the soul, and reports how much he loves her and how difficult it is to get her to even recognize him, most people will shake their heads in disbelief. The skilled investigator may politely note that his Essence Twin may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, to which the Essence Twin male will say something like 'You must be blind'. This also is an actual case.

Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib)

Start 04/20/17 Addition

At the beginning of 2016 (7 January), the Patient was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib). Its characteristics of producing an Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) that tends to form blood clots (coagulation in the heart). The patient was put on Pradaxa, a blood thinning medication and baby aspirin.

The Patient's wife was having a tiff with a lady #1 who is an astrological simulation of the patients Essence Twin. So he had difficulty curing this disease via that normal route. Even when the wife relented, unease persisted promoting fear thus inhibiting the cure. To make matters worse, in August the blood thinner and baby aspirin combined to produced internal bleeding in the patient's stomach and he lost 1.75 liters of blood. He had to be rushed to the emergency room to save his life. The body normally contains about 5 liters of blood.

Jealousy of the spouse of the subject being cured often occurs. This 'cure' technique works by reducing the fear in the one being cured. The subject spouse, who is often in charge of managing the subject's health care, becomes jealous when an 'outside person' becomes involved. Moreover, the subject 'likes' this person because their 'Chief Feature (their major fear) is being reduced. However, this 'fear' reduction is how this cure technique works.

Figure C-6. The Tzu Wei Chart For Lady #5.
Patient Capability with Lady - 16

Later in 2016, the Patient met another lady (25 years younger) whose Chief Feature was also Arrogance (by her own admission). However, she did not have a *64 in her Tzu Wei Personality House. See Figure C-6 for the Tzu Wei chart of Lady #5. Thus, it was wondered if she could cure the Patient even though she had the appropriate Chief Feature necessary to cancel the Patient's Chief Feature. Nevertheless, they became friends at an exercise club. Since the Patient's wife was not hostile towards this lady, he ask her out for Vietnamese Pho via an email (11/12/16 at 9:43 PM). Two days later, they went out hoping to apply 'touch therapy' (Fear Cancellation) and reduce the Patient's blood sugar levels. He gave no thought to his A-Fib issue until he notice around 11/18/16 that his IHB was gone. He checked his historical data (blood pressure machine) and the IHB stopped as of 11/13/16 at 9 AM. He thought his machine was broken and proceeded to check it at his doctor's office on 11/22/16. The doctor checked his EKG and noted his A-Fib was gone. The doctor said the A-Fib may return. It remained gone until 12/03/16. The IHB's 'return' appeared to be stimulated by a lengthy ((2 hr) period of Impatience (another Chief Feature) the Patient had undergone the previous day while going to the Patient's wife's favorite restaurant.

The following list (List 6) associates the status of the Patient's atrial fibrillation issue as a function of times that 'Touch Therapy' was attempted. 'Touch Therapy' is just the process of touching so that two essences (souls) can overlap. The essence sticks out of the body by about one inch.

List 6
The dramatic increase of the hearts ejection fraction is the most important factor here, and it goes hand in hand with the heart's return to its natural sinus rhythm. Apparently, the Arrogance of Ladies #1 and #5 overwhelmed the forces of fear (the Chief Feature) in the Patient on 8/03-11/2016. Lady #1 has previously been found to cure the Patient's cardiomyopathy via simple touching increasing the ejection fraction from ~20% to ~40%. However, this cure did not happen instantaneously. The threat of Lady #5 was enough to drive the IHB away on 11/13/2016 and the Patient's stable sinus rhythm verified that the healing process was underway. It is important to notice that the fear cancelled is the one within the Patient!

Fear is the basis of all disease or so the theory goes. As one ages, their fears grow stronger. Two other (Arrogant with *64) ladies have demonstrated that they can stop the Patient's Gluten allergy attack have each done so at least twice. There is no medicine to stop these gluten attacks if the patient ingests a reasonable quantity of gluten (like one slice of bread or a few noodles). However, the gluten attacks appear to getting weaker, implying that the 'touch therapy' is weakening the causal agent of the attacks each time it is applied. The data in this A-Fib case is 'thin' in that only one cancellation of the medical condition occurred. However, it seems to illustrate that the fears associated with a Chief Features are what is involved in the suppression and reoccurrence of the A-Fib issue.

Essence Twin relationships are extremely effective in canceling each other's fear (but extremely hard to form). Just being in proximity with each other will suffice (if they are aware of each other's presence). The Essence sticks out about one inch from the flesh. The Essence Twin relationship is so powerful that their essences can contact even over the phone. If non-Essence Twins are involved (as is usually the case), then touching of hands or hands to shoulders is required. This forces 'Essence contact' when the 'Essence' or souls can overlap. This Essence contact is what permits the Chief Features to be canceled. This is also the reason it is important to touch and hold babies and small children.

The Chief Features are very seductive and even if the primary one is cancelled, a secondary one can just 'slip into' the personality and cause a medical condition to re-occur. Additionally, in most cases, the 'touch therapy' approach offers a temporary solution but frequent applications appears to weaken the medical issue involved. It remains to be seen if the A-Fib can be permanently destroyed, but it had never been gone (even for one day) before this experiment was initiated.

End 04/20/17 Addition

08/23/17 Addition - Arthritis Cure

It was noticed that the patient seemed to developed a 'back pain' that he associated with his IHB. When the IHB was gone, the 'back pain' was reduced or disappeared. He naturally associated this 'back pain' with his IHB. His doctor x-rayed his back and diagnosed the 'back pain' as arthritis. However, arthritis could not be associated with his IHB. Thus, the patient concluded that the same technique (Touch Therapy) that 'cured' the A Fib also 'cured' his arthritis or at least made it noticeable. Others have begun to notice that 'touch' cures rheumatoid arthritis.14

End 08/23/17 Addition

10/25/17 Unexplained Case.

The patients A-fib and IHB returned for an unexplained reason. See List 7:

List 7
Note: Y = Yes, there was an irregular heartbeat in the patient, and N = there was not. Another person showed up the night before, but only interacted with the Patient's wife with which he was highly compatible from a Tzu Wei point f view. He departed on 06/08/2017, but the Irregular Heart beat persisted for about 9 days thereafter. This means that the incompatible person re-enforces the patient's disease. Fear may have been trying to separate the Patient's wife from this second gentleman.

The Patient is sensitive to the reaction of the person curing them, in this case Ladies #1 and # 5. These ladies do not necessarily subscribe to this 'Touch Therapy' theory, but are willing to try it. In this case, the Patient was going to be traveling, but during the night of 10/09/17 he worried incessantly about his finances stimulating the Chief Feature of Greed (the fear of loss or want). He woke up the next day with an irregular heartbeat. He immediately made a date with Lady #5. The next day, 10/11/17, his irregular heartbeat (IHB) was gone. See List 8:

List 8
Knowing he was going to travel, he ask Lady #1 to touch his shoulders on 10/17/17, but she politely refused, perhaps because the Patient's wife was standing beside him. On 10/18/17, the Patient's IHB returned as of ~9AM. It persisted until the evening when Lady #1 again touched his shoulders. Testing later that evening showed the Patient's IHB was still there but the spread of his BP's high and low values had increased and the improvement persisted until 10/19/17. The Patient traveled during 10/20/17 and by the morning of 10/21/17, the IHB was gone.

