Another Warning From The Aliens?

By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Sonja M. Kawamoto
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Data is presented that suggests that comet ISON was destroyed by an Extra Terrestrial antimatter beam shortly after it emerged from perihelion. This was done for two purposes; first, to convince our elite/leaders that it was possible to be done and second, to offer mankind a chance to survive impending impacts from comet/meteor fragments accompanying a comet swarm. Some data on the ET Alien flying discus propulsion system is offered.



Comet Ison is dead!

Figure 1.
Comet ISON Dies As It Rounds The Sun
Comet ISON comes in from the bottom right and moves out toward the upper right, getting fainter and fainter, in this time-lapse image from the ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. The image of the sun at the center is from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

We all know that

Late on the evening of the 27th (in North America), ISON peaked at magnitude – 2.0. Images from coronagraphs aboard both the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) showed the comet as a bright point of light trailed by one distinct dust tail and a narrow dust streamer.
Some 24 hours after perihelion, SOHO once again captured images of ISON showing a thin dusty tail and a diffuse central condensation that some interpreted as a small remnant of the comet’s nucleus. But the revival soon began to peter out — by late on November 29, the glow had faded to around 6th magnitude.

Dr. Karl Battams has seen quite a few comets during his lifetime.

SOHO Spacecraft Discovers Its 2,000th Comet - December 28, 2010
Karl Battams, who runs the SOHO comet-sighting website for the Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C., and also does computer processing for the spacecraft's cameras.
So he ought to know a comet nucleus when he sees one. And he saw one emerge from behind the Sun.
Comet ISON, post-perihelion - NOV 28, 2013
Has a remnant of Comet ISON survived the close brush with the sun?
Karl Battams of NASA – wrote on Twitter:
Alright we’re calling it, and you heard it here first: We believe some small part of #ISON’s nucleus has SURVIVED perihelion.
Then "Poof', it was gone!
Top Comet ISON watcher calls space rock officially DOA - December 2, 2013
On Monday, one of the leading ISON watchers, Karl Battams of the U.S. Navy's Sungrazer Comets citizen science project and the NASA-sponsored comet ISON observing campaign, posted a eulogy for ISON, which is now believed to have disintegrated into millions of fragments as it swung around the sun, coming within a million miles of the star's surface.


The trouble is that comet ISON was cooling down when it went 'Poof'. It should have gone 'Poof' when it was heating up. Its temperature at perihelion had been calculated to reach 2,700oC (4,890oF) giving its 2 kilometers (1 mi) in diameter nucleus not a snowball's chance in hell to survive - if it were a dirty snowball, that is. But since Dr. Battams saw it survive, it obvious was not a snowball. ISON possibly had a silica like core that would start to boil at 2230oC. Thus there was some left over from its perihelion passage.

Things cool off quick in space as there is plenty of room for radiant cooling, especially if it is leaving proximity to the Sun. Radiant cooling increases with the absolute temperature (Kelvin) of the object raised to the fourth power.

So what could make it break up then. It should just form a crust on the surface of the remaining comet's nucleus. However, suppose someone shot something at it. That could break it up, cooling crust and all. Moreover, there evidence that this happened.

UFOs Present.

3.1 Mile Comet ISON Being Escorted By Two UFOs Toward Earth! UFO Sighting News. - August 31, 2013

Comet ISON Update November 7TH 2013 - The Great Comet Approaches - November 7, 2013
New Video Shows UFO Trailing Behind Comet ISON

Photo of ISON from ISON - First Up Close of Coma - Color transfer Image - Perfectly Round Coma With TWO additional Objects In Coma 11/17/13?
Cylindrical ships depicted.

UFO Caught Behind Comet ISON 2013 -

UFO On Latest Comet Ison Footage? - Nov 27, 2013
Best Yet Comet ISON Footage From STEREO Released | Video - : 26 November 2013

Then ISON shot at after it emerges from perihelion behind the Sun:
ISON Update 16 - Dec 1, 2013
I hope my channel doesn't get taken down for this revealing information. I think we are in danger now more than ever.
The kill shot appears happens at about 5:12 and is discussed until about 6:20 into the video.

