By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Sonja M. Kawamoto, Dr. Herbert W. Kuehne, Justin A. Warmkessel And Jane Yin
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Marginal data suggests that there may have been an incarnation of the Infinite Soul (i.e. The Maitreya, The Fifth Buddha, The Twelfth Imam [Mahdi], The Second Coming of Christ, The Messiah) on 16 June 2008 at 8:00 AM EST +/- 1 (or 1.5) hours. Three pieces of information have combined to flag this event.

The incarnation would have occurred in the western hemisphere, along a longitude varying from 170oW in the northern polar regions to 70o W in the southern polar regions. These values can vary by +/- 15o (or 22o) of longitude at any specific latitude. An adult about 35 years old is anticipated to be the recipient of this Great Soul. Some Tzu Wei descriptors are offered.

While this is far from conclusive, there is marginal data from the Vatican and (USA) military intelligence that this being has returned. The quality of this data is deemed sufficient enough that collective mankind should be on the lookout for this unique being just in case the incarnation has actually occurred. Please do not harm or imprison this unique being.

Incidentally, the period of Vulcan has been resolved to be 4969.5 +/- 10 years and its most likely location is constrained by IRAS 1732+239 whose coordinates are RA 17hr:32':51.4" & DEC 23o:56':36" and associated error box is RA 78"X Dec. 30" (in 1982).



The Vulcan web site offers the thesis that a half Jovian sized brown dwarf star exists within our solar system and perturbs comets from the Kuiper belt to fall towards the Sun. These comets form in 3:2 resonate orbits with the brown dwarf star, and occasionally they, or their associated fragments, collide with planets in the inner solar system. The main Vulcan web page addresses the problems and history associated with these collisions and tries to predict future ones. However, it should be pointed out that botched doomsday prophecies have littered the pages of human history.

The orbit of this brown dwarf star, dubbed Vulcan, has been defined and its period verified. The Vulcan web site is already monitoring fireball activity and finding enhanced event counts at the times suggested by alien generated Crop Circle T367. This crop circle appears to be generated with a modification of our patented (#5,797,563) technique to ease aircraft passage through the atmosphere, by the way.

The Infinite Soul is thought to have incarnated among mankind four times, as Sri Krisna, Lao Tzu, Buddha and Christ.1 These four are denoted as avatars of the Infinite Soul. Here the term avatar is used in the broader sense. While many Hindus reject the idea of avatars outside of traditional Hinduism, some Hindus with a more universal outlook view the central figures of various non-Hindu religions as avatars. The specifically include:

Vulcan’s orbit was defined with the aid of the times when the Christ and Buddha incarnation of the Infinite Soul occurred. Since the Dawn Of Mankind is an additional point in these orbital computations, these avatars are related to the formation of an entire sentient species. That is why these avatars are called Infinite Souls. Consequently, the basis has been laid for determining when a future incarnation of the Infinite Soul could be hypothesized. Somewhat the same astrological techniques were used by the Magi when identifying the baby Jesus as the host body or the Christ. The Infinite Soul may choose a time incarnate on the physical plane during the twenty-first century because during this time mankind faces an impact threat from several celestial bodies or their associated fragments. These bodies orbit in long period comet-like orbits (with periods averaging around 3313 years), and the guidance of an Infinite Soul avatar would be of immense value in our survival should one of these impact induced cataclysms occur because an Infinite Soul avatar is believed to have access to all knowledge.

Yarbro’s Michael2 works suggests that the Infinite Soul incarnates within a hundred years of the Incarnation of the Transcendental soul avatar. The Transcendental soul3 is believed to have incarnated in Gandhi (physical body born 07:33 AM 2 October 1869 in India) between 23 June and 19 July 1906 in South Africa.4 Michael’s numerical hints are taken seriously for the following reasons: It accurately stated that Vulcan (our Sun’s binary) affects Earth every few thousand years5 This Vulcan web site has identified that very distant binary as having a period of 4969 years and it is believed to alter the core rotation of the Earth every half period when it passes aphelion or perihelion. 5 Yarbro also claims mankind as we know it today became ensouled about 50 to 60 thousand years ago.6 This web page also finds (with archeological support) that the Dawn Of Mankind was around 55,655 to 55,680 BC. Since these two estimates appear to be valid, it is reasonable to anticipate that the Infinite Soul’s incarnation could be immanent or may have already occurred as Michael suggested.


The Infinite Soul has a problem. It incarnates in one body of the six billion of us, and presumably it is here to impart a valuable experience. The problem is that most of mankind will not listen or bother with it. And why should not human beings be skeptical? So the Infinite Soul avatar’s problem is one of recognition. One way solve this problem is to incarnate in a way similar to the way it did before. This way is definable in classical astronomical - astrological as well as exotic astrological terms (i. e. the Tzu Wei). This is a similar technique that the Magi used when they recognized the impending incarnation of the Infinite Soul in the baby Jesus (at a later time - when Jesus was an adult). Specifically, they used an astrological method similar to the Tzu Wei astrology. However, now we have celestial mechanics and Vulcan’s orbit available and we may understand how the angel (alien) Gabriel may have been able to make its predictions.

The impending incarnation of the Infinite Soul is anticipated to be received in the favorable way that Buddha was received rather than by the hostile manner that Christ was received. Buddha’s favorable recognition is thought to be due to an astrological configuration called a parallel whereas Christ unfavorable recognition (even to this day in the land where He incarnated) is believed due to a contra-parallel. While Christ’s incarnation was unfortunate for Him, it was a good one for the computation of the orbit of the brown dwarf star. From our computation of Vulcan’s orbit and knowledge of how the Infinite Soul avatar incarnated in the time of Buddha, we can make educated guesses of how a future incarnation would form. It is assumed that one similar to Buddha’s would be chosen because Buddha was relatively well recognized during his time on Earth.

Since at least one avatar (Gandhi) considered the physical plane to be Hell and Christ didn't seem anxious to remain incarnate, Vulcan/Sun oppositions may be anticipated for the incarnations of all avatars. This is especially true for Infinite Soul avatars since they bring the Tao to bear through essence contact with the masses. The joy of essence contact is the exact opposite of the fear that pervades the physical plane.



There are two sets of astrological calculations that need to be demonstrated. The first is simple normal astronomical - astrological - calculations denoted by opposites and parallels. The second is a Tzu Wei chart similar to Buddha’s. Buddha incarnated about a half Vulcan orbital revolution ago, and now Vulcan is on the opposite side of the solar system. Buddha’s incarnation was on 25 December, so the new Infinite Soul incarnation must be about six months later around 25 June. An opposite must occur. That is, the Sun and Vulcan, as viewed from the Earth (at sunrise), must be nominally 180 o apart. Both the Sun and Vulcan must be at about the same nominal declination to within 1.0o, or at most 1.5o for the parallel astrological configuration to be met.

The case for these classical astrological matches for Buddha is described below. See Buddha Related Data for his incarnation in 413 BC defined astronomically in Table 1.
Table 1
413 BC Buddha Related Data
Julian Date/GMTSun's RA/Dec.Moon's RA/Dec. Vulcan's RA/Dec.** Event
24 Dec. 413 BC/22:30Z*269.004o/-23.743o 88.999o/27.487o 89.720113o/- 22.660887o Best Full Moon
25 Dec. 413 BC/01:09Z*269.125o/-23.743o 90.229o/27.408o89.720113o/- 22.660887oSun Rise
*Lunar Day 14, 15, 16 or 17 in India and China.
Lunar Day 13, 14, 15 or 16 EST USA.
**Vulcan’s position at the beginning of 412 BC. The 6 day delta does not change its position significantly.

Here, the classical astrological Opposite is -179.40488o and the Parallel is within -1.082446o. Both Buddha and Christ incarnated with Vulcan opposite the Sun, but Christ’s incarnation involved a contra- parallel. Thus Vulcan and the Sun were at equal, but opposite declinations.

Figure 1. The Tzu Wei Chart for Buddha.*
(Lunar Day 13 at USA, Eastern Standard Time = Chinese day (11/14).)
01:09 GMT, or the hour of the Dragon, Chinese time about 8:00 AM.

