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Lawrence P. Giver, Sonja M. Kawamoto, Barry M. Warmkessel, and Jane Yin.


"Someday after mastering winds, waves, tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will discover fire" - Teilhard de Chardin.

The Vulcan web site is one of the first to combine both physical and spiritual techniques to the solution of technical problems. Herein, a brown dwarf companion star to our Sun, causes quasi-periodic comet collisions with Earth. Analysis indicates that the passage of an associated long-period comet-swarm may occur this century. Such comets are often first discovered at asteroid belt ranges before passing around the Sun. Should any be on a collision course, possible impact locations could only be determined weeks, or more likely days, before impact. An impact could cause massive casualties and even cast Earth into an Ice Age.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 26 December 2004 demonstrated that animals were far more adept at surviving (this) natural disaster than were humans. It appears that animals are naturally linked to a non-Physical Plane of existence and that their experience of events occurs in a different manner than our own. Their ability seems to be applicable towards disaster driven physical events rather than intentional acts of choice (e. g. by man). The monitoring of the activity of migrating birds and elephants once long range comet detection has occurred, offers a way to predict, and/or verify, impending impact times and locations. Maximum lead times are undetermined, but may be as much as one or more weeks before the actual impact.

Even more remarkable, it appears that collective humanity may have the same latent ability, indirectly inherited from the 'animal species' from which we have 'ascended'. Princeton's Global Consciousness Project is exploiting an apparent physically measurable connection to the elusive concept of human consciousness. These measurements may offer the ability to detect disasters before they happen and they are exploitable through relatively simple modern electronic technology and mathematical analysis. This data and other data commonly known as the Bible Code had its origins on another plane of existence (AKA Heaven?), and is thought to be deduced by means of logic and reason. Further, this analysis shows that the 'Astral radiation' emanating from planets nucleating around Schwarzschild singularities (or black holes) can influences human (and likely animal) behavior via a psi-like wave (as in the dependent variable in the Schrodinger Equation) that changes the randomness of common physical events. The concatenation of these different types of data offers a method of initial survival and a way to minimize fatalities due to a catastrophe.



The Vulcan web site was initiated by the Metaphysical work, "Michael For The Millennium". This work suggested that Earth was in danger of a major meteorite impact within the next one hundred and fifty years.1 Within two pages of this comment, it was specified that our Sun, Sol, has a distant binary (companion).2 This simple comment initiated an investigation that led to the "Vulcan, Comets And The Impending Catastrophe" web site largely because one of the analysts was informed of the existence of "Essence Twins" and "Task Companions" which related to another subject of interest. Subsequent analysis has lead to the conclusions that the aforementioned danger to Earth is most likely valid.

The South Asian tsunami of 26 December 2004 was a vivid reminder of how dangerous Earth can be. A 9.2 earthquake-generated a tsunami near Sumatra, Indonesia and it was a minor one compared to one that may be anticipated from a major comet impact in one of Earth's seas. While this Vulcan web site seeks to warn humanity of this danger, a more graphic warning may be needed to awaken humans in a particular part of the Earth to an impending impact catastrophe. Thus, it may be beneficial to employ some to the best minds available, and we do not mean those of humans or extra-terrestrial aliens.

As strange as it may seem, perhaps the best minds for these warnings are those of animals, or rather their "Group" or "Hive" soul. With the human death toll standing at around 300,000, the animals clearly faired better than humans on 26 December. Specifically, see: Animals Fled - A Warning Missed
Giant waves washed floodwaters up to 3 km inland at Yala National Park in the ravaged southeast, Sri Lanka's biggest wildlife reserve and home to hundreds of wild elephants and several leopards, Reuters said. . . "The strange thing is we haven't recorded any dead animals," HD Ratnayake, deputy director of the national Wildlife Department, told Reuters on Wednesday. . . "No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit. I think animals can sense disaster. They have a sixth sense. They know when things are happening."
And if that is not bad enough, it was the animals, elephants in this case, who purposely saved the humans. See: Elephants saved tourists from tsunami
Agitated elephants felt the tsunami coming, and their sensitivity saved about a dozen foreign tourists from the fate of thousands killed by the giant waves.
Reasons have been offered as to how the elephants and other animals survived, but these seemed to be based on how humans think. And it should be apparent that humans are substantially different from elephants and most other animals. Thus, the purpose of this work is to present a mechanism as to how this "sixth sense" of animals works and how it can be applied to protect mankind against the anticipated impending comet impact catastrophes.

Curiously enough, the MICHAEL work was initiated with a 'demonstration' that it (a Mid Causal Plane Teacher) could purposely exert an influence on the Physical Plane. As a demonstration, the apparent temperature in the room dropped and a modest wind appears to have been initiated (perhaps due to the drop in temperature).3 The astrologer's Astral radiation is thought to cause this effect.

"MICHAEL announced that he would do something to convince us that he was actually here and that he had force." Jessica sits very still as she says this. "We are not of the Physical Plane," MICHAEL began, "But our existence is valid, nonetheless. For that reason, we will manifest to you in a way that is not physical by your standards. We are not doing this to frighten you. We are only interested in assisting you to verify us so that you will concentrate on the teaching." . . .

"First," Jessica Says, "the temperature in the room dropped. I mean just dropped about twenty degrees, like walking into a refrigerator. There was nothing gradual about it. Then a wind went around the room, blowing things over. The sheet music on the piano was scattered all over the room, the paperbacks on top of the bookcase were blown off, two pictures that were matted but not framed were blown off the walls, and anything that could rattle, did." . . . The others are silent. Finally Lucy speaks. "It was only the second session I had attended, and I was afraid something like that would happen often. I was scared to drive home that night. That wind was unreal!"

Has anything like that happened since? "Only once," Walter says with an expression of relief. "That was a little over a year ago, when we had a very troubled person attending a few sessions. . . He wanted to be given some sort of instant magic that would change him around. Instead, MICHAEL kept telling him things about karma and agreements and soul development, and this guy just got madder and madder" . . . Was it the same as the first manifestation? "No," Jessica says emphatically, and the others agree. "This time, the room seemed to get very dark, as if the lights were failing. It wasn't really any darker, but there was this shadow gathering in the room. I don't know how else to express it. The air itself was shadowed." . . . "It was worse than that," Lucy corrects her. "I don't like snakes, you know? I really don't like snakes. I felt as if there were this huge snake somewhere in the room." "Come on, Lucy," Jessica admonishes her, "it wasn't that bad. It was eerie. There was also a sound that I can't begin to describe, as if a voice were talking in a foreign language on a telephone line that was full of static." What was that manifestation? Was it Michael? "According to MICHAEL, it came from the members of that man's entity who were between lives and who were trying to reach him."

The significance of the drop in temperature is that 'temperature' is due to speed of the random motion of air molecules. Apparently, beings of the sorts found on the Mid Causal plane and the (second level of the) Astral Plane can influence statistically random events on the Physical plane.

Princeton University's GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT uses humans to influences a simple electronic "Black Box" (A Random Event Generator) to see into the future. What is really happening is that events known on the Causal and Astral Planes are leaking into the human sub consciousness. The alien generated Bible Code may have been constructed in a similar manner.

During the late 1970s, Prof. Jahn decided to investigate whether the power of human thought alone could interfere in some way with a machine's usual readings. Again and again, entirely ordinary people proved that their minds could influence the machine and produce significant fluctuations on the graph, 'forcing it' to produce unequal numbers of 'heads' or 'tails'. According to all of the known laws of science, this should not have happened - but it did. And it kept on happening.

At first glance the machine is an unremarkable piece of equipment. Encased in metal, it contains at its heart a microchip no more complex than the ones found in modern pocket calculators. . . The machine apparently sensed the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre four hours (odds ratio of 35:1) before they happened . . . But last December, it also appeared to forewarn of the Asian tsunami just before the deep sea earthquake that precipitated the epic tragedy.

'It's Earth-shattering stuff,' says Dr. Roger Nelson, emeritus researcher at Princeton University in the United States, who is heading the research project behind the 'black box' phenomenon. 'We're very early on in the process of trying to figure out what's going on here. At the moment we're stabbing in the dark.' Dr. Nelson's investigations, called the Global Consciousness Project, were originally hosted by Princeton University and are centered on one of the most extraordinary experiments of all time. Its aim is to detect whether all of humanity shares a single subconscious mind that we can all tap into without realizing.

'Very often paranormal phenomena evaporate if you study them for long enough,' says physicist Dick Bierman of the University of Amsterdam. 'But this is not happening with the Global Consciousness Project. The effect is real. The only dispute is about what it means.' . . . One of these new technologies was a humble-looking black box known as a Random Event Generator (REG) (or Random Number Generator RNG). It used computer technology to generate two numbers - a one and a zero - in a totally random sequence, rather like an electronic coin-flipper. (or an air motion simulator reflecting 'room temperature'?)

In the closing weeks of December last year, the machines (REGs) went wild once more. . . Twenty- four hours later, an earthquake deep beneath the Indian Ocean triggered the tsunami which devastated South-East Asia, and claimed the lives of more than a quarter of a million people.
'There's plenty of evidence that time may run backwards,' says Prof. Bierman at the University of Amsterdam. 'We're taught to be individualistic monsters,' he says. 'We're driven by society to separate ourselves from each other. That's not right. We may be connected together far more intimately than we realize.'

So could the Global Consciousness Project really be forecasting the future? Strange as it may seem, though, there's nothing in the laws of physics that precludes the possibility of foreseeing the future. It is possible - in theory - that time may not just move forwards but backwards, too. And if time ebbs and flows like the tides in the sea, it might just be possible to foretell major world events. We would, in effect, be 'remembering' things that had taken place in our future.


'Animal instinct' and their ability to react to disasters may be understood by examining the 'theoretical description' of how animals act assuming that they are being controlled by a "Group" or "Hive soul". Unlike the indwelling human soul, the animal's group soul is a denizen of the Astral or Desire plane, and the operation of this plane of existence is notably different than the operation of events on the Physical Plane. It is likely that this difference gives rise to the animal's 'instinct'. For example, Monarch butterflies migrate without 'elders' who know the way. Understanding this difference offers valuable insights into how these talents of 'dumb animals' can be exploited.

This unusual approach is warranted considering the scale of the impending impact disasters that may be anticipated over the next 130 years. Human death tolls may be thousands of times greater than those of the South Asian tsunami disaster. Further, this approach is consistent with a future spiritual approach to science. See: Tibetan Monks See ETs Saving Earth From Humans In 2012

Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry. Beyond 2012, our technologies will take a different direction.
It may be worth noting that a 'spiritual approach' is a common theme of the VULCAN'S NEW ORBITAL PARAMETERS, the EXTRATERRESTRIAL SENTIENT LIFE IN THE GALAXY and the WHAT THEY ARE LIKE web pages. The former two are quite mathematical in content.

There are almost a dozen reports that animals sensed the Indian Ocean Tsunami before hand.

With almost 300,000 dead humans resulting from the 26 December tsunami, and with the possibility of one (or a series) of comet collisions with Earth that could dwarf this death toll, it may be worthwhile to seriously consider how animals managed to save themselves from this tsunami.

Many have tried to explain how the animals survived this tsunami, but their analysis has considered animals as having a "human-like" capability of reason. So there is speculation that they could "sense" the earthquake and resultant tsunami. Perhaps acute hearing or feeling or sensing some electrical discharge was involved, and this was 'logically' associated with an 'earthquake'. But no concrete evidence has been put forth to reveal how this is accomplished or how animals can reason.

Animals cannot speak to us as we do to one another. They are not 'creatures of reason'. However, there are those that can 'communicate' with them. The minds governing animals are more 'alien' than those of extra-terrestrials found in other star systems. The reason is that their 'personalities' may be directed by a 'Hive' or 'Group' soul functioning on the 'Astral' or 'Desire' plane. So the first step in understanding animals is to understand the 'plane' of existence on which their group or hive mind operates.

The works of Yarbro's MICHAEL, the Rosicrucian mystic HEINDEL and the Theosophist Madam Blavatsky can be integrated to understand the nature of the 'Astral' or 'Desire' plane. These works give a consistent picture of this metaphysical space.

The first, and most important thing to notice, is that the Astral Plane has no time concept as we know it on Earth. When reflecting on data from the Astral Plane, it is like interpreting a dream. This is why Freud in his dream analysis realized.
That is what "dream analysis" involves, i.e. figuring out the symbols, the distortions, the displacement, and the reversal of feelings . . .

Science has discovered that mammals and birds have REM (rapid eye movements that occur with dreams) sleep but reptiles do not, so the (animal's) dreaming every 90 minutes is a natural biological rhythm.
Blavatsky describes the Astral Light as a region of illusion [quoted in Farthing, p.92].
"Our Astral Light is ...the Linga Sharira [subtle body] of our earth; only instead of being its primordial is the reverse. Human and animal bodies grow and develop on the model of their antetypal Doubles, whereas the Astral Light is born from the terrene emanations, grows and develops after its prototypal parent, and in its treacherous waves every thing from the upper planes and from the lower solid plane, the earth, reflected reversed. Hence the confusion of its colours and its sounds in the clairvoyance and clairaudience of the sensitive who trusts to its records, be (he)...a Hatha yogi or a medium..."

Note that Blavatsky (see 3c above) also claims that the Astral Plane has seven levels.

"With regard to the first division of the second [Astral] plane...all seen on it must be reversed in translating it, e.g. with numbers which appeared backwards. [It] corresponds in everything to the Terrestrial Objective.
Furthermore, human beings exist within this plane. At the lower level, there are often beings from the Physical Plane, such as those who assume that they are dreaming. It is the extraction of information in a reliable manner from the Astral Plane that gives animals their 'edge' in surviving natural disasters. They are not creatures of 'time' as we are when conscious on the Physical Plane. Nor are they creatures of logic and reason by time-driven physical laws as we are.

