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On 25 December, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus/Christ even though we know that was not the actual time of his birth. His actual time of birth was in the Early spring. It was Buddha that was born on Dec 25, 413 BC @ daybreak:

The Infinite Soul is thought to have incarnated among mankind four times, as Sri Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha and Christ. Jesus (AKA Yeshua) provided the body to host the Infinite Soul Avatar (AKA Christ) for the "last 30 days of his planned life". The manifestation of the Infinite Soul is a profound event and it has only happened four times that is generally recognized. However, it may have happened once again recently. Its 'coming' has been prophesized as the Maitreya, the Fifth Buddha, the Twelfth Imam [Mahdi], the Second Coming of Christ, or the Messiah. It was Christ that was crucified, not Jesus. These are two different beings each of which experienced life on the physical plane, but at different times. The Infinite Soul (Christ) conspired with ET aliens to revive the soon to be dead physical body and return it to its original owner ( Jesus). Jesus would be ~33 day older and had been sleeping (on the astral plane) during Christ's 30 day tenure. There is data suggesting that previously Jesus had been visiting/living in Japan for several years during His early twenties. He may have returned to Israel to get a wife (Mary Magdalene) and move his siblings back to Japan where he had been treated with kindness. In order to understand what may have transpired, one must first consider the litany of what had and was to happen during his life plan.

Our research for more than 25 years has used the time of birth of the Infinite Soul Avatar along with Infra Red Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Data to find the orbit of a brown dwarf star in our solar system that Madam Blavatsky called Vulcan. This body draws Kuiper Belt objects into Sun grazing orbits that break up forming comet swarms. See Vulcan Revealed:
Madam Blavatsky postulated this solar body's existence around 1877 and named it 'Vulcan'. Astronomer Forbes found three of this body's orbital parameters in 1880. This work details its mass and orbital parameters (found in 2002-2004) and they matched Forbes' values within measurement error. Vulcan casts meteors from Kuiper Belt into 3:2 resonate Sun grazing orbits (~3313 year peroid) where they break up forming meteor or comet swarms. Bodies (fragments) from these swarms sometimes hit Earth causing significant weather changes. Paleo-climatological data from more than thirty related impacts have been identified from tree ring and ice core data spanning the past 15,000 years. This data, added to others, lead to 4 different measurements independently verifying Vulcan’s orbital period (of ~4969 years). Figure 1 shows how Vulcan and these Vulcan related swarms move about the Sun.

Figure 1. Vulcan And Vulcan Related Meteor Or Comet Swarms.

Fragments from these comet swarms often impact Earth when they enter or exit our inner solar system causing Ice Ages.
Earth Often Hit When Meteor/Comet Swarms Pass By

There have been at least 36 weather changing impact events over the last 15 thousand years. A recent one, around 2345 BC, claimed more than half the population of the world. Even worse other such catastrophes may have occurred earlier than three thousand BC.

The B Comet Swarm Cluster Cl-1a

The cosmic impact threat to Earth will exist for the next 150 years. There will be five peak threat intervals that will occur at approximate the following times:

Several diverse sources have suggested that a catastrophic celestial impact events may occur in Earth's near future. Comet C/2017 K2's perihelion is associated with this event, but it is not the cause. Analysis suggesting that minor cosmic events have already occurred during calendar year 2017. This web page shows cosmic events relating to a possible swarm of incoming comet fragments, some of which have already impacted Earth. Future impact events may well occur that could cause blast, tsunamis', and a major weather change resulting in a new 'Younger Dryas like' Ice Age.

Impacts in the Atlantic and Indian ocean, Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea are anticipated. However, which impact location at which of the five impact periods over the next 150 years is unclear. The impact in the Caribbean may occur during the first impact period (2022).

Specific Threat times for the first impact period appear to be Sep. - Dec. of 2021, 2022 & 2023. 2022 and 2023(24?) contains dual peak threat times (Cl-1ai & Cl-1aii).

Figure 2. Cl-1ai COVID-22?. Related To Fig. H In The ET Alien Simulation
A Medieval Painting Dated 1456 AD, Near A Pass Of Halley's Comet Showing Cl- 1ai.

A painting, dated 1456, reveals two comets (they look like stars with tails) moving in different directions and illustrating the sky raining blood (ferrous compounds found in the comet's debris field) and an aurora. The aurora depicted is clearly associated with the impending Earth's magnetic field change that could occur after a comet impact, especially during a time when instability of the Earth's magnetic field has been observed. The reduction in our magnetic field permits solar particles to bombard Earth at lower latitudes, producing new viral and bacterial agents. Thus, new diseases are generated just as is illustrated by the sick children and a mutated calf with two heads are shown above. The mutated germs produced by these methods will generate new diseases overwhelming our current medical abilities. This painting seems to suggest that a cosmic impact occurred before these two comets appeared, possibly as much as a year before their appearance. See Impacts, Magnetic Fields And Diseases
(Curing Disease By Simple Human Interactions)

Reviving The Dead

How the reviving (resurrection) of Jesus' body could have happened.