It seems like the Patient's IHB is reacting to the reticence of Lady #1 to touch the patient, and her willingness to touch him on 10/18/17, which she graciously and willingly did. Moreover, any of the Chief Features can trigger the return of a patient's disease once he has contracted it. Impatience has also been noticed to trigger his A Fib. See the 04/20/17 Addition

End 10/25/17 Addition

12/04/17 Addition - The New Viral Disease.

Both the patient and his wife were likely affected with a virus that presumably affected the Sinus Node and the timing of the heart beat. In the patient's case, it cause his Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) to reappear. With his wife, it caused an increase in her heart beat and a corresponding increase in her blood pressure. During this disease phase, the wife was given an antibiotic that adversely interact with the Statin drug she was also taking to increase her blood pressure (BP). Her BP reached as high as 190/X->110 and was brought down with BP medication. Her heartbeat rate is normally ~80.

The Patient tried the 'Touch Therapy' on the third day after his IHB condition occurred and his IHB disappeared 9 days later with a net run of the disease of 12 days. The 'Touch Therapy appeared to take effect 9 days later.

List 9
End 12/04/17 Addition

01/19/18 Addition - Remote Essence Twin Contact.

While in Hawaii, Patient spent the new year fretting about finances. This actuate my Chief Feature of Greed and the Patient's IHB returned. See List 10. Lady 101, normally available, was down with a severe case of the flu and was unavailable for 'Touch Therapy. During 01/07/18, Patient's ET contacted him by email. The next day, the Patient's IHB had vanished. Such a fleeting contact was enough to stop his Atrial Fibulation

List 10
End 01/19/18 Addition

08/15/18 Addition - One Day A-Fib Cases.

Three cases of a one day Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) were identified, but only the 03/29/18 case was positively identified as A-Fib. See List 11 below. The first occurred on 19 Feb. 2018 and the IHB registered on both the Patient's Blood Pressure machine and Apple watch. Its casual agent is unknown. the IHB disappeared without any 'touch therapy'. The second example happened on 29 March 2018. the Patient had been directed to take anti-potassium medicine because a blood tested and pegged his at 5.5 and it should be 5.3. Irregular BP and heart beat appeared to commence after the patient took his morning heart medicine consisting of both once a day and twice a day medicine. He accompanied his wife to get some of her X-rays, and there he had his doctor check his blood pressure. The doctor immediately took an EKG and sent him to the Emergency Room on the suspicion that he had a heart attack. His wife called Lady #1 who immediately came to the Emergency Room before he even was assigned a bed (in the hallway). A second EKG was taken and revealed that his high A-Fib revealed by the first EKG had downgraded to low A-Fib.

The patient was released from the Emergency Room the same day, but the IHB persisted that evening. The next day, the A-Fib had vanished. It is thought that the A-Fib resulted from a chemical imbalance between the patients heart and anti-potassium medicine and that either the imbalance went away or Lady #1 cured the patient.

List 11
Kaiser Heart Doctor speculated that the 02/18/18 case was due to a 'double heartbeat and the 08/05/18 case was not A-Fib because the heartbeat rate was in the 50's or below. Note that the last 'real' case of A-Fib was cited in List 10 (01/07/18) appeared to be taken out by an email from the Patient's Essence Twin. Essence contact can be achieved easiest by Essence Twins, and this is a case where Remote Essence Contact occurred and may have healed the Patient. Note, Christ also healed the centurion remotely (Matthew 8:8)

End 08/15/18 Addition

Appendix C Conclusions

It was initially thought that only those in an Essence Twin relationships could cure their diseases by 'Touch Therapy' or even by 'Remote Contact'. Essence Twin pairs are the most effective at curing diseases and can do so even from a distance. However, these relationships are extremely difficult to form.

Surprisingly, Appendix C has shown that a mathematical algorithm (the Tzu Wei astrology) could define 'who could cure who' by 'Touch Therapy'. Successfully disease mitigation has been accomplished by 'Touch Therapy' on maladies like a viral induced cardiomyopathy, A-Fib and celiac disease and maybe even arthritis. Tissue repair seems to likewise be possible, but likely not on major hemorrhaging. Relationships based on the Tzu Wei astrological descriptors (taken from the Health and Personality Houses have proven effective at defining 'who can cure who', but 'touch Therapy' must be used.

According to the medical community, a person with A-Fib is never really cured of that disease. However, with the aid of his ET, the Patient has been without a long run (more than two days) of Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) for over a year. See Lists 10 and 11. It appears that 'Remote Contact' via an email from his Essence Twin (ET) may have cured the long duration (more than two days) of A-Fib (as recognized by the presence of IHB.

Permitting any of the fears associated with the Chief Features (See Figure 2 and Table 8) for a modest amount of time (like for two hours or more) can cause A- Fib to return to the patient. Thus, the patient must be trained to recognize when these 'fears' are forming occurring in their personality. If 'Touch Therapy is used to again to suppress the A-Fib, the IHB appears to remains present for about nine days before it is cured. Essence Twin contact, even remotely, seems to stop the Patients' A-Fib within one day.


Begin 03/05/19 Addition

Finding Someone To Heal A Friend

The Tzu Wei Chinese astrology is very 'robust' in describing a person who may be used to cure another with a medical malady. A friend, (Man-A) of the Patient and his wife, was diagnosed by two separate medical doctors specializing in cancer to have a sever case of BPDCN Leukemia ( Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm). The most serious affect of Leukemia is on the white blood cell count permitting other diseases to overtake the subject's health, but eventually it affects the red blood cells (Hb) and platelet count (PLT). When these values fall below 7.0 and 20k, the subject's death is immanent.

The technique espoused in this web page uses a 'fear cancellation' technique by which two people touch one another to heal the afflicted party. One feels good to have their fear canceled or reduced. It was noticed that this long-time friend had treated both the Patient and his wife very kindly. It was thought that the Patient's wife might theoretically be able cure Man-A. A determination of the salient Tzu Wei parameters of both parties was initiated. The original Tzu Wei chart for the Patient's wife is unavailable because both her time of birt (and possibly even exact birth date) was not known. However the Patient's wife's astrological description was acquired from the Patient's Marriage House (M) in his Tzu Wei chart. Dual Principle stars - *104 and *83 were found. See Figure C-1. The dominate star (*) of the two stars has yet to be determined, however the Patient notes that his wife is quite 'controlling' (*83). See Appendix W.

Likewise, an astrological description of Man-A is not easily available, but it was remembered that he was born 'sometime before sunrise (06;20 AM)'. The Tzu Wei 'Time Of Birth is divided into twelve '2-hour long' blocks. Therefore, two Tzu Wei charts were made and it was found that the subject was ikely born between 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM Chinese time. This leads to a version of Man-A's Tzu Wei Chart in Figure D-1 that predicts the following (note Appendix X):

Based on the quality of this fit, the Tzu Wei chart shown in Figure D-1 is believed to be the valid chart of Man-A.