It would seem that the Astral Plane is made up of 'Consequence' space and material pliable through thought. In the Physical Plane, events flow from 'Choice' or 'Cause' to 'Consequence' or 'Effect'. The latter is lead to by a series of the former, thus 'time' is needed for this to occur. This is why 'time' exists on the Physical Plane, but not the Astral Plane. Once a series of 'Causes' occur on the Physical Plane, a 'Consequence' is created. Sentient beings, like man, can easily make choice. To do 'nothing' is a 'Choice' as it was the choice to do nothing. Animals have only a limited ability to make choices, and they are more sensitive to 'Consequences' of natural 'Causes'.

Next is to understand the nature of animal souls. They are not individualized as human (or extraterrestrial alien) souls are, but rather there is a 'Hive' or 'Group' soul that controls one species of animal.

Animals have no individualized thought or memory processes as we experience them.4 However, those animals who exist in close association with humans can be superb mimics of the human memory processes. Thus, they lack the capabilities of 'analysis'. They cannot 'feel' a distant earthquake and deduce that it means a 'tsunami' is on the way. But their 'Group' or 'Hive' soul does have intelligence, and furthermore, it views the universe in which it exists as a different kind of space, a 'Consequence' or 'Effect' space. 'Choice' is a very difficult concept for animals to grasp unless it is taught to them by a sentient being (e. g. a human).

MICHAEL suggests that a "cloud of dust" moves from a comet cluster and that it will effect Earth before the main bodies reach a region a distance of Mars (1.52 AU) orbit about the Sun. The comets will first become visible at about the distance of the asteroid belt (~3 AU). Then, sentient humans may anticipate that comets that may threaten Earth either 95 or 80 + 95 = 175 days. It is within this period that the behavior of animals should be closely monitored as the appearance of a comet swarm is a 'Cause'. The 'Consequences' of this appearance, sensed by 'its animals', is analyzed by the animal's hive/group.5 A warning of the localized 'Consequence' is then issued to 'its' animals.

If the hive/group soul communicates with animals, what is the process through which that is accomplished? It has already been postulated that 'astrological forces' work through 'seeds' of astronomical bodies, like planets and stars. The gist of the evidence justifying the use of astrology is that at least some form of astrology is valid since both causality and correlation can be shown. The basic postulate is that tiny primordial black holes are the seeds of the planets.


Black holes are formed by dense concentrations of matter. Any massive body bends space around it and this distortion produces the "force" of gravity. For black holes, the space around it is so distorted that not even light can get out. The boundaries of these black holes are called Schwarzschild singularities.

Ironically, Hawking has found that these small black holes are not black at all. The laws of thermodynamics (as derived through quantum mechanics) dictate that they radiate. The smaller they are, the more they glow. Those with masses on the order of a thousand million tons will radiate power of about ten thousand megawatts for the expected life of the universe.6 Their mass is diminished by this radiation. Smaller ones are believed to have already exhausted their mass through radiation and already exploded or detonated.

Table 1 lists known black hole locations. They are deduced only from satellite detected X-ray sources as they are absorbed by the atmosphere before reaching the ground. The right ascension (RA) specifying the location of these black holes has been converted to the commonly used astrological co-ordinate system. Their distance from Earth is specified in terms of kilo-parsecs (kpc).
No.Astronomical NameAstrological RA Range
1LMC-X324.72/GEM. 50 kpc
2CIR XR-120.18/SCO. 10 kpc
3V82115.70/SAG. UNKNOWN
4CYG XR-129.20/CAP. 2.5 kpc
(about O.O/AQU.)
If unshielded black holes influence humans at their time of birth, these objects must be found at fixed longitudes on their natal horoscopes. A list of such influences was published in 1924, long before X-ray astronomical sources were mapped by Earth orbiting satellites. Appendix D indicates their relation to astrological positions predicting "Homicidal Tendency". The probability of fortuitous (accidental) correlation of "Homicidal Tendency" with unshielded black holes ranges from 1:6400 to 1:80,000,000,000. This association suggests more stellar sources have co-orbiting black holes specifically; G339.6-0.1, V801 Ara, CYG XR-2, CYG X-3, Wray 977(?) and HR 1099(?).

This analysis shows that the "Astral radiation" emanating from these planet nucleating Schwarzschild singularities (or black holes) and influences human (and likely animal) behavior emitting a psi-like wave (as in the dependent variable in the Schrodinger Equation.) that reduces the randomness of physical events. Related physical phenomena are found in the MICHAEL teachings and observed effects found associated with global events detected by the random event generators (REGs) used by Princeton's Global Consciousness project.


The thesis here is that the animal's 'hive' soul understands patterned physical events as sensed by the collective species senses. Thus, it understands the natural 'Consequence' of impending winter and the need for the animals under its jurisdiction to migrate. It sends a signal to its animals to move through the utilization of fear. The same is true for an earthquake, tsunami or a comet impact.

What animals, or their hive/group soul cannot understand is the concept of choice or time. Thus, while sentient beings could destroy the threatening comets before impact, this is not understandable to it. Still, since the hive/group soul lacks any perception of time, the place of a disaster seemingly can be sensed. Thus, it can issue a warning of an event (to animals) that we will perceive to be in our future. The structural difference between the Physical and Astral Planes offers this advantage.

Animals can appear to be more alien to us than extra-terrestrial aliens who physically visit Earth in their space ships. The reason is that animals are governed by a hive/group soul that is a denizen of the Astral Plane. Within the Astral Plane one exists without time or choice. However, measurable dimensions, at least to some degree do exist. It is truly a 'dream world'. It is, in fact, because it is where humans go when they sleep and dream. This is why valid dream analysis can often foretell the future.

Yet the Astral Plane is real. Furthermore, it is hypothesized that an animal's group soul existence on this plane sends instinctual messages to (at least 'parenting') animals. Further, it is hypothesized that their hive/group soul is characterized in the same manner human souls are, i. e. by 'Soul Type'. For example, the beaver's hive/group soul may be of an 'Artisan', the song bird a 'Sage" etc. See Table 2.
ARTISAN - seeks structureExpressionSAGE - seeks communication.
SLAVE - serves common goodInspirationPRIEST - serves the higher good.
WARRIOR - seeks challengeActionKING - seeks to lead/mandate.
SCHOLAR - seeks knowledge

Animal operates from their instinctive center, but their hive/group soul can act from this, or the ones normally used by humans. It is unlikely that they can mix centers as humans can (with their indwelling souls). These Centers are listed in Table 3. Note these are only the positive poles because fear operates out of the negative poles and there is very little fear on the Astral Plane.
Ordinal Cardinal
Intellectual (Thought)ExpressionHigher Intellectual (Integration)
Emotional (Sensibility)InspirationHigher Emotional (Empathy)
Sexual (Amoral)ActionMoving (Enduring)
Instinctive (Atomic)


Humans in the Instinctive Center are often considered insane, like Feral Children or Idiot Savants.

Consider the following common definitions of Feral Children and Idiot Savants.
Feral Children

Feral children are children who have spent much of their formative years in the wild, without any contact with other humans for a significant period of their lives. Cases of feral children are thankfully rare, but are of immense interest from a scientific and educational point of view. Feral children provide data that help to answer a number of questions:

Studies of feral children in the past have lead to breakthroughs in the education of people with learning disabilities, and indirectly have lead to the development of sign-language and Braille.

These humans are like animals because they act out of their instinctive center and mix it with their other centers. Just like animals, they can be trained to do simple 'human like' tasks. In many cases, Feral children live with animals and tend to behave like their foster (animal) parents: they walk on all fours, make the same noises as the dogs, wolves or other hosts, and can bite and be aggressive. They can even find their way back when lost in the woods. This implies that they (like animals) are gaining information via the Astral Plane through their spinal column in the same way Heindel7 states that animals do. They pick up directions from their 'Group Soul' that is circling the Earth's surface. Apparently mankind's residual 'Group Soul' does likewise. Thus, these children are still 'ensouled' human beings. The information they acquire is from the reservoir of data acquired by mankind's 'Group Soul' that was obtained from humans who have studied the respective animals (with which the Feral Children are associating with) during their incarnations on Earth. Note that most 'normal' humans sleep and dream while 'lying down', because they are then interacting with the Astral Plane.

Science is complete baffled by the Idiot Savant phenomenon, i.e. how can these two cases be explained:

The 1964 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association concluded:

'The importance of the Idiot-Savant lies in our inability to explain him; he stands as a landmark of our own ignorance and the phenomenon of the Idiot-Savant exists as a challenge to our capabilities.'

In the years that have followed, the inability to explain the idiot savant has not lessened, and the challenge to our capabilities remains undiminished. However, no model of brain function, particularly memory, will be complete until it can account for this rare but spectacular condition, with its islands of mental ability in a sea of mental handicap and disability.

"Through the past century, since Down's description of this disorder, the several hundred idiot savants reported in the world literature have shown remarkable similarities within an exceedingly narrow range of abilities, given the many possible skills in the human repertoire. Why do so many idiot savants have the obscure skill of calendar calculating? Why does the triad of retardation, blindness, and musical genius appear with such regularity among them? Why is there a 6:1 male-to-female ratio in this disorder? What accounts for the more common occurrence of the idiot savant among patients with infantile autism than among those with other developmental disabilities?"
Little has changed since that meeting as there has been little investigation into the 'Science Of The Soul'.

What Is An Idiot Savant?

Current research theories show that intelligence is non-local and not bound to the brain. Sometimes nature offers insight into a particular subject by presenting a baffling enigma and contradictory example. Intelligence's contradictory enigma is the idiot-savant.

The word idiot usually refers to a simpleton, in contrast to the word "savant" in French that means "learned one." Idiot savants are a subgroup of a class of people called idiots with an IQ of about 25.

Idiot savants are a group of humans that are incapable of learning, writing or reading, yet they have unlimited access to specific, accurate knowledge in the fields of mathematics, music, and other precise areas. Now the irony of an idiot-savant is that this group of individuals does not acquire knowledge by learning as the average human does. They mysteriously 'know' explicit, exact, correct information. One may wonder: "How do idiots savants know certain information or possess certain skills?" By whatever means they obtain this information, they undermine current definitions about intelligence. Does their knowledge show that a source of intelligence exists? Is it possible to tap into this source and not know of its existence?

Dustin Hoffman made idiot-savants famous in the movie "Rain Man." He played the role of a mathematical genius able to keep track of cards at the casino, yet unable to go to the bathroom alone or to make simple decisions about what clothes to wear or foods to eat. Modern science cannot explain this phenomenon.

Idiot savants are illiterate. They have never been trained. In fact, they are un-trainable. Yet, they have access to a particular field of knowledge where they appear to be infallible. When asked a question within their area of expertise, 99% of the time, the idiot savant will answer correctly. Outside their area of specialty, they are idiots. They cannot perform the most basic functions of life without help and are generally institutionalized.

The knowledge Idiot Savants exhibit has to come from somewhere. This work hypothesizes that the information they possess is derived from the 'Group Soul' of mankind. The data is channeled directly to them along with the ability to speak. And why not? Sentient humans have been speaking, counting and performing music for almost 60,000 years.


The production of children is supposed to involve a random combination of chromosomes.8 When a woman ovulates, one egg per cycle is released. If a sperm reaches the egg, and is able to penetrate the outer layer, the egg is fertilized. This penetration sets off a biological chain reaction that changes the chemistry of the outer layer, making it impenetrable to additional sperm.

The chromosomes in the sperm or egg are half of the 46 chromosomes (23 "matching" pairs) required to produce a human. Each egg is not identical, and all sperm with a Y chromosome or an X chromosome are not identical. Sperm and eggs are known as gametes. Gametes (e.g. sperm) are produced during meiosis. In meiosis, the sperm cell goes through the normal division cycles (the chromosomes replicate) then pull to the opposite sides of the cell to divide). However after division, the chromosomes of the two cells get pulled apart again, leading to the sperm cell dividing into 4 sperm cells, each with half the normal chromosomes. These sets are determined randomly, meaning there would be not two possibilities for gene assortment (X or Y), but 8,388,608 (223) possible gene assortments. The same number of possible gene assortments is available for the egg, meaning there is only a 1 in 7.0368744 X 1013 chances that two of the children would be genetically identical without being identical twins.

Further complicating things, during cell division, there is 'crossovers'. This is when two chromosomes exchange segments during replication meaning the last base pairs of chromosome 23 on either its pair or on any other chromosome, making the genetic variability virtually limitless.

Fraternal twins occur when the woman releases multiple eggs during ovulation. If more than one viable egg is released, and both (or however many eggs there are) get fertilized, the number that are fertilized will each develop into a separate embryo that is genetically distinct. Having been in the same prenatal environment (sharing the womb) will lead to them being exposed to the exact same chemical and hormonal levels, variations, nutrition, etc, which can lead to the children sharing more phenotypic traits than their genes may suggest (phenotype is the visible traits of an organism, genotype is the genetics of the organism). For example, if you aren't fed enough, you only grow to 65 inches when your genes say you have the potential to be 68 inches). The completely separate eggs and sperm also explain how the children can also look unrelated coming out of the same womb at the same time.

With identical twins, a single egg is fertilized. During the first few cell divisions (within about the first few hundred cell division) something happens that leads to the cells separating too much. Their cycles get off and they start to divide on their own, and to form their own, separate membranes, leading to two individuals that originally started out as one egg and one sperm, hence the 'identical' designation. When the two twins don't separate completely, conjoined twins occur. Depending on which cells stayed together, different 'joining' positions occur for the two twins. Usually in conjoined twins, there is a dominant twin. This is the more fully formed twin. Many times, the other twin is more like a parasite.

