Plato Was Right

By Dr. Barry M. Warmkessel
With Support From Maxine Crafton and Sonja M. Kawamoto
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© Copyright: 18 Mar. 2014


Data is presented that indicates the Younger Dryas (cold period) was both initiated and terminated in one year by the impact of large comets or meteorites just as the late Royal Astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle predicted. An impact by a stony (core) comet caused the former and an iron core one the latter. This latter impact event also caused the Atlantis catastrophe. The impact(s?) resulted in a region near western Cuba sinking slowly, some of it into the Yucatán channel. An impressive city that was likely related to this legendary civilization sank along with it. Corresponding sea level increases after the abrupt termination of this thousand year Ice Age has further hidden these structures.

Contrary to a recent NASA announcement, a large Jovian like object (dubbed Vulcan herein) is responsible for generating comet or meteor swarms, strikes from which both initiated and ended the Břlling interstadial and Younger Dryas periods. This object's orbital period defines an astronomical resonate interval that can accurately associate recent (dendroclimatology) weather changes with ten thousand year earlier (ice core deduced) ones. The dates of the initiating and termination of these periods has been precisely determined by ice core data. The same precise dates can also be accurately determined by astronomical projections from impacts from the same comet clusters in the third century AD, the eighth century BC and the third millennium BC.

This astronomical model also offers an estimation of the time and type of natural disaster Earth may soon be facing (as alluded to by departing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano). An impact event like the one initiating the Younger Dryas Ice Age is anticipated.