Figure D-1. The Tzu Wei Chart Of Man-A Who Has Leukemia.

Man-A's Tzu Wei chart shows that he has a *81 in his Personality (P) House and an *83 in his Health (H) house. Thus, (according the proposed theory in this web page) he needs a female with a *83 in her Personality House (P) to heal him. It appears that the Patient's wife is just such a person even though her *83 and *104 were gleaned from the Patient's Marriage (M) House (see Figure C-1). Moreover, Man-A has a history of being kind and generous to the Patient's wife suggesting that he subconsciously recognized that she was suppressing his 'fear'. Even when they first met(10/03/18) after Man-A had developed a severe case of Leukemia and was largely incoherent, he immediately recognized the Patient's wife and ask her "what took you so long to get here". By contrast, he failed to even recognized the Patient whom he had known before the Patient his wife had married, and only realized that the Patient was 'some American'. The patient's wife met with Man-A for a second time on 11/03/18 and baptized her friend who she thought was dying hoping to 'saving his soul'. 'Mission Accomplished' she claimed when she returned to her husband.

Defining The Disease

Leukemia destroys the bone marrow and therefore a person with this disease looses the ability to generate new blood related materials. Here are some general observations about Man-A's disease and the related blood makeup.

Implementing The Cure

The Patient's wife had only two chances to interact with Man-A while they were on vacation in China/Taiwan. Here is a timeline of key events relative to Man- A:

  • Past-11/12/18: Man-A - blood transfusion everyday.
  • 10/13/18: Patient's wife interacts with Man-A, holding him 'correctly' for exactly 30 minutes as measured by Patient.
  • 10/15/18 - 11/06/18: Man-A takes a turn for the better.
  • 11/03/18 Patient's wife spent about 8 hours during the daytime holding, back rubbing, etc. baptizing Man-A.
  • 11/06/18: Man-A's health takes a turn for the worst.
  • 11/10/18: Herbal doctor consulted and recommended he take a liquid herbal medicine. He may have taken this up to his last day of life.
  • 11/19/18: Man-A starts to recover.
  • 11/28/18: Man-A's health takes a turn for the worst.
  • 11/12/18 - 11/30/18: Man-A - blood transfusion every other day.
  • 12/01/18: Man-A's Wife notified of his impending death
  • 12/03/18-12/14/18: Man-A - one blood transfusion every 4 days. He is being considered for Chemotherapy.
  • 01/12/19-01/19/19: : Man-A - Well enough to return home for one day. frequently ask for Patient's wife to return. Patient's wife considering it after February 2019
  • 01/~15/19: Man-A's spouse (jealousy?) appears to be restricting his contact with Patient's wife.
  • 01/24/19: Man-A's Leukemia starts to return.
  • 02/08/19: Man-A's Leukemia again takes over his condition as it did in 11/06/18.
  • 02/13/19: Man-A cannot communicate with his spouse or hospital staff.
  • 02/18/19: Man-A's spouse contacted Patient's wife and the latter has departed to go halfway around the world to see if she can again halt Man-A's Leukemia.
  • 02/19/19: Patient's wife again touched Man-A for several hours.
  • 02/20/19: Man-A left the hospital and died at his home at 1:30 PM.
  • The following contains periodic blood testing results relating to Man-A. The tests were performed one day after the transfusions:

    Figure D-2. Man-A's Blood Test Results 10/09/18 - 11/11/18. Note: Man-A Blood Levels peak around 10/28/18, 15 Days After Being Touched By Patient's Wife.

    Figure D-3. Man-A's Blood Test Results 11/12/18 - 12/14/18. Note: Man-A Blood Levels Return to Normal 12/03/18, 30 Days After Being Touched By Patient's Wife.

    Figure D-4. Man-A's Blood Test Results 12/18/18 - 01/21/19. : Man-A Blood Levels Remain Normal

    Figure D-5. Man-A's Blood Test Results 01/24/19 - 02/12/19. : Man-A Blood Levels Dramatically Deteriorate

    Figure D-6. Man-A's Blood Test Results 02/18/18 - 02/19/19. Man-A Blood Levels Start To Slightly Improve But Is Expected To Die. Was His Essence Aware Of The Return Of The Patient's Wife?

    Appendix D Conclusions

    The Tzu Wei astrology is very robust at determining 'who can cure who'. Man-A's Tzu Wei chart was determined given only a 'rough estimate of the time of his birth. The Patient's wife's Tzu Wei description was taken from the Patient's Tzu Wei chart and the assumption that she was his last wife. The Tzu Wei gives a description of the subject's last two spouses, but the description of the last one is best. This 'Touch Therapy' cure works best on the elderly. The fears associated with the Chief Feature appear to increase with age, and thus they become more apparent as the subject ages. The Patient must 'guard against' the Chief Feature related fears entering their 'psyche' during recovery period. Should this occur, the disease being cured can re-enter the Patient's body.

    Man-A takes a turn for the better 10/15/18 - 11/06/18 reacting to the first half hour of Patient's wife holding him on 10/13/18, but the recovery does not last or bring his blood parameters back to normal values. It appears that the leukemia again grows in his physical body. The time between 'Touch Therapy' and the 'partial cure' is 15 days.

    After an all day (8 hr) session between the Patient's wife with Man-A on 11/03/18, Man-A blood parameters returns to normal levels from 12/03/18 to 01/21/19. The time between 'Touch Therapy' and 'normal level cure' is 30 days.

    There is a noticeable lag because the Leukemia being suppressed and the time the 'bone marrow' needs to regenerate and start producing blood products. The Hb and PLT values continue to increase while the WBC values 'dance around' presumably fighting other non fatal diseases. The WBC count must respond to infections Man-A acquires during his recovery (e.g. urinary infections, pneumonia etc.).

    There were only two direct physical contacts between the Patient's wife and Man- A during 2018. They are half a world apart, but they remained in frequent phone contact until about 01/15/2019. The frequent telephone calls by the Patient's wife appeared to work but they were 'cut off' around 01/15-19/19. Around 01/24/19, his Leukemia appeared to return. By 02/08/19 his Leukemia overtook him and on 02/20/19 he died.

    Contact between the Patient and his ET has caused extended periods (longer than two days) of A-Fib to cease for more than a full year since January 7, 2018 based on only an email 'Remote Contact'. See List 10 above. Even such fleeting contact (email or telephone) can drive fear from the human if an Essence Twin (ET) relationship is involved. However, it has not yet proven that such a relationship exists between the Patient's wife and Man-A. Because Man-A died after only three contacts by the Patient's wife (10/13/18, 11/03//18 & 02/19/19), it is not known if she was his Essence Twin. However, it appears that the Touch Therapy technique almost cured him.