It is against this random combination of chromosomes that the Astral ray's psi value brings order. The body type is linked to the personality of the soul. For example, the woman with the goal of 'rejection' may choose to have a 'square and beautiful' face to experience a 'picky ' personality. Just such a configuration is found in the Tzu Wei Astrology (e.g. star 64).9 The chromosomes' alpha helix must interact in some physical way with the psi wave to generate this facial type.


Ants - Learning From The Collective
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard," King Solomon (Proverbs VI), "consider her ways and be wise".

Heindel claims animals act by direction of the group spirit through.instinct instilled as fear. Most animals have an internal 'picture consciousness' similar to the dream-state in man. This seems reasonable as many of us have awakened in a 'cold sweat' after a dream leaving us 'shaken'. It is not unreasonable to imagine that this is how the animal's group/hive soul directs their activity on the Physical Plane. Animals are sensitive to the location of celestial objects (like the Sun or Moon) in the heavens, and may be able to transmit this information to their group/hive soul. This, being sentient like on the Astral Plane, can transmit a warning - in the form of fear - that encourages the animal(s) to flee or fight or migrate (north or south or to the sea). For example, when the elephants of Sri Lanka fled the tsunami's flood waters, what may have driven them was not an image of the incoming flood waters, but rather another image of something they naturally feared. While tourists were saved, usually it was the mahouts that managed to turn the elephants to lift some fleeing humans onto the elephant's backs.

The animal's group/hive soul operating on the Astral Plane experiences little if any fear. But the animals on the Physical Plane are driven by fear. Human fears are survival mechanisms left over from the days we were a non-sentient 'animal' species. These are the primal fears that drive us and likely they apply to 'parenting' animals as well. For example, animal 'parents' will protect their 'young' using various techniques, including luring a predator away (implying Martyrdom - fear of worthlessness) while the children 'freeze' their motion (implying Stubbornness - fear of change). Lemmings will leap into their demise (Self Destruction Immolation) in the sea and parenting birds will sacrifice themselves to a serpent seeking their eggs. As harsh as it seems to be (for some people are very close to their pets), the closest thing that animals come to 'love' is their ability to operate out of the positive pole of the 'Chief Features'. See Table 4. The animals are 'hard wired' to use these same primal fears as survival mechanism. Thus, the first step in understanding how animals operate is to understand the 'animal' part of us, (i. e. how our primal fears drive us). On a more positive side, the fact that animals seem to be able to sense disasters well in advance of their occurrence is, to some degree, tangible proof that the Astral Plane (AKA Heaven) exists. Humans evolve by choosing to eliminate these fears in their personality, which eventually permits experiencing joy through essence contact, the touching of soul to soul.
Expression Polarity
Self Destruction: The fear of loss of control.
Positive Pole: Sacrifice - Negative Pole: Immolation
Inspiration Polarity
Self Deprecation: The fear of inadequacy.
Positive Pole: Humility - Negative Pole - Abasement
Action Polarity
Martyrdom: The fear of worthlessness.
Positive Pole: Selflessness - Negative Pole - Mortification
Expression Polarity
Greed - The fear of loss or want.
Positive Pole: Egotism - Negative Pole - Voracity
Inspiration Polarity
Arrogance: The fear of vulnerability.
Positive Pole: Pride - Negative Pole: Vanity
Action Polarity
Impatience: The fear of missing something.
Positive Pole: Audacity - Negative Pole: Intolerance
Stubbornness: The fear of change or dealing with new situations
Positive Pole: Determination - Negative Pole: Obstinacy


Most of mankind is not currently incarnate from a spiritual point of view. While bodies may be dead and rotting in the ground, the soul continues to exist. It exists on the Astral Plane in an organized format. This collection of souls contributes to the 'OVERSOUL', a fragmented part of an animal's Group Soul from which we ascended. Further, our OVERSOUL is the repository of not only of human souls, but rather those of a total of seven sentient species, five of which are alien to planet Earth. These seven EILFs (ENSOULED INTELLIGENT LIFE FORM) formed at approximately the same time, and on star systems relatively near to one another. These are called a COMBO.

Each EILF contains about 60 billion individual souls.10 One of our COMBO's EILF (The Greys) report a incarnate population of 21.3 billion in their stellar system. However, on the Astral Plane, the smallest 'soul' unit is called a CADENCE.11 It contains seven individual souls or fragments, some of which are incarnate on the Physical Plane. Our separateness is an 'illusion' of the Physical Plane.12 Often, several fragments of a CADENCE do incarnate in nominal time proximity.

The CADENCE is organized into ENTITIES. Each ENTITY is composed of 1000 to 1200 fragments.13 Thus, there must be 50,412 human ENTITIES, but only about half of these could be associated with human fragments still evolving on the Physical Plane.14 The MICHAEL ENTITY is a bunch of re-combined human souls.15 The MICHAEL entity is a completely re-integrated ENTITY and its existence on the mid Causal Plane is the position of a 'teacher'. In fact, the MICHAEL ENTITY specifically associates Carl Jung's 'Collective Unconscious" with the collective fragments of his own ENTITY.16 "MICHAEL says that most of the founders of psychoanalysis were mature souls." MICHAEL also refers to Jung's theories of the 'Collective Unconscious' in this way.

"The man Carl Gustav Jung was a fifth-level old sage. If you read his writings, you will notice the difference in his perceptions and expression."

We dislike the term "unconscious." It is meaningless. The soul is eternally vigilant. The false personality does not have the capacity for becoming conscious. When Carl Jung described the collective conscious he was describing his own apprehension of the collective fragments of his entity, particularly those not presently incarnate. He was describing a direct confrontation with his own soul. This has become known popularly as the subconscious, simply through misunderstanding. Through the ages there have been old souls making this confrontation and attempting to describe it. He came closer than most westerners. Mysticism has never been a compelling force in western philosophy."

A CADRE is a group of seven ENTITIES and these are all formed at the same time, about 7546 fragments (souls).17 Individual fragments cast from the same CADRE exist on the Physical Plane more or less at the same time and spend much of their time interacting with one another. It is through these interactions that the great lessons of life are learned that are necessary for the fragments to recombined. The fragments learn to suppress fear on the Physical Plane as they evolve through the phenomena of Essence Contact (i. e. the touching of soul to soul). Essence Contact generates great joy while fear is basically a survival mechanism left over from our days as a purely animal species.

These ENTITIES must be circling the Earth (as the Group Soul of animals once did) in what Teilhard de Chardin argued was the source and substance of a noosphere (the Astral Plane?), a layer of intelligence for the Earth. Remember it was the MICHAEL ENTITY that caused Jessica's room to drop about twenty degrees (with an attendant wind). Thus, it apparently is able to influence the random thermal motion of air molecules. Therefore, it is postulated that it is these ENTITIES that influence the Random Event (Number) Generators used by Princeton's Global Consciousness Project.


The following information is taken largely from Princeton's Global Consciousness Project web site.

Introduction To The Global Consciousness Project (GCP)

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. The project builds on excellent experiments conducted over the past 35 years at a number of laboratories, demonstrating that human consciousness interacts with random event generators (REGs), apparently "causing" them to produce non-random patterns. A description of the technical implementation is given under procedures.

Although information will be presented with the scientific rigor that is required for accuracy and clarity, the site is intended also to have a strong artistic and aesthetic presence, We expect to use music and dynamic images both for background and for display of information, and we will provide links to a variety of articles and scholarly resources. We believe important aspects of the project may be represented in stories, poetry and philosophy, including selected readings from Henri Bergson, Teilhard de Chardin, Carl Jung, and others who have thought deeply about consciousness. For example, one of the guiding models for this project is Teilhard's idea of a Noosphere, or layer of intelligence enveloping the earth, and his description of mankind's evolution toward a destiny to fulfill that role. While this metaphor is more spiritual than scientific, it provides a very interesting interpretive background (one of several that we may consider) for our specific scientific questions. See also How the Measurement Works

Gathering of Global Mind

Converging Contexts
Three major threads of context were crucial in shaping the GCP. One is the history of research on consciousness and the development of measures that seem to capture direct effects of intention and group states of mind in an objective, scientific medium. Over the last few decades, technologically and scientifically sophisticated experimental work has produced incontrovertible evidence for effects of consciousness on physical systems, and evidence for anomalous interpersonal communication and acquisition of information about distant events. This research indicates a subtle but pervasive, non-local interconnection that is manifested by mind and consciousness, and the findings seem consonant with the second thread, namely, ideas like those expressed so beautifully by Teilhard de Chardin on humanity's purpose. He argued that we were to be the source and substance of a Noosphere, a layer of intelligence for the earth. (The Noosphere seems like the Astral Plane, or at least the Group Souls incarnate on it).

Combining these suggestions, we are led naturally to the idea of measuring effects of a possible global consciousness, and motivated to hypothesize that there might be detectable signs of a consciousness field representing a coalescing interconnection of minds. In a sense, this represents an exaggerated but testable form of a question asked by thoughtful people in modern efforts to address consciousness in psychology and philosophy. It is the hard question: is there something beyond the movement of molecules? Are mind and consciousness in a special realm that must be understood from a wider perspective than the physical which we have learned to measure so well?

Experimental Measures
In the laboratory experiments, people sit near a device that produces random numbers, but they have no physical connection to it (Now 'nearness' claimed not necessary). They try to "commune" or "resonate" with the machine (called a random event generator, or REG) while wishing it to change its behavior to produce higher or lower scores than it should by chance. The accumulated research shows a tiny but highly significant correlation indicating that consciousness can weakly but measurably affect the physical world. (Just like the MICHAEL channel could lower the temperature of the room about twenty degrees. MICHAEL claims to be a collection of re-united human souls.) What seems to happen is that the "noisiness" of the random sequence is changed very slightly. The amount of information or structure is increased and entropy or disorder is reduced. This may happen because it is relevant to our consciousness, which contains and expresses the necessary information and somehow impresses it on the environment. We apparently create a tiny bit of order in the world around us, simply by ourselves embodying structured information.

Consciousness Field
How do we jump from the lab results to "global consciousness"? Why should there be any effect of a world-wide New Years celebration, or a billion people watching a funeral ceremony, or the beginning of a war, on such REG devices located around the world? Although it must be recognized as a metaphor, it may be helpful to envision a "consciousness field (or the collectivity of the group of human souls not currently existing in the Physical Plane, e.g. those asleep, dead or waiting to be reborn)." Picture a faint radiance of information extending out indefinitely from each mind, with a wavelike inter- penetration creating tenuous interference patterns that differ depending on our intentions and our degree of engagement. Again, we are speaking of a metaphor, not an actual physical energy that we can directly measure, but something like a consciousness field carrying information, which may be responsible for the anomalous effects in "field" studies with REGs. These show consistent deviations of the data from randomicity in situations where groups become closely integrated or focused on a compelling mutual interest. During deeply engaging meetings, concerts, rituals, etc., the data tend to have slightly increased order compared with the expected randomicity, and we are able to predict this deviation, according to the type of gathering, with significant success.

In the GCP, exactly the same procedure is applied on a broader scale. We predict a detectable ordering in otherwise random data during world-scale events that are likely to engage the attention of large numbers of people around the globe. The prediction is tested by looking for slight, anomalous mean- shifts in either direction, that is, changes in the variability of the data. The statistics for the continuous data streams registered by the EGG network have well-defined expectations based on theory and calibrations. We simply compare the empirical data with this background to see whether our hypothesis is supported. Simply put, we predict differences from expectation which are correlated with certain global events. If there is any effect of global consciousness on our detectors, we look for it to be concentrated during those special times when humanity experiences broadly shared interests, feelings, and reactions.

The Random Event (Number) Generator network is called an Egg network. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Host EGG Locations Around The World.

The Technology
One of the best ways to visualize trends in the data is to graph the deviations of the average of the trial values from what is expected, and to display the accumulated total of the deviations. This produces a "random walk" like that shown in Figure 2, which wanders above and below the expected deviation of zero, but in normal calibration data shows no persistent trend. The figure plots the accumulation of differences of a normalized version of the mean trial score, calculated across all the eggs for each second. This "Z-score" is squared to become a "Chi-square" quantity, which has a well-known statistical distribution. The Z^2 is Chi-square distributed, and in the case of a single Z, the degrees of freedom is 1, so the difference is expected to be zero. When you cumulate such differences over a number of seconds (sequence of Z^2-1) they vary around zero and are likely to go negative as well as positive.

Figure 2. Trial Scores Are Normalized (As Z-Scores), Then Squared (Yielding Chisquare-Distributed Values), And Plotted As A Cumulative Deviation From Their Expectation. The resulting random walk is compared with a smooth curve which shows the 5% significance criterion. Note the Cumsum values less than 50.

A Sampling of Results - Current Results, Empirical Normalization
An example of the GCP registering a collective consciousness attributed to incarnate human beings is the recent historical pilgrimage of the Pope to the Holy Land in March 2000. The Papal visit was six days long, and incorporated many individual events that might have some significance to many throughout the world. There was intense news coverage, and people could be seen in the TV footage weeping for joy at the Pope's obviously heartfelt effort to lead in the right direction. For the GCP analysis, a decision was made simply to look at the accumulated deviation for the whole period, and the outcome was remarkable. A steady trend over the six days was exhibited, with a likelihood of a few parts in a hundred for such a strong effect. Such a long-continuing deviation was so unlikely that it seemed necessary to check that the EGG network and the analysis were functioning properly, so a similar sample was taken a few days after the Pope's visit ended. In this six - day sequence, there was no trend at all. Both data traces are shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. The Pope's Visit To Israel. Circles mark important events.

