Part 1: Future Update Possible

By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Maxine Crafton And Sonja M. Kawamoto
19 Feb. 2015 © Copyright- Back To Home Page

And before the race is built anew,
a silver serpent comes to view
and spew out men of like unknown
to mingle with the earth now grown
cold from its heat and these men can
enlighten the minds of future man
to intermingle and show them how
to live and love and thus endow.
the children with the second sight.
a natural thing so that they might
grow graceful, humble and when they do
the golden age will start anew.

Mother Shipton (14881561) - Last Stanza, #17

Mother Shipton's Silver Serpent.


Essence Twins (AKA Twin Flames) are the key to the future evolution of mankind. Recognition of one's Essence Twin seems to open the mind to the collective knowledge of the Group Soul (and its six other related sentient species). Additionally, being around one's Essence Twin seems to mitigate disease if 'Essence Contact' occurs. In a way, recognition of an Essence Twin is like finding one's own personal Christ or Buddha. Those extra-terrestrial species visiting Earth are among the societies who promote Essence Twin recognition and benefit correspondingly. Unfortunately, only a few incarnate Essence Twins members can recognize the other and while they may become the best of friends, fear is determined keep them as far apart as possible.

Those around the Twins have a choice to help, hinder or remain indifferent to the activity of these Twins. While the specific choices made by the Essence Twins are respected, this analysis suggests that the Group Soul of Mankind offers an extremely hostile reaction to those who hinder these important relationships, one far out of proportion to what would be expected. This reaction is driven by the Group Soul's desire to evolve. Its reaction to those who remain indifferent or help with these relationships has yet to be analyzed.

The Group Soul seems to signal its displeasure by the 'death' of an individual involved in what it seems to consider 'an offense'. Then there seems to be a period of 5 to 15 years of trouble that follows, like monetary loses, organizational disruptions or lost wars. These seem to be levied against those or the organizations the offending individuals have associated with. The idea seems to be 'those on the physical plane' can really be the only ones who can feel its displeasure.

At this stage of this analysis, these are tentative conclusions. The data is too 'thin' to argue that such reactions by the Group Soul are certainties.