Figure 1 offers the Tzu Wei chart for Buddha as computed in the matter specified by An Nguyen.7 It is worth noting that the king star, 104 and star 83 appear together in the personality house for both Buddha and Christ. Please refer the discussion at the Astrological Resolution Of The Buddha C Point to understand the form and meaning of this chart. However, Christ's personality description shares two houses. Therefore this 104/83 star combination may be used to serve as a marker for the Infinite Soul avatar. Note, however, that this combination also comes up frequently among many normal humans.

Astrologically, Buddha incarnated in the year of the Mau Dragon and the hour of the Dragon (8:00 AM in China). Both the Period and Element was wood and the incarnation occurred on the thirteenth day of the eleventh month. Things that could be held the same 2420 years later are the month and the day. The time would determine the location of the incarnation to some degree. The Period and the Element may apply, but it is not certain. If the new Infinite Soul avatar is to be constrained to within a hundred years of the incarnation of the Transcendental soul, which would seem to imply about two cycles of the Chinese zodiac. Because Vulcan must be opposite the Sun, to generate a similar chart requires constraint to Lunar month 5 and Chinese hour of the Dog (around 8 PM China time). To keep the years confined Mau (or Qui as used by Christ) confines the Chart to Wood third period. Qui is rejected because Christ had such a hard time in His incarnation.


The reason this work uses the term Maitreya rather than Messiah or Christ for the new avatar is because the astronomical and astrological configurations best compared to those of Buddha. The name Maitreya or Metteyya is derived from the word maitreya (Sanskrit) or metteyya (Pali) meaning "loving- kindness", which is in turn derived from the noun mitra (Pali: mitta) in the sense of "friend". The Maitreya is categorized as the fifth Buddha of the present world-age. This analysis recognizes the other four as Sri Krisna, Lao Tzu, Buddha and Christ.

Nine times were chosen this century to match the Tzu Wei chart for Buddha (discussed later). The year in the western calendar and the Chinese zodiac, and the time are specified. The previously stated requirements for an astrological 'opposite' eventually will cause the rejection of most of these times except the ones that occurred in 2008. These times follow in List 1.

LIST 1 - Selected Incarnations Times for The Maitreya

* Near Identical Tzu Wei Chart ** Almost Full Moon

Here the term Mau Dragon or Mau Rat relates to one of the sixty Chinese animal signs employed in the Tzu Wei astrology. There are twelve animal signs with five types of each animal making the sixty year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. The first five times correspond to the fifth Chinese month and the thirteenth Chinese day at 20:00 Chinese time. These all generate a Tzu Wei Chart that is similar to the one found for Buddha’s incarnation on the thirteenth day of the Mau Dragon year of 413 BC.


Dr. Kuehne has taken great pains to compute Vulcan’s orbit. He had to combine data stretching back more than 57,000 years to achieve an extremely accurate orbit. And some of these orbital parameters are substantiated with current astronomical data. Consequently, Vulcan’s ephemeredes can be accurately computed at the nine times specified in List 1. See List 2.

LIST 2 - Selected Vulcan Ephemeredes
CASE TIME(yrs) RT.ASC(deg) DECLN(deg)

While the Infinite Soul could incarnate at any of these times, it would not be an incarnation like Buddha. It would produce an incarnation near a full moon and one with the 104 and 83 stars in the same personality house as Buddha’s (and almost the same as Christ). See Figure 2. The Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun at List 2 times are given below in List 3 along with the computation of the Opposite (theoretically 180o) and parallel (theoretically 0o)

Figure 2. The Tzu Wei Chart for the Maitreya.*
(16 June 2008, Chinese Lunar Day 13)
13:00 GMT - the hour of the Dog, Chinese time about 8:00 PM.

LIST 3 - The Sun’s and Vulcan’s Astrological Configurations
Case. Time, Right Asc., Declination Sun/Vulcan Opposite, Sun/Vulcan Parallel

The first four cases are rejected because an astrological opposite of 180o +/- 5o is not met. Cases 5 through 9 are for the mid June 2008 case. Only the 2008 cases permit an astrological opposite to form at these times. There are five cases shown because all of these cases permit the king star 104 to be in the personality house. However, only case 5 permits the 104 and 83 stars to be together in the personality house as is thought to have occurred at the time of Buddha’s incarnation. Thus, the 16 June 2008 at 13:00Z case permits a Tzu Wei chart very similar to Buddha’s to be generated. The Principal stars are the most important ones and the 104 and 83 stars are most important among these stars in this case. Figure 3 offers the Tzu Wei stars that are similar to both Buddha’s and the Maitreya’s.

Figure 3. Data (Stars, etc.) Common for both the Maitreya and Buddha.*

Appendix A offers a Tzu Wei description (Figure 2) of the possible Maitreya. Appendix B offers a description of the original Buddha as carried by some religious sects (the new avatar may be similar).


Table 2 denotes a sunrise line that defines the location where the possible Maitreya may have incarnated.
Table 2
Sunrise At The Greenwich And The New Avatar’s Longitude For 16 June 2008
LatitudeSunrise GMTAvatar W. Longitude +/- 15o
Some houses for the proposed Tzu Wei chart for the prospective Maitreya may not be valid in the southern hemisphere.
According to this theory, the prospective Maitreya is postulated to have incarnated at 13:00 GMT +/- one hour (+/-15o) on 16 June 2008 (see List 1, case 5). Also, according to this theory, the prospective Maitreya is required to incarnate at sunrise. That is, the Sun appears on one horizon and Vulcan (if it could be seen) - at a right ascension 180o away - would appear on the other. This somewhat bounds the longitude of incarnation. For example, at 20o latitude, sunrise occurs at 5:20 GMT at the Greenwich longitude of 0o. The Possible Maitreya incarnated at (13:00 GMT - 5:20 GMT) 7:40 later. This time equates to a longitude of 115o +/-15o.


Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. The project builds on excellent experiments conducted over the past 35 years at a number of laboratories, demonstrating that human consciousness interacts with random event generators (REGs), apparently "causing" them to produce non-random patterns.

The prospective Maitreya, if it has actually incarnated in human form, amounts to the Infinite Soul incarnating in a single human body. This is thought to occur at around the age of 35 (western counting). Infinite soul avatars are similar to an entire sentient species. Thus, it was thought that Princeton’s GCP may be a useful tool to use in detecting a possible incarnation of an Infinite Soul avatar.

Figure 4. Princeton’s GCP Results For A Possible Avatar Incarnation On 18 June 2008. A Signature Was Anticipated At 17:00 GMT, But None Was Found.

The head of Princeton’s GCP (Dr. Roger Nelson) was asked to do a search for the possible incarnation of an avatar. He did an analysis of the full day in UTC/GMT time for the 18th of June. The favorable time of 17:00 GMT (when at least the king star 104 was in the Tzu Wei Chart's personality house) was not provided. See Figure 4. As can be seen, there is quite a lot of activity, but no trend - and it is trends over time that is taken as evidence of something generating a global consciousness signature.

Dr. Nelson was asked to run a similar chart for 16 June 2008, this time with the time of 13:00 GMT given. This is a case where the Tzu Wei charts for Buddha match the one for the possible Maitreya incarnation. He proceeded with a second exploratory analysis using this date and time. Again there is no clear trend in the data, nor is there an appearance of unusual activity around 13:00 +/- one hour, which is shown in the graph (in green). However, it is worth noting that the 24 hour day does show a modest deviation at this time (http://www.noosphere.princeton.edu/avatar.0806.html), with a terminal value of Z = 0.58, which is in the range of the composite average of the full database of formal GCP analyses. Figure 5 shows a Cumsum rising above 200 in a block like fashion during the proposed time of the new avatar incarnation.

Figure 5. Princeton's GCP Results For A Possible Avatar Incarnation On 16 June 2008. A Signature Was Anticipated At 13:00 GMT And A Faint One Was Present.