Figure 4. The 9.3 - Magnitude Earthquake Struck Just Before 7 A.M. (0100 GMT) Off The West Coast Of The Indonesian Island Of Sumatra, About 1,620 Kilometers (1,000 Miles) Northwest Of Jakarta,. Almost exactly 24 hours before the Sumatra shock, the GCP data show a huge and unlikely spike. Almost exactly 24 hours before the Sumatra shock, the GCP data show a huge and unlikely spike.

Figure 4 shows the results for the Indian Ocean Tsunami of Dec 26, 2004 - 300,000 killed almost exactly 24 hours before the Sumatra shock, the GCP data show a huge and unlikely spike. Then during the first day of the developing tragedy, a wavelike oscillation dominates the data. Early on Monday, a strong trend begins, which continues for the next 24 hours. The week following the tsunami shows mostly a noisy oscillation, but after five days, a steep gradient begins. Scientific interpretation is inappropriate, but perhaps we could let this symbolize a return of hope after the days of unimaginable devastation.

Figure 5. Earthquake In Rouiba, Algeria, Wednesday, May 21 2003. Note the Cumsum values at almost 100 before the quake.

Figure 5 shows the results for the Algeria earthquake of May 21 2003 - ~2200 dead. The formal prediction is for a period beginning an hour before the main trembler, and continuing for three hours after the quake. Though the trend is not very persuasive statistically, it is positive, and does have a relatively strong slope beginning just after the main event.

Figure 6 depicts the results of the September 11 2001 terrorist attack with ~2749 people dead.

The variance measure shows a normal fluctuation around the horizontal line of expectation until about three or four hours before the attack, then a steep and persistent rise indicating a great excess of variance, continuing until about 11:00. Shortly thereafter, a long period begins during which the data show an equally precipitous decrease of variance. It is difficult to make a direct calculation of probability for this figure, but the extreme excursion in Dean Radin's similar analysis reaches a level that corresponds to odds of less than 1 in 1000.

Figure 6. There were 37 eggs reporting on 9/11, over the 4 hour, 10 minutes prediction period,.

Figure 7. A Major Earthquake Occurred IN GUJARAT, INDIA Note: the Cumsum values below 50 a few minutes before the quake.

Figure 7 shows the Western India earthquake of January 26 2001 -where more than 20,000 people were killed. It was located about 65 miles (110 Km) north-northeast of Jamnagar, India or about 180 miles (290 km) southeast of Jyderabad, Pakistan and occurred at 8:16 PM MST, Jan 25, 2001 (Jan 26 At 8:46 AM local time in India). This quake was similar in magnitude to the Turkish quake in August 1999, and the prediction in this case was based on the striking outcome for the earlier quake. The period beginning 15 minutes before the actual event, continuing to 15 minutes after was taken as the formal data segment. In this case, the sharp upswing prior to the main shock was not found.

Figure 8 shows the Central American Quake of January 13, 2001 where ~825 people died. The period beginning 15 minutes before the actual event, continuing to 15 minutes after was taken as the formal data segment. As in 1999, there is a surprisingly strong deviation prior to the first shock. This could be a chance occurrence, but it might be interpreted, if found in other cases, to indicate that there is some influence on the Egg network that is a precursor to the actual quake. It is too strongly put, but there is a suggestion of something like an "earth consciousness" that feels the pressures and tension that lead to the seismic event.

Figure 8. A Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Caused Widespread Destruction In The Region, Especially In El Salvador. Note the Cumsum values over 50 ten to fifteen minutes before the quake.

Figure 9 shows the Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999 where more than 17,000 people died. Dick Bierman looked at the event from another perspective, collapsing all egg data within the 15-minute blocks to a single point, and then plotting the odds against chance for the deviations. His analyses cover a longer time-period, from two hours before to two hours after the earthquake. The first analysis shows the data for all eggs reporting at the time.

Figure 9. On the 17th of August, at 03:02, near Istanbul, Turkey, a large earthquake occurred, measuring approximately 7.8 on Richter scale. A standard Z plot is not available.

The sequence of unlikely "chance" events leading to the EGG project has brought us the means to examine questions like this by looking for distortions of chance itself, apparently wrought by consciousness reaching out to connect our minds and to touch the material world. We seem to have captured a faint indication that Teilhard de Chardin's vision of our destiny may become manifest.

This work is not the first to notice the correlation between animals fleeing an impending disaster and Princeton's Global Consciousness Project. For example, consider the Empirical Mysticism web site.

"For thousands of years there has been anecdotal evidence of an innate awareness in animals -- an ability to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, to know of an owner's death miles away. In 373 B.C., historians recorded that rats, snakes and weasels deserted the Greek city of Helice in droves just days before a quake devastated the place. In 1975 the Chinese government attributed their accurate prediction an earthquake in Haicheng and the life-saving evacuation of the city to the observation of the strange behavior in animals. There are also stories of a human connectedness, of twins and lifetime lovers sharing an uncanny bond, unlikely stretches of luck, the power of prayer, new ideas leaping across entire continents with no explainable conduit.

I've been sitting on the stunning finding of the University of Princeton's Global Consciousness Project for some time, and with these recent accounts of animal behavior during the tsunami disaster, it seems like a perfect time to bring everyone here up to speed."

But this work attempts to explain and quantify the observed results.

First, it does appear that the results for the 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami did indeed demonstrate a 24-hour warning, and this is consistent with the way animals have reacted to natural disasters in the past. Further, there were EGGs in the Indian and Indonesian areas affected by the quake and ensuing tsunami. There may have been a modest warning a few minutes before the Algeria Earthquake, May 21 2003. There were EGGs nearby in Europe.

Based on the OVERSOUL data outlined above, it would appear that ENTITIES are warning interested or possibly soon to be affected souls (fragments) of an impending disaster. There were no EGGs in the Central American Quake, January 13, 2001 area either, but there is a considerable population of these countries living in the western USA where there is a dense concentration of EGGs. There was a modest warning of an impending event about 10 minutes before the quake, but the death toll due to this quake was small. There were no EGGs near the densely populated Indian subcontinent where the Western India Quake, January 26 2001 occurred, hence there were no warnings. This may be due to the absence of any souls of related ENTITIES living in these areas


It seems there is an earth consciousness, a Gaiamind and its existence can be seen in Princeton's GCP! This work dubs it the Oversoul which is formed of the fragmented CADRES and ENTITIES. These items are reforming as the fragmented part of human animal's Group Soul evolves and recombines. Our Group Soul is one of seven EILFs (Ensouled Intelligent Life Form) forming our COMBO and all related beings contribute to our Oversoul. The flavor of the EILFs on the Physical Plane follows the same general pattern as does human and animal (Group) souls. See Table 5.
ARTISAN - NommosExpressionSAGE Cetaceans
SLAVEInspirationPRIEST The Wood Aliens
WARRIOR - humansActionKING - Iargans

Our Oversoul exists on both the Physical and Astral Planes but unlike an animal species group/hive soul, it is familiar with the properties of both these planes of existence. In particular, it is very familiar with the concepts of time, choice and consequence. Furthermore, it has some of the best minds of several sentient species (EILFs) operating in a fear free environment. Further, it has the advantage of operating on the Astral Plane where time is non-existent. It can sense the 'choice free' future. But the problem of getting this information from the Physical Plane to the Astral Plane still exists.

There are famous prophets among humans. Not counting the notables, like Nostradamus and Mother Shipton, there are ones that populate religious circles. For example:

The point here is that 'prophecy' is associated with 'religious' people, and that particular quality is emphasized in our COMBOs (extra-terrestrial alien) Priest species EILF.

There are indications that this species has visited mankind. Specifically our COMBO'S Priest species EILF has been identified and it has likely dictated the Hebrew Pentateuch to Moses. Found within these dictations are data called the Bible Code. It has produced predictions of both minor and catastrophic events some of which have already happened. Major catastrophes such as comet or asteroid impacts, super volcano eruptions and/or nuclear detonations remain to occur.

Sentient beings unite both the Physical and Astral Planes. While on the Astral plane, they retain their knowledge of physical laws, especially those involving time. But they experience the Astral Plane with its absence of time, choice and consequence. However, it is our Priest Combo species that are most skilled at experiencing both simultaneously. This skill is called 'prophecy'. The resultant knowledge, presented in one form, is the Bible Code. Another form, when done properly, is prophecy.


Long period comets are usually first detected between the orbits Mars and Jupiter, two or three months before they reach distances of about Earth's orbit as they round the Sun. If they are on a collision course, their trajectories cannot be accurately computed until they are quite close to Earth. Thus precise impact locations can be determined only weeks or a few days before impact. The passage of these long period comet swarms often changes the course of human civilization. The Bible Code and other prophecies have offered long-range impact predictions that fall within mathematically projected windows of when these swarms should appear. The 3200 years old Bible Code is believed to have originated from alien visitors particularly skilled in the art of prophecy.18

Amazingly, it appears that there are 'spiritual beings' on another 'plane' and they communicate with both animals and humans via a 'ray' that alters the random occurrence of events. This 'ray' has as its source Schwarzschild singularities (black holes) and it is similar to the Schrodinger Equation's psi- like wave.

Monitoring of parenting animal behavior once long-range comet detection has occurred, offers a way to predict, or verify, impending impact locations. Merging animal activity around those locations predicted by the Bible Code seems to be a promising technique. Migrating birds may offer some of the best indicators, as they are the descendents of dinosaurs who have been massively devastated by past impacts. Likewise, monitoring abnormal agitation found in elephants may also be worthwhile because Mammoths likely have been driven to extinction in Siberia by such impacts. While animals may be 'dumb', the 'spiritual beings' that governs them are not. Reactions may be found as much as a week or more before the actual impacts because animals (unlike humans) are skilled interpreters of the messages sent by their associated spiritual beings. While on the subject of parents, there is only a 1 in 7 X 1013 chance that two of their children would be genetically identical without being identical twins. Still, the Tzu Wei Chinese astrology often successfully predicts body type testifying to the power of this 'ray'.

An attempt to generate statistically sound data from Princeton's Global Consciousness Project (GCP) seems warranted. Currently, there are only hints that warning times longer than a few hours or a day can be achieved. Perhaps careful analysis of the EGG data could also reveal locations threatened by impacts. Currently Princeton's GCP may be sufficient to issue a global warning a few hours before an actual impact and preparations should be made for blast, ash fallout or tsunami. These three different techniques should be concatenated. For example, if multiple comets appear in the skies during a dangerous period specified by the Bible Code and animals exhibit nervous behavior or flee an area (especially one specified by the Bible Code) the humans in that area should likewise rapidly depart.


1. How Far Out Of Touch With Reality Is The USGS? (U.S. Geological Survey)
Question: Can animals predict earthquakes?
Changes in animal behavior can not be used to predict earthquakes. Even though there have been documented cases of unusual animal behavior prior to earthquakes, a reproducible connection between a specific behavior and the occurrence of an earthquake has not been made.
2. Animals Sensed Quake/Tsunami In Advance
The tsunami killed 600 people across 50-55 villages in Cuddalore district and Keezputhupattu. There was hardly any trace of a dead cattle, goat or dogs, said an army jawan involved in removing the debris at the Devanampattinam fishing village where over 100 death were reported.
3. Did animals sense the tsunami?
"There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence about dogs barking or birds migrating before volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. But it has not been proven," Matthew van Lierop, an animal behavior specialist at Johannesburg Zoo, said.

The Romans saw owls as omens of impending disaster and many ancient cultures viewed elephants as sacred animals endowed with special powers or attributes.
4. Animals Escaped Tsunami Waves
Tsunami waves reached two miles inland (Sri Lanka) to the island's biggest wildlife reserve, home to elephants, deer, jackals and crocodiles, the BBC reported Friday. Many tourists drowned but, to the surprise of wildlife officials, apparently none of the animals died.
5. Tsunami adds to belief in animals 'Sixth Sense'
"Wildlife seem to be able to pick up certain phenomenon, especially birds ... there are many reports of birds detecting impending disasters," said Clive Walker, who has written several books on African wildlife.
6. Tsunami Animals: A Sixth Sense?
Animal behavior experts and scientists say it's probably overplaying it to suggest that creatures of the wild are psychic. But they do agree that animals can hear and feel things that humans can't. Researchers in China have been studying the issue as early as the 1950s and have found that some animals, like snakes, can detect earthquakes in advance. Snakes were seen slithering out of their dens in the middle of winter hibernation, and other animals also seemed to sense quakes before they hit.

There have been stories in Sri Lanka and Thailand of elephants running for the hills up to an hour before the tsunami bore down on the coastal lands, wiping out entire villages and killing up to 150,000 people. In Sri Lanka's second largest wildlife preserve, Yala National Park, people reportedly observed three elephants running away from the shore area to higher ground an hour before the tsunami hit, Corea said. There were other reports that elephants in Thailand carried tourists on their backs to safety before the coastal areas were inundated.

Yala National Park, home to at least 250 elephants, was particularly hard-hit by the tsunami. About 40 visitors were washed out to sea among the roughly 200 who died there, according to The Associated Press. Two of the elephants in the park had tracking collars, though there was no comment on what researchers have discovered. And elephants weren't the only animals seen turning away from the shore before the tsunami hit. Birds, monkeys, dogs and other creatures were all reportedly acting differently on the morning of Dec. 26.