    Stubbornness (The fear of change or dealing with new situations) is humanity's most common fear. Man-A's wife kept giving him (a secret) liquid herbal medicine till the end (02/20/19) because that was what she was familiar with and what she believed was curing him. However, his Leukemia came back in full force on 02/08/19. His doctors had already 'written him off' well before 10/13/18. Touch Therapy is just too 'unbelievable' to think it was the cause if his blood returning to normal levels on 12/03/18, even by most professional MD's. Man-A might even have been saved him if they had advised his doctors that 'Touch Therapy' was being attempted. Then, the bone marrow would have been checked to see if he was really in regression. From a professional MD:

    In order to find out if Leukemia is in remission patients most of the time requires repeat bone marrow biopsy. Simple blood count just used for monitoring their conditions.
    Man-A began a slight 'rally' after the Patient's wife held him on 02/19/19. If he had been left in the hospital and continued with the transfusions and 'Touch Therapy', he might have once again rallied, but they just gave up.

    End 03/05/19 Addition


    Begin 10/26/21 Addition

    Implementing The Cure

    The Patient is currently in his 80's and has developed precancerous and cancerous tumors on his head. This is common when men age and is easily treated with liquid nitrogen spray that freezes the precancerous tumor and it falls off after several freezing episodic. This condition is not life threatening as long as the tumor is not allowed to spread. The Patient has one persistent tumor that has been sprayed three times and the scab from that tumor is currently occupying about a quarter inch square on the right side of his head. But to his dismay a new hard bump had begun to form on the left side of his head. The doctor, examining this new tumor has had some concerns and called in two associated dermatologists to examine it. All the doctors were in agreement that a biopsy should be performed on this hard new tumor and an appointment in the Dermatology dept. was scheduled for 10/12/2021. The Patient's son was also concerned and ask his medical friends in a distant state about it. They ask if it was soft or oozing fluid, etc. which it wasn't. This, plus the hardness of the tumor caused some concern to the Patient and his wife scheduled an appointment with Lady #1 on 09/18/21 (around ~Noon PDT for a half hour) and another 09/24/21 (near Midnight PDT for an approximately 15 minute) 'touch therapy' session. The next session with Lady #1 was 18 minutes long and occured about a month later ~6 PM PST on 10/27/21. Frequent personal interaction occured on the afternoon and evening of that day. Patient's wife was nociably jealous.

    Figure E-1. ~ Noon PDT Sep. 16, 2021 Status. The White Region On The Patient's Right Is The Liquid Nitrogen Sprayed tumor. The Tumor On The Left Is Smooth.

    Figure E-2. ~ Noon PDT Sep. 20, 2021 Status. The Tumor On The Patient's Left Seems To Have A Vertical Spit In It Slightly Off Center.

    Figure E-3. ~ Noon PDT Sep. 24, 2021 Status. The Tumor On The Patient's Left Side Has a Brown Scab Forming And A Small White Scab Near The Brown Scab

    Figure E-4. ~ Noon PDT Sep. 26, 2021 Status. The Tumor On The Patient's Left Seems To Have Lost Its Red Color Near The Long Thin Brown Scab

    Figure E-5. ~ Evening PDT Sep. 30, 2021 Status. the Long Thin Brown Scab On The Tumor On Patient's Left Seems Thinner And The Skin Near The White Scab On The Patient's Right Seems To Have Lost Some Of Its Red Color.

    Figure E-6. ~ Noon PDT Oct. 04, 2021 Status. the Long Thin Brown Scab On The Tumor On Patient's Left Seems Seems Shorter And The White Scab On The Patient's Right Seems Slightly Smaller.

    Figure E-7. ~ Noon PDT Oct. 09, 2021 Status. the Long Thin Brown Scab On The Tumor On Patient's Left And Larger Part Of The White Scab On The Patient's Right Both Fell Off Today.

    Figure E-8. ~ Morning ~10:30 AM PDT Oct. 12, 2021 Status. Preparing To Do A Biopsy On The New Tumor That Used To Have A Brown Scab On It.

    Figure E-9. ~ Evening ~10:30 PM PDT Oct. 16, 2021 Status. Biopsy Of The New Tumor In Work. Pre-existing White Scab Grows Smaller.

    Figure E-10. ~ Evening ~10:30 PM PDT Oct. 20, 2021 Status. Biopsy Of The New Tumor Still In Work. Biopsy Wound Heals, Pre-existing White Scab Almost Gone.

    Collected: 10/12/2021
    Case #: SCHS21-28564
    Here is the biopsy result as we discussed:
    Surgical Pathology Report
    Delivered to Dermatology 10/22/2021

    The presence of an overlying actinic keratosis favors a poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma over atypical fibroxanthoma, although there is only focal staining with keratin markers. Lesional cells extend to the base to the base of the biopsy specimen. Correlation with the reexcision specimen is recommended.

    In the comment from the pathologist, they think it is either a poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma or an atypical fibroxanthoma (these are two types of skin cancers). The Kaiser Dermatologist would say that either one is not thought to be a very fast spreading cancer, but one should take care of them within the 1-3 next months. If you remove the cancer completely, then it is unlikely to spread.

    ** Report Electronically Signed by LNW **

    The presence of an overlying actinic keratosis favors a poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma over atypical fibroxanthoma, although there is only focal staining with keratin markers. Lesional cells extend to the base to the base of the biopsy specimen. Correlation with the reexcision specimen is recommended.

    DISCLAIMER: This immunoperoxidase and/or in situ hybridization stain/panel was developed and its performance characteristics determined by the Kaiser Regional Immunohistochemistry Laboratory/The Permanente Medical Group, Inc., Northern California,
    1725 Eastshore Highway, Berkeley, CA. Unless otherwise specified, it has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    FDA does not require this test to go through premarket FDA review. This test is used for clinical purposes. It should not be regarded as investigational or for research. This laboratory is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA-88) as qualified to perform high complexity clinical laboratory testing. Positive and negative controls were evaluated and stained appropriately.

    Microscopic Description
    There is parakeratosis overlying the epidermis. Dermal fibrosis is noted along with spindle cell proliferation in the papillary dermis. Atypia is noted in these and mitotic figures are present. Focal actinic keratosis is noted in the overlying epidermis. Severe solar elastosis is evident. There is negative staining with p63, p40, sox10, desmin, CD 34, and S100. There is focally clumped positive staining with pancytokeratin and AE1/ AE3. There is strongly positive staining with CD10 and the partially positive staining with CD99. A Ki-67 mildly increased within the lesion approximately 5% of the lesional cells. Consensus diagnosis:

    Jessica ****, MD
    Clinical History:
    Scalp: actinic keratosis vs SCC
    Number of Containers->1

    Figure E-12i. ~ Afternoon ~4:30 PM PDT Nov. 05, 2021 Status. Sketch Of Dermatology Operation For 11/05/21 To Search For Cancerous Cells Near 10/12/21 Biopsy region.

    Figure E-12ii. ~ Afternoon ~4:30 PM PDT Nov. 05, 2021 Status. Dermatology Operation Of 11/05/21 Wound.

    Figure E-12iii. ~ Afternoon ~4:30 PM PDT Nov. 05, 2021 Status. Dermatology Operation Of 11/05/21 Wound Stitched & Stapled Up.

    Figure E-13. ~Noon PDT Nov. 06, 2021 Status. Dermatology Operation Of 11/05/21 Wound Heals.

    Figure E-14. ~ Noon PDT Nov. 12, 2021 Status. Dermatology Operation Of 11/05/21 Wound Heals Staples Removed.