Dr. Nelson further explained that a dozen or more events of a similar kind are needed to provide a solid analysis of this event. Of course, there have been only four incarnations of the Infinite Soul avatar in all of recorded history. The only way out of this dilemma is to categorize these rare events with others that should reasonably and intuitively be expected to have the same type of effect on the REG network, but which are not rare. Under normal conditions, the effect observed is too small to reliably interpret the REG network data for single events. Consequently, that means it would be even less interpretable if one was looking at smaller subsets or individual REGs within the network. Any proposed explanation that Figure 5 represents the birth of an Infinite Soul avatar would have to explain the relatively faint signature observed. Thus, the REGs cannot bound the location of the incarnating avatar.

Appendix C - 'Downloading An Avatar' attempts to compare this very rare event with others that should reasonably and intuitively be expected to have the same type of effect on the REG network, but which are not rare. Specifically, it compares it to catastrophic events that kill people sending their souls to the astral plane or Noosphere. The Noosphere seems to bear a resemblance to the Astral Plane where the Group Soul of mankind (and perhaps of several other sentient aliens species of extra-terrestrial origin) resides when they are sleeping or are dead. Appendix C explains why only a small signature is to be anticipated when the Infinite Soul incarnates by comparing the avatars download data transfer to the ‘death off thousands' data upload when a catastrophic event occurs.


It is hard to imagine that an avatar of the Infinite Soul would come back as Christ and be treated so badly . . . but it did. It is more imaginable that such an avatar would come back as Buddha and be treated so well, and it did. The Christ and Buddha avatars of the Infinite Soul exhibit enough commonality in their different Tzu Wei charts and in the corresponding astrological (astronomical) locations of the Sun and Vulcan relative to Earth in which a set of similarities can be displayed. Further, there appears to be a faint signature collected by Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project that is associated with this event.

There is no guarantee that these similarities will be found in a future incarnation of an Infinite Soul avatar. However, if they are, unnecessary troubles are avoided and potentially useful results occur. For example, an individual possibly hosting this avatar can be scientifically tested and the presence of the Infinite Soul certified. Moreover, the time spent by the Infinite Soul on the physical plane, reportedly distasteful, can be used to maximum efficiency. Additionally, it has been suggested that the mere interactions of a human being with the Infinite Soul is an indescribable experience. Last, but not least, the individual may be afforded some protection from religious individuals who kill in God’s name.

All that is shown on this web page is that the time and place(s) specified offer the formation of an Infinite Soul avatar similar to Buddha, and therefore the anticipated avatar is called the Maitreya. It is interesting that an opposite and parallel similar to Buddha’s, along with a similar Tzu Wei astrology chart, was found to occur about a hundred years (actually 102 years) after the Gandhi avatar incarnated (as specified by Yarbro’s Michael works). We can only await further verification that the Maitreya has actually incarnated in the physical plane on planet Earth.

Oblique information exists that the USA's military intelligence and the Vatican have recognized that the 'Infinite Soul Avatar' (The Maitreya, The Twelfth Imam [Mahdi], The Messiah or The Second Coming of Christ) may have occurred.16, 17, 18 The Group Soul of mankind may be preparing to host the arrival of the Infinite Soul.19, 21, 22 The appearance of a 'White Figure' in Pastor Coverstone's unusually unique and detailed dreams is a further indication that this very unique being is among us and may soon make its presence known.23, 24. 25 The cosmic impact threat to Earth (as revealed in the book of Revelation) is upon us.20 See: The ET Alien Simulation Of The Approaching B Comet Swarm: i.e. Figure I. ET Alien Simulation Of Cluster 1 Of The B Comet Swarm And Its 7 (Revelation 12:3) Kuiper Belt Comets. Note: Two Groups Of Red Comets

A major concern in this effort is the accuracy with which Vulcan's orbital parameters are known. While there is sufficient information available to verify Vulcan's period, the important orbital parameter validation is unavailable. However, Forbes' work circa 1880 seems to support an inclination in the 45o range. Hopefully, Vulcan's predicted orbit is adequate for the astrological needs of this analysis.


The Maitreya, as an incarnation of the Infinite Soul, will have access to all knowledge. But it may still have the outward structure of the host body which was born earlier years earlier (possibly 35 years earlier). Also, it will likely maintain the external connections with siblings, wives, parents and so fourth. The following information is derived from the Tzu Wei astrology chart for the suspected time of birth. This information should not be viewed as 100% correct but rather only about 80% correct.

It is important to point out that Chinese astrology is far different from western astrology. To these ends we will attempt to name at least the main astronomical objects in the Tzu Wei chart. This is not an exhaustive list, but enough to demonstrate that Chinese astrology is heavily dependent on stellar objects not planets. The following list correlates the fourteen principal stars to astronomical objects (alternate names given in parentheses) - and their associated constellations. These, along with their location in Buddha's and the Maitreya's Tzu Wei charts are the primary factor that define their similarity.

The planet Mars is also carried in the Tzu Wei astrology. It is found on the right side of the group of stars that includes the 34 and 93 stars in Figure 2. When these principal stars are found in the personality house, they define an individual’s morphic field which in turn defines the body type of the subject.10.

As a side note, Danjo 8 noticed that Homicidal Tendencies, as defined by C.E.O. Carter in 19249 was found to correlate with known black holes with a probability of fortuitous correlation of about one chance in ten thousand, When one considers the X-ray sources that is usually associated with black holes, the of fortuitous correlation decreases to about one chance in 8.3 billion. Chances of fortuitous correlation of less than one in ten are considered highly certain associations and bookies usually avoid bets on such associations.

The following material is derived from the Tzu Wei chart for The Maitreya and interpreted in the matter specified by An Nguyen.7

The following descriptions may not be valid for an incarnation in the southern hemisphere.

SIBLINGS HOUSE (VIII) (Birth control can lower these estimates)


MARRIAGE HOUSE (VII) CHILDREN'S HOUSE (VI) (Birth control can lower these estimates)

Note: the number of possible children shrinks from five to three to less depending on whether or not birth control was employed.



As far as we know, this is a reasonable description of The Buddha. The Buddha had asked that his remains not be made an object of veneration. See Figure 6.

The description of the Buddha is useful in that it may help describe the Maitreya. Buddha's disciple Maudgalyayana used magic to send an artist (some say 32 of them) up to heaven to capture the likeness of the Buddha in a 5-foot figure carved out of sandalwood. Notice items 22 to 24 are consistent with the Tzu Wei star 83. Combining the stars in the personality house, the Maitreya seems to be a rather handsome, medium-tall and somewhat heavy person, not like the jolly fat man shown in most Buddhist temples. Buddha’s possible description follows.

See Table B2 and B3 for Publius Lentulus and the Tzu Wei description of Jesus.


The first and foremost question to be addressed is could Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project (GCP) detect the incarnation of the Infinite Soul. A brief description of the GCP’s measurement process can be found here. The following procedure is offered to explain this process:

Data that demonstrates that the GCP can detect the de-birthing (death) of sentient beings is available. In these cases, the death of individuals is accompanied by the transfer of the ‘life experiences' of those individuals to higher planes or existence (e. g. the astral, casual or akashic planes). Data is likewise transmitted to an individual when they are born. This data defines the core personality of the individual. For example, it is well known that astrological forces (e. g. as defined by the Tzu Wei) determine the personality and pre-life agreements of the individual. It is anticipated that this information accompanies the birth of any individual. However, compared to the ‘experiences of a lifetime' this data is very small. The formation of the Infinite Soul on the physical plane is like the incarnation of an entire sentient species all at one time.. It is part of the Infinite Soul model that it does not enter a prospective human being at time of birth, but rather when the human is about the age of 35 (or some other such number).1 The Infinite Soul does not manufacture a body in the way that a normal human being does when in incarnates. It simply takes over another one (with the consent of the owner).
Figures 7 through 13 offer examples of the GCP responding to mass death events.