Corea, a Sri Lankan who immigrated to the U.S. 20 years ago, said he has seen few animal carcasses in his surveys of the park, as well as in Colombo, Galle and other places affected by the disaster. In Yala, there were only a couple of dead buffalo after the water receded. "There have been no reports of elephant carcasses, deer, leopards, black bears, sloth bears," Corea said. He drove through towns like Galle, which are full of stray animals, and "didn't see any dead cows or goats. ... My colleague saw only one dead cat."

Corea also heard a story about visitors to the park who were trying to feed bananas to some monkeys when the tsunami came ashore and the monkeys turned their noses up, literally. "Bananas would be something normally that would make monkeys go bananas," he said. "These monkeys were totally disinterested, staring up in a confused mode as if they were reacting to something."
7. Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?
In 373 B.C., historians recorded that animals, including rats, snakes and weasels, deserted the Greek city of Helice in droves just days before a quake devastated the place.
8. Animals Invited To Help Forecast Earthquakes succeeded for a 7.3 earthquake on Feb. 4, 1975.
"About one week before an earthquake happens, animals' behaviors would become obviously abnormal," said Xu Jing, deputy chief engineer of the city's seismological bureau. And the more abnormal the animals act, the stronger the earthquake would probably be.

It is believed that more than 100 kinds of animals can "predict " earthquakes, including horses, donkeys, pigs, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, rats, snakes, and fish. Some are restless, some are dazed and some change their habits.

The most tragic quake to occur in China was the one hitting Tangshan of Hebei Province, the province surrounding Beijing, on July 28, 1976. Measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, it killed some 242,000 people.
9. Quake 'Animal Warnings' Validate Geologist Berkland
Brilliant California geologist Jim Berkland discovered how to predict most earthquakes in the 1970's (80+% accuracy) as being factors of the moon's gravity and tidal flows. He also discovered - and has been discussing - pre-earthquake 'animal warnings' for over 20 years.
10. The Use Of Animals In Earthquake Prediction
Research being carried out in China has indicated that recognition of unusual animal behavior in a systematic way can lead and be used, in conjunction with other methods, as a means of predicting large and potentially destructive earthquakes. The following are examples of observed unusual animal behavior before major earthquakes occurred.

In 1920, the largest earthquake to hit China with a magnitude of 8.5 occurred in Haiyuan County, Ninghsia Province. According to reports of eyewitnesses, prior to this earthquake, wolves were seen running around in packs, dogs were barking unusually, and sparrows were flying around wildly. It is reported that prior to the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in 1966 in Hsingtai County, Hopei Province, in Northern China, all the dogs at a village near the epicenter had deserted their kennels and thus survived the disaster.

Prior to the earthquake of July 18, 1969, (magnitude 7.4) in the Pohai Sea, unusual behavior was observed in seagulls, sharks, and five different species of fish. Based on observations of unusual behavior of giant pandas, deer, yaks, loaches, tigers and other animals, a warning was issued at the Tientsin People's Park Zoo, two hours before the earthquake struck.

The Chinese began to study systematically the unusual animal behavior, and the Haicheng earthquake of February 1975 was predicted successfully as early as in mid-December of 1974. The most unusual circumstance of animal behavior was that of snakes that came out of hibernation and froze on the surface of the earth. . . Local people saw hibernating snakes coming out from their holes and into the snow. In the first three days in February the activity intensified even more and unusual behavior of the larger animals such as cows, horses, dogs and pigs was reported. On February 4, 1975, an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck the Haicheng County, Liaoning Province. This quake was successfully predicted.

More instances of unusual animal behavior were reported. A stock-breeder in northern China, feeding his animals before dawn on July 28, 1976, in the area of the Kaokechuang People's Commune, approximately 40 kilometers away from the city of Tangshan, reported that his horses and mules instead of eating were jumping and kicking until they finally broke loose and ran outside. A few seconds later, a dazzling white flash illuminated the sky. Tremendous rumbling noises were heard as a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Tangshan area. No successful prediction, some 242,000 people killed.

Was this earthquake due to a meteorite impact on an air burst?
11. 90,000 Chinese Saved By Lone Animal Quake Prediction - February 4, 1975 Quake.
Animals have a great sense of knowing things before they happen. House pets seem to know that their owner will be coming home, even before they arrive. They don't receive any physical signals, but they still wait by the door or window to wait for their owner. Homing pigeons also use this ability although it is not fully understood. Many pet owners say that they have some sort of psychic bond or telepathic link with their pets. Some pets even act strangely before an earthquake hits.

David Jay Brown, a graduate student, was in a university laboratory with three calm rabbits. Suddenly, they became noticeably agitated. They were hopping around in their cages wildly for five minutes, and then a 5.2 earthquake hit the school!

In China on February 4, 1975, the people of Haicheng were successfully evacuated right before a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the school! The decision to evacuate the city was taken primarily because of the strange behavior of animals. Most of the city was destroyed but all of the people in the city were evacuated before the earthquake. Almost 90,000 lives were saved. But a year later, they didn't evacuate.


1a. MICHAEL: There Is Time Only On The Physical Plane. 19

We would wish to remind all here present that the process of living on the Physical Plane is the focus of the "reason" for ensouled life on the physical plane. Any life where this perception is recognized and validated is one in which essence evolution is possible. On other planes of existence there is no on-going and recognizable manifestation of "time" or the aspects of choice that stem from the hazards of the Physical Plane. On no other plane does choice have so many forms of manifestation as it does on the Physical Plane, and on no other plane of existence does the nature of the plane itself impinge so relentlessly on fragments (sentient beings) extant there. . . . The progression of days is a valid experience, and all days, no matter how many or how few, are equally valid. What you are here to do in each and every life on the physical plane is, in fact, deal with the Physical Plane and being ensouled in the human species.

1b. HEINDEL: There Is Not Time On The Desire World. 20

We said there is no time in the Desire World, and the reader will readily understand that such must be the case from the fact, already mentioned, that nothing there is opaque.

In this world the rotation of the opaque earth upon its axis is responsible for the alternating conditions of day and night. We call it day when the spot where we live is turned towards the Sun and its rays illumine our environment, but when our home is turned away from the Sun and its rays obstructed by the opaque earth we term the resulting darkness night. The passage of the earth in its orbit around the Sun produces the seasons and the year, which are our divisions of time. But in the Desire World where all is light there is but one long day. The spirit is not fettered there by a heavy physical body, so it does not need sleep amid existence is unbroken. Spiritual substances are not subject to contraction and expansion such as arise here from heat and cold,

2a. MICHAEL: Astral Matter Is Wholly Malleable.21

Another concern of those incarnate is the "care and feeding" of the body. Bodies are unique to the Physical Plane. Astral matter may be formed into physical beings, since it is wholly malleable and maintained in that form for as long as the concentration and energy can support them. But the physical manifestation of Astral matter is not the same thing as having a body. Bodies, by their very nature, endure "wear and tear", which is part of the nature of the Physical Plane. They also require "up-keeping", such as food, sleep, water, - both internal and external- exercise, and grooming if they are going to function well.

2b. HEINDEL: The Desire World Called Astral Or Starry By Old Alchemists. 22

It is one of the peculiarities of Desire stuff, which is the matter of the Desire World that it is exceedingly plastic and readily molded by thought. In the twinkling of an eye it takes the most different shapes according to the thought that ensouls it, and where many people upon earth think along similar lines all their thoughts mass themselves and form one grand whole.

Thus, in the lower regions of the Desire World, the thoughts of people who believe in a fiery, furnace-like Hell make of the Desire stuff there such a place of torture. There we may see devils with horns, hoofs and tails, prodding the unhappy sinners with pitchforks, and often when people pass out at death, after having lived in that belief, they are in a sad state of fear on beholding this place which they have helped to create. There is also in the higher regions of the Desire World a city such as you describe, a New Jerusalem with pearly gates, with a sea of glass and its great white throne upon which is seated a thought form of God, created by these people and appearing like an old man. It is probable that you visited this place, which is a permanent feature of the Desire World, and will remain so as long as people continue to think of the New Jerusalem in that way, for these forms have no life apart from the sustained thoughts of mankind, and when in time humanity shall have outgrown that faith, the city created by their thoughts will cease to exist. Its crystal-like appearance is due to the exceeding brilliance of the Desire stuff of which it is built. The old alchemists called the Desire World "Astral," "starry," on that account.

3a. MICHAEL: The Astral Plane Has Seven Levels 23

Stop thinking of the Astral Plane as "up there." it is "down here." reach out and touch it. The first level of the Astral Plane is populated by living fragments adept at Astral travel, and those souls who penetrate this plane accidentally through drugs. The second level of the Astral Plane is inhabited by all those between bodies. The third level attracts old souls who are trying to burn final karma (karma = placing another in a position where they cannot make choices, such as by killing them or imprisonment under false pretexts.) without being reborn. The mid-Astral bodies are partially reunited entities. You have manifested a mid-Astral entity previously. The three higher levels are progressively integrated; access to the high planes is through these levels. Even very high adepts have fantasies concerning the high planes.

3b. HEINDEL: Seven Levels Of The Desire World. 24

Purgatory occupies the three lower regions of the Desire World. The first heaven is in the three upper regions. The central region is a sort of borderland - neither heaven nor hell. In this region we find people who are honest and upright; who wronged no one, but were deeply immersed in business and thought nothing of the 'higher' life. For them the Desire World is a state of the most indescribable monotony. There is no "business" in that world nor is there, for a man of that kind, anything that will take its place. He has a very hard time until he learns to think of higher things than ledgers and drafts. The men who thought of the problem of life and came to the conclusion that "death ends it all;" who denied the existence of things outside the material - sense world - these men also feel this dreadful monotony. They had expected annihilation of consciousness, but instead of that they find themselves with an augmented perception of persons and things about them. They had been accustomed to denying these things so vehemently that they often fancy the Desire World as hallucination, and may frequently be heard exclaiming in the deepest despair, "When will it end? When will it end ?"

3c. BLAVATSKY: The Astral Plane: The description regarding these subdivisions is the most detailed of all the planes mentioned here, and can be quoted in full:

  1. "With regard to the first division of the second [Astral] plane...all seen on it must be reversed in translating it, e.g. with numbers which appeared backwards. [It] corresponds in everything to the Terrestrial Objective.
  2. The second division corresponds to the second of the (Terrestrial)... plane, but the objects are of extreme tenuity, an astralised Astral. This plane is the limit of the ordinary medium...A non-mediumistic person to reach it must be asleep or in a trance . . . or in ordinary delirium...
  3. The third, the Pranic, is of an intensely vivid nature. Extreme delirium carries the patient to this plane. In delirium tremens the sufferer passes to this and to the one above it. Lunatics are often conscious on this plane, where they see terrible visions.
  4. It runs to the fourth division, the worst of the Astral Planes, Kamic and terrible. Here come the images that tempt; images of drunkards in Kama Loka impelling others to drink; images of all vices inoculating men with the Desire to commit crimes. The weak imitate these images in a kind of monkeyish fashion, so falling under their influence. This is also the cause of epidemics of vices, and cycles of disaster, of accidents of all kinds coming in groups...
  5. The fifth division is that of premonition in dreams, of reflections from the lower mentality, glimpses into past and future, the plane of things mental and not spiritual. The mesmerized clairvoyant can reach this place...
  6. The sixth is the plane from which come all beautiful inspirations of art, poetry, and music; high types of dreams, flashes of genius. Here we have glimpses of past lives, without being able to locate or analyse them.
  7. We are on the seventh plane in the moment of death or in exceptional visions. The drowning man is here when he remembers his past life. The memory of events on this plane must be centred in the heart, "the seat of Buddha"...."

3d. Michael: The Astral And Causal Planes. 25

Let us give some information about the Astral and Causal planes. There are three levels to the Astral Plane: the lower, middle and upper. At the lower level, there are often fragments from the Physical Plane, such as those who assume that they are dreaming, are under the influence of drugs or other mind-altering techniques, and the recently dead. Many of those with advanced occult abilities have routine access to the lower Astral Plane.

The mid-Astral Plane is where the essence (e.g. soul) resides between lives, where the experience is reviewed and the new choices are made. Those on the mid-Astral Plane may occasionally have contact with those on the Physical Plane, particularly those with whom there are karmic ribbons or strong bonds, such as essence twins and task companions (e.g. Soul-mates).

The upper Astral Plane is where the fragments(souls of entities go when they have finished with all their lives on the Physical Plane, but members of their entity are still finishing up theirs.

The lower causal plane is where the entities reunite completely and "blend" again. It is not incorrect to think of the reuniting of entities as the merging of task companions, since six out of seven task companions are in the same entity, and this of course spurs the entity on to more work.

At the mid-causal plane, the entities become teachers, such as we are. There are literally countless mid-causal teachers, but they are all teaching the same lessons. The "style" may be different, but the lesson is the same.

Above the mid-causal plane, those cadres whose entities have not yet finished teaching wait to be reunited. That reuniting binds the essence twins together. As far as essence is concerned, the Astral Plane experiences are the sixth cycle of growth, and the causal plane experiences are the seventh cycle, finishing out the five cycles begun on the Physical Plane. At the time the cadres reunite, all sense of fragment (soul - that is, individual - identity is lost and each experience becomes the entire experience of all the cadre.