    There is a residual pleomorphic spindle cell proliferation which is confined to the dermis. Overlying actinic keratosis is noted. The histologic differential diagnosis remains the same as in the prior biopsy with poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma favored overall given the presence of actinic keratosis overlying the tumor. Atypical fibroxanthoma cannot entirely be excluded as keratin stains are negative. Biopsy site changes are also seen. Margins appear clear in the sections.
    The prior biopsy from this site was reviewed for comparison.
    Microscopic Description
    Scar and prior biopsy site changes are present are noted. Atypical keratinocytes are seen within the epidermis. Residual atypical squamous cells are seen in the dermis along with frequent mitotic figures. There is negative staining with pancytokeratin and AE1/AE3 and positive staining of the lesional cells with CD10. Appropriate controls are positive.

    The Patient's doctor reviewed the findings with his Pathologist on his behalf. She informed the doctor that the excision she performed looked 100% similar to the biopsy that he had before. The only difference was the presence of scar tissue on the re-excision, which is expected given that he had a biopsy there before. She hope that helps. It does not seem that the touch therapy 'changed' anything.

    Prior to the excision, the Patient only contacted Lady #1 only on Oct. 27, 2021 for a 15 minute session due to spousal jealousy. In retrospect, Lady #1 should have been contacted multiple times after 24 Sep. 2021. The strategy of 'hitting the cancer while it was down' was the one that seemed to work. However, the cancerous nature of the tumor deduced by the first biopsy was only available by 22 Nov. 2021. A strategy of having Lady #1 apply 'touch therapy' for at least 30 minutes was the one that proved viable in the case of the 18 Sep. 2021 ‘touch therapy event. This strategy also worked for Man-A with leukemia. Man-A takes a turn for the better 10/15/18 - 11/06/18 reacting to the first half hour of Patient's wife holding him on 10/13/18, but the recovery does not last or bring his blood count parameters back to normal values. However, it was not enough. ‘Touch Therapy’ applied like every seven to nine days until a biopsy analysis could offer a better strategy. Certainly, it offered an initial positive result with a 'tumor size’ reduction of about 90% observed. Also, it elevated Man-A’s WBC to 2880, however one treatment of ‘Touch Therapy appeared inadequate to generate a semi-permeate cure.

    The Patient's wife saw how gross the excision was and brought Lady #1 over again on 17 Nov. The Patient noticed how some small growths were developing on the upper rim of his ear (as they have before) and they stuck there. But with Lady #1 around sitting next to him, they came right off.

    Notice below that it took a month, 30 days, to 'heal' Man-A of BPDCN Leukemia while this biopsy was taken after only 21 days. Man-A did not fully recover but he was given no additional touch-therapy until the day before he died. Even then, his WBC jumped from 410 to 1310 in just the one day before his blood transfusions were terminated.

    However, the Patients wife called Man-A every day after she returned to the USA until his wife cut of the telephone and blood test contact and focused on herbal medicine for his Leukemia.

    The BPDCN Leukemia discussed in Appendix D kills the bone marrow, and to regenerate white blood cell production, the Leukemia must be killed, then the bone marrow must be regrown and start to produce white blood cells. This appears to take about a month, perhaps a week to kill the cancer and 3 weeks to regrow the bone marrow to production ready marrow. Man-A, the gentleman with the Leukemia, was still not completely free of the disease. Constant reminder of the Patient's wife who instituted this 'cure' was maintained by every day telephone calls from the USA to Taiwan. As long as this communication was ongoing, Man-A remained in recovery. But once stopped, he only lived 1.5 months until the Leukemia came back with a vengeance. When his death seemed emanate, the Patient's wife went immediately back to Taiwan and touched him one last time. His White Blood Cell count (WBC) rose from 410 to 1310. Then, unfortunately his wife ended the life-giving blood transfusions that might have saved him.

    Lady #1 precisely fits the requirement as one who can cure the Patient because she has the *64 in the personality house of her Tzu Wei Chart. See Figures C-1 and C-3. She has been proven 'effective' at curing or mitigating multiple disease types the Patient has experienced in the past so it comes as no surprise that she appears effective at curing the Patient's cancerous tumor on his head. Previous diseases cured or mitigated include:

    Reviving The Dead

    CASE 1:
    How the reviving (resurrection) of Jesus' body could have happened.

    Cleansing of the Temple - Wikipedia
    In this account, Jesus and his disciples travel to Jerusalem for Passover, where Jesus expels the merchants and consumers from the temple, accusing them of turning it into "a den of thieves" (in the Synoptic Gospels) and "a house of trade" (in Gospel of John) through their commercial activities.
    Professor David Landry of the University of St. Thomas suggests that "the importance of the episode is signaled by the fact that within a week of this incident, Jesus is dead. Matthew, Mark, and Luke agree that this is the event that functioned as the 'trigger' for Jesus' death.

    The following data is taken from Wikipedia: Crucifixion of Jesus and DATA FROM THE AVATARS' DATE OF BIRTH

    Did Christ use the 'sour wine' to help swallow some sort of 'knock out drug' provided by ET aliens?

    John 19
    The Death of Christ
    31 Now it was the day of Preparation, and the next day was to be a special Sabbath. Because the Jewish leaders did not want the bodies left on the crosses during the Sabbath, they asked Pilate to have the legs broken and the bodies taken down.
    32 The soldiers therefore came and broke the legs of the first man who had been crucified with Jesus, and then those of the other.
    33 But when they came to Jesus and found that he was already dead, they did not break his legs.
    34 Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of blood and water.
    35 The man who saw it has given testimony, and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, and he testifies so that you also may believe.

    The revival of Jesus apparently involved a comspiricay between Christ and ET aliens to return the damaged body of Jesus to its original owner, Jesus, an incarnated sentient being from which it was borrowed. The revival of Jesus begins. Jesus' soul has been on the Astral plane (sleeping) since 04 March 33 AD.
    Parallel Accounts of the Resurrection (NIV)

    Figure E-a. A Cenos ET Alien from Proxima Centauri.

    Meet the (alleged) aliens of Proxima b
    The announcement comes decades after the publication of "evidence" that "Cenos" aliens from a planet in the Proxima Centauri system had already made the trip between our planets.
    According to this evidence, the aliens are about 8 to 8.5 feet tall, humanoid in shape and five times stronger than humans. They eat tasteless pills and have no need for sleep. They visited a number of ancient civilizations on Earth and were most recently spotted in Taiwan in December 2012.

    Figure E-b. A Common Grey ET Alien from Alpha Centauri A (or B)

    Here are Photos of Christ possibly discussing with Joseph of Arimenthea how to return Jesus' body to him after the crucifixtion:

    "When the woman returned home she had the film developed."

    Figure E-c. The image below apparently shows (From left to right)
    Joseph of Arimenthea (Jesus's maternal uncle)
    Immanuel Ben-Joseph (Jesus Christ)
    His younger brother James and Simon Peter.