Figure 6. The Sakyamuni Buddha's Image

It is well known that massive disasters influence Princeton’s Global Consciousness Project (GCP) Consider the signature it obtained for the 26 December 2004 tsunami that killed 300,000 people. However, only a smaller number may have been killed instantly, one in the many tens of thousands. Afterwards, many more died, possibly as victims of pneumonia and related maladies. Then the magnitude of the reported non-random activity began to increase forming two additional separate spikes over a seven day period. The initial spike or period of de-randomization was about 12 hours long and occurred before the quake, the curve had an initial increase at the time of the quake. Following the quake, the value decreased and seemed to behave normally. See Figure 7. The Cumsum seemed to hit a peak of around 400 near the time of the quake.

Figure 7. Princeton’s GCP results for the 26 December 2004 Indonesian tsunami quake.

Figure 8 shows the Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999 where more than 17,000 people died. Here, Princeton looked at the event from another perspective, collapsing all REG data within the 15-minute blocks to a single point, and then plotting the odds against chance for the deviations. This analysis covers a time-period, from two hours before to two hours after the earthquake. It seems like REGs from around the world register the resulting de-randomization of a massive number of people dying.

Figure 8. On the 17th of August, at 03:02, near Istanbul, Turkey, a large earthquake occurred, measuring approximately 7.8 on Richter scale. A standard Cumsum plot is not available.

Figure 9 shows the results for the Algeria earthquake of May 21 2003 - ~ 2266 dead. The formal prediction is for a period beginning an hour before the main trembler, and continuing for three hours after the quake. Though the trend is not very persuasive statistically, it is positive, and does have a relatively strong slope beginning just after the main event. Note the Cumsum values at almost 100 before the quake. Time on the astral plane (Noosphere) is not like it is on the physical plane. It is more of an effect to cause type of relationship. So the increase before the quake is not disturbing.

Figure 9. Earthquake In Rouiba, Algeria, Wednesday, May 21 2003.

The earthquake in Afghanistan shows a similar, but smaller, phenomena. See Figure 10. On March 25, 2002, a damaging earthquake struck the Afghani people. It was felt strongly in much of northern Afghanistan. Also felt in the Islamabad-Peshawar area, Pakistan and Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The original reports on the USGS website indicated from 800 to 1000 people were killed. Here, the Cumsum does not get near 100 when plotted on the same scale as the Algerian quake. The diminished death count seems to have a smaller effect on the de- randomization process.

Figure 10. Princeton’s GCP Results For The March 25, 2002 Afghanistan Earthquake.

Figure 11 shows the Central American Quake of January 13, 2001 where ~1,159 people died. The period beginning 15 minutes before the actual event, continuing to 15 minutes after was taken as the formal data segment. As in 1999, there is a surprisingly strong deviation prior to the first shock. This could be a chance occurrence, but it might be interpreted, if found in other cases, to indicate that there is some influence on the REG network that is a precursor to the actual quake. It is too strongly put, but there is a suggestion of something like an "earth consciousness" that feels the pressures and tension that lead to the seismic event. The Cumsum barely breaks 50 and is being lost in the background noise of the REGs.

Figure 11. A Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Caused Widespread Destruction In The Region, Especially In El Salvador

Figure 12 shows an Indian Ocean Quake of Mar 28 2005 where up to 2000 people were killed. The quake, 8.7 on the Richter scale, struck six miles under the Indian Ocean, 125 miles off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia at 11.09pm (5.09pm GMT). Here, the Cumsum just breaks 100 as it did for the Algerian quake (Figure 9) where a similar number of people were killed.

Figure 12. A Magnitude 8.7 earthquake struck near Sumatra in Indonesia at 5.09pm GMT.

Figure 13 shows a magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Peru that caused great damage and hundreds of deaths (late on the 16th estimates suggested more than 500 dead and 1500 injured). The quake was centered near the coast of Peru about 150 Km SSE of Lima. The hardest hit city was Pisco, with 200 people killed and 70% of the city destroyed. Here, the Cumsum reaches into the 50 to 75 range, and is approaching getting lost in the noise.

Figure 13. A Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake On August 15 at 18:40 local time in Peru

It is very significant that Princeton’s REGs show a massive de-randomization when a catastrophically large number of (~ tens of thousands) deaths occur and a smaller amount of de-randomization when fewer (~ a few thousand) deaths rapidly occur. A physical body is not being formed at this time, rather one is being abandoned. Yet, de-randomization is being observed. For rapid deaths experienced by much less than a thousand, little is observed. Note that these examples only offer about seven cases, whereas Dr. Nelson has specified that a dozen or more cases are needed. However, a logic train is offered that explains the observed data in these seven cases. Further, his logic train can be extended to include the incarnation of the Infinite Soul.

It is proposed that this de-randomization is due to the uploading of some sort of data relating to the life experiences of those who have just died. This data is contained in the part of sentient beings indwelling ‘essence' that is extent on the physical plane.11 That data is not contained in ‘brain cells' but rather is stored in Sheldrake’s memory stored outside the brain. 12 An amplified discussion can be found here.13 This transfer of data is thought to be to the astral plane (where the soul of the abandon body resides after death and possibly between lives). Another possibility is that the data is transferred to even a higher plane (the akashic plane) that normally hosts the Infinite Soul. During birth, the soul on the astral plane may be downloading its new personality into the just incarnated human being’s essence (or indwelling soul). Humans have indwelling souls, most animals (except whales and dolphins) do not. The volume of the data downloaded at birth is anticipated to be much smaller than that of the amount of data uploaded during the death experience. Thus the de-randomization observed at death should be significantly greater than the de-randomization that may be sensed by the REGs at birth.

World Vital Events, Global birth and death rates per second are reported to be as follows.

The number of anticipated world wide deaths over a 24-hour period is about 146880 (6120 deaths per hour). It seems reasonable to assume that the additional deaths added to the normally expected number lies somewhere in the tens of thousands for Figures 7 and 8. That number scales the first un-natural spike shown in Figures 7 and the large spike shown in Figure 8. The following deaths scale the following peaks. If a large number of deaths happen rapidly as in Figure 8 (the Turkey quake), a dramatic spike is observed. A similar, but much smaller, spike is found in the data presented in Figures 9 and 12. This is because these small numbers are generating peaks that are being masked by the number of natural deaths. Figures 10, 11 and 13 are amenable to a similar explanation, however the number of deaths is getting lost in the background de-randomization of the normal human population death activity.

The Noosphere seems to bear a resemblance to the Astral Plane and the Group Soul of mankind (and perhaps of several other sentient alien species of extra- terrestrial origin) incarnate on it). The influence of this Group Mind was hoped to influence Princeton’s REGs when the Infinite Soul incarnates. Fortunately, there is at least a theory of how de-randomization works for a single individual. The Tzu Wei astrology, a star based astrology, seems to indicate that the astral ray (combined from many sources) de-randomizes the theoretically random birthing process to produce a body type which is commensurate with the personality of the soul. However, only a tiny volume of space has to be de-randomized and only a tiny amount of data has to be downloaded.

Figure 4, if it is a valid representation of the incarnation of the Infinite Soul, suggests that it is downloaded over a period of two or three hours. If the intent is to download the equivalent of six billion souls, about half a million must be downloaded a second, compared to 4.3 for all of incarnated mankind on planet Earth. If the Infinite Soul represents all the souls of mankind, estimated by Heindel to be about 60 billion souls, the number would be about ten times larger. And if an average number of 125 lives per individual is factored in, this number would be 1250 times greater. Since the Infinite Soul is thought to service seven sentient species, this value could even be around 8750 times greater. So even though the amount of data downloaded for an individual soul is small, the vast number of them required to form the equivalent of an Infinite Soul equates to a significant data download, one equivalent to the massive ‘life experiences' upload found for a mass causalities event.

Regardless, the 4.3 per second birth rate is scattered around the globe and it is tiny compared to the half million per second (or more) equivalent that would be directed at one (host) human being for the Infinite Soul. Perhaps the associated de-randomization of the local volume of space near Jesus/Christ at the baptism is related to de-randomization effects on the local atmosphere. This may produce some sort of observable thermodynamic effect. The bible reports that the ‘Spirit of God' (i. e. the Infinite Soul) appeared to swoop down like a dove upon Christ suggesting a visual affect.

"Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to John [see John The Baptist], to be baptized by him. John would have prevented Him, saying, "I need to be baptized by You, and do You come to me' " But Jesus answered him, "Let it be so now; for thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness." Then he consented. And when Jesus was baptized, He went up immediately from the water, and behold, the heavens were opened and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and alighting on Him; and lo, a voice from heaven, saying, "This is My beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased." (Matthew 3:13-17 RSV)

APPENDIX D - ACCURATE VULCAN EPHEMERIS - ADDED 03/17/2009 Recalculated 12/16/2009

Vulcan’s ephemeredes for the Maitreya have been generated with the most likely set of orbital parameters, but these results do not take into account errors that are associated with these values. The question arises as to how accurate these values are. To these ends, precisely derived tree ring and ice core data has been recently recovered that suggest that Vulcan’s period at least, and probably the other of Vulcan’s orbital parameters, has been accurately defined. Impacts, large and small from Swarm A Cluster 1 (A:Cl-1) of comets threatening Earth has been found to pass by Earth orbit at precisely the anticipated time.

Vulcan generates comet swarms that are in a 3:2 resonance with it orbit. That is, every time Vulcan orbits the Sun, the comet swarms orbit the Sun exactly three times. The precision of this resonace is demonstrated by Pluto and Neptune's orbital periods of 164.81 and 247.7 years respectively. 247.7/164.81 = 1.5029. Thus, for Pluto, the resonance is good to 0.19% or 0.48 years. Various methods are utilized for orbit computations, and the nominal stability for the comparison or orbital calculations is about 0.03%. Thus comparison of resonate orbital stability for the Vulcan/comet system is anticipated to be good to +/- a few years out of ten thousand (or 9938) years.

The intervals between their aphelions (or perihelions) of these comet swarms are not quite periodic because their orbits are influenced by Vulcan's gravitational forces. But the 3:2 resonance of these comet swarms with Vulcan indicate that two Vulcan revolutions must be a very precise fit to the sum of the intervals between three comet aphelions (or perhelions). The encounters between Vulcan (at ~444 AU) and the comets occur every third comet aphelion. The A' and A swarms come from two regions before and after Vulcan aphelion (at 448 AU) and similarly there are two more swarms B' and B formed at the next Vulcan revolution. On the Vulcan revolution after this one, the A' and A swarms again interact with Vulcan. See Figure 14.

Figure 14. Vulcan and the four main comet swarms, A', A, B' and B.

The swarms often break into two clusters, one with a comet aphelions slightly less than Vulcan’s 444 AU radius (e.g. a ‘low' cluster like A:Cl-1 and a ‘high' cluster like A:Cl-2 with the aphelion usually slightly more than Vulcan’s 444 AU radius at the encounter point. At the resonate encounter every three orbits, Vulcan is to ‘tighten up' or draw back the long orbit a little. In the other case Vulcan pulls the short orbit cluster out a little because the swarm is inside Vulcan’s 444 AU radius at the time of encounter. When these orbital periods are observed from the perihelion data (via weather changes), there are long and short periods in the sequences. For example, there are two high (or long) intervals and a low (short) orbital interval for A:Cl-2. For A:Cl-1, there is a single high (long) and two low (short) intervals. The two highs (long) or two lows (short) are approximately, but not exactly, equal because Vulcan’s gravity slightly modifies the comets orbital periods even when it is not in a close encounter with the comets. But after a series of three comet orbits, the sum of the three comet periods must be exactly equal to exactly two Vulcan orbital periods.

Tree Ring and Ice Core analysis provide the basis of determining weather changes in the distant past. Earth/comet impacts, which occur near perihelion, can be used to determine perihelions of these comet clusters. Even the best of cases, the orbital modeling generates time data that is hundreds of years off the actual tree ring and ice core data. While it is difficult to exactly model the comets orbits as they have not been seen for thousands of years, precise Tree Ring and Ice Core climatology data over the course of an exact resonate interval (three orbits of the comet clusters equating to two orbits of Vulcan) can yield a precise (two Vulcan orbital) period.

Precise climate change data is now available over a period of three comet (swarm) revolutions for one (and only one) comet cluster, the A:Cl-1 comet cluster.

The recent point is ‘double sourced. Dr. deJonge dates it to 235 AD via petroglyph data, although he also relies on Dr. Baillie’s tree ring data which specifies 236 AD. The Ice Core data offers the surprise as the new value of 11,703 years ago (from 2000 AD) is substantially different than the previous 11.81 kyr date of increased dustiness during the Bolling/Allerod period. The change of the ice core data is more than 100 years

The comet swarms form into clusters, for example for the A swarm, A:Cl-2 and A:Cl-1, and the intervals between their perihelion’s are not quite periodic because their orbits are influenced by Vulcan's gravitational forces. Modeled examples of these quasi-periodic intervals for A:CL-2 cluster (going backward in time from most recent perihelion Earth impacts) are 3111, 3417 and 3411 years. Thus there is a Short, than two Long intervals going backward or two Longs and a Short going forward. Similarly for the A:Cl-1 cluster, these quasi-periodic intervals are 3237, 3233 and 3468 years. Thus there are two Short, than one Long interval going backward. While these modeled intervals are subject to some errors, the resonance with the two Vulcan orbital period must be maintained. Thus the sum of these three intervals is anticipated to be about 9938 years (two Vulcan orbital periods).

However, the fit of these intervals to the actual tree ring data for the intermediate points is less than ideal. The A:Cl-1 cluster point one interval back from the 236 AD date should be at 236 AD - 3237 years = 3001 BC. But the tree ring data actually dates it to 3195 BC a difference of 194 years. Thus the exact intervals for the points between the two resonate points is difficult to model because the orbit of the comets are unknown and Vulcan modifies their orbits by one or two hundred years. The model in this case employed both Vulcan's orbit and the comets' orbits in the same plane which is likely not the case. Whatever is the case, the sum of two Vulcan periods or three comet orbit periods must be almost exactly the same number because the 3:2 resonance is in effect.

The precise difference between these three comet perihelions reflects exactly two Vulcan orbital periods. That difference, 236 AD to 11,703 years ago from 2000 AD, is exactly 9939 years. Vulcan’s orbital period must be 4969.5 +/- 10 years (one sigma). Thus it is statistically likely that one of the multiple objects in the error box of IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Survey) - pg L7) object IRAS 1732+239 is Vulcan and that the orbital parameters derived from it are correct.

The probability that A:Cl-1 comet cluster computed in this manner is identical with the a comet cluster being generated by Vulcan producing an average period of 3312.7 +/- 7.7 years (two sigma: Theoretical 3:2 resonate orbital period determined using the IRAS point) can be computed as follows by using a technique described elsewhere:

x = Absolute value of (PA:Cl-1 - PIRAS)/(SigmaA:Cl-12 + SigmaIRAS2)1/2

x = Absolute value of (3313 - 3312.7)/(6.672 + 3.852)1/2 = (0.3/7.70) = 0.039

Pr(A:Cl-1,IRAS) = 2[1 - F(x)] = 2(1 - 0.5156) = 0.9688

Anything over a probability of 40% means they are likely related. A probability this high (96.9%) means they are certainly related.

Theoretically, the Long Short pattern repeats. These theoretical values can be used to estimate when Earth could be again threatened by an impact. Dr. de Jonge’s petroglyph data seems to imply that the 536 AD and 540 AD weather changes were due to activity of the Krakatau and Rabaul Volcanos. Thus they may not be related to comet cluster A:Cl-2. Instead an impact from this cluster may have been related to his 472 AD (or mabe 440 AD) event. However, as of 01/12/2009 Dr. de Jonge was still not convinced that the 536-540 AD events were related to cosmic events.

AD440 A disaster wipes out the British population and erases what was then dense woodland - Gildas - ‘the fire of righteous vengeance...blazed from sea to sea..once lit it did not die down..it burnt up almost the whole surface of the island..Horrible it was to see the foundation stones of towers and high walls thrown down bottom upwards... Fire is sent from heaven whilst the fire of heaven burns. Days are as dark as night. The Isle of Axholme was suddenly overwhelmed..vast numbers of trees were instantly burned through near the ground and fell aligned NW/SE [similar to Tunguska,1908].