4. HEINDEL: In The Lower Regions Of The Desire World All Things Appear Reversed. 26

In purgatory (the three lower Regions of the Astral or Desire World) the cleansing process is accomplished by the centrifugal force of repulsion which tugs and tears the Desire stuff, in which the picture is formed over its matrix of ether, out of the Desire body. At that particular time(time does not exist on the Astral Plane) the soul suffers as it made others suffer, because of a singular condition in the lower regions of the Desire World where purgatory is located. Some seers who are unable to contact the higher regions speak of the Desire World as illusory, and they are right so far as the lower regions are concerned, for there all things appear reversed as we see them in a glass. This peculiarity is not purposeless - nothing in God's kingdom is; all things serve a wise end. This reversal places the erring soul in the position of its victim, so that when a scene unrolls on the screen of its past life where it did a wrong to some one, the soul does not stand as a mere spectator and see the scene re-enacted, but it becomes, for the time being, the victim of the wrong and it feels the pain felt by that wronged one, for the centrifugal force of repulsion exerted to tear the picture from the Desire body of the wrongdoer must at least equal the hate and anger of the victim which impressed the picture upon the seed-atom at the time of occurrence.

5. MICHAEL: Culture Does Not Exist During The Astral Interval 27

During the Astral interval, the matter (of culture) does not exist. We would wish to point out that experiencing culture, limits and all, is valid, and in fact, those who do not or cannot are regarded as insane. To achieve a "place in the world" is a part of being in an ensouled species, no matter in what form that species exists. But with such "benefits" comes restrictions as well, including the "natural" assumption of a predominantly Young soul world, that every culture has the "right" way and those who disagree are "wrong". This is usually enforced by various cultural institutions, such as courts, taxations, religions, and similar monolithic organizations that serve to enforce cultural rules as much as "benefit" the populace. The consequences of "going against" culture have often been severe to the point of fatality, although that is more generally enforced in single-culture "nations" than in multicultural ones. However, when multicultural "nations" suffer internal culture clash, the results may be civil war.


1. Searching For The Inner Teacher, Our Soul - Group Souls:

Those souls whose energies inhabit different animal species and other life forms like birds, reptiles, etc. Animals do not have individual Souls like humans do. Animals have a group Soul for each different species

2. HEINDEL: The Location Of The Group Spirit Of Animals 28

As a man has a body composed of many cells, each with an individual consciousness, so is a group spirit (of animals) an entity functioning in the Spiritual Worlds and possessing a spiritual body composed of many separate animal spirits. The group spirit itself cannot function in the Physical World, but it evolves by sending the different animal spirits into a form of body which it creates, and which then forms a species or tribe of animals, and the group spirit guides all these animal bodies by means of suggestions which we call instinct. When the body of an animal dies, the animal spirit has unconsciously derived a certain experience from functioning in that vehicle, and after a time it is reabsorbed into the spiritual body of the group spirit, where it remains for some time while the group spirit assimilates the experience gathered by that separate animal spirit. Thus in time the group spirit grows and evolves. So do the animal spirits which are its wards. They will become human in a future incarnation of the earth, and then the group spirit will look after them as race or a national spirit until they have become perfectly capable of taking care of themselves individually. The group spirits of the animals are in the Desire World and circle the surface of the earth. The group spirits of the plants are in that part of the Region of Concrete Thought which occupies the center of the earth, and the group spirits of the minerals have not yet properly entered the atmosphere of our earth. They are in the Region of Abstract Thought. The group spirits of the animals are very often seen in the Desire World having human bodies and animal heads. The illustrations upon the Egyptian temples represent in a crude way the appearance of these group spirits. The trained investigator finds no difficulty in conversing with them and often he has cause to marvel at their erudition.

3. MICHAEL: Parenting Animals Have Hive Souls 29

Only ensouled species or creatures of reason can experience culture, though most "parenting" animals have a "family" structure of sorts, dictated by the "hardwiring" of the hive soul of the species. Creatures of non-reason cannot experience culture. A dog will be a dog no matter which culture its owner may belong to, and while the owner may be able to train the dog to do certain things that are culturally acceptable or desirable, the dog will not, in fact, participate in the culture in any "valid" manner, and left to its own devices, the dog will behave as canines behave the world over. The same is true of cats, cattle, horses, sheep, birds, and all other so-called "domestic" animals, who have made some accommodation to "human" demands and have to some degree bridged the barriers of species through their interaction with humans, which extends to other species through the human "interface".

4. HEINDEL: An Animal Acts By Direction Of The Group Spirit Through Instinct Instilled As Fear (note; human fears are survival mechanisms) 30

The reason why the animal has no moral responsibility is that it has no reasoning power, but ordinarily acts by direction of the group spirit which we call instinct, and it may be that instinct has instilled a fear into the animal which causes it to commit an act resulting in injury to its body. Before anyone can be morally responsible to the law of causation, he must have a certain free will and choice, also the power of reasoning properly, and, therefore, we reiterate that as animals are devoid of these attributes, they are not at all amenable morally to the law of causation.

5. HEINDEL: Animals Have A Picture Consciousness And The Group Soul Drives Them Through Suggestions And Fear. 31

The position occupied by the group-spirit in the Desire World gives to the animal a consciousness different from that of man, who has a clear, definite waking consciousness. Man sees things outside of himself in sharp, distinct outlines. Owing to the spiral path of evolution, the higher domestic animals, particularly the dog, horse, cat and elephant see objects in somewhat the same way, though perhaps not so clearly defined. All other animals have an internal "picture consciousness" similar to the dream-state in man. When such an animal is confronted by an object, a picture is immediately perceived within, accompanied by a strong impression that the object is inimical or beneficial to its welfare. If the feeling is one of fear, it is associated with a suggestion from the group-spirit how to escape the threatened danger. This negative state of consciousness renders it easy for the group-spirit to guide the dense bodies of its charges by suggestion, as the animals have no will of their own.

Man is not so easily managed from without, either with or without his consent. As evolution progresses and man's will develops more and more, he will become non-amenable to outside suggestion and free to do as he pleases regardless of suggestions from others. This is the chief difference between man and the other kingdoms. They act according to law and the dictates of the group-spirit (which we call instinct), while man is becoming more and more a law unto himself. We do not ask the mineral whether or not it will crystallize, nor the flower whether it will or will not bloom, nor the lion whether it will or will not cease to prey. They are all, in the smallest as in the greatest matter, under the absolute domination of the group-spirit, being without free will and initiative which, in some degree, are possessed by every human being.

6. HEINDEL: Animals Have An Internal Picture Consciousness Sent By The Group Spirits To Impress Upon Them What They Are To Do. 32

In this respect it differs radically from the Spirits of the other three kingdoms - mineral, vegetable, and animal. The Group Spirit of the mineral has, as yet, descended only to the Region of Abstract Thought. Therefore the consciousness of the mineral resembles the deepest trance state. The Group Spirit of the vegetable and plant kingdom has descended to the Region of Concrete thought Therefore the consciousness of the plant kingdom is akin to that which we have in the deepest dreamless sleep. The Group Spirits of the animals are found in the Desire World, which is next to the world in which we live. Hence the consciousness of the animal is an internal picture consciousness, similar to that which we have in dreams, the pictures being sent by the Group Spirits to the animals to impress upon them what they are to do under certain circumstances. That which we call instinct is thus the wisdom of the Group Spirits, which impresses the animal concerning how it shall act. The Human Spirit alone in all the kingdoms of evolving life on earth is an individualized Ego, and descends into the vehicles which are all gathered in the physical world during the waking hours of the day. Thus we attain to the waking consciousness whereby we are fully aware and awake to all things pertaining to the world in which we then function, are able to use our own reason, express our desires and emotions, and act as dictated by our individual Higher Self - the indwelling Spirit, the Ego.

7. MICHAEL: Animals Can Make Few Choices By Themselves. 33

Creatures of reason: any member of a species that is ensouled. On your planet, That means human beings and cetaceans. No others species is ensouled. All other have hive souls.

Let us describe something of the nature of a hive soul. It is the central wiring for a species, a program on which the species is run. That program dictates almost all choices made by any animal belonging to the species, and choice is possible in very narrow parameters. We wish to point out that creatures of reason, by their very nature, are dealing with choices, but creatures of nonreason have had almost all of their choices made for them.

We will give you an example on choice and "wiring" which is sometimes called instinct. A person in a burning barn has the choice to find a way out, even if It means taking the risk of running through fire. It can mean the risk of burns, but it may also save the life of the fragment. A horse in the same burning barn is not able to choose to run through fire; the wiring of the horse does not permit that, and the only way it will be able to take that method of escape is if some person, preferably a person the horse knows and trusts, comes and first blindfolds it and then leads it through the fire. Otherwise the program of the species will compel the animal to burn to death unless it can kick the side of the barn out before it starts to burn.

Another difference between creatures of reason and creatures of non-reason is that creatures of reason can be acculturated and creatures of non-reason cannot. Those living 'domestically" with human beings may learn certain sorts of behavior from their owners, but they will never truly be acculturated. Creatures of reason, on the other hand, experience acculturation as part of the seven internal monads (e.g. birth, mid-life crisis, death) and the results of the chosen life.

8. MICHAEL: Animals Can Operate With Their Instinctive, Emotional Or Moving Centers.

That they can formulate thoughts, or ideas, or contemplate death or the meaning of life, is not true. We do not wish to imply that anyone's pet is not alive, for they are. However, they do not choose the events in their lives, nor do they think or create ideas. Rather do they follow their centering and learned responses.

9. HEINDEL: The Group-Spirit Works On Animals From The Outside. 34

The animal kingdom has not acquired the faculty of thought. They are not individualized. This is the great and cardinal difference between the human and other kingdoms. Man is an individual. The animals, plants and minerals are divided into species. They are not individualized in the same sense that man is.

It is true that we divide mankind into races, tribes and nations; we note the difference between the Caucasian, the Negro, the Indian, etc.; but that is not to the point. If we wish to study the characteristics of the lion or the elephant or any other species of the lower animals, all that is necessary is to take any member of that species for that purpose. When we learn the characteristics of one animal, we know the characteristics of the species to which it belongs. All members of the same animal tribe are alike. That is the point. A lion, or its father, or its son, all look alike; there is no difference in the way they will act under like conditions. All have the same likes and dislikes; one is the same as another.

Not so with human beings. If we want to know about the characteristics of Negroes, it is not enough that we examine one single individual. It would be necessary to examine each individually, and even then we will arrive at no knowledge concerning Negroes as a whole, simply because that which was a characteristic of the single individual does not apply to the race collectively.

If we desire to know the character of Abraham Lincoln it will avail us nothing to study his father, his grandfather, or his son, for they would differ entirely. Each would have his own peculiarities quite distinct from the idiosyncrasies of Abraham Lincoln.

On the other hand, minerals, plants, and animals are described if we devote our attention to the description of one of each species; while there are as many species among human beings as there are individuals. Each individual person is a "species," a law unto himself, altogether separate and apart from any other individual, as different from his fellow men as one species in the lower kingdom is from another. We may write the biography of a man, but an animal can have no biography. This is because there is in each man an individual, indwelling spirit which dictates the thoughts and actions of each individual human being; while there is one "group-spirit" common to all the different animals or plants of the same species. The group-spirit works on them all from the outside. The tiger which roams in the wilds of the Indian jungle and the tiger penned up in the cage of a menagerie are both expressions of the same group-spirit. It influences both alike from the Desire World, distance being almost annihilated in the inner Worlds.

The group-spirits of the three lower kingdoms are variously located in the higher Worlds, as we shall see when we investigate the consciousness of the different kingdoms; but to properly comprehend the positions of these group- spirits in the inner Worlds it is necessary to remember and to clearly understand what has been said about all the forms that are in the visible world having crystallized from models and ideas in the inner Worlds, as illustrated by the architect's house and the inventor's machine. As the juices of the soft body of the snail crystallize into the hard shell which it carries upon its back, so the Spirits in the higher worlds have, in a similar manner, crystallized out from themselves the dense, material bodies of the different kingdoms.

10. HEINDEL: Animal Spirit Returns To Central Source Of The Group Soul 35

That (animal being) which lives is "The Spirit", which has neither beginning nor end, IT IS. But what you mean is, most likely, does it persist in the shape of an animal? To that question we may say yes, it persists for a longer or a shorter time, according to the stage of its evolution, in a Desire body made of the material of the Desire World. Even the beetle that crawls over the sidewalk and is stepped upon may be seen by the clairvoyant to walk a few feet away and then gradually fade to nothingness. It persists only for a few moments in its shape before "The Spirit" returns to the central source of the group spirit. In the case of a horse, a cow, or any of the higher animals, there is a correspondingly longer time and more consciousness in the Desire World than in the case of these lower forms.

11. HEINDEL: The Animal's Group Spirit Is Wise 36

The following illustration may perhaps be of service to show the difference between the man with his indwelling spirit and the animal with its group-spirit.

Let us imagine a room divided by means of a curtain, one side of the curtain representing the Desire World and the other the Physical. There are two men in the room, one in each division; they cannot see each other, nor can they get into the same division. There are, however, ten holes in the curtain and the man who is in the division representing the Desire World can put his ten fingers through these holes into the other division, representing the Physical World. He now furnishes an excellent representation of the group-spirit which is in the Desire World. The fingers represent the animals belonging to one species. He is able to move them as he wills, but he cannot use them as freely nor as intelligently as the man who is walking about in the Physical division uses his body. The latter sees the fingers which are thrust through the curtain and he observes that they all move, but he does not see the connection between them. To him it appears as if they were all separate and distinct from one another. He cannot see that they are the fingers of the man behind the veil and are governed in their movements by his intelligence. If he hurts one of the fingers, it is not only the finger that he hurts, but chiefly the man on the other side of the curtain. If an animal is hurt, it suffers, but not to the degree that the group- spirit does. The fingers has no individualized consciousness; it moves as the man dictates - so do the animals move as the group-spirit dictates. We hear of "animal instinct" and "blind instinct." There is no such vague, indefinite thing as "blind" instinct. There is nothing "blind" about the way the group-spirit guides its members-there is WISDOM, spelled with capitals.