    Figure E-d. Joseph of Arimenthea (Jesus's maternal uncle)
    And Immanuel Ben-Joseph (Jesus Christ)

    Figure E-e. His Younger Brother James And Simon Peter.
    James, brother of Jesus died as a martyr in AD 62 or 69 after being stoned to death by order of High Priest Ananus ben Ananus.

    The details technological contributions of the ET aliens is not fully understood. Their presence may be only one of protecting or refrigerating Jesus' body (and perhaps applying transfusions, etc.) since his body was already tailored to match that of the person (and the life of) the original owner from which it was borrowed from. Jesus.See the Tzu Wei description Jesus (Figure B-1) in the cited source or of Christ in Figure 2. The Tzu Wei Chart For Christ.

    What ultimately happened to Jesus is not known for certain, but there are some speculations in the following section found in Christ

    Biblical Magi: Many Chinese Christians believe that one of the magi came from China. There travels may have been largely by sea and Jesus' parents undouble told Him of these places or they may have even left Him an invitation to visit them when He grew up. Jesus may have discovered these places in His early twenties and returned to tell his siblings about them or even encouraged them to migrate there. Jesus did not experience the crucifixion, Christ did. That may have motivated two of his other brothers to migrate there with Him. James and one other brother (who was crucified) stayed in Israel along with Mary Magdalene (prompting a separation from Jesus). Jesus ends up with two marriages as His Tzu Wei chart predicts, thereby fulfilling His life plan. What happened to His sisters remains unknown.

    CASE 2.
    John 11 – New International Version (NIV
    The Death of Lazarus
    4 When he heard this, Jesus said, "This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God's glory so that God's Son may be glorified through it."
    6 So when he heard that Lazarus was sick, he stayed where he was two more days,
    11 After he had said this, he went on to tell them,"Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up."
    12 His disciples replied, "Lord, if he sleeps, he will get better."
    13 Jesus had been speaking of his death, but his disciples thought he meant natural sleep.
    14 So then he told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead",
    Jesus Comforts the Sisters of Lazarus
    17 On his arrival, Jesus found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days.
    21 "Lord," Martha said to Jesus, "if you had been here, my brother would not have died."
    23 Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again."
    24 Martha answered, "I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day."
    34 Where have you laid him?" he asked.
    37 But some of them said, "Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?"
    Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead
    39 "Take away the stone,” he said. "But, Lord," said Martha, the sister of the dead man, "by this time there is a bad odor, for he has been there four days."
    40 Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?"
    41 So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, "Father, I thank you that you have heard me.
    42 I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me."
    43 When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice, "Lazarus, come out!
    " 44 The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face.
    Lazarus was not dead as modern-day humans understand it, he was comatose. That is not natural sleep in that he could not be awakened by normal means. But He was not 'dead' as we understand it today. His organs were not rotting or there would have been a bad odor. Christ is the manifestation of the Infinite Soul of Mankind which is everybody’s 'Essence Twin'. That is why it’s called the 'Infinite Soul'. It is of importance the evolution of the Soul or Essence of Lazarus that it would be highly motivated to 'Wake Up'. If Jesus was not there, but rather his Essence Twin was, he would have also awakened from his comatose state. This is so difficult at the current time that it may not be a very practile thing to do.

    Appendix E Conclusions

    1. Jesus is just another human being, Christ resulted in the manifested of the Infinite Soul in the body occupieded by Jesus while Jesus' soul or essence remained (slept) on the astral plane for about one month.
    2. A win/win situation. Christ went back to heaven (Temple Cleansing got Him back with only 30 days on Earth to complete His mission.) Jesus and two brothers moved to Japan and Jesus lived there till He was 106 years old! Unfortunately, two of His brothers were kiilled in Israel.
    3. Lazarus was not resurrected, he was awakened from being comatose, Christ was not resurrected, the body of Jesus that He occupied was revived and returned to its original owner, Jesus, with the technological aid of ET aliens.
    4. Flexibility: It appears that multiple diseases of the Patient can be treated by either one or multiple people available at various locations and who are only generally aware of the implementation procedures.
    5. Identification: The identification of person who might be able to 'cure' a patient can easily be implemented by an app. This app can specify who can 'cure' a given patient by specifying the DOB and TOB of both. A general description of the patient and the person who can 'cure' them is generated.
    6. Time Of Recovery: The 'curing effect' can occur rapidly depending on the disease. Stopping a celiac attack or perhaps even curing cancer can occur rapidly, but regeneration/regrowth of tissue or White Blood Cells may take considerable time, like weeks or months.
    7. Time To Be Touched: The length of time to be 'touched' or for the 'cure' to become effective is not fully understood, especially in the case of A-Fib.
    8. Disease Resistivity: Some disease can be resistant to this technique, and these may only be curable by the Patient's Essence Twin (ET).

    End 10/26/2021 Addition.


    Begin 12/11/23 Addition

    A new tumor was noticed on 4 November 2023 and Lady #1 was called on to apply 'Touch Therapy' to remove this tumor as it was thought to be cancerous. See Figure F-1. The 'Touch Therapy' proved to be ineffective. On 27 November 2023, a biopsy was employed to define the nature of this tumor and it was diagnosed to be a 'wart' and therefore benign. At first glance, 'Touch Therapy' does not appear to be effective at 'curing' warts.

    Figure F-1. ~ Nov. 04, 2023 Status. Biopsy Of The New Tumor undertaken 27 Nov. 2023.

    END 12/11/23 Addition


    In Work - 16 May. 2020

    The 14 Tzu Wei Principle stars (List 5), depicted in the top center of the Tzu Wei chart, may be correlated with the Chief Features discussed in this web page and possible related diseases.

    TABLE 14
    Principle StarHousesChief Feature/PolarityAssociated FearPossible Disease
    8 All Houses Martyrdom(+) The fear of worthlessness. wasting diseases, gallstones. -
    34 All Houses Greed(-)The fear of want or need -
    45 I,II V, VII, VIII, XI - - -
    45III, IV, VI, IX, X, XII - - -
    63I, II, VI, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII Arrogance(+)PrideThe fear of vulnerability -
    63III, IV, V, VIIArrogance(+)Pride The fear of vulnerability -
    64I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIIIArrogance(-)Vanity The fear of vulnerability w/*99 or *105 Mental diseases
    64 IX, X, XI, XIIArrogance(-)Vanity The fear of vulnerability -
    67II, III, V, VIII, IX, XI Self Deprecation(-)The fear of inadequacy Heart (and other organ) failure
    67I, IV, VI, VII,X, XII Self Deprecation(-)? - -
    69I, III, VI, VII, VII, VIII, IX, XII Stubbornness (+?) The fear of change or dealing with new situations - -
    69II, IV, V, X, XI Stubbornness (?) The fear of change or dealing with new situations -
    70I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIMartyrdom(- )?The fear of worthlessness. wasting diseases, gallstones.
    70III, XIIMartyrdom(-)?The fear of worthlessness. wasting diseases, gallstones.
    71I, III, IV, VI, IX, XII Self Destruction(?)? - -
    71II, V, VII, VIII, X, XI Self Destruction(?)? - -
    81All HousesImpatience(?)The fear of missing something. diabetes
    83 All Houses Self DestructionThe fear of loss of control.terminal diseases: heart disease, cancer
    93I, II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX - - -
    93IV, X, no XI, no XII - - -
    104II, III, V, VII, VIII, IX, XI - - -
    104I, IV, X, XII - - -
    111I, II, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIGreed(+) The fear of want or need -
    111VI, XII - - -
    The * (stars) to fear correlation is not pure. Table 14 is meant to show only a generalized (not always case. Other factors such as changing the House wherein the star appears can change the description of the person who can do the healing. Sometimes, this manifests as a change in the physical appearance as well. For example, with the *64, the description of the person in Houses II through VIII is described as squarer faced, but in Houses I, IX, X, XI, XII they become gaunt-faced. Even more confusing is the description of the person at a boundary House (e.g. I) changes within the House. Thus, the Tzu Wei attempts to define the description of the one most likely to be able to cure the Patient. However, at when the TOB is near the boundary (of House II in this case), that description will fit better. Moreover, that would change the description of the person who could 'heal' that individual.