Perhaps the 236 AD event be associated with comet cluster A:Cl-1. Then theoretically it would pass near perihelion again circa 236 AD + 3468 years = 3704 AD. Should the 472 AD event be associated with comet cluster A:Cl-2, this cluster would be anticipated to again pass Earth 472 AD + 3411 years = 3883 AD. Alternatively, one can use de Jonge’s petroglyph data of 3006 BC and 472 AD to experimentally define one interval and then simply divide the remaining two into equal parts. Thus, for the 472 AD case, the intervals are 3478, 3230 and 3230. Then next passage of the A:CL-2 cluster is 472 AD + 3230 = 3702 AD. Applying the same logic to the 235 AD date, the result is 3489 AD. Three of these cases are uncomfortably close to Nostradamus' end of human related predictions, 3797 AD.

The Bible is full of warnings of comet or asteroid impacts, especially from Christ as found in the New Testament. Clear text Bible predictions speculating on impacts have been interpreted as follows:

"Starting at the end and work forwards, the last Cataclysmic Event is when the Earth is renovated by fire. It is discussed in 2 Peter 3:5-13 and Revelation 20:7-15. The Earth is turned into a sea of fire and lava. There are no longer any oceans. This event could be cause by a large impactor 100- 200 miles in diameter.

Before that happens there will be a millennium, a thousand years, of peace. Revelation 20:1-6 - God made a promise to the Jewish people, during this time he will begin to fulfill it. Before that there is a Great Tribulation. This event is discussed in Matthew 24:21, Revelation 8:5-13, Revelation 6:12-17, Revelation 16:17-21 and Revelation 18:8-10,21 to name a few. The damage falls in line with the damage that would be created from an impactor in the 2-3 mile diameter range. Across many cultures, dragons have been symbolic of comets. As a result, if the damage during the Great Tribulation, was done by an impactor, it is somewhat natural to believe that the impactor would be a comet."

The A:Cl-2 comet cluster is thought to be associated with this cataclysmic event on 3797 AD. Such a cataclysmic event is though to have happened to Venus several million years, and the planet has now cooled down and a new crust has formed.

Vulcan moves very slowly near aphelion, only 0.038o in Right Ascension per year and 0.0035o in Declination per year. So the Vulcan ephemeredes used to define the manifestation of the Maitreya is of adequate accuracy to support the opposite and parallel calculations offered in List 3 of this web page. The manifestation of the Infinite Soul on the physical plane is a significant event as far as the Oversoul is concerned. Thus it is speculated that the timely work of ice core researcher Jørgen Peder Steffensen at the Centre for Ice and Climate at NBI in the University of Copenhagen may have been orchestrated by it. This increases the likelihood that the Maitreya has manifested on 16 June 2008 as speculated. Vulcan's period is 4969.5 +/-0.7 years and its most likely location is constrained by IRAS 1732+239 whose coordinates are RA 17hr:32':51.4" & DEC 23o:56':36" and associated error box is RA 78"X Dec. 30" (in 1982).


This Appendix tries to show the differentiation between the host beings for the Christ and Buddha Infinite Soul Avatars (ISA). Thus, it can be anticipated what the host being may have been like that the Maitreya could have manifested in on 16 June 2008. The parallel and contra-parallel astrological aspects involved dramatically alter the specific host being chosen. Regardless, the ISA usually chooses a compassionate seventh level king soul as its host being. The astrology of the host being and the ISA are slightly different.

This work differentiates between Jesus the man and Christ the Infinite Soul Avatar. Astrological aspects caused Buddha and Christ to be treated dramatically differently and this influenced the environment of the host bodies chosen.

Buddha has a normal "parallel" aspect in declination and Christ has a "contra- parallel" aspect in declination. Astrological aspects color important perspectives of the manifestation of the Christ and Buddha avatars. Some astrological sources treat contra-parallels like opposites implying that they, too, are unfortunate for the individual involved. In the case of Buddha, a normal "parallel" is involved because both the Sun and Vulcan are at the same negative (southern) declination. A normal parallel is considered favorable and treated much like a conjunction.
These astrological aspects flavored the choice of the Host Being for both Buddha and Christ. In fact, they may have been the driving factors. Buddha’s ‘birth' is under a ‘Favorable Aspect' whereas Christ’s birth is ‘Afflicted' Because the Buddha and Christ avatars are born into host beings, the host must provide a suitable being for the ‘Favorable Aspect' or the ‘Affliction'


The Manifestation Of Buddha - Predicted

Kaundinya was a brahmin who first came to prominence as a youth due to his mastery of the vedas and was later appointed as a royal court scholar of King Suddhodana of the Sakyas in Kapilavastu. There Kaundinya was the only scholar who unequivocally predicted upon the birth of Prince Siddhartha that the prince would become an enlightened Buddha, and vowed to become his disciple. Kaundinya and four colleagues followed Siddhartha in six years of ascetic practice, but abandoned him in disgust after Siddhartha gave up the practice of self mortification. Upon enlightenment, Siddartha gave his first dharma talk to Kaundinya's group. Kaundinya was the first to comprehend the teaching and thus became the first bhikkhu and arahant.

Kaundinya was regarded as the foremost of the five initial disciples of the Buddha and later travelled around India spreading the dharma. Among his notable converts was his nephew Punna, whom the Buddha acknowledged as the foremost preacher of the dharma. In his final years, he retreated to the Himalayas and predeceased the Buddha.

Siddhartha - Early Life And Marriage

Siddhartha, destined to a luxurious life as a prince, had three palaces (for seasonal occupation) especially built for him. His father, King Suddhodana, wishing for Siddhartha to be a great king, shielded his son from religious teachings or knowledge of human suffering. Siddhartha was brought up by his mother's younger sister, Maha Pajapati. Although his father ensured that Siddhartha was provided with everything he could want or need, Siddhartha felt that material wealth was not the ultimate goal of life.

Siddhartha escaped his palace, accompanied by Channa aboard his horse Kanthaka, leaving behind this royal life to become a mendicant. It is said that, "the horse's hooves were muffled by the gods" to prevent guards from knowing the Bodhisatta's departure. This event is traditionally called "The Great Departure". Siddhartha initially went to Rajagaha and began his ascetic life by begging for alms in the street. Having been recognised by the men of King Bimbisara, Bimbisara offered him the throne after hearing of Siddhartha's quest. Siddhartha rejected the offer, but promised to visit his kingdom of Magadha first, upon attaining enlightenment.

Siddhartha and a group of five companions led by Kaundinya then set out to take their austerities even further. They tried to find enlightenment through near total deprivation of worldly goods, including food, practising self- mortification. After nearly starving himself to death by restricting his food intake to around a leaf or nut per day, he collapsed in a river while bathing and almost drowned. Siddhartha began to reconsider his path. Then, he remembered a moment in childhood in which he had been watching his father start the season's plowing, and he had fallen into a naturally concentrated and focused state that was blissful and refreshing, the jhana.


Christ appears to have incarnated into the man (Jesus) who may have been a natural outcast from the bigoted Semitic Hebrew culture of that day. While this work offers concrete non faith-based evidence that Christ is formed by the same astrological configurations as Buddha and the Dawn Of Mankind (a sentient species). It also suggests that Jesus was not the ‘paragon of virtue’ that the ‘church’ would have us believe. Specifically:

His manifestation under His unfavorable astrological aspect has permitted criticism of His personality to survive until this day. These criticisms allow us to paint an accurate portrait of this man that can prove useful in identifying the being that the Maitreya may incarnate in during our current times. Hosea may have been right. Jesus' natural mother could well have been Egyptian as they fled to Mary’s relatives in Egypt to escape Herod. This, combined with a natural Roman solder for a father, indicates that Jesus may not have been a Hebrew at all. The Shroud, The Publius Lentulus letter and an Edgar Cacye reading paint a decidedly un-Hebrew appearance of Jesus. While some try to dismiss the Publius Lentulus letter as religious piety, (religion again offers its afflicting influence on mankind). The letter, the Shroud, the Cayce reading and the Tzu Wei Chinese astrological description of Jesus/Christ hang together very well. The Tzu Wei also mentions in His Parents House that they are wealthy and (star 19) that the “subject (Jesus) was reared by someone other than his natural parents or if He was reared by his natural parents, there was a strong surrogate-parent figure (Joseph of Nazareth) in the background. Incidentally, the very biblical description of the Magi suggests that they are of Asian extraction because frankincense is mentioned. They were likely Buddhists as incense is still used in Buddhists temples. Matthew 2 The Visit of the Wise Men
9 After listening to the king, they set out, and the star they had seen in the east [Or at its rising] went ahead of them until it came and stopped over the place where the child was. 10 When they saw the star, they were ecstatic with joy. 11 After they went into the house and saw the child with his mother Mary, they fell down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasure sacks and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
The star they follow was the Tzu Wei king star (Polaris) after which this astrology is named. And after their visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem they appear to have found Jesus in Nazareth.