NASA SOHO Frame #142 and asteroid DA14 that was associated with the Russian meteor also shot at

11/30/2013 -- CONFIRMED Comet ISON has disintegrated - Nov 30, 2013

11/30/2013 -- CONFIRMED Comet ISON has disintegrated - Nov 30, 2013
National Geographic has confirmed the vaporization... afternoon of Dec. 1 2013

SOHO's Orbit provides an uninterrupted view of the Sun. SOHO moves around the Sun in step with the Earth, by slowly orbiting around the First Lagrangian Point (L1), where the combined gravity of the Earth and Sun keep SOHO in an orbit locked to the Earth-Sun line. The L1 point is approximately 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth (about four times the distance of the Moon), in the direction of the Sun. There are 'flashes' that appear in these videos, which obviously cannot be meteor burn up flashes. However, they may be 'cosmic ray' flashes on the SOHO sensor arrays and the SOHO sensors are famous for having these aberrations.

While the first of the youtube video speculates that it was also shot behind the Sun, there is no evidence for this. Most likely much of the ISON just oblated or fell off due to the centrifugal forces incurred while 'rounding the Sun'. However, there is evidence of a flash that seems to be directed at ISON, and immediately, ISON seems to fall apart or disappear. This flash seems slightly different than the other flashes on the video.

The evidence that there was a 'kill shot' is first and foremost that ISON survived perihelion passage intact and (rapidly) cooling. This implies it had a stony core as metal could not have survived the high temperatures ISON was exposed to at perihelion. Then, it just suddenly totally 'fell apart' in an instant. Moreover, that instant was time co-incidence with a 'ray' that appeared in a two dimensional image to have been directed at it. This seems to be an amazing fortuitous correlation with ISON's immediate total destruction. Moreover, it is unlikely that we humans would have any such device or weapon that could cause such destruction at a location so close to the Sun. Furthermore, if we had such a device, would we try it out when the most publicized comet in recent history was undergoing major changes in its trajectory?

That ISON survived perihelion and seems to just disappear is suspicious enough because there were unidentified objects that seemed to be trailing it. That alone would be enough to suggest that it was intentionally destroyed. But the presence of an unidentified 'ray' that appeared to hit it just before it was totally destroyed is only 'icing on the cake'. All that remained of it was its tail. Only ET aliens have the capability to deliver such a 'kill shot' to such an object - and that is an amazing possibility.


(And Interstellar Discus Propulsion)

When ET aliens fly between the stars, there is always a danger that they will fly into rocks. This happens seldom in the vast void of space, but when one is moving at even a modest 0.5 c, even a thumb sized rock can impact with the detonative force of a nuclear bomb. So the aliens have a weapon to use to defeat the threatening block of matter if they cannot steer away from it in time. Moreover, at these high speeds, the detecting LIDAR must detect the threat far away. The way to defeat these blocks of material that cannot be avoided is with an anitmatter ray.

UFO-Contact From Planet Iarga
CHAPTER 2 - Aboard the Alien Spacecraft

Its surface was for the most part as smooth as polished stone and dark gray in color with scattered patches of off white which made it appear as though someone had been throwing around bags of flour. Over this otherwise perfectly smooth surface ran innumerable ragged, charred grooves which ended in a small crater, as though something had exploded there. Nearly all the scratches and grooves ran in one direction and gave the impression that the spaceship had been grazed by enemy fire or that someone had been at work with a blow torch. All in all, it was an ominous sight, and Miriam's reaction was not very reasoning.

CHAPTER 5 - Iargan Spacecraft

"Why do they have to be so streamlined, since space is surely empty?"

"We wish that were true! For spaceships that travel at relative speeds, space is not empty enough and not only streamlining but armor plating is also necessary. You have seen our ship and can see that armor is not a useless luxury. They have no windows; they are heavy, armored projectiles, whose strength comes from the discus form.