12. HEINDEL: The Group Spirit Is A Skilled Engineer. 37

The trained clairvoyant, when functioning in the Desire World, can communicate with these spirits of the animal species and finds them much more intelligent than a large percentage of human beings. He can see the marvelous insight they display in marshaling the animals which are their physical bodies. It is the spirit of the group which gathers its flocks of birds in the fall and compels them to migrate to the south, neither too early nor too late to escape the winter's chilly blast that directs their return in the spring, causing them to fly at just the proper altitude, which differs for the different species.

The group-spirit of the beaver teaches it to build its dam across a stream at exactly the proper angle. It considers the rapidity of the flow, and all the circumstances, precisely as a skilled engineer would do, showing that it is as up-to-date in every particular of the craft as the college-bred, technically educated man. It is the wisdom of the group-spirit that directs the building of the hexagon cell of the bee with such geometrical nicety; that teaches the snail to fashion its house in an accurate, beautiful spiral; that teaches the ocean mollusk the art of decorating its iridescent shell. Wisdom, wisdom everywhere! so grand, so great that one who looks with an observant eye is filled with amazement and reverence.

At this point the thought will naturally occur that if the animal group-spirit is so wise, considering the short period of evolution of the animal as compared with that of man, why does not the latter display wisdom to a much greater degree and why must man be taught to build dams and geometrize, all of which the group-spirit does without being taught?

13. HEINDEL: Why Animal Instinct Is So Reliable. 38

The answer to the question ((Why do animals have an instinct which seems so much more reliable than the reasoning of human beings?) has to do with the descent of the Ego into matter, but in the first place, we must differentiate between the separate animal spirits and the group spirit, which is their guardian. The separate animal spirits are, as yet, not self-conscious, hence they act without question according to the suggestions of the group spirit. The latter is an entity belonging to a different evolution, and it functions in the Invisible Worlds where things are much more apparent than they are here. It follows, therefore, that what we call instinct is really the suggestions of the group spirit in the Invisible World which guides the animals. The human spirits, on the other hand, have descended directly into the Physical World and are, consequently, blinded to a certain extent by the denser matter of this plane of existence. An illustration may perhaps serve to elucidate the reason of the fact that although the spirit is exceedingly wise in the higher worlds, the increased materiality which it attains on account of its descent necessarily obscures that wisdom.

14. MICHAEL: The Records Of Dinosaur Central Are Mostly Incorporated In Bird Central. 39

The presence of any species, plant or animal, ensouled or hive souled, is "significant" and its absence impacts the planet and the environment of the planet. We do wish to remark here, however, that planetary existence does not depend on the presence of ensouled species for planetary viability. In fact, the presence of ensouled species can be more a hazard than a benefit to many planets, yours, of course, among them. Ensouled species impact environments to the degree that their choices can alter the environments, and their presence or absence is significant to the degree that their choices lead to environmental impact.

All species, no matter how "insignificant" have impact on the environment to a greater or lesser degree, and we would have to say that where the species has the option of manipulating the environment, it will, by the nature of its "hard- wiring" or instinct, for that manipulation is the result of evolution. For example, the Tyrannosaurus Rex would not have evolved had there not been a plethora of other dinosaurs to serve as prey, and having evolved for that purpose, the species could not survive without sufficient prey to sustain it. As the environment of the dinosaurs evolved, so, of course, did the dinosaurs. Those that did not went extinct.

Many of the (dinosaur) species died off long before the cataclysmic disruption that altered the environment so drastically that survival for most was impossible. However, yes, those species with the greatest adaptability were able to survive the major extinctions and evolved, as is apparent, into birds.

No Bones About It: T. Rex Soft Tissue Recovered
"In bone blasted from Montana sandstone, fossil hunters for the first time have discovered the microscopic meat of a Tyrannosaurus rex, preserved almost unaltered since the dinosaur died 70 million years ago, scientists announced Thursday. The tissues are still soft. The microstructures that look like cells are preserved in every way. Under a scanning electron microscope, these dinosaur tissues were 'virtually identical' to those of a modern ostrich. Many paleontologists think birds are living descendants of some dinosaurs.

Remember, should you choose to do so, that when the environment changed suddenly, many other species that had been marginal suddenly became more active in an environment that supported them more readily than the well-established species. Many forms of bacteria and viruses flourished in the new environment, and insects adapted to feeding on decaying flesh thrived in this period. So, of course, many other species succumbed to disease that they had not had to deal with before. Changes in the environment always cause an increased activity in diseases and their vectors, because the evolutionary cycle of diseases "requires" a weakened host or vector population in order for the disease to become virulent, and this has been true since the first paramecia entered the earliest seas. In physics this is expressed in the following way: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Where many fragments become confused is the assumption that equal is a quantity measurement, not a quality measurement, which is misleading. The principle of action and reaction is, to use another "old saw", "Nature abhors a vacuum". This is true in terms of evolution as much as in biology, and can be repeatedly demonstrated. There are, as has long been established, many species of mammals that have also gone extinct, from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day. Their remains do not excite the general enthusiasm and interest in the way dinosaurs do, but study of them can be as revealing as study of the ancient reptiles, which were, we assure you, not simply overgrown lizards, but another evolutionary branch on the lizard tree. More of dinosaur central is now incorporated into bird central than is currently in reptile central.

We would say that "survival of the most adaptable" is the rule. Fitness implies that the species is appropriate for its "niche" which is not the case with species surviving. Most of the species that survive and evolve do so because they were not ultimately suited to their "niche", and therefore subject to extinction, as the most fit are, when the "niche" disappeared. You may see this in terms of cultures-those that can adapt survive, those that cannot either mutate or are subsumed by a more adaptable culture. One of the hallmarks of cultural survival as well as species survival is tolerance, the word to be interpreted in the broadest possible scope. if a species can only survive on certain species of plants, if those plants are mutated by a plant virus or they die off for other reasons, the chance for the species surviving or those plants being able to survive is slim. But if a species has a wider dietary tolerance, even though its main source of food disappears, the species has a better chance of surviving and evolving along with its food source. By the same token, a culture that has become so rigid that change cannot be accommodated is "doomed" to extinction, for change will occur, change being the nature of the physical plane. Those cultures that have only one "frame of reference" in which to operate are in the same predicament as the species with a single food source or a very limited habitat. Of course, choice does enter the picture where cultures are concerned, and in cases where cultural rigidity leads to danger, we would think that it is likely that the members of the culture would be able to choose to alter their culture rather than lose it, although history is littered with examples of cultures that failed to do so and have gone extinct.

Generally, there is not (karma associated with species extinction), although the "files" kept by species-central on each fragment (sentient being) with which the species of the central interacts, might put you in an unfavorable position with the other members of the species surviving. In other words, when you are dealing with hive-soul creatures, karma is not operative the same way it is if you interfere with the life choices of other human beings or of cetaceans. For example, if you deliberately killed the last Great Auk for sport, bird- central might not have a favorable "report" on you, and your relationship with birds for the next dozen or so incarnations might be "chancy" at best. The same is true with animals of other species. For another example, if you set out to wipe out the last white rhino with the idea of having a unique trophy, we would think that related species, including equines, might not respond well to you for many ensuing incarnations. We would think that in a few lives after such a choice, you would choose to make amends by beneficent actions toward the species in question, such as, but not limited to, founding and supporting a major bird sanctuary in the former case, or establishing major research facilities into extinct mammals and ways to protect currently endangered species in the latter. That does not mean that all fragments working to support various animal and wildlife projects are making amends to some species-central, or that all those who wish to make amends will choose such ways to do it, but it does mean that when someone devotes his or her life to such a pursuit, making amends may be a component in the choice. Please note that we say "may", not "is". For many fragments, caring for animals is the means of escaping their own animosity about other human beings, and by this "sideways" concern, seek to avoid dealing with people. This is not an error, for as we have said many times, there are no errors, there is only choice and the consequences of choice. But we would think that those fragments who use hive-soul animals as a substitute for interaction with other human beings might want to examine the underlying focus of this choice, if evolution in the life is desired. We would wish to point out that human intervention has preserved a great many species that might otherwise have gone extinct, and not just in the last century, but over the last ten millennia.



Theosophy considers the soul, yet there is no generally accepted evidence that it exists, or reason that a human should have one. This work does not intend to resolve this issue, but accepts the premise that one exists and is indwelling in the human body. It also accepts that there is Astral space and that an Astral (Desire) body co-occupies the human body.

The Astral Plane is the next plane "above" the Physical Plane and pervades much of the physical universe . Like all planes of existence, it is composed of seven levels. Astral material is prismatic or "starry". It is used as a pliable medium to prototype designs planned for the Physical Plane.

Connectivity between Astral space and physical space is postulated to occur at Schwarzschild singularities within the space-time continuum. Here, a singularity occurs because space and time cease to exist as meaningful concepts. These physical singularities may also correspond to strange or unusual singularities in Astral space as well.

Black holes are formed by dense concentrations of matter. Any massive body bends space around it and this distortion produces the "force" of gravity. For black holes, the space around it is so distorted that not even light can get out. The boundaries of these black holes are called Schwarzschild singularities. Distances and times in space are calculated by computing an infinitesimally small distance (called ds in differential calculus) and adding an infinite number of them together through a process called integration. In all space, including that around, through and in a black hole, ds is related to a coordinate system by the metric tensor. Below is such an example of a metric tensor taken from a standard relativity text:

ds2 = gab dxa dxb,

where ds2 is an invariant space/time distance, gab is the covariant metric tensor and dxa and dxb are the spatial co-ordinates (dimensions). The suffixes a and b (they are not exponents) vary over the four components or co-ordinates of the (three) space and (one) time continuum. The covariant metric tensor is a term that multiplies each infinitesimally small portion of the co-ordinate system to come up with the infinitesimally small distance ds. Relativity considers time a dimension or co- ordinate just like length, width and thickness, only tx time co-ordinate is multiplied by the term ic where c is the speed of light and i is the square root of -1. The covariant tensor can most often be represented by a matrix of 0's and 1's. But near a dense ball of matter, the covariant tensor has another form including terms like:

g44 = 1-2km/r

which is the time co-ordinate component; and

g4b = 0

for the other 3 values of the mixed time/space co-ordinate coefficient because the time distortion on the space time continuum is symmetric. Spatially, the components (no 4 "time" subscripts) are

gab = -dab - (2km/(r-2km)) Xa Xb

where dab is either 0 or 1 (the kronecker delta). Here m is the ball's mass, r is the distance from the center, k is a constant and the others are co-ordinate system related terms.

The form of these equations was not initially expected. They were not set up for, or expected to be valid, when r=0. But they should be valid for all other values of r. A problem occurs with the last equations when r-2km=0 where they are expected to work. If the size of an infinitesimally small distance near r = 2k(constant) m(mass) is calculated, it is no longer very small, but infinitely large. That means space at that point becomes infinitely large. What's more, the term

g44 = 1-2km/r

which multiplies the time co-ordinate, and should normally be 1, is now 0. At r=2km, a singularity in the space time continuum occurs - the Schwarzschild singularity.

To put it simply, at r=2km, time stops and space becomes infinitely large. Space and time no longer behave normally. They do not exist by conventional definition. This is why the boundary of a black hole is called a singularity. Consequently, it offers a possible connection between physical space - as we know it, and Astral space - as the theosophers perceive it.

Schwarzschild singularities may function as a lens or window. In the physical world, time moves forward, from cause to effect. At the singularity or Schwarzschild boundary, time stops and causality ceases . On the other side (presumably the Astral Plane), events may roll backwards, from effect to cause. This backwards motion of time permits the escape of astral radiation into the Physical Plane.

ASTRO-METRICS associates these singularities with stars and planets. Astrologers consider astronomical objects (stars and planets) as lenses which project the soul (and personality) into the physical human body. Thereby, the physical and Astral (Desire) body are linked. Consequently, humanity is linked to the universe. But what is the physical nature of this linkage?

In 1973, the great English Physicist Stephen Hawking was convinced that according to the quantum mechanical uncertainty principal, black holes should create and emit particles based on entropy conservation issues.40 The particles do not come out of the Black Hole, but are created in the empty space just outside of its 'event horizon'. While these are virtual particles that cannot be observed, they have real effects on the energy levels of nearby electrons in atomic orbits. And these are normally predicted by quantum mechanics famous Schrodinger Equation.

The Schrodinger equation plays the role of Newton's laws and conservation of energy in classical mechanics - i.e., it predicts the future behavior of a dynamic system. It is a wave equation in terms of the wave function which predicts analytically and precisely the probability of events or outcome. The detailed outcome is not strictly determined, but given a large number of events, the Schrodinger equation will predict the distribution of results. The 'Astrologer's Astral ray' is linked to the probability description of 'Psi', the dependent variable in the Schrodinger equation.

In fact, Stephen Hawking uses a 'gas' in a black box to describe this very effect.41 Via the second law of thermodynamics, he considers the probability that all the gas molecules distributed uniformly in a box could be found at a later time in only one half the box. While he says that the probability that this unusual random event could happen is many millions to one, it could happen!

Well, this is exactly what did happen. MICHAEL (a Mid Causal Plane Teacher) began its teachings with a demonstration of its ability to drop the temperature in a room and create a wind. It effected the random distribution of air in a room (box). And the observed effect of global events on the random event generators (REGs) of Princeton's Global Consciousness project is just another example of the linkage of Mid Causal Plane beings to random events on the Physical Plane. This is also just what Michael claimed had happened in a later session.

The association of planets in their natal position with human personality traits has long been claimed by astrologers. However, the science is regarded as so tenuous that it is unaccepted by many. If the source of planetary influences on the personality is the primordial black hole nucleating a planet, then an unshielded black hole may exert an even stronger influence. Unshielded black holes are reported to exist, and potential locations have been published .

