A Warning From The Angels?

By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Sonja M. Kawamoto
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© Copyright: 16 Mar. 2013 Updated 23 Mar. 2013


The meteor that struck Russia on 15 February 2013 near the city of Chelyabinsk appears to be a comet fragment rather than an asteroid, about two times greater than its reported diameter. It is likely a comet fragment of 45 to 77 thousand tons, large enough to cause record cooling of the northern hemisphere. This analysis brings into question NASA's proposed orbit, mass and composition of this object.

Amazingly, the Chelyabinsk meteor event was co-incident with the passage of asteroid 2012 DA14, a body of only two thirds the diameter. Even more amazing was that there was near simultaneous co-incident 'UFO' activity near both these meteors. These are too many co-incidences to be ignored.

It is postulated that these co-incidences were intentionally staged to awaken mankind to the possibility of a potential comet fragment (dirty snowball) impact event in our near future. It may even be possible that an international human effort is underway to 'secret' the nature of meteors impacting Earth that could soon lead us into a new Ice Age.