"When our radar warns us of dust or material, we make the banking maneuver that you have just seen. This then presents the smallest possible surface area to the danger. Nevertheless, each particle of dust makes burn marks on the plating. For this reason we always fly in line formation. The command consists of five ships and the lead ship is always unmanned, because this one runs the greatest risk. The ships are connected by a cable, because at relative speeds radio contact is impossible. "Another advantage of the discus form is the great natural resistance to thermal variations and the large cooling surface. The ships are very hot under normal working conditions and the outer plating acts as a cooler for control of the energy processes on board. Lastly, the discus form is ideal for creating a strong magnetic field that protects the occupants from dangerous radiation in space. We hope your question is answered."

"Yes, fine, thank you- ,,but didn't you say something about a protective weapon which you could use if material threatened to cross the path of the spacecraft?"

"The antimatter ray, Stef, is a defense against larger blocks which only rarely occur in space. The use of this ray demands not only enormous quantities of energy, but it is controlled by strong restrictions to prevent disturbing the natural balance. We are only justified in its use when no other methods are possible. This weapon cannot replace the armor plating of our ships."

Figure 2. The Iargan Interstellar Flying Discus
Sectioned view of a "space discus". The discus form of the mother ship, which is approximately 250 m in diameter, is a compromise between a maximum surface area for cooling and a minimum frontal area with a maximum capacity. This is the universal solution for space travel at cosmic velocities. The power source, a "sun-wheel" (two opposed cyclotrons with an outer ring for the control of weightless energy) is unknown to US and demands the circular planform. The danger of collision with cosmic dust at relative speeds necessitates the smallest possible frontal area. The two smaller modular discs are in fact landing units, the mother-ship always remains in space. Electro-magnetic fields, high temperatures, and the ionization of the surrounding air, make it impossible for Us to see these craft in clear detail. A race that can finance such machines is by axiom peaceful, they need global Cooperation before it is possible.
There are a great many people that simply cannot accept that UFOs and ET Aliens exist. However, the mechanism to fly between the stars has been known for years. See Appendix A. Basically, the ET aliens spark the vacuum in the Main Power Unit (see 2 in Figure 2) and this generates energetic atomic particles of opposite sign (like electrons and positrons). A positron is an 'antimatter electron'. Protons and antimatter protons might even be produced the same way. These particles are separated and fed through Tangential Connectors (see 3 in Figure 2) into separate cyclotrons which spin them in the opposite direction. Then they are ejected aft and they are moving with nearly the speed of light. A spacecraft can move no faster forward than the speed of the mass ejected aft. Moreover, the momentum of the matter ejected aft must equal the momentum of the spacecraft moving forward.

The two 'Landing Units' (see 10 in Figure 2), or more commonly known as a Flying Saucer, are used as steering engines in the Interstellar Discus during the travel between stars. When they arrive near the planet they want to visit, these craft are used to visit the planet and 'tank up' on water if it is available. On their interstellar journeys, they burn the hydrogen (cold fusion) and breath the oxygen. These 'Landing Units' propulsion mechanism is basically the same. However, when they eject matter and antimatter, especially in near Earth space, some of the antimatter does not get recombined immediately after ejection.

There is some evidence that these traces of the alien antimatter are still around us in near Earth orbit. This antimatter may be either from the cyclotron engines or from leakage of antimatter out of their 'magnetic bottle' containment units or both.

Ring Of Antimatter Found In Earth's Orbit - August 8, 2011
The Earth has a ring of antimatter encircling it, says new data from the Pamela space satellite, a multinational project aimed at studying the planet’s magnetosphere. The discovery has fueled speculation that the antimatter might someday be harvested to power advanced spacecraft.

"One of the main uses of antimatter would be a starship," scientist Michio Kaku told PCMag after an antimatter discovery last fall. "Because you want concentrated energy. And you can't get more concentrated than antimatter."

Both NASA and DARPA have loose plans for antimatter-fueled starships. While those projects are a long way off, the Pamela discovery provides a glimmer of hope that they’ll someday become realized.