    The Tzu Wei astrology seems to take cases like this and other cases where the secondary * (stars) are influential in forming the Patient into consideration. It gives an 'answer'. However, as there has been no statistical analysis on this matter, the quality of that answer is still in question. However, it does appear that the Chief Feature (and their associated fears) are independent. Usually, a 'major Chief Feature' (like Self Deprecation(-)) and a 'secondary Chief Feature' exist in a single personality along with traces of all the other Chief Features. Normally, Arrogance cancels Self Deprecation but these two can co-exist. The two Chief Features of Self Deprecation(-) and Arrogance(-) cancel when cone is coming from an outside source, but Self Deprecation(+) and Arrogance(-) do not appear to cancel. If it were Arrogance(+), then they would tend to cancel even if Self Deprecation(+) were the major Chief Feature and Arrogance(+) were the secondary Chief Feature.


    A reliable version of the Tzu Wei chart generation in English can be found in the book Chinese Astrology by An Nguyen; Arbor House (New York), 1980 (ISBN: 0- 87795-247-7. I t is important to notice that this astrology offers a 'body' or 'face' description of the subject, often including height, body mass, beauty etc.

    It is important to point out that Chinese astrology is far different from western astrology. The main astronomical bodies associated with the Principle stars found in the Tzu Wei chart are denoted in List 5. This is not an exhaustive list, but enough to demonstrate that Chinese astrology is heavily dependent on distant stellar objects (like Polaris) and not just planets.

    It is theorized that the concept that distant astronomical bodies could influence the personality and body type of humans is not of human origin. Rather, it was given to us by extra-terrestrial aliens, namely the Cenos aliens from the planet Proxima b orbiting Proxima Centauri. This star system is the nearest one to our solar system, approximately 4.2 light years away. The Cenos visited Earth ~4,300 years ago and one was considered the 'God' Ea by the ancient Akkadians. Sitchen's 'Akkadian Seal' depicts our solar system and a related log/linear plot shows that this Seal accurately depicts the mass of our Jovian Planets relative to our Sun. What made these astronomical bodies unique is not their mass, but rather that they had a Primordial Black Hole at their center. These offered a 'tear' in the fabric of space and time exposing the astral plane, that provided the astrologer's 'astral ray'. This, in turn allowed the formation of a 'soul' or 'Essence' within sentient beings. That 'soul' or 'Essence' has a 'personality' that is 'flavored' by fear when on the physical plane.

    It was pointed out to the ancients that our other related planets (like Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Sturn) could be seen to wander through the star field in our heavens. The ancients knew that 'the Gods' (Cenos aliens) could predict human characteristics from the position astronomical bodies assumed in our heavens at the humans 'time of birth' of a specific human. Thus, normal western astrology was born and it used the position the Sun, Moon and planets to generate an 'astrology chart'. Both Western and Vedic astrology was born in this way, and these concepts did seem to work a little.

    The Cenos immediately noticed how 'war like' we were. After all we are a Warrior Sentient Species:

    The Warrior EILF: The species occupying the ordinal component of the action polarity of the Combo.
    Motto: "Power comes out of the barrel of a gun".
    Species Characterization: Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Rambo, John Wayne's characters. Mankind itself, based on the words of Christ (Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7-8; Luke 21:9-10).
    Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Stubbornness.
    Body Type: Human, Simian mammal
    So they did not give us 'technology' that we would use to kill one another, but rather they gave us the Tzu Wei (King Star) astrology that could be used to define who among us could heal another. 2,300 years later, Christ advertised their gift, but our leaders were more interested in killing one another than curing one another. So Christ's teachings, while remembered, were ascribed only to Him because he was a 'God like' being. Some Churches do mimic His behavior and 'lay hands' upon some of their ill members. It sometimes works, but most often does not.

    There are only twelve possible configurations of these fourteen Principle stars (*) found in the Tzu Wei astrology, and these are often displayed on the top center of the twelve 'Houses' of a Tzu Wei astrology chart (See Figure C-1) However, the personally and body type (labeled (P) of a subject depends on where their Personality House is located in the Tzu Wei chart (e. g. house I through XII). Note also that a description of a final spouse is likewise offered in the Marriage House (M) and that a description of the person who can heal the subject is located in the Heath House (H).

    These twelve Principle star versions provide a link between one version of this Tzu Wei astrology (e.g. a book designed for use in the western hemisphere (The Americas) or one designed for use in the eastern hemisphere (e.g. the Orient). Sometimes, all of the secondary stars (those found on the left, right and bottom of the 'house') are not carried in both, but usually the Principle stars are displayed in all versions. There are only twelve configurations for the Principle stars, and these may be used to define the body type found in the western hemisphere version with those found in the eastern hemisphere. For example, use the locations of the, Sun (64) star and the Moon (63) star, to identify which of the twelve configurations of the Principle stars is being used in the eastern hemisphere version to find a subject's general body or face type. However, height and body mass may be influenced by the secondary stars.

    The planet Mars is also carried in the Tzu Wei astrology. These Principle stars seem to be directly associated with the 'Chief Feature of a given subject. When these principal stars are found in the personality house, they define an individual’s morphic field which in turn defines the body type of an individual.11 The Chief Feature defines the major component of the fear driving the Personality of the Soul or Essence of a given person (FRAGMENT).12 It is the touching of one person by another that causes their soul or Essence to overlap thus causing soul or Essence Contact. The Chief Features' Principle fear is reduced by the another person's opposing fear if they are both strong in the individuals involved (See Figure 2). This reduces fear's influence on one's personality. Reduce the fear in a person and the disease supported by that fear is likewise reduced. This is how 'Touch Therapy' works. Fear reduction is necessary in children and it is also why men and women enjoy being touched by one another. It feels 'good' to have one's fear reduced.

    An Nguyen book on Chinese Astrology is designed for those born in the Western hemisphere (the Americas), but the use of time of birth can be a little tricky. For those born in the Eastern hemisphere (i.e. the orient), here is a web site that can compute their Tzu Wei chart:
    The Chinese Tzu Wei Chart Preparation - In Chinese

    REFERENCES Updated 13 Aug. 2018

      Lava flows testified that, during a reversal, the earth's field swung at the astonishing rate of 3o(and up to 6o in a single day. Three unpalatable possibilities have been advanced:
      EVEN if we knew precise details of Earth's core, we would not be able to predict a catastrophic flip in the polarity of its magnetic field more than a decade or two ahead.
      "Iarga is a planet where the people love each other, where people are happy to meet each other and where they find it a pity that they can only take one person at a time in their arms."

