Fig1. Usual/Unusual Pulsar Plot Plot Of Pulsar Positions On The Celestial Sphere.

Fig2. Site of Noah's Comet Strike The Caspian Sea/Kara-Bogaz-Gol And The Araxes Vally Near Mt. Ararat Where Noah's Ark May Have Come To Rest.

Fig3. The Hill Alien Star Map courtesy of Mrs. Betty Hill.

Fig4. The Hill Star Map Interpreted Danjo's Version Of Hill's Star Map.

Fig5. Astrological Conditions for Sentient Species Formation Seven Frames From Phase IV Illustrating The Formation Of A Sentient Species.

Fig6_7. Astronomical Configurations at the Dawn Of Man and Buddha

Fig8_9. Astronomical Configurations at Time Of Christ and Gandhi

Fig10_11. Rapid Rotation of the Earth's Inner Core and Global Ice Variations Longitude Variations Of The Earth's Inner Core Axis Of Symmetry and Global Ice Estimated By The O18/O16 Ratio Covering The Later Pleistocene.

Fig12. The Vulcan/Oort Cloud Source Of Comets Oort Cloud Debris Is The Initial Source Of Toxic Comets Threatening Earth.


Fig1A. Atmospheric Attenuation Of Radio Frequencies (RF) By Oxygen And Water Vapor.

Fig2A. Crop Circle T367 See also the related web site The History Of Crop Circles "1995 the year of the solar systems". T367 is at the far right of the first four shown. The coarsely formed middle two may be human hoaxes. The finely formed T367 indicates measurable event dates. The analysis presented at the related web site draws the reader to past events.

Fig3A. Comet Aphelia Log10 Of Comet Aphelion As A Function Of Their Number. Notice The Spike Near Jupiter'sOrbit And How Many Have Been Scattered Beyond It.

Fig4A. Global Ice Variations Global Ice Variations During The Last 100,000 Years

Fig5A. Extra-terrestrial View Of Our Solar System Extra-terrestrial Alien Description Of Our Alphabet And Solar System.

Fig6A. Standard Astronomical SymbolsStandard Astronomical/Astrological Planet Symbols

Fig7A. Quick Temperature Changes Due to Comet Strikes

Fig8A. Medieval Painting of the Impending Strike Medieval Painting Shows Two Comets And Illustrating The Sky Raining Blood, Sick Children, And Mutated Calf (With Two Heads). Dated 1456 AD, Near A Pass Of Halley's Comet.

Fig9A. The Akkadian Seal Cylindrical Seal VA/243. The Akkadian (Mesopotamian) View Of Our Solar System Showing Vulcan and Setpimus. Courtesy of Z. Sitchin, The 12 th Planet.

Fig10A. Stone Carving Of A Comet Cluster The Ardmarnoch Rock Carving Showing The Comet Cluster

Fig11A. Fragmented Comet Chains From Stone carving Several Comet Fragment Chains Appear; a (4 Fragments); b (3 Fragments); c (3 Fragments) And d (3 Fragments). One Of These May Strike Earth.


Figure 1. Crop Circle T367, The Solar System. Notice Five White Spots In The Upper Image.

Figure 2. A Medieval Painting Dated 1456 AD, Near A Pass Of Halley's Comet.

Figure 3. A Photograph Of A Saucer Flying A Spiral Flight Path. Observed At About 10:40 PM on 24 July 1981 At
About 30 N, 105 E (Near Chung-Tu China).

A Nostradamus/Zechariah comet strike plot suggests a major comet fragment will split off a 1700+ mile long impact trajectory oriented toward Jerusalum and strike southern France. At least seven fragments striking land are anticipated.

Figure 1. The General Format Of A Typical Tzu Wei Chart.

Figure 2. The Tzu Wei Chart For Christ.

Figure 3. The Tzu Wei Chart For Buddha.

Figure B-1. Jesus' Tzu Wei Chart.