It seems like the Iargans have a more practical use for antimatter. The energy to propel their spacecraft come from 'sparking the vacuum' and ejecting it aft by using cyclotrons. This produces not only 'free energy' but 'free momentum' without which the discus cannot speed between the stars.

The saucer's antigravity features were also discussed by the Iargans.

UFO-Contact From Planet Iarga
CHAPTER 3 - Planet Iarga

I was delighted when they agreed to my request to see one of their flying saucers. I cherished the hope that we might also become capable of constructing such a machine, but, alas, the technique was so advanced that I was unable to understand the first thing about it. It was a beautiful, polished, silver, streamlined discus, about ninety feet in diameter, with a domed glass pane) above the below in the middle. There were slots around the rim on the underside, and when the machine flew low over the ground, I could see dust being blown up. I thought at first that this was caused by air pressure, but they explained that it was due to the "ground echo" from the antigravity machine. It was astounding to see just what these machines could do. They showed me the transportation of a rail section to an inaccessible mountain area.
That ET aliens visiting Earth also have antigravity technology has also been concluded by Earth's scientists, for example Wang Sichao.
Wang Sichao (1938 or 1939 – 17 June 2016) was a Chinese astronomer and scholar

Sichao also provided some specific data from quantitative analysis of UFO observations. He informed that between the altitudes of 130 kilometers and 1,500 kilometers, UFOs have appeared many times. He stated that the observed UFOS could fly much slower than the "first cosmic velocity" escape velocity, and some as slow as 0.29 kilometers per second, and that they can fly at the altitude of 1,460 kilometers for more than 25 minutes. He concluded that these UFOs had anti- gravity abilities.
The opposed cyclotrons in Figure 2 provide the thrust, but the antigravity is provided by possibly and A Field generated by the outboard cyclotron (with a wedge-shaped cross-section) provides the antigravity.


How gone is ISON? well, if someday, the ET aliens want to bargain with us to protect the Earth from some nasty meteors, like those we may be encountering in 2021 to 2024:
2016, Tollmann's Hypothetical Bolides Return. - 3 Jan. 2013
Those elite who really run our planet would like to know if they can really do what they may be claiming they can do. They want to 'verify' what kind of job they really can do:

What Happened To The 'Comet Of The Century'? NASA Begins Search For Fragments Of ISON After Close Encounter With The Sun - 6 December 2013
There is, however, a 10 per cent chance of it having left behind some important fragments 100 metres in radius or larger which will be big enough to study. Nasa said that it will monitor the comet for the next few weeks.

  • Comet ISON Pronounced Dead: Sun Is Chief Suspect - December 10, 2013
    "At this point it seems like there is nothing left," Battams said at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco.
  • Compare the size comet fragments that are being searched for to what Sir Fred Hoyle claims; that even a 300-meter meteor strike could initiate a world wide Ice Age. A 100 meter meteorite impact would be about 27 times less than what would cause a global catastrophe.

    Why did they do it? Well, it appears like they told us, In English, On TV on 26 Nov 77 at 5:12 p.m. One just has to listen.