      This fear cancellation technique is not so new after all. Maybe it is just another example of 'ALIEN TECHNOLOGY' from a medical point of view.

      UFO Spiral In The Sky Seen And Heard Across Western Canada. - May 22, 2010

      17. And before the race is built anew, - 30: New Ice Age alien arrival. 12
      a silver serpent comes to view - "
      and spew out men of like unknown - "
      to mingle with the earth now grown - "
      cold from its heat and these men can - "
      enlighten the minds of future man - 31: Aliens teach mankind how to live
      to intermingle and show them how - "
      to live and love and thus endow. - "
      the children with the second sight. - "
      a natural thing so that they might - "
      grow graceful, humble and when they do - "
      the golden age will start anew.- "
    5. SCIENTISTS TRY TO MEASURE LOVE - February 8, 2010
      They try to get to the bottom of long-term romance and how it affects our emotional and physical well-being.
      Physical contact may lessen depression, lower blood pressure, and even improve immunity.
      The Cedars-Sinai study is part of a growing body of research that shows a link between many forms of touch—from massage to hand-holding—and improved health. A study from the University of North Carolina found that sitting in close contact with a partner for 10 minutes lowered blood pressure in women. Other research has found that physical contact can trigger a boost in serotonin, a natural antidepressant.
      Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, recommends getting a “regular dose” of some type of touch lasting at least a few minutes each day, although 10 to 15 minutes is optimal (see Make Contact, next page). This is true even for those who tend to guard their personal space(like those with the Chief Feature of Arrogance). "Most touch aversion is to social touch; it’s the unpredictability of it that bothers people," says Field.
      What is going on is 'Essence Contact' and such contact is thwarted by expectations
    7. HEAD OF FUKUSHIMA HEALTH STUDY: - June 11th, 2011
      100 mSv/yr OK for pregnant moms — "Effects of radiation do not come to people that are happy… They come to people that are weak-spirited"
    9. Hua Ching Ni; THE BOOK OF CHANGES AND THE UNCHANGING TRUTH; College Of Tao and Traditional Chinese Healing; 117 Stonehaven Way; Los Angeles, CA 90049; 1983; pg.494.
    10. THE CENOS ALIENS - 3 Aug, 2012
      They have no serious diseases or illness and live until they are about 120 years.[109]
      The question of biological development, of morphogenesis, is actually quite open and is the subject of much debate within biology itself. An alternative to the mechanist/reductionist approach, which has been around since the 1920s, is the idea of morphogenetic (form-shaping) fields. In this model, growing organisms are shaped by fields which are both within and around them, fields which contain, as it were, the form of the organism. This is closer to the Aristotelian tradition than to any of the other traditional approaches. As an oak tree develops, the acorn is associated with an oak tree field, an invisible organizing structure which organizes the oak tree's development; it is like an oak tree mold, within which the developing organism grows.
      Each species has its own fields, and within each organism there are fields within fields. Within each of us is the field of the whole body; fields for arms and legs and fields for kidneys and livers; within are fields for the different tissues inside these organs, and then fields for the cells, and fields for the sub-cellular structures, and fields for the molecules, and so on. There is a whole series of fields within fields. The essence of the hypothesis I am proposing is that these fields, which are already accepted quite widely within biology, have a kind of in-built memory derived from previous forms of a similar kind. The liver field is shaped by the forms of previous livers and the oak tree field by the forms and organization of previous oak trees. Through the fields, by a process called morphic resonance, the influence of like upon like, there is a connection among similar fields. That means that the field's structure has a cumulative memory, based on what has happened to the species in the past. This idea applies not only to living organisms but also to protein molecules, crystals, even to atoms. In the realm of crystals, for example, the theory would say that the form a crystal takes depends on its characteristic morphic field. Morphic field is a broader term which includes the fields of both form and behavior; hereafter, I shall use the word morphic field rather than morphogenetic.
      Chelsa Quinn Yarbro; MICHAEL’S PEOPLE; Op. Cit; Oct. 1980, Apr. 1983; pg 117.
      From the day you're born until the day you die, touch is a vital component of humans' emotional and physical health. Touch is a means of communicating compassion and trust. It recharges the immune system, aids in babies' growth, reduces stress, stimulates oxytocin and dopamine, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Plus, as an added bonus, it feels great! Yet many of us suffer from a touch deficit and are deprived of the essential contact that helps us bond with others.
      On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we'll discuss the importance of platonic touch, including hugs, cuddles, massages and Reiki. A wise psychologist once said, "We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth." Hopefully, this show will help you meet your touch quota!
      Pain is ubiquitous across medical disciplines. Yet touch has been shown to improve outcomes in people with rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia and in pre-term infants, the study's authors said.
      By better understanding how touch relieves pain, hospitals could start to design programs to apply its soothing effects to Patients, along with other approaches, Fotopoulou said.
      Of 63 patients in the analysis, 52 reported a dream or vision - and the dreams typically would be different from those of the general population with their everyday experiences and anxieties.
      "As we approach death, dreams increase dramatically in frequency, and the dreams increasing most frequently have to do with the deceased - the loved ones who have passed," said Christopher Kerr, CEO of The Center for Hospice & Palliative Care.
      Of participants in that study, more than half the time they were reported to be either awake or a combination of asleep and awake during their experiences. In about three-fifths of cases, there was a theme of preparing to go somewhere. In fewer than one of five instances, the patient reported distress from the dream or vision.
      "There's almost like this built-in mechanism of serenity or safety, and the fear of death kind of diminishes," said Dr. Kerr
    17. * DOCTORS ACCEPTING BRIBES HARM YOU - August 8, 2018
    18. * EXCLUSIVE: Google to block all anti-cancer, "anti-vax" and anti-GMO websites at the browser level as tech giant goes all-in with pharma drug cartels - Jul 02, 2019
      Chrome browser will automatically block all so-called anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites as part of Google’s collapse into a Monsanto/Pharma criminal cartel. Users who want to visit websites that expose the scientifically-validated risks and potential harm of vaccines, chemotherapy, glyphosate or GMOs will have to switch to alternative browsers and search engines, since the search engine is already in the process of eliminating all such websites from its search results.
      Apparently Google has removed this web page from their 'search' results. As of this posting, Bing, Yippy and Ask have not.
    19. * RUSSIA ADOPTS PROTOCOLS FOR BURYING THE POPULATION IN MASS GRAVES IN CASE OF CATASTROPHIC EVENT - Dec 15, 2021 From February 1, 2022, for the first time in Russia, the national standard “Urgent burial of corpses in peacetime and wartime” is being introduced. It describes that the authorities must be prepared to bury thousands of people in mass graves. The standards for graves, labor costs, the amount of equipment and the way of storing corpses have been established.


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