The Jews then:

Jesus spent most of his life in and around the farming village area of Nazareth. Similar to many farming villages throughout the world, life was patterned after traditions, roles and rituals passed down from many generations beforehand. Jesus was born into a very hostile religious environment. He was not among the other Infinite Soul Avatar (Sri Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha) based religions (Vedics, Taoists or Buddhist) available at that time. Instead He was in a Jewish household. Judaism appears to be a religion based on an extra-terrestrial alien contact; (see THE ALIENS OF THE ARK). However, it must be pointed out that the Judaism of His day was more like Islam of today, except that there was an additional emphasis on greed centered on money (Luke 16:13-15) among the Pharisees and that greed (Matthew 21:12) was ultimately responsible for His demise. Jesus just did not fit in even if the claim was made to the Sanhedrin that he was born into the House of David and therefore could be the ‘Messiah' as His followers claimed. He likely was viewed as a ‘bastard' and ‘malcontent' especially after the money changing event at the Temple (Matthew 21:12 etc). Both these factors had negative religious connotations. The combination of these negative factors made the crucifixion of Christ inevitable.


A suitable host being for the Infinite Soul’s (IS) manifestation should support the environmental quality that the astrological ‘Affliction' or ‘Favorable Aspect' defines for a particular IS manifestation. This astrological flavor is similar to that defined for all of Mankind because the IS is similar to all of Mankind. Specifically:

“Infinite soul Avatars are similar to an entire sentient species. Similarly, astrological aspects at the Dawn Of Mankind colors our existence.
The support of this ‘Affliction' is readily apparent in the environmental quality in which Jesus found Himself. Likewise, because this particular environmental quality was absent from Siddhartha environment, the ‘Favorable Aspect' under which Buddha manifested was suppoprted. Surprisingly, this critical environmental quality is simply RELIGION
“Since Vulcan is a "spiritual" planet (aiding in the formation of avatars and the ensoulment of mankind), and we are a Warrior species, the negative influence of the square results in a plethora of religious wars. Discovery and public revelation of Vulcan's existence and this astrological square could possibly lead to the understanding of (and even the curtailing of) these religious wars (which can now be horrific due to the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction).

The IS, during Christ’s manifestation, experienced the full human Affliction of RELIGION when He was brutally beaten and crucified. Mankind (more specifically the Oversoul) has remembered the brutally inflicted on its ‘Essence Twin' (Christ) via the Christian religion with a depiction of a cross (often with an image of Christ attached) on just about everything. The Christ, who experienced first hand the absurd judgmental nature of religion, has left us the following words of wisdom.15

The IS avatar Gautama Buddha, having manifested without this Affliction, seems to have resulted in a more peaceful religion. Further, the Buddha has left us the following words of wisdom.15

Considering the Maitreya, in addition to the Tzu Wei descriptors already specified in Appendix A, a suitable host being would likely have been raised with a decidedly ‘anti-religious' bias. Given the Warrior nature of humans and the current world situation, the host being may have been involved in past peace initiatives. The Maitreya may be desperately needed to stabilize the world situation should the possibility of a nuclear war threaten.


