Mixing Science And Politics Can Make 'Earth Freeze Over!'

By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Maxine Crafton and Sonja M. Kawamoto
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© Copyright: 04 Apr. 2014


Data is presented that indicates a Jovian sized planet exists in our outer solar system. This data includes an ancient Akkadian seal, recent Doppler shifts on Pioneer transmissions, IRAS data and the recent discovery of two dwarf planets in our outer solar system along with other similar objects. Tragically, there seems to have been a deliberate effort, suspected to have its roots in political entities, to cover up, refute or even secret these observations.

None of these astronomically bodies directly threaten Earth. However, the Jovian sized body does generate comet swarms that reach into the inner solar system. When they pass by, impacting fragments usually caused catastrophic events like Noah's Flood or the Atlantis catastrophe. Furthermore, they induce major weather changes like the Younger Dryas (Ice Age) and the start of the Bølling interstadial (warm period) just as the late Royal Astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, predicted.

The astronomical model employed offers an estimation of the time and type of natural disaster Earth may soon be facing (as alluded to by departing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano). An impact event like the one initiating the Younger Dryas Ice Age is anticipated.