    Ashtar Command Vrillon TV broadcast 1977 - Jul 12, 2013
    Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK-"We Come to Warn you About your Race and your Planet" - Jun 14, 2014
    In print here:
    Alien Contact Outer Space - Mar. 13, 2018
    5Discussion of 1977 UK TV FM-audio ET alien signal available.
    Alien Warning Message Live On TV In UK-"We Come To Warn You About Your Race And Your Planet" - Jun 12, 2013
    Col. Donald Ware, U.S. Air Force (ret.) passes on this reminder of the time 27 years ago when the Star Visitors took over a British television program and broadcasted instead an important message for the people of Earth. [The transmission] occurred on 26 Nov 77 at 5:12 p.m. when a strange unknown voice overrode, took over, or super-modulated the TV signals from five transmitters that were monitored by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in England. IBA did not detect the intrusion. The 5+1/2-minute message overrode a scheduled newscast read by Ivor Mills on Southern ITV, England, and was heard by listeners as far away as Andover, London, Newbury, Oxford, Reading, Southhampton, and Winchester.
    A police spokesman told AP and UPI that the message was taken seriously:
    "They were frightened and generally scared."
    The voice spoke slowly and deliberately, with a strange inward authority, calm, serene, never scolding. It said:
    This is the voice of Gramaha, the Representative of the Asta (Ashtar in some texts) Galactic Command speaking to you.
    This is our message to you our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your earth than your scientists admit. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light, and will do all we can to help you.
    Have no fears, seek only to know yourselves and live in harmony with the ways of your planet earth. We of the Asta Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the planes of your existence.
    May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the Cosmos
    This transmission was investigated to determine if it were being generated by a fraudulent source. None were found.
    Extraterrestrial Message Live On Uk Tv Station
    The transmission lasted for over five minutes. This weird electronic voice – accompanied by a strange pulsating sound, echoes, and eerie distortions – overrode the normal audio broadcast signal in order to recite a lengthy statement warning viewers of an impending global disaster should humanity continue on its present course.
    The illegal broadcast was investigated by UK authorities who were unable to determine the source of the signal or who might have sent it. It is assumed that the broadcast was a hoax perpetrated by someone who sent a signal powerful enough to override the station’s VHF transmitters, but in the past 30 years, no one has ever claimed responsibility for the hijack. (My own research into this incident revealed that an unnamed group of students were suspects at one point, but that no evidence beyond mere suspicion was ever offered to support that theory. Another suspect was a person with connections to the British broadcast industry who was known as the "Cosmic Cowboy," and who may have been assisted by a cabal of hippie friends. Again, there is no proof for that assertion, either).
    It would later be confirmed that five major transmitters were hijacked simultaneously, a rather spectacular feat at the time that would have required considerable transmitting power and a coordinated terrestrial effort.
    The analysis's of this web site also investigated the Radio Frequency of this signal and found that it could be generated from the Radio Frequency generation scheme that is known to be used on ET alien spacecraft. The Source of this transmission can be traced to an alien source because we know the circuitry driving their air thinning hardware that permits them to pass through our atmosphere at supersonic speeds without generating a 'sonic boom'.
    Since the source of the transmission cannot be determined, unless it is of alien origin and since the radio frequency can be traced to the RF generating schemes on the UFO alien saucers, it is concluded that this is a genuine alien transmission.


    While the data presented here is 'thin' that an actual 'shoot down' occurred, it must be taken in contents with other related events, notably:
    The Chelyabinsk Meteor - 23 Mar. 2013
    A Warning From The Angels?
    Both are examples of ET aliens warning mankind of the dangers of major celestial impact(s).

    Those that lead us have amply demonstrated that they are operating on the cusp of insanity. For example:

    We can only conclude that those who are in a position to lead us, the elite, are the problem. The elite may survive in their expensive shelters, but the world around them may not. Without the genius that arises from the masses of humans that would normally inhabit Earth, the human species will simply fade into oblivion.

    The ET aliens are offering the human species a chance to survive. They will acquire positive karma whether mankind chooses to take this opportunity or not.

    Appendix A
    The ET Alien Saucer Propulsion System

    A well circulated, but unpublished, Extra-terrestrial Alien/UFO case occurred on 6 October 1974 titledUFO Contact ... From Beyond Orion. An excerpt from this is presented below.