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    Each species has its own fields, and within each organism there are fields within fields. Within each of us is the field of the whole body; fields for arms and legs and fields for kidneys and livers; within are fields for the different tissues inside these organs, and then fields for the cells, and fields for the sub-cellular structures, and fields for the molecules, and so on. There is a whole series of fields within fields. The essence of the hypothesis I am proposing is that these fields, which are already accepted quite widely within biology, have a kind of in-built memory derived from previous forms of a similar kind. The liver field is shaped by the forms of previous livers and the oak tree field by the forms and organization of previous oak trees. Through the fields, by a process called morphic resonance, the influence of like upon like, there is a connection among similar fields. That means that the field's structure has a cumulative memory, based on what has happened to the species in the past. This idea applies not only to living organisms but also to protein molecules, crystals, even to atoms. In the realm of crystals, for example, the theory would say that the form a crystal takes depends on its characteristic morphic field. Morphic field is a broader term which includes the fields of both form and behavior; hereafter, I shall use the word morphic field rather than morphogenetic.
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  12. Does Memory Reside Outside the Brain?
  13. Mind, Memory, and Archetype Morphic Resonance and the Collective Unconscious
    There have been many attempts to locate memory traces within the brain, the best known of which were by Karl Lashley, the great American neurophysiologist. He trained rats to learn tricks, then chopped bits of their brains out to determine whether the rats could still do the tricks. To his amazement, he found that he could remove over fifty percent of the brain-any 50%-and there would be virtually no effect on the retention of this learning. When he removed all the brain, the rats could no longer perform the tricks, so he concluded that the brain was necessary in some way to the performance of the task-which is hardly a very surprising conclusion. What was surprising was how much of the brain he could remove without affecting the memory.
    Similar results have been found by other investigators, even with invertebrates such as the octopus. This led one experimenter to speculate that memory was both everywhere and nowhere in particular. Lashley himself concluded that memories are stored in a distributed manner throughout the brain, since he could not find the memory traces which classical theory required. His student, Karl Pribram, extended this idea with the holographic theory of memory storage: memory is like a holographic image, stored as an interference pattern throughout the brain.
    What Lashley and Pribram (at least in some of his writing) do not seem to have considered is the possibility that memories may not be stored inside the brain at all. The idea that they are not stored inside the brain is more consistent with the available data than either the conventional theories or the holographic theory. Many difficulties have arisen in trying to localize memory storage in the brain, in part because the brain is much more dynamic than previously thought. If the brain is to serve as a memory storehouse, then the storage system would have to remain stable; yet it is now known that nerve cells turn over much more rapidly than was previously thought. All the chemicals in synapses and nerve structures and molecules are turning over and changing all the time. With a very dynamic brain, it is difficult to see how memories are stored.
    There is also a logical problem about conventional theories of memory storage, which various philosophers have pointed out. All conventional theories assume that memories are somehow coded and located in a memory store in the brain. When they are needed they are recovered by a retrieval system. This is called the coding, storage, and retrieval model. However, for a retrieval system to retrieve anything, it has to know what it wants to retrieve; a memory retrieval system has to know what memory it is looking for. It thus must be able to recognize the memory that it is trying to retrieve. In order to recognize it, the retrieval system itself must have some kind of memory. Therefore, the retrieval system must have a sub-retrieval system to retrieve its memories from its store. This leads to an infinite regress. Several philosophers argue that this is a fatal, logical flaw in any conventional theory of memory storage. However, on the whole, memory theoreticians are not very interested in what philosophers say, so they do not bother to reply to this argument. But it does seem to me quite a powerful one.
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  15. This web site would like to recognize and thank the Infinite Soul Avatar for its incarnation in Buddha and Christ and recognize the pains it endured as these manifestations permitted the development of this web site.
    In the latest Vatican yearbook, the Annuario Pontificio, the title "Vicar of Christ" does not appear on the listing for Pope Francis.
    Int he 2020 edition of the Annuario, the page devoted to Pope Francis is headed simply by his name: Jorge Maria Bergoglio. Past editions have always been headed by the titles accorded to the Pope, beginning with "Vicar of Jesus Christ." Other titles have been “Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman province, Sovereign of the Vatican City-State.” In the 2020 edition, these titles appear at the bottom of the page devoted to Pope Francis, identified only as “historical” titles.
    Such a change would undoubtedly have required the approval of the Pontiff.
    Vicar Of Christ - Wikipedia
    The original notion of a vicar is as an "earthly representative of Christ"
    Lt. Col. Roy Potter (retired Army intelligence): The Messiah may have returned because the Pope has dropped the 'Vicar of Christ' title. Thus Christ can represent himself and this title no longer applies.
    Pope Francis Submits To The Beast Kingdom - Apr 7, 2020
    Pope drops traditional titles, "Vicar of Christ" (implying that Christ has returned to the physical plane) and the Israelis are unhappy about that.
    Something Is Definitely Up And Is No Good - Apr 20, 2020
    Pompeo: 'The Unique Individual, Anti-Christ, 'Christ?' has appeared'.
    Here's When Americans Can Expect $1,200 In Stimulus Cash To Hit Their Bank Accounts - April 12, 2020
    Assuming the Internal Revenue Service already has all your bank information from previous tax refunds, individuals who meet a few other criteria can expect to see the $1,200 from the $2.2 trillion federal stimulus plan to hit their bank accounts as early as Monday.
    The USA government shows concern for the economic and medical health of its citizens, even the elderly.
  18. Why Is Israel Looking For Imam Mahdi? - August 11th, 2013
    According to Mohabat News a pro –Israel Iranian Christian news agency, the fear of the hidden Imam is so credible that they posted news of how the CIA and MI6 have been going to Iraq for the past 20 years to get information about imam Mahdi; how they tortured religious scholars and innocent villagers to ask question based on where the Imam was last seen? Which city? What time and when will he be coming again and in which year?
  19. The incarnation of the Infinite Soul happened - 19/04/2020
    Vulcan, comets and the impending catastrophe
    On August 27, 2008, these scientists published information about the incarnation of the Infinite Soul. On this day, I began a scientific activities.
    Researchers claim that the incarnation of the Infinite Soul may have occurred (that is, Maitreya, the Fifth Buddha, the Twelfth Imam [Mahdi], the Second Coming of Christ, the Messiah). The Infinite soul has previously incarnated four times under the names of Sri Krisna, Lao Tzu, Buddha and Christ. These four are denoted as avatars of the Infinite Soul.
    On August 27, 2008, I (Bohdan Lysytsia?) published the first book on the Internet
    The main part of the book is the text from the Book of Revelation about the birth of God’s Chosen One and a new kind of society and my interpretation of this text. This text truly describes the embodiment of the Infinite Soul.
    The authors of this site published dates when the incarnation of the Infinite Soul could happen:
    June 16, 2008 [backed up by data from Princeton Random Event Generators (REGs) inputs from their Global Consciousness Project.
    June 17, 2008
    June 18, 2008
    June 19, 2008
    Around these days, I finished work on the first book. The difference between the date of June 19, 2008 and August 27, 2008 when the book was published is 70 days. The number 70 is one of the sacred numbers.
    It is believed that the avatar of the Infinite Soul will have access to all knowledge. The author of this web page (Bohdan Lysytsia) points out that the Book of Revelation in the bible believes that a man child (i.e an adult being) to rule the world or help it thru the impending crisis;
    5. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
    I, Barry Warmkessel, do think it is reasonably probable that the incarnation of the Infinite Soul has actually happened and it is here to lead mankkind thru the catastrophic times that mankind will be facing in our near future:
    NASA Chief Warns Asteroid Threat Is Real: 'It’s Not About Movies - May 1, 2019
    Asteroids could very well hit Earth in the near future and cause widespread destruction, according to NASA.
    NASA's administrator emphasized the significance of planetary defense in protecting people against possible asteroid and comet impacts during his introductory speech at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference on April 29:
    Further more, I think the simultaneity of the August 27, 2008 date is either coincidence, or reflects the Group Soul of mankind getting its 'act together' to support the manifestation of the Infinite Soul
  20. Pope Issues Disturbing New Age Pronouncements During Earth Day Address - April 25, 2020
    This pope, as he often does, used his speech to make a political statement that aligns with the leftists of the world.
    "At the same time, we need an ecological conversion that can find expression in concrete actions. As a single and interdependent family, we require a common plan in order to avert the threats to our common home" he said.
    The B Comet Swarm - 09/03/2018 - Updated: 04/19/2020
    Major Threat times are September/October of 2021, 2022 and 2023 but 2022 contains the peak threat.
    Double Asteroid Redirection Test (Dart) Mission NASA - May 8, 2019
    The DART spacecraft launch window begins in late July 2021. DART will launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. After separation from the launch vehicle and over a year of cruise it will intercept Didymos’ moonlet in late September 2022
  21. Divine World Government To Begin In 2021 And The Two Christs Shall Be Revealed!! - June 14, 2020
    7:35 Office of the Christ whe they are calling Lord Maitreya
    13:46 Photo of a Christ like being taken on June 1, 1961 in Chichen Itza, Yucatan (I am Sananda)
  22. Donald Trump Drops Four Major Hints Queen E. Is Out, And The New King Of England Is In! - Jun 27, 2020
    Donald Trump Drops Four Major Hints Queen E. Is Out, And The New King Of England Is In!
    1. Stands in front of St. John’s with bible… new king is King John III.
    2. Greg’s genes are good!
    3. Walks in front of queen!
    4. Shakes hands instead of bowing!
    • King John III Ascending To Throne As Queen E. Abdicates, But Wait... Sananda Says He's Not Christ!! - Jun 27, 2020
      Transformation Confusion
      Who is in charge? During the confusing time when many politicians and royalty are being replaced by Doubles, it's hard to discern the guiding hand or the agenda. The US Junta is reluctant to reveal that the US is under Martial Law, and the White Hats who have joined them in the cleanup agree. Thus we have Doubles acting like the old original they replaced.
      Rumours of a new royal situation confirmed by Zetatalk and Sananda.
      http://www.zetatalk.com/newsletr /issue717.htm - ZetaTalk 6/30/2020: The Doubles confirmed by the Zetas are detailed in Issue707, Issue709, Issue711, Issue713, and Issue715 of this Newsletter. The royal family under Queen Elizabeth has been eliminated. Thus it was with great interest that some in the UK noted that the Buckingham Palace shield on the gate no longer contained the shield for Queen Elizabeth II. Rumors swirled that she had abdicated the throne and that Joseph Gregory Hallett, i.e. King John, had won his court case. The Zetas confirm.
    • KING JOHN III - PART 2 - THE WHITE HORSEMAN (Part 2) - Jun 25, 2020
      Part to(sic) of this series on King John III (Joseph Gregory Hallett).

  23. Pastor Coverstone 's Unique Dreams
  24. Comet Will Hit Earth 'In 10 To 15 Years' And 'Bring Second Coming Of Jesus' - Sep 4, 2021
    A Bible scholar has found clues about a series of devastating comet impacts hidden in the Old Testament – and he says the next one could be just around the corner
    A comet will collide with Earth and cause total devastation within the "next 10 to 15 years", as foretold in the Book of Revelation, according to a bible scholar.
    David Hareen told the Daily Star that there's evidence that the Earth has suffered many more close encounters with comets than most astronomers believe, and that that one of these comets is set to return within the next decade or so, bringing the End of the World as we know it and paving the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
  25. A Comet Will Collide With Earth And Cause Total Devastation Within The “Next 10 To 15 Years”, As Foretold In The Book Of Revelation, According To A Bible Scholar. - Sep 4, 2021
    David Hareen told the Daily Star that there’s evidence that the Earth has suffered many more close encounters with comets than most astronomers believe, and that that one of these comets is set to return within the next decade or so, bringing the End of the World as we know it and paving the way for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
    When the comet arrives, sometime within the next 20 years, Jesus will make his long-awaited return according to David
    It’s important to note that the vast majority of astronomers disagree with David’s claims. But if, as he said, the next massive comet impact is due in the next decade or so, we shouldn’t have long to wait to see if he’s right.