These black holes are all associated with X-ray sources. LMC-X3 is found in the Large Magellanic cloud (LMC), our satellite galaxy. This black hole is more distant than our galactic center, which is only 30,000 light years (9,200 parsecs) away. Black holes, through themselves, do not emit X- rays. Rather, it is the extreme conditions placed on matter falling into them which cause X-ray emissions. Satellites are needed to locate these X-ray sources because our atmosphere absorbs the radiation.

If unshielded black holes influence humans at their time of birth, these objects must be at fixed longitudes on their natal horoscopes. Carter published just such a list of such influences in 1924 which he appears to have obtained from studying the natal charts of various subjects.42 See Table A-1 for the relevant astrological longitudes. Over half (56%) of this table is devoted to medical maladies. Others relate to serious personality issues (e.g. Homicidal Tendency). The correlation of black holes longitudes with these traits is startling.

These tables are divided into three groups (mutable, cardinal and fixed Signs). Each Sign contains 30o (two hours) of RA. Each Sign within a group is at 90o to one another.

"Homicidal Tendency" (the most karmic) is one of the most outstanding human characteristics. It is recognized by most cultures as a crime and treated as an insult to society. Most modern cultures punish such crimes by incarceration or by the death penalty. If one kills another, a karmic ribbon or debt between the killer and the victim is established. The formation of the karmic ribbon is a universal law and is not dependent on apprehension and punishment of the victim by the legal processes. Repayment (in kind) is required in a future life.

Evolution (by reincarnation) has been described as the voyage of the soul from the primate to the Buddha as love overcomes fear. Fear drives someone to acquire (undesirable) karma by denying another the ability to make future choices, e.g. by killing, enslaving or falsely imprisoning them (as is stated in the Ten Commandments). This act must be repaid in a future life. Repayment may take two forms. First, the victim may choose to deny choice in kind so the perpetrator may likewise feel the impact of the interruption of life's choices. Second, the perpetrator (e.g. by becoming a doctor) may give the victim new choices in a future life which were not a part of the victim's original life plan. This karmic cycle is the most compelling reaction within a person's sequence of lives . Its association with unshielded black holes is dramatic when compared with personality traits derived from classical astrology because the latter is associated with planets and their tiny, shielded primordial black holes. See Tables D-1, D-2 and D-3.

0-5 PiscesRenunciation
3Mutables Appendicitis
6Gemini/SagittariusPneumonia; Morbid Fears; Med. Ability
7PiscesOratorical Ability
9MutablesHomicidal Tendency; Rheumatic Fever
17Gemini/SagittariusHomicidal Tendency
22Mutables Appendicitis; Insanity
22Gemini/SagittariusScientific Interests
22VirgoMilitary Inclinations
25SagittariusLiterature; Anarchism
25MutablesGout; Tyrannical Disposition
27Virgo/PiscesBright's Disease

4Cancer/CapricornMedical Ability
5Aires/LibraCruelty; Homicidal Tendency
7CapricornOratorical Ability
15CardinalsMusical Ability; Suicide
15CardinalsMusical Ability
17Aries/LibraOratorical Ability
22LibraArtistic Ability
24CardinalsMusical Ability
25CancerLiterature; Scientific Interest

This section illustrates the relationship of astronomically located black holes with the highly karmic personality traits deduced by C. E. O. Carter in 1924. While, Medical Ability, Karmic and simple Fear-Like traits are found in Tables D-1, D-2 and D-3's astrological data. However, all of these are basically fear driven. Karma is the most severe of these and is acquired by one person as a consequence of denying choice to another during the course of their planned life. In a subsequent life (usually within the next one or two lives) the roles of victim and perpetrator are reversed. Thus, the consequences of the 'interruption' of one's life plan may be experienced by the other.


SIMPLE FEAR-LIKE TRAITS An association of black holes (BH) with Homicidal Tendencies, the most karmic trait, can be associated with Black Hole locations. The astronomical location of the Black Holes are obtained from satellite detected X-ray sources. Such sources are listed in Tables D-4 and D-5.
X Ray
Wray 977S12:26.106.53/LIBRA13:0073
NGC 1275G03:19.219.79/TAURUS 41:2786
HR 1099S03:36.324.07/TAURUS00:33.4 180
CIR XR-1BH15:19.920.18/SCO. 57:08(-)1300
1630-472T16:34.008.50/SAG. 47:23(-)-
V801 AraH16:40.210.04/SAG. 53:24(-)460
G339.6-0.1S16:45.211.29/SAG. 45:36(-)820
V821BH17:02.115.70/SAG. 48:46.6(-)630
HD 153919S17:03.315.83/SAG. 37:49.9(-)180
CYG XR- 1BH19:58.429.20/CAP.35:12 2100
CYG XR- 2S21:44.326.07/AQU.38:16.71000
CYG X- 3S20:32.108.03/PISCES40:55.5 700
NO NAMES13:00.715.17/LIBRA 61:33(-)100
HR 1099S03:36.324.07/TAURUS00:33.4 180
V926 ScoS17:38.324.57/SAG. 44:26.7(-)380
West... 44R18:55.713.91/CAP.01:18.2160
V1333 SgrS19:10.817.70/CAP.00:34.1 360
HD 102567S11:47.626.89/VIRGO62:09.2(- )130
NO NAMES06:16.604.15/CAN.09:08.2220
NGC 6624C18:23.105.8/VIRGO30:21.9(- )580
V818 ScoS16:19.404.84/SAG.15:37(- )1000
HD 77581S09:01.815.55/LEO40:31.0(- )450
NO NAMES21:31.122.77/AQU.47:14.936
X-ray flux units are 10 exp(-11)ergs cm exp(-2) sec exp (-1).

TAU XR- 1R/P05:33.923.49/GEMINI22:00.5 1730
NO NAMES17:31.522.86/SAG.24:44.5(- )110
NO NAMES17:31.222.8/SAG.16:57.4(- )470
CAS AR23:2320.75/PISCES58:4597
CEN XR-3S11:20.920.21/VIRGO60:34.3(- )360
LMC-X3BH05:38.924.72/GEMINI64:05(- )46
NO NAMEQ02:44.211.05/TAURUS62:25.7 6
NGC 6441C17:49.627.40/SAG.37:02.9(- )73
1630-472T16:34.008.50/SAG.47:23(- )-MX
1608-52S16:1203.00/SAG.52:24(- )73
(11 CANCER-?)
SER XR- 1S18:39.509.87/CAP.05:01.8510
SMC X-1S01:16.819.21/AIRES73:29.6(- )66
X- PERS03:54.828.07/TAURUS31:01.1 55
The following type counterpart code applies for this table.
X-ray flux units are 10 exp(-11)ergs cm exp(-2) sec exp (-1).

Most psychological astrological longitudes are listed in pairs (Tables D-1, D-2, D-3 as well as D-4 and D-5). Reflexing (180o symmetry) within astrological houses of the natal horoscope is common in both eastern and western astrology. For example, Tyrannical Disposition is listed in Table, D-1, D-2 and D-3 and is associated with the mutable Signs such as 25 Gemini. It is also associated with a black hole (BH) in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) containing an X-ray source of approximately 46 units of flux . This suggests that personality traits are associated with black holes with flux values in this range. Some of the other fear related X-ray sources have an even lower flux density, and are not extensively considered for further analysis.

Many of the strong astronomical X-ray sources in Table D-4 correlate with karmic traits. The right ascension (RA) of the object (e.g. 12:26.1 for Wray 997) is converted to an astrological longitude (e.g. 06.53 Libra).

The astronomical objects listed in Table D-4 are grouped under Carter's karmic personality traits. Three of the eight astrological longitudes associated with Homicidal Tendencies correlate (to within 2.3o) to black hole (BH) longitudes. What's even more astounding is that four of the five remaining astrological longitudes correlate to specific stellar X-ray sources (S).

The correlation of black holes with Homicidal Tendencies suggest that the following stellar sources also have co-orbiting black holes:

CYG XR-2 is associated with Homicide, Suicide and Neurasthenia. The X-ray flux from stellar sources relating to the last two traits are one/two orders of magnitude less than CYG XR-2's. Perhaps multiple sources are located in this region, or a black hole is in a tight orbit about a nearby star.

X-ray flux associated with Wray 977 appears abnormally weak compared to the other stellar sources associated with Homicidal Tendencies. Perhaps this flux value is varying, or a very small amount of matter is finding its way to a possible black hole co-orbiting Wray 977.

Note that no X-ray source (therefore no black hole) is correlated with 16 Taurus in Table D-4. Carter correlates this position with executed criminals. Possibly, the deaths of these subjects (with Homicidal Tendencies) is not karmic.

Many forms of death must be experienced in the sequence of lives, such as death by plague, warfare, wild animal and (possibly unjustified) judicial execution. The soul's choice of birth with this astrological configuration is only the mechanism to implement such a death.

Table D-4 contains all six of Carter's Suicide related longitudes which are associated with stellar X-ray sources. Likewise, his three Medical Ability longitudes are associated with strong stellar X-ray sources. X-ray sources associated with fear like traits are also listed in Table D-5. However, mostly weak stellar X-ray sources are found. Shielding by interstellar matter, or simply by propagation loss, may be responsible for the weak X-ray flux and the less dramatic personality traits.

Nearly all of these X-ray sources are correlated to Carter's fear like traits. The two Insanity longitudes are matched to stellar X-ray sources, one whose source is a super nova remnant/pulsar with a strong flux. Considering Tyrannical Disposition, both a stellar X-ray source and a very distant black hole in the Large Magellic Cloud (LMC) are present. The extreme distance of this black hole appears to soften its affects (the others are associated with Homicidal Tendencies).

Summarizing, for the fear driven examples, two of the sources are shielded by supernova remnants, one by stars in the globular cluster which contains it and one (a reported black hole) by extreme distance (in the LMC). Additionally, one of the remaining is only a transient source, and its shielding remains undefined.

The truly astounding conclusion is that both the karmic and fear related traits (including Neurasthenia, Morbid Fears and Alcoholism added to the previously discussed traits) account for all but two of the remaining astronomically significant X-ray sources. The correlation of astronomical objects to Carter's karmic and fear related traits is usually to better than a degree or two. This seems truly astounding! But the possibility always remains that the correlation is only fortuitous.

The surprising correlation between astronomical and astrological data raises the issue of fortuitous correlation. It is interesting to notice that "Homicidal Tendency" correlates to within 1.3o of black hole longitudes. Carter's astrological positions are 'activated' by the Sun, Moon or specific planets being near them, or within their 'orb'.43 An astrological orb is often implies being within 5o to 6o in Right Ascension or 1o to 1.5o in declination. Of course, Carter likely did not know what Black Holes were in 1924, much less their location in the heavens.

The points in Figures D-1 and D-2 illustrate the logarithmic magnitude (center to point distance) of the flux versus the astrological longitude for these X-ray sources. The angular position of the lines represents the astrologically derived longitudes. The average angular miss for the Karmic and Fear related to X-ray sources from the predicted lines is 1.16o +/- 0.69o and 1.19o +/- 0.79o respectively.

The probability that identical items given in the above table may correlate with black hole locations is given by:

Pm,n = (n!/m!(n-m)!) X pm(1-p)n-m


p = the random probability that a point will fall within a resolution cell;

n = the number of attempts at correlation;
m = the number of successful correlations;


Pm,n = the probability of m fortuitous correlations in n attempts.

The random probability that a black hole will fall within 1.3o of one of the lines is 2 X 1.3o/360o. The probability that the three suspected black hole locations found within our galaxy would fortuitously correlate with the fifteen specified locations for "Homicidal Tendency" is about one chance in 6400.

Since astrology permits reflexing in the houses, one black hole accounts for a pair of longitudes. Thus, n = 7 and m = 3. However, p is twice as large as in the above case because only 180o must be considered. In this case, the probability of fortuitous correlation is one chance in about ten thousand.

The probability that six of the seven astrologically predicted longitudes will fortuitously be in proximity to strong stellar X-ray sources is extremely low. Here, n = 7 and m = 6 and p = 2o/180o. The probability of fortuitous correlation in this case is about one chance in 80 billion. Generally, fortuitous correlation values much below one in ten are considered not to be accidental, and a causal mechanism is implied.

Figures D-1 (X-ray/Karmic Astrological Points) and D-2 (X-ray/Fear Astrological Points).

It appears very unlikely that these astronomical X-ray sources will fortuitously correlate with the astrologically deduced longitudes reported in 1924. Therefore, correlation appears firmly established. Moreover, a causal mechanism has been proposed, at least for the astrological information published by Carter. It is reasonable to assume that Schwarzschild singularities associated with relatively unshielded black holes can be reliably related to astrological data. Therefore, there is reason to suspect that other astrological theories and related data can be realistically correlated with astronomical objects.

Astrologers have long contended that the position of the planets at the time of birth can influence the personality. The scientists have remained skeptical because it was not apparent how a distant piece of rock and iron could exert an influence on the human personality. They saw no causal relationship between such distant objects and the human personality because they were unaware of black holes.

The causal relationship between Schwarzschild singularities (black holes) and personality traits combined with the infinitesimally small probability of fortuitous correlation of these observations indicate that astrology is a valid science. If astrology is valid, the implication is that planetary bodies must be associated with black holes. But large black holes would quickly absorb the planet's matter. A planet would simply disappear into a black hole only a few meters in diameter. Apparently, only an ultra small (primordial?) black holes, the size of atomic nuclei or less, cannot absorb the planets' matter, possibly because both the atomic nucleus and its electrons cannot fall into them.


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