    "At that point two whole sections of the ship went dark. I asked him, "What happened to the lights?" He said, "Later, observe this", and pulled away part of the wall. (It opened like a door of a cabinet does) Well, there was this thing attached to the other side of the 'door'. Also, across the space (between the inside part and the outside part) were more of the same things on the inside of the outside part. (That doesn't make sense. See pictures later for explanation) Sticking to the waIl was what looked like a copper sheet. Andrak pointed to it and said, "Charge Plate". I said, "Oh". On top of this charge plate was a larzer flat magnet. He pointed to that and said, "Magnet". I said "Oh". Sticking in the middle of the magnet was a little box. Out of the magnet and the box was a "tree of 3 magnetic coils". (I'll try to explain) There was this metal stem of the tree sticking through the box into the magnet. Just barely above the little box on the magnet were 3 magnetic coils sticking out like branches from this metal stem. (These magnetic coil wires were wrapped around magnets themselves) On top of the tree was what looked like a diamond. I asked him if it was and he said: "It's a focusing crystal. It directs the charged particles across the space toward a specific point on the targets over there. They are doing the same thing over there". I said "Oh". As soon as I said ""oh" he pointed to the space between the two parts of the ship and said 'Observe". I looked and saw strange weird sights. There was a white glow around each magnetic coil. This glow was in a perfect circle. Every once in a while a coil tree would shoot a stream of sparks across the space to the other side. The outside part was spinning to my left. Sparks were jumping around all over the space between the outside part and the inside part. I asked him why the outside part was spinning. Andrak said, "It has to do with the purpose/functions of Earth's cyclotrons. This process is known to Earth."! I said, "Oh". Then I asked him, "Why all the electricity?" (Get this) He said, "It is not pure electricity. It is a conglomerate of:
    Free Electricity, Positrons (uh-huh), and Positronium (sure).
    I said, "Sure". I didn't believe him and still don't. I swear he was making the last two words up. He seemed "upset" that I didn't believe him. He kept telling me, "Positrons are known. Positronium creates something like a Hydrogen atom sort of". He paused and said, "Look, 90% of this craft is known on Earth. Some of the operating principles are still in theory but understood. This whole craft is operated off the process of diamagnetism". He paused again and said, "Look, don't comprehend what I tell you, just observe it and remember it. Someone will understand this. Accept what I tell you. I'm not telling you wrong. What purpose would that serve?" The last lines sounded like an order so I said1 "OK, OK". He had me repeat the part from, "It is not pure electricity - It is a conglomerate of: Free Electricity, Positrons, and Positronium. Positrons are known. Positronium is like a hydrogen atom. The ship works off the process of diamagnetism. 90% is known on Earth. Some is still in theory. You're not lying to me. Why would you be?" He said, "Correct"."

    "He shut the wall and the lights between the came on. He said there were "Three ways to do the lights: 1 .(Pointing to the wall) A by-product of the radiant energy - so is the heat. 2. Charge a gas between the walls like in our study rooms. 3. You can variate the vibratory rate of a frequency like upstairs." I said, "Oh". (I said that a lot) The whole mess looked like this below (I'll do my best)"

    An image accompanying this section of the report is presented and for comparison, some of the original text is left in.

    Figure 3 Flying Saucer Propulsion - Sparking The Vacuum

    The report continues.

    "I asked him why the one we saw wasn't glowing. He told me that you couldn't open up a live cell. You would have free energy everywhere." He paused and said, "Besides the energy being destructive, it's effects are fatal. No one can (be) around/under the craft when its in operation. It will terminate all physiologic functions. That is why the shields are necessary". I said, "Oh"."

    "We took off the suits and he put them back behind the battery Then he went over to the gyroscope and said, "Come, we must get moving again. You have to be returned to your point of origin." I asked him why we were stopped and he said, "That unless the craft was grounded, you would create lightning effects if you operated this craft with dead cells, or if you hovered without the ground." I said, "Sure, OK". He told me, "Ground wires are known on Earth. That silver wire is a ground." I said, "What does a ground do?" He told me, "It keeps the transfer of energy equal. We don't lose any from our system and we don't take any from Earth's systems". I said, "Oh"."

    The "tree of 3 magnetic coils" with the diamond on top is the sparking of the vacuum device. It is the device that generates 'Positronium' but the antimatter positron is ejected aft through one of the cyclotrons (shown in Figure 2) and the normal electron is also ejected aft through the other cyclotron. This produces not only 'free energy' but 'free momentum' without which the discus cannot speed between the stars. The discus cannot carry enough matter (even if half is antimatter) and mass to get up to near light speed without this 'trick'.